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Chapter 320: Un… Undress
    Upon hearing these words, Ying Mei no longer has any doubts, and she kneels down on the floor with a ‘thump’.
    “Miss Jun!”
    She bites her lips, wanting to speak out and make an appeal, to ask help for herself. However, her natural coldness and stubbornness is making her incapable of opening her mouth.
    The next moment, a fragrant breeze brushes over Ying Mei.
    Muyan’s form appears in front of her.
    Slender lily-white hands help her up from the ground, and casually pats off the dust from her knees.
    “Want me to treat your illness?” Muyan laughingly asks her.
    Ying Mei clenches her teeth once again, ultimately making a firm resolution. She bends both of her knees, and kneels once more, “Asking Miss Jun to help me. If there’s anything you want me to do in the future, no matter what it is, go through water and tread on fire – Ying Mei will not hesitate to do so.”
    As things stand, she knows just by looking at Jun Shang attitude:
    Miss Jun will inevitably be the Queen Mother of the Polar Domain in the future, and would also be the object of her vows of loyalty and devotion.
    She ought to go through water and tread on fire for the girl in front of her, and not hesitate to do so.
    But Muyan lets out a low laugh, “Hm, even if I make you give your heart to me, you still wouldn’t refuse?”
    Hearing that, Ying Mei’s cheeks burst into red, “Miss Jun, you… you’re fully aware of this subordinate’s identity, please don’t play jokes.”
    Muyan sees how the other is itching to find a hole to burrow into.
    And she can’t help but laugh more cheerfully.
    But in the end, her conscience discovers that she could no longer take liberties with this cold, dumpling-skinned ‘young man’.
    She pulls Ying Mei inside to sit down by the bed.
    The Tian Mo Qin appears in Muyan’s hands. She then says: “Take off all your bindings and clothes. I have to give your body an examination first.”
    “Take… take off my clothes?” the blush has just receded off of Ying Mei’s face, when it comes back to the surface once again, along with her stuttering words, “Take… take them all off?”
    Muyan doesn’t tease her this time, lightly plucking the zither strings instead. Faintly: “In a doctor’s eyes, there’s no difference between men and women, there is only a body that is healthy or ill. The blockage in your dantian is very severe. It would be impossible to completely examine it by just taking your pulse, so I need to use the sound of the qin to activate the acupuncture points inside your body, and perceive the extent of the blockage in your dantian.”
    Under the candlelight, the girl’s gorgeous countenance is dyed with irresistible majesty.
    Making Ying Mei unconsciously do as she’s told.
    In her daze, Ying Mei even has the impression that she’s facing Jun Shang.
    That’s because Jun Shang is the only one who doesn’t need to display his pressure and momentum, but could still make people submit willingly, make them unable to disobey.
    One after another, Ying Mei takes off all the pieces of clothing on her body, even the bindings around her chest.
    The girl’s excellent figure is presented before Muyan.
    But on that fair body, she could see that the chest part has a dark-green color.
    It appears particularly ghastly when put in contrast with the snow-white skin surrounding it.
    Muyan knits her brows.
    Looking at the eyes of the woman in front of her, Muyan feel a trace of pity.
    Such a small girl has bound her own feminine characteristics everyday for a decade.
    What kind of pain and suffering does she have endure each day?
    The sound of the zither slowly starts to play, from murmuring softly in whispers, developing into a mellow stream, then into the raging waves of a stormy sea.
    Ying Mei’s expression also changes from its initial shy indifference, slowly turning pained.
    Fine beads of sweat roll down from her forehead.
    A fiery flush appears on her fair skin.
    That slender body trembles more and more violently under the light from the candles.
    Finally, as the sound of the zither spikes up, and rushes into a crescendo-
    Ying Mei suddenly lets out a scream that pierces through the night sky.
    She crumbles to the floor, gasping in big mouthfuls of of air.
    After the qin music reaches its climax, it peters out, until it thoroughly fades away.
    Ying Mei has a completely dazed expression.

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  1. I really like these 2 chapters soooooo much better than the ones b4 it:) “Enchantress of Medicine”, right? Let’s keep the focus here. Thx much for the chap.


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