EMHS – ch251

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Chapter 251: Envy, Bitter Resentment
    This entire room of people have taken his pulse and have given him a diagnosis, and yet he unexpectedly has the Ghost Thorn Disease.
    While everyone is stunned,
    The elegant and ethereal voice, unique to the young woman, suddenly echoes within the room.
    “This person is sick. The illness is called Ghost Thorn, the patient’s hair will become frail, thinning out and falling off. The skin will be bright red, and itch like there are crawling insects… this disease is caused by pore dilation, and miasma taking advantage of that opening, until it reaches the blood…”
    “These examiners, may I ask if there’s any problem with my diagnosis?”
    These words are said neither fast nor slow, like idle comments over tea, discussing poetry.
    The voice lingers in the room like smoke rising in spirals.
    But it sounds like the echoes of muffled thunder in the ears of all the examiners.
    Deng Hongfeng is completely dumbfounded, open-mouthed, and he has a stupid look as he stares at patient no.9.
    Then he turns to look at Muyan, and it’s as if he’s looking at a ghost.
    Zhang Mingkun suddenly comes back to himself.
    He gives a deep bow towards Muyan, “The girl’s medical expertise is impeccable, we are greatly humbled!”
    That’s right!
    This people, they had gathered to diagnose as a group – they took his pulse, asked him questions, given him tactile examination – but in the end, they were unable to discover the disease.
    This girl in front of them had just looked from afar, and she could come up with the diagnosis.
    Such medical expertise is more than excellent.
    It is simply consummate!
    It could even be comparable to the the founder of Xuan Medical Pavilion, Godly Doctor Qian Qing.
    The only one in the audience who doesn’t admire Muyan is probably Deng Hongfeng alone. He is only filled with envy, bitter resentment, and unwillingness.
    His features twists and crumples, fiercely glaring at Muyan, “You colluded with this man, didn’t you? Yes, you two must have really colluded! The result of this assessment is invalid!”
    Muyan lets out a scoff, “Oh? Is that so? It turns out that the integrity of Xuan Medical Pavilion only amounts to this? It seems like it would be necessary to give publicity to your noble Pavilion after I leave.”
    “What a minute!” Zhang Mingkun hurriedly tries to stop her, “This miss doesn’t need to go! Anyone with eyes can see your ability. You are absolutely deserving to be conferred the title of a Senior Doctor!”
    An old man next to Zhan Mingkun is stroking his beard, also affirming: “Right. This old man will go and get the Senior Doctor’s seal and emblem, and I will notify everyone of the news that Tianyuan City has it’s first Senior Doctor. One moment please.”
    Deng Hongfeng is incredulously pointing at everyone, “You people, what is the meaning of this? Don’t tell me that you want to rebel?”
    A white-bearded old man coldly looks at him, his voice sinking: “Dr. Deng, what do you mean? Do you want to disregard the Xuan Medical Pavilion’s reputation? If you were to truly ruin Xuan Medical Pavilion’s name, do you think that your Master, Godly Doctor Qian, would pardon you?”
    Hearing the name of Godly Doctor Qian, Deng Hongfeng distinctly curls up shivering.
    And Muyan’s eyes flashes with a chilling murderous intent.
    Very quickly, someone has arrived with the seal and emblem of a Senior Doctor. Then that white-bearded old man personally hands them over to Muyan.
    Becoming the only Senior Doctor of Tianyuan city who has passed the exam, the expression on Muyan’s face is still languid and indifferent.
    With a shallow smile on her lips, she casually takes the two items and tosses them up.
    She then hands the seal over to the old man, “Excuse me, I would like to buy some Dragon Bone Grass and Smelted Marrow Flower from the Xuan Medical Pavilion. Give me all that’s available.”
    The old man stares blankly, and he couldn’t come back to himself for a quite a while.
    Muyan says with a smile that isn’t a smile: “Why? Can’t a Senior Doctor purchase these two kinds of rare draught ingredients?”
    The old man couldn’t say anything for a good while, then afterwards, he comes back to his senses, “So the girl came because for these two herbs.”

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