EMHS – ch226

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 226: The Truth

Seeing Shen Yichen suddenly wake up, Su Yuexiang and Shen Xiaoru are practically frightened out of their minds.

Nevertheless, Su Yuexiang manages to react first, faking a laugh and going closer as she says: “Master, you finally woke up. You have been mentally confused this past year, making this servant* worried about…”

  • deprecatory self-reference for women

Before her voice could fall, Shen Yicheng suddenly raises his hand and ruthlessly throws a slap to her face.

“Poisonous woman, stop shedding crocodile tears in front of me. I know very well, just what you’ve done this past year! You and that fellow surnamed Zhou were at my bedside plotting to kill me, and destroy my son’s life. Do you think I wouldn’t know?”

Su Yuexiang staggers from the hit.

She’s still sluggishly coming back to her senses when she hears Shen Yicheng’s words. She immediately turns pale and begins to shiver from head to foot.

“Master, you, what are you talking about? This servant is unable to make sense of your words.”

“Unable to make sense?!!” the Shen patriarch’s eyes are red, and like a roaring lion, he’s itching to rush towards Su Yuexiang and tear her into pieces, “You took advantage of me when I was injured and unconscious, put poison in my medicine, making me go insane, making me go into a state that is neither a man nor a ghost. Now that things have come to this, you still want to cover up the truth?”

“Wench, my ultimate regret in life is marrying a poisonous woman such as you! I couldn’t wait to skin you alive!”

Father Shen bellows. He’s unable to bear it any longer and he madly rushes towards Su Yuexiang.

Su Yuexiang has been stifled under the Shen father’s momentum for a relatively long time.

Abruptly realizing that her plot has has been exposed, she could feel a rumbling in her brain and she entirely forgets to dodge.

However, Shen Xiaoru snorts and pulls Su Yuexiang away from the Shen patriarch’s attack.

Then she says in contempt: “Ma, what are you doing being all afraid of this half-dead bastard? After lying in bed for a year, do you think that Shen Yicheng would still be his former self? Look at him wobbling and teetering, I’m afraid that he wouldn’t be able to stand even one move from Uncle Lu. Isn’t that right, Uncle Lu?”

Hearing Shen Xiaoru’s praise, Master Lu immediately bursts into laughter.

He sends a taunting look towards Shen Yicheng, “Well said, do you think that you’re still that famous Shen Yicheng of Tianyuan? Humph, today, your daughter will be taken by my Lu family!”

“If you have a clear view of the circumstances, obediently do as you’re told, then afterwards, the Shen family and my Lu family will become relatives by marriage. You would also be able to enjoy a comfortable old age.”

“If you dare to resist, then I will kill you now!”

When Su Yuexiang hears that, she slowly comes back to herself from being frightened of Shen Yicheng.

She looks at his current appearance.

The black hair is now streaked with white.

The skin on his face is all wrinkled.

He’s been lying down for just a year, but he seems to have aged a decade.

Furthermore, the dreadful pressure of an Earth Stage expert is now dwindling to nothingness from his body.

Su Yuexiang seems to have finally realized something at this moment, and she gives a hearty laughter, “Shen Yicheng, you half-dead old coot, you’re getting what you deserve!”

“Those years, how have I worked like an ox, worked like a horse to serve you; but what about you?”

“Your heart only has Zeng Xiuying, that slut who has already turned into dust! You even treat a foster daughter better than your own child!”

“You’re cursing me as a poisonous woman? I’m telling you, you brought all of this on yourself! Today, not only do I want the death of your Shen family’s father and son, I also want you both to witness with your own eyes, how the adoptive daughter that you love so dearly, that you spoil and pamper so much, be covered in cuts in bruises when she’s defiled by a fool. Hahahaha!”

As Su Yuexiang speaks her piece, her elegant face becomes entirely distorted.

Becoming just like a sinister devil.

“I’ll kill you!! Wench, I’ll beat you up and kill you!” Shen Yicheng couldn’t keep listening to her malicious words anymore. He gathers the remaining Internal Force in his body, and ruthlessly lashes out towards Su Yuexiang.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  3. I am sure husband will come. That time, see how dare claim that Muyan is their bride.

    I hope that Shen Xiaoru will lose her abilities to cultivate. It serves her right. An eye for an eye.


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