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Chapter 237: Magical Rabbit

    The silly rabbit, which was originally sleeping soundly at the side, seems to have sensed its little master’s worry.

    It suddenly turns its body over with a grunt, and uses its claws to flip through those books. Its mung-bean eyes blink.

    It gets on its hind legs and suddenly leaps up.

    This time, it’s not like the usual jumps that goes up for three or four meters, but it directly shoots up.

    Xiao Bao makes a puzzled ‘ah’, raising his head up.

    He sees the rabbit fly up in the air for dozens of meters.

    Then, like fireworks launched in the sky, it unexpectedly blooms.

    The small body, which was only about as big as two palms, could suddenly hide the sky and cover the earth, filling up and encompassing the entire library.

    Then it’s followed by a low, lingering ancient roar.

    That sound is not like a rabbit, not a lion, not a tiger, not like any kind of creature of this world.

    But it seems to be a convergence of some sort of energy that could heavily ram into a person’s soul.

    Xiao Bao blankly raises his head to stare, only coming back to his senses after quite a long time.

    He doesn’t have a clear view of what the rabbit has turned into, because it’s too far.

    He only feels that there’s a boundless, far-reaching, and stiflingly powerful breath that has spread through the air.


    There’s a loud sound, and the rabbit’s claws lands on one of the shelves.

    That originally bare, old-fashioned, and banal bookshelf unexpectedly shines with a dazzling golden light.

    Immediately after, a book flies out from the empty shelf, falling down with a flutter to land in front of Xiao Bao.

    Xiao Bao instinctively catches the book and takes a look at its title.

    Written there in large characters, with bold and flamboyant cursive calligraphy — [Book of Supreme Draughts]

    Opening the book, a line is written there in small print: The mysterious, spiritual, and immortal – all three energies, the essence of the heaven and the earth, refined to the extreme, that even a draught could regenerate dead flesh and bones.

    Turning another page, there’s a formula that reads, astonishingly, [Philter for Replacing the Marrow and Washing the Tendons].

    Then it clearly states how this kind of draught could not only reactivate withered muscles and bones in the body, it can also reconstruct the Qi Sea and improve aptitudes.

    Xiao Bao suddenly lifts his head, and there’s a rare trace of excitement in his normally cold voice, “Bunny!”

    Way up in the sky, the gigantic white figure hears his voice.

    Then, like it’s leaking air, the rabbit begins to shrink rapidly.

    As it gets smaller, the rabbit falls down spinning until it lands in Xiao Bao’s arms.

    It has already turned back into that fat, fluffy, silly rabbit.

    Xiao Bao’s blue eyes are sparkling as he looks at the rabbit.

    The rabbit’s small mung-bean eyes also reveal a rare smugness. It licks Xiao Bao’s hand.

    Then it turns its legs over, going unconscious.

    Xiao Bao jumps in fright at first, then he finds that the rabbit has only fallen asleep.

    During that time, the rabbit shifts its body in Xiao Bao’s arms, showing its soft belly up for a rub. He lets out a relieved sigh.

    Small hands pick up the [Book of Supreme Draughts], and the taut little face shows a small, almost imperceptible, smiling expression.

    If Niangqin sees this, she will definitely like it.


    “Father, do feel any discomfort on your body?”

    As soon as Muyan enters the room, she sees the Shen patriarch sitting by the window. His pair of turbid eyes are staring blankly at the distant sky, deep sorrow and grief flooding out from within them.

    Hearing Muyan’s voice, Shen father immediately comes back to himself and shows her a smile.

    “Yanyan, you’ve arrived?”

    Muyan walks forward and grabs his hand, taking his pulse. After that, she slightly knits her brows, “Father, the damage on your body has already recovered, the poison has already been removed, however… if you have a knot in your heart, I’m afraid that in this life, your cultivation wouldn’t be able to advance even by an inch.”

    Shen father doesn’t respond to Muyan’s words, but he blankly stares at the absolutely beautiful young woman before his eyes.

    As if he’s trying to see that familiar shadow from her features.

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4 thoughts on “EMHS – ch237

  1. Thank you for the update.

    Why is her adopted father looking at her as if he is searching for something? Does he think she is possessed? Ancients seem to have this thinking when a person changes. Why when a person changes for the better is called possession but when person changes for the worst it’s considered normal?


  2. So he flipped through everything but didnt think the supreme draughts book was interesting, then the super mighty rabbit exhausted its powers to take a glance arround the room to pick out the most obvious book there


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