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Chapter 323: Ghost City’s Shi Xianzi
  • xianzi = Fairy title
    Muyan quickly pulls Ying Mei over, taking the other’s hand and teaching her how to strum the strings.
    She’s making the other’s hand move on the strings, as well as operate her Spiritual power.
    Then the sound of the zither starts playing, but the Tian Mo Qin doesn’t rouse from it, and the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower doesn’t even react in the slightest.
    Ying Mei lowers her head in shame, “Miss Jun, I’m sorry that I can’t help.”
    It’s not really because she can’t use Spiritual Power in Yanwu Continent – a little bit of it could still be utilized.
    But this Tian Mo Qin in front of her, it doesn’t seem like something that can be played by just anyone.
    When Muyan plays it, a unique energy would flow out of the Tian Mo Qin.
    But when Ying Mei strums it, it wouldn’t have any reaction, it would be just like a lifeless object.
    Muyan has also considered this point–
    Apart from her and Xiao Bao, it seems that this Tian Mo Qin would only be a mundane broken zither in the hands of others.
    It simply won’t exhibit any of its might.
    “But…” YIng Mei suddenly speaks with some hesitation, “Miss Jun, maybe you can try asking Jun Shang about this.”
    “At the Xiuxian Continent, Jun Shang can operate any and all Spiritual Devices, even if he isn’t the recognized Lord of the device.”
    “He seems to have some kind of natural affinity with them.”
    As Muyan proceeds to Di Ming Jue’s room to look for him, Ying Mei’s words still echoes in Muyan’s mind.
some kind of natural affinity with those Spiritual Devices
    This description reminds her of Xiao Bao.
    Her baby also has some kind of natural affinity with those Spiritual Devices, Magical Weapons, and Strange Beasts.
    That’s the reason why, no matter which deep mountains and forest they go into, no matter which secret area – he could immediately sense the location of the most precious herbs and go there.
    Di Ming Jue actually has this kind of gift as well.
    Uh… if that’s the case, he should be qualified to teach Xiao Bao.
    While Muyan is thinking of her baby’s awesomeness with immense pride, she suddenly hears the voices of two maids.
    There are maids in this courtyard, as well as guards.
    But normally, they only do some cleaning and guardwork.
    They can’t casually enter inside the house, not even Ying Mei or Han Ye’s rooms.
    Han Ye is the one who cleans Di Ming Jue’s room.
    And Ying Mei is responsible for Muyan’s chambers.
    “Did you hear? That Shi Xianzi is going to come here?”
    “Shi Xianzi? Which Shi Xianzi? Ah… it can’t be the Ghost City’s…”
    “Except for her, who else is qualified to be called Shi Xianzi? You know, our Master personally invited her to come.”
    “Ah! I thought the only person that Master personally invited over is that Enchantress Miss Jun.”
    “The Enchantress of Medicine is naturally very amazing as well, but if you want to mention her on equal terms with Shi Xianzi, I’m afraid she would still fall short…”
    “Ghost City’s Shi Xianzi? That Shi Xianzi?”
    Di Ming Jue invited her to come over?
    Muyan’s footsteps stop in front of Di Ming Jue’s door, and she unconsciously eavesdrops on the pair’s conversation.
    About this Shi Xianzi, a name comes up inside her brain, and she wants to confirm.
    But, before those two maids could say anything more-
    The door slams open.
    Di Ming Jue’s handsome face appears in front of her, eyes unblinkingly staring at her for a moment, “Why are you standing outside?”
    He was eagerly waiting inside, pacing back and forth, and waiting for Muyan to take the initiative to push the door and go into his room.
    But as it happened, this woman just stood outside, not coming in.
    Di Ming Jue really can’t wait, and he can only push the door open himself.
    When the pair of maids see Di Ming Jue come out, they immediately fall to their knees, their faces blushing.
    Even though they’re aware how mysterious this Master is, how eminent and unattainable-
    They are only sent here to clean, and they cannot have any improper thoughts-

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  2. So boring if this was a mc then she would be already absorbing and using spiritual energy she has put no effort into discovering that comforting energy she absorbed last time


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