EMHS – ch175

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 175: Feng Haitang’s Past Life

“Feng Haitang…” Muyan whispers this name, frowning slightly.

She feels that this name is somewhat familiar.

Suddenly, she has a flash of enlightenment, and a small change comes over her face, “The man that your parents had arranged for you, could it be Zhao Tianxiang, the son of Jing Cheng Country’s Mighty General?”

Feng Haitang snaps her eyes wide open, “How did you know?”

How did she know?

A dense chill flits across Muyan’s eyes.

Zhao Tianxiang was the son of a mighty general from Jing Cheng Country, but this person was useless, completely lacking any talent in cultivation.

Not only was he a waste, he’s also exceptionally cruel and tyrannical. His favorite hobby in life was defiling and torturing women who are better than him in cultivation.

The most tragic one among them had been Zhao Tianxiang’s main wife, Feng Haitang.

That’s because Feng Haitang was the most stubborn and unbending among the Zhao Tianxiang’s women, so she was also the most oppressed and miserable.

In the end, in order to prevent her from killing herself, Zhao Tianxiang went so far as chopping off both her hands and feet, cutting off her tongue, making her live a life as neither a person nor a ghost, and getting abused and insulted by him everyday.

This life that is worse than the lowest of the low, it took Feng Haitang three whole years to find an opportunity to end it.

And in that past life, it was still Gong Qianxue who made the match for Feng Haitang and Zhao Tianxiang’s marriage.

At that time, Gong Qiangxue’s spoke with a penitent and compassionate face- how she didn’t expect that Zhao Tianxiang would be that kind of person, saying how sorry she feels towards Feng Haitang.

Now, it may be assumed that all of these had been arranged by Gong Qianxue from start to finish.

That would include: dissolving the marriage contract between the Feng family and the Yan family, destroying the entire Yan family, and eventually forcing Feng Haitang to marry Zhao Tianxiang.

In the end, Yan Haotian had a ruined home and murdered clan, and was then sold and treated as a slave.

Feng Haitang lived a brief life that had gone to the dogs, death being more preferable.

Gong Qianxue got herself a loyal servant, and also obtained great benefits from Zhao Tianxiang’s father.

Hehe… really such a pungent scheme, such a sinister heart.


Muyan unconsciously exudes a dense and chilling energy from her body.

Even if Feng Haitang’s cultivation isn’t low, sweat appears on her forehead, unable to suppress a whimper.

Not far away from them, a screen faintly trembles because of this whimper from Feng Haitang.

Muyan abruptly comes back to her senses, and curbs down the killing intent that welled up from her memories.

She focuses her attention towards Feng Haitang: “Since you’re already engaged to another, why do you still want to look for Yan Haotian?”

“I will never marry someone else!” Feng Haitang says resolutely and decisively, “When we were young, I once swore that I will definitely be married to Haotian and become his wife.”

Inside the room, that same screen imperceptibly shudders once again.

It’s just that Feng Haitang’s frame of mind is too agitated that she doesn’t take notice.

Muyan sends a glance to that screen, and continues to ask: “Even if his whole face is covered in scars?”

“Yes!” Feng Haitang nods without the slightest hesitation, “No matter how his outward appearance has changed, Haotian will forever be the person inside my heart.”

Muyan isn’t moved, but she becomes more aggressive: “Even if his clan is ruined and the people there are dead, and he’s without the backing of an illustrious family, even if he’s now a mere subordinate of mine?”

Feng Haitang’s eyes are bright like they could flare up, “Haotian is Haotian, his family background, his status- none of those matter.”

“Even if, he had his tongue cut off, and he’ll never be able to speak from now on? Even if he’s become a waste in other people’s eyes?”

Feng Haitang’s entire body shudders. Soon, her tears are like pearls from a broken thread, pattering down as they drop.

“No wonder, no wonder he didn’t say a word when he saw me, and he didn’t call out my name. I thought that he didn’t want to forgive me, it turns out… turns out… hu hu, Haotian, I’m so sorry. Why? Why wasn’t I at your side during your most painful moment?”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


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  3. Haotian is lucky that in this lifetime, he is able to see his lover again and she is able to runaway to search for him.

    Gong Qianxue really needs to be gone. Her scheming really hurts everyone around her. The way she pretends to be a white lotus to get their loyalty.


  4. Wow that bitch went so far to ruin him, even making the file he liked dissapear and suffer under that man. Hope they make up, seems her eavesdropping anyway


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