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Chapter 238: Blood Relative

    Suddenly, a statement spills out from his mouth, “You and your biological father really look alike, especially those eyes. Back then, Xiyuan had always been teased – boys and girls alike were extremely enchanted, precisely because of those soul-stirringly beautiful pair of eyes.”

    Muyan’s heart slightly tenses up, mumbling as she repeats that name, “Xiyuan?”

    “That’s right.” Shen father slowly says, “Your father is called Jun Xiyuan. He was my sworn brother, as well as my Shen family’s savior.”

    Muyan stares blankly for a moment before she could come to react on what the words “your father” mean.

    Her biological father?

    Her blood relative?

    But she just doesn’t have any impression of him at all.

    Shen father’s eyes are directed at Muyan, but the pupils aren’t focused. It’s as if through her, he’s looking at a distant past, “Yanyan, your current cultivation is quite high, isn’t it? High enough that I can’t see it?”

    Muyan goes silent for a moment, only to say, “I’ve already reached the Precelestial stage.”

    Even though he has already prepared himself mentally, Shen father’s eyes still go wide after hearing Muyan’s reply.

    In the way he looks at her, there is surprise, astonishment, as well as a relief that seems to say that ‘it’s to be expected’.

    “Precelestial… Precelestial! Haha, a Precelestial who’s less than twenty years of age – if this were to go out, who knows how many people’s eyes would pop out from fright. Yanyan, you really are his daughter.”

    He mutters: “In those days, Yi-brother’s talents had also shocked the world. He was only 25 years old, younger than the Dustless-gongzi Bai Yichen who the younger people revere now – but he has already reached Precelestial peak, and even succeeded to pass the thunder tribulations.”

    Muyan’s eyes snap open, showing an astonished expression on her usually calm face.

    A 25-year-old Precelestial peak, passed the tribulations?

    What kind of gift and talent is this?

    That’s her biological father?

    “After that?” Muyan asks softly.

    “After that, he went to a wider world.” Shen father reveals a shallow smile, “Yi-brother had never been contented like an ordinary person. He longed for adventure, he longed to pursue the pinnacle of the martial path. When he broke into the peak of the Precelestial stage, he said that above the Yanwu Continent, there is a wider and more colorful world, and he must go and take a look.”    

    “Xiuzhen Continent!” Muyan slowly says those words.

    The Shen patriarch shows a trace surprise, then he seems relieved, “Sure enough, you also know.”

    “After he succeeded the tribulations, he disappeared from the Yanwu Continent, and I don’t know where he went from there. For the next ten years, there were no longer any news from him, and the people of Yanwu Continent slowly forgot about his existence.”

    “But on a certain day, seventeen years later, he suddenly appeared. He was carrying you while you were still in your swaddling clothes.”

    The expression of concern on the Shen father’s face rise and fall, all because of these memories. His brows tightly knit together.

    “At that time, Yi-brother’s situation was very wrong. His eyes were filled with a desperate madness and the decisiveness of impending mortality. The way he spoke when he was entrusting you to me, was like he was entrusting an orphan.”

    Muyan unconsciously clenches her hands.

    “I asked him what he was going to do, and when he was coming back.”

    “He said that he’ll go get his wife, that is, he’ll fight to get your mother back – to be born in the same quilt*, to die in the same hole. Anyhow, they will not part.”

  • marriage

    The corners of Shen father’s eyes become slightly red, “Back then, I was able to see that he already had a mark of death, perhaps he himself knew that he will be going to certain demise, but he could not be stopped.”

    Muyan hears herself ask with a bitter voice, “Did he say anything else?”

    The other shakes his head, “Yi-brother was rushing when he came, and he was in a hurry when he left. He said that he cannot stay for long. Otherwise, your existence and whereabouts would be exposed.”

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  1. Wow, this makes the way he treated her even worse, he let his mates daughtee get raped, tortured and murdered cause hes a retard
    And gee, thanks author, i was thinking that it would be nice if none of her accomplishments meant anything, now shes only skilled because her parents was, it wouldve been ever so awful if she made her own path


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