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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 33: Godly Musicians’ Heritage

MuYan wakes to the sound of a playing zither.

Because MuYan herself is also good at playing the strings, she could hear that the tune from the zither sounds very good. However, the music does not have even an iota of emotions within it. It’s as if a puppet is mechanically following a score.

Although the playing is very proper, it is still inferior to Xiao Bao’s performance with a zither.

“Xiao Bao -!!” MuYan bolts up and looks around.

She appears to be in a cave, empty all over, without any traces of people.

“Xiao Bao? Xiao Bao? Where are you? Come quickly!”

MuYan calls out for a long time but no one answers her.

Just then, MuYan suddenly hears a woman’s gentle voice inside her head, “Godly Musicians’ Inheritance, the first trial has begun.”

What Godly Musician Inheritance?

At this time, there is an abrupt strumming and humming, the melody of high mountains and flowing waters* suddenly transform into an aggressive and fervent arrangement.
*gentle, comforting. Usually pertains to skillfully played music.

It’s definitely just the sound of a zither resonating in MuYan’s ears, but it seems like the sound of a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses galloping, like tidal waves surging.

She could feel her blood willfully boiling in agitation.

MuYan’s cheeks redden, a scarlet luster flickers within her eyes.

Concurrently, from the cavern walls, countless sharp swords begin flying towards her on all directions.

MuYan’s body quickly moves like a phantom, easily avoiding the flying swords.

However, along with the progressively faster tempo, the number of flying swords increase, their speed getting faster and faster as well.

It could be estimated that the initial attack of the flying swords is only comparable to seven or eight Profound Stage cultivators raising their swords against her.

But afterwards, it’s like dozens of Earth Grade cultivators attacking her at the same time.

Despite MuYan’s cultivation, she’s also become somewhat flustered, having cold sweat on her forehead.

However, this is not the most dreadful aspect.

The most frightening thing is that MuYan could feel her heart beating faster and faster as the tempo rises higher and higher.

The initially clear eyes also begin to appear muddled in illusions.

In one instant, her stomach is cut open and the bloody placenta is dug out.

In another, Gong Qianxue takes Xiao Bao and throws him into a Dan furnace.

Next, she’s in a pitch-black cavern with that terrible man pressing her under his body, red-hot boiling pain tearing into her, making her wish for oblivion but unable to achieve it.

In the motley of light and shadow, there is Xiao Bao dropping from a high cliff. She stares helplessly as he falls down, becoming a mangled puddle of flesh and blood.

Wheeze – ! Sword energy finally slashes across MuYan’s clothes, blood sprays out.

A fierce pain shoots through her arm, but it also allows MuYan to wake up from the illusion.

She clenches her teeth through the pain as she examines the cave around her, nimbly avoiding the flying swords while she’s at it.

Finally, when the level of the flying swords gradually approaches the attack of about a hundred Heaven grade martial practitioners, she finally discovers the source of all the attacks.

It is a gray guqin (long zither), inconspicuously hanging high on top of the wall.

You won’t find it unless you look very carefully.

But this unremarkable zither is actually playing its strings on its own, creating a melody.

The sound echoes within the cave, bouncing on the walls and immediately forming sword energies to attack her.

MuYan clenches her teeth as she runs up the wall, and quickly grasping a vine hanging from the top of the cave.

She operates the Mysterious Energy in her body and cuts down unto the guqin..

However, the guqin isn’t cut in half, but the sound becomes more and more frantic instead.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


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