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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 39: Demonic Resonance

Even with blood leaking from the corner of her mouth, the pain seeping into her bones like maggots rampaging in her body – at this moment however, Muyan looks like a queen who is up on high. Looking down on everything in the world, nothing can hinder her stride.

“I don’t care about the power to warp and weft through the three realms; I don’t care about the inheritance of the God Musicians. But in this world, if anyone dares to separate me from Xiao Bao, I swear on my life that I will destroy heaven and earth!”

As she says that, Muyan shifts her gaze and looks at the broken Qin with the corner of her eyes, then: “Tian Mo Qin, I don’t know how glorious you once were, but today, either you recognize me as Master and let me return to my son, or I will die with you.”

The female voice speaks mildly with a sigh: “The Tian Mo Qin is not something that you can threaten…”

Her words are stopped short before she could finish the sentence.

That’s because she sees Muyan’s fingers dig into the creaking zither, and Tian Mo Qin was is no longer a piece of decrepit wood.

Instead, it shines like an awn under the red sunrise.

As the red glow on the zither’s body grows brighter and brighter, the blood that Muyan had dripped on it gets completely absorbed. The remaining strings begin to fiercely vibrate.

An austere and violent melody plays, the surroundings fluctuate madly.

Even the gentle female voice could no longer remain calm: “The demonic resonance… she actually triggered the demonic resonance. Even I was unable to accomplish that back then… just how intense is this woman’s blood, just how powerful is her mind!”


The dark space crumbles away and the red light on Tian Mo Qin fades until it disappears.

Muyan couldn’t support herself anymore and she starts to fall.

As soon as she was about to collapse, she suddenly hears Xiao Bao’s sad cries, “Niangqin-!!!”

Muyan’s mind suddenly tenses, and she stabilizes herself not to topple over. She looks up and blinks, “Xiao Bao.”

“Niangqin!” Xiao Bao couldn’t help but should and bawl as he burrows in Muyan’s arms. He holds her tight, unwilling to let go.

This child usually looks cold and impassive. At this time, his tears are falling like rain and the little body in her embrace cannot stop trembling.

Muyan is extremely distressed; she completely forgets the pain and exhaustion wracking her body.

She quickly hugs her son more tightly, and gently comforts him, “Good Xiao Bao, don’t cry. Can’t you see that niangqin is okay? Niangqin told you that I will never leave Xiao Bao and I will always be with Xiao Bao.”

Xiao Bao raises his tear-stained little face. The blue eyes resemble the sky after a rain, crystal clear and beautiful. He looks at her unblinkingly, as if afraid that she would suddenly disappear again, “Niangqin is hurt?”

Muyan smiles and shakes her head, “Niangqin isn’t hurt, I’m alright now and also got treasure!”

Saying, she brings out the Tian Mo Qin and shows it to Xiao Bao.

In the space of inheritance, she just saw with her own eyes how the Tian Mo Qin gave off a red glow, and then it became a brightly shining crimson treasure.

Definitely still a zither, but the whole frame emitted a powerful might and pressure, despite the excruciating pain in her whole body, Muyan couldn’t help but gasp in marvel.

It’s because the Qin was so beautiful, and she really wanted to have it.

That was the real Tian Mo Qin a, allowing one to move unhindered throughout the three realms, the treasure of the world that everyone longs for.

Muyan can’t wait to present the zither to her son, let him take a good look at the treasure.

As she shows it however, she becomes dumbfounded.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  1. This mother and son are a very good pairing my most 2nd top most favorite mother and son pairing. I hope this treasure will be powerful enough to topple all their oncoming enemies. Thanks for this chapter.

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