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Chapter 322: The most reliable method
    Han Ye is simply about to blow his top because of this kid, “Jun Shang is making you guard Miss Jun, but not for you to… to…”
    Steal what you’re supposed to protect!
    Say, you brat, you didn’t take a fancy on just any woman, you actually looked upon your master’s woman!
    That’s not simple stupidity, that’s practically stupidity that will court disaster!!
    Ying Mei waits for a while, just waiting when the other will get to the main point. She can’t help but frown.
    “What do you want to say in the end?” she brushes the creases on her clothes.
    The blush on her face has also been swept away by the cold early morning air, “If you have nothing else to say, can’t you hurry up and leave?”
    “You… you’re telling me to leave?”
    “Naturally.” Ying Mei shoots him an even more disdainful look, “So noisy, what’s to be done if you disturb Miss Jun’s sleep?”
    Han Ye feels like, after his little heart has been struck by lightning, it has even been ruthlessly pierced by an arrow.
    Ying Mei, you scoundrel, paying more attention to a lover than your friend!
    Han Ye turns to leave, but just as he has taken two steps away, he turns his head back around in suspicion, “Why aren’t you leaving?”
    “I must protect Miss Jun.” Ying Mei stares back with a calm face, “I’ll naturally stay.”
    The second arrow pierces straight into his heart.
    Han Ye’s footing is unstable and faltering as he leaves, his back is unspeakably desolate.
    After he comes back to his room, he tosses and turns restlessly on his bed.
    It’s only when the sky has brightened, does he abruptly sit up. His eyes are shining.
    “Yes! That’s right! That kid, Ying Mei, it must’ve been far too long that he hasn’t been with woman, that’s why he would be captivated by Miss Jun.”
    “But how can I get someone better than Miss Jun for Ying Mei, when she’s Jun Shang’s woman?”
    “So, the most reliable method is to take Little Shadow to see more women. As long as he gets to experience other women, he would know that Miss Jun isn’t… well-! Even if Miss Jun is the best, he still mustn’t have any ideas about her…”
     “There are plenty more fish in the sea… surely, as long as Little Shadow goes to that Xiao Hun Ku*, he would surely forget about Miss Jun… hehehe!”
  • brothel
    In the next few days, the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower grows more and more.
    Muyan is also getting more and more anxious with each passing day.
    It should be known that it has been five whole days that she hasn’t seen her baby.
    However, on the fifth day that the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower is developing, a little problem arises.
    On this day, it’s estimated that the Spirit Flower should start blooming.
    However, the flower buds have come out, but they’re slow on opening.
    When Muyan plays the Tian Mo Qin, she could even feel the powerful strength bubbling within the buds.
    However, the outer layer of the flower buds seem to covered by a barrier.
    She can’t break through it by simply relying on playing the zither and the [Luxuriant Growth] skill.
    Muyan doesn’t know what that layer of obstruction is, and what she should do to overcome it. For a while, her heart is incomparably irritable.
    It must be known that the life cycle of the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower is only seven days.
    Every day, it has to grow another stage.
    Otherwise, if it stops today and the flowers don’t start blooming, these five Spirit Flowers will all wither.
    In the end, what can she do to break the barrier surrounding the buds?
    Ying Mei, who is standing beside Muyan, sees that the other has a worried frown. Though she has never been fond of talking, she can’t help but say: “Miss Jun, is there anything that I can do to help?”
    Muyan turns to look at her, thinking deeply for a moment. Suddenly, a flash of insight comes over Muyan.
    The Dark Clouds Spirit Flower didn’t really originate from the Yanwu Continent. It came from the Xiuzhen Continent.
    The Yanwu Continent only has Internal Force, and no Spiritual Energy.
    Maybe, the Spirit Flower’s inability to bloom has something to do with the fact that she’s using Mysterious Energy to play the Tian Mo Qin?
    “Ying Mei, help me out!”

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  2. Haha, yup these two are definitely going to get together. Also why hasn’t she been cultivating her spiritual energy, she’s been absorbing massive amounts when she cultivates before


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