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Chapter 319: Secret
    Muyan rolls her eyes, but she doesn’t expose the man in his lies.
    Hence, the two are like so – you eat, I eat, and all the food on such a big table has been consumed.
    Di Ming Jue’s expression appears to be as grave and stern as before, but if Elder Chang was here at this moment, he would’ve been able to see-
    How cheerful and delighted is the heart of their Jun Shang. Especially that pair of normally cold ice-blue irises. At this moment,  they’re overflowing with glittering waves.
    And Muyan also doesn’t notice herself.
    Her smiling expression is just as lazy as before, bright and clear – but it’s mixed with a trace  of softness that she would’ve never shown before.
    Very late at night.
    A black shadow silently lands before Muyan’s door.
    It’s extremely quiet inside the house, not the tiniest bit of sound.
    The figure slowly lifts its head, revealing a handsome cold face under the light of the moon.
    –It’s Ying Mei!
    A pair of clear and icy pupils look at the room’s black paint. There’s a rare sliver of hesitation and worry on Ying Mei’s face.
    She gently presses her hand over her flat chest, lightly frowning.
    Muyan’s words seem to echo in her ears–
    They’ve been bound for such a long time, it’s not good for your body.
    If you want to know how to solve it, remember to secretly come and find me tonight, zi-shi.
    However, can she really ask Muyan about this kind of thing?
    Ying Mei can’t remember how many years she has been dressing up as a man.
    In the beginning, it was in order to hide from her enemy’s murderous pursuit, a method of self-preservation.
    Gradually afterwards, she completely regarded herself as a man.
    She has already forgotten how to be a woman.
    As far as feminine characteristics go, she only thinks of them as superfluous and embarrassing.
    As a result, ever since her body started to develop, Ying Mei used various methods to cover up those characteristics.
    She is brutal when facing an enemy, and even more so when facing herself.
    If other people bound themselves every day, the way she has for a decade, they probably wouldn’t be able to stand it.
    But Ying Mei is nothing like an ordinary cultivator or fighter.
    Even after so many years, except to Jun Shang whom she vowed her loyalty to, there’s almost no one in the Polar Domain who knows of her identity as a woman.
    However, along with her age-
    Ying Mei found that her cultivation has begun to stagnate.
    Especially in the past two years – every time she cultivates, and operates her spiritual power at her chest area, she would be in so much pain that she would want to die. Then she wouldn’t be able to continue practicing.
    Moreover, this kind of pain is only getting more and more severe as time goes on.
    The old servant who has been following her since she was a child is also a highly skilled physician. But for so many years, he wasn’t able to find any solution.
    Jun Muyan is just a mortal on Yanwu Continent. She doesn’t even understand anything about True Cultivation and Spiritual Power.
    Can she really solve Ying Mei’s problem?
    Ying Mei’s footsteps somewhat falter.
    She feels like she’s turning to just any doctor she can find due to her condition.
    But for so many years, Jun Muyan has been the first person to see through her disguise a man, as well as the illness of her body.
    Even that Leng Qingwang-fairy of Tian Yi Men has met with her quite a few times,
    But she has never discovered Ying Mei’s secret.
    In the darkness of the night, the sound of the door opening is particularly noticeable.
    Ying Mei jumps up in surprise, abruptly coming back to herself, only to discover that the candles inside the room have been lighted up without her noticing when.
    The distinct and sweet-sounding voice is especially clear within the silence.
    “According to the [Primal Chaos Internal Canon], the human body has three main points – the Yintang located between the brows, the Shanzong acupoint on the chest, and the Guanyuan point which is three inches below the navel.”
    “You’ve forcibly constricted and bound your chest for a very long time, causing the Shangzong to be smothered, and closing the middle acupoint – and thus, obstructing the top, middle and lower areas.”
    “Right now, you may still be able to endure it for a short period of time, but after a while, your middle acupuncture point would be thoroughly sealed. It would be easy to taken over by your demons*, and die if you don’t solve it.”
  • cultivation demons




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