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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 34: Xiao Bao Giving Kisses for Niangqin

More and more flying swords come at her, and the mysterious energy that they contain is getting even more frightening.

Already Muyan is practically unable to avoid all the swords.

The wounds on her body keep increasing.

However, she doesn’t panic. Instead, her eyes glow brighter and colder.

She suddenly takes the guqin, and without operating her mysterious energy, her slender fingers begin to pluck on the strings.

High mountains and clear waters, a pure and graceful melody; against the harsh and desolate notes that assault from ten sides.

In the beginning, the harsh tune clearly has the upper hand. The clothes on Muyan body is almost completely dyed in red blood.

However, as the two zither tunes continue to wrestle and overlap, the harsh notes are slowly getting suppressed.

Until finally, it completely fades inside the cave,

At the same, the assault of the sword energies also disappears without a trace.

Muyan sighs in relief. She could no longer continue to hold the qin in her hands so it drops to the ground.

She hears the woman’s gentle voice in her ear: “Congratulations, you have passed the first trial of the Godly Musicians’ inheritance. You will now be sent to the second zone of inheritance.”

As soon as the voice finished, the scene before Muyan switches.

Before she could clearly see where she is sent to, she hears a familiar call, “Niangqin!!”

Xiao Bao?!!

The thoughts in her head turn into euphoria as a small body rushes into her arms like a cannonball.

Muyan staggers as she is bumped into, the wounds on her body opening further. It very much hurts.

But there’s a beautiful bright smile on her face.

Holding the little one tightly in her embrace, Muyan finds her own body trembling unconsciously.

She can withstand all the painful misfortunes, but she can never endure Xiao Bao being away from her.

Xiao Bao tightly clings to Muyan as well. His small head is buried in her chest, not wanting to leave.

Even if he normally looks calm and collected, indifferent, Xiao Bao is only a four-year-old child.

Suddenly, Xiao Bao’s sensitive little nose catches the strong scent of blood.

He straightens up and realizes that Muyan is covered in blood.

“Niangqin, you’re hurt!” he raises his crisp, childish voice – shuddering and choking with emotions.

Big sapphire eyes all of a sudden become damp, looking like they’re holding the tears back from falling down.

Muyan currently appears quite miserable.

The originally white clothes have been completely dyed red with blood.

Muyan takes out a medicine that she has on hand, for staunching wounds, and sprinkles it on her injuries. She has a carefree smile, “It’s nothing. It just looks serious but it’s just flesh wounds.”

“Niangqin is in pain?” Xiao Bao asks in a somewhat choked voice.

Muyan beams as she says: “As long as Xiao Bao kisses niangqin, nianqin will stop hurting right away.”

After Xiao Bao hears that, he immediately takes Muyan’s hand without any hesitation, and gently and cautiously pecks kisses.

Although he has that cold little face, his brushes on the injuries are actually so tensed, as if he’s afraid that Muyan will be in pain if he would apply any more pressure.

Muyan looks at her son in this state, softhearted and in complete shambles.

She hugs and kisses the little guy, just saying with a smile, “Xiao Bao is so amazing, just a few kisses and niangqin already doesn’t hurt at all.”

Xiao Bao looks at Muyan with his eyes twinkling, and his mouth curling into a shallow, almost invisible arc.

But anyone would be able to tell that the little guy is very happy at the moment.

Muyan wraps up her wounds before setting forth with Xiao Bao to examine their surroundings.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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