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Chapter 324: Personal guidance
    But whenever they see this man’s handsome countenance, that imposing and aloof manner, it would still make their hearts pound, wanting to jump out of their mouths.
    Muyan sees that this pair of young girls look like they won’t keep talking anymore, and she can’t help but be somewhat disappointed.
    “I want to ask for your help.” she straightens her train of thought, and speaks out her purpose in coming.
    Di Ming Jue’s heart skips a beat.
    This is the first time that Muyan has taken the initiative to ask him for help.
    However, he still has an indifferent look on his face, and he only says a word, “Fine!”
    Muyan stares blankly, “You won’t even ask what I want you to help with?”
    Di Ming Jue ‘humph’s, sending a dissatisfied glare to the other, “Don’t tell me that in your eyes, Ben Jun isn’t capable of helping you with your little request?”
    Muyan: “…”
    Jun Shang-daren, aren’t you focusing on the wrong point?
    Watching as Di Ming Jue places his slender hands over the Tian Mo Qin, Muyan can’t help but feel anxious inside.
    Would the Tian Mo Qin really acknowledge someone apart from her and Xiao Bao?
    Not only that, would Di Ming Jue be able to discover the peculiarity of the Tian Mo Qin?
    On the Yanwu Continent, an ordinary musician’s zither could also be made out of special spiritual materials.
    Similar to the weapons in the other practitioners’ hands, they could generate and react to Internal Force.
    But how could those zithers be mentioned in the same breath as the Tian Mo Qin?
    She watches as Di Ming Jue curls his fingers like he’s about to play.
    All of a sudden, his movements stop, and he turns to look at Muyan, “Ben Jun knows nothing of Musicology. Come and teach me yourself.”
    Muyan stares, ‘knows nothing of Musicology’?
    But it’s just prodding the strings and operating Spiritual Power – it absolutely doesn’t require any knowledge on the study of music!
    But she makes contact with Di Ming Jue’s stubborn pair of eyes.
    Muyan ends up compromising.
    Who made her ask for Di Ming Jue’s help!
    Five, slender, fair-as-jade fingers press down on the back of Di Ming Jue’s hand.
    Muyan’s fingertips involuntarily tremble a bit.
    The man’s hands are very beautiful.
    Long and graceful, fair and clear, the joints are distinct – like carved jade, a piece of art.
    Muyan’s beautiful small hands seem to be covered by the luster of gems, and when they’re placed over his, she could clearly perceive the difference between a man and a woman.
    Muyan doesn’t blush when she teases Di Ming Jue on a normal day.
    But now, as she’s looking at these two pairs of hands overlapping, she only feels her pulse speed up, and her ears redden.
    Unfortunately, at this time, Di Ming Jue turns his head to the side, and slowly exhales by her ear, “Still not starting?”
    The man’s steamy breath assaults her senses.
    Muyan’s fingers tremble once again, sliding in the space between Di Ming Jue’s fingers. The pair’s hands are so closely intertwined, they almost seem to have become a ten-fingered one.
    She quickly gathers her thoughts, takes a deep breath, and gently plucks on the zither strings with Di Ming Jue’s fingers.
    The sound of the zither starts to play, quite messy, somewhat choked.
    You can’t say that it’s pleasant.
    Yet the man and the woman nestling against each other are so beautiful under the sunshine.
    Like they were born to be together.
    At the side, Ying Mei looks at this scene and feels somewhat shy, blushing as she turns her head away. There’s a joyful smile in her eyes.
    It’s truly very good that her Master, that has been alone for such a long time, could find his beloved.
    The person that her Master has been looking for is indeed Miss Jun, it’s truly great.
    Just coming in from outside the courtyard, Han Ye sees this scene but he doesn’t see Ying Mei’s expression.
    Thus, he automatically interprets that on the sight of Jun Shang and Miss Muyan being intimate, Ying Mei sadly turns his head away, not wanting to take another look.
    Han Ye clenches his fists tighter, getting more and more determined.
    Tonight, he will take Little Shadow to go and see the world!
    He absolutely cannot allow Little Shadow to fall deeper and deeper for Miss Jun.

10 thoughts on “EMHS – ch324

  1. i like that its a peerless beauty at the side as a subordinate, but actually do not harbor those “only I can be his husband” “only I can melt his heart with love over the years”.. “only I am what’s best for him, and you can dieee, so he can thank me for it and only be mineee even tho he clearly likes that women”.. ..such a good breath of change


  2. Yup, I cant read this anymore. It’s just dragging out this prisoner/warden love play too much for me. The novel is no longer anything about medicine and the MC has taken backseat to this vermin. The novel was good until it tried to continually sell this trash that only knows abuse and how to play tricks as a proper ML. Doesnt know how to play my ass. Who’d believe that? Only stupid her. The kid is all but forgotten at this point. Just cuz she mentions his name in a thought once in awhile doesnt mean anything. Frankly, I’m surprised I lasted this long. Maybe I’ll pick it up again in a few months when this horsesh** part can finally just be skipped altogether. Hopefully by then its back on track to the story’s title and not sidelined in Stockholm lovey-dovey ridiculousness. Basically, when it becomes enjoyable to read again and quits with the whole subserviant female outlook.


  3. Like I said before if this was a mc he would ask about spiritual energy not for help yet here she is looking for help instead of trying to learn, also seems these two are about to have a moment tonight


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