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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 16: The Fog Forest


Lou Beiyu thinks of MuYan’s means. Shivers run up and down his spine.

However, he is quite broad-minded.

Seeing that MuYan had already finished her meal, he excitedly says, “Master Master! Can you teach me to paint now? How can you capture such charm when you draw people’s likeness?”

MuYan drinks her tea and leisurely smiles: “Of course that’s because your choice of subject is wrong.”

“It’s wrong? The one’s I’ve chosen are all real beauties, and I even made them put on thin, light clothes to stimulate the senses…”

Seeing MuYan’s eyes stare icily at him, Lou Beiyu urgently points to the heaven and swears: “Master, I swear that those beauties came willingly and I paid them generously. Only after seeing you, Master, you’re overly attractive… cough cough, in short, when I erred for the first time, Master caught me.”

MuYan’s lips curve up, “You’re so accustomed to seeing beautiful women, so how could that stimulate your senses? Don’t you think that the position your guards assumed yesterday was very novel and interesting? Doesn’t that especially make you want to draw?”

Lou Beiyu brightens up at that moment. “What Master said is right, particularly the head guard. He had different and special flavor while wearing that half-naked attire. Haha… Master, you’re really awesome. I’ll go and call people to come in.”

After seeing the idiot prince excitedly run out, cries of indignation and despair are soon heard from outside the carriage.

MuYan brings the teacup to her mouth and takes a sip, her smile is languid and evil.

How could it be so easy to retreat after they provoked her? Hehe, too naive!

The carriage slowly goes forward. Three days later, when Lou Beiyu’s guards were tormented enough that they’re better off dead, as they could not wait to dig a hole and bury themselves in it, they finally arrived at the Fog Forest.


Fog Forest is called as such because it is covered by dense fog all day and all night.

The deeper one goes into the forest, the denser the fog becomes; people could barely see their fingers when they stretch out their hands.

But within the dense fog, the strange animals have long adapted to such an environment.

But when human practitioners want to walk inside, they can only use their Internal force to perceive.

One can imagine how dangerous it would be inside.

But despite the dangers of the Fog Forest, there are many rare and precious Mysterious Plants inside.

Every day, many low-level practitioners come in to search.

Moreover, there are certain phenomena that appear these days, confirming the birth of a precious treasure. That’s why, even the higher-grade practitioners are gathered here.

“Master, Little Senior, there is a clean blue stone over here, come sit!”

Lou Beiyu attentively calls MuYan and Xiao Bao over, wiping off the dew from the bluestone for them.

The head guard of His Highness, the Third Prince, comes over to help, unable to bear looking at the stupidity of their master.

Can he still remember that he’s the Third Prince of Chi Yan Country?

MuYan looks completely underwhelmed by the favor as she sits down while holding Xiao Bao.

Lou Beiyu also says: “Master, you and the Little Senior should rest for a while. Your apprentice will go and collect some plants for you. The Mysterious Plants on the edge of Fog Forest can’t compare to the ones inside, but they can still sell for a lot of money!”

Lou Beiyu is about to leave when a furry shadow emerges from the fog.

The forest is filled with ferocious animals and Lou Beiyu’s guards are immediately on alert.

But when they see the furry figure, everyone is dumbfounded.

It’s actually just a rabbit, with long fluffy ears, and is only slightly larger than the two adult palms.

A pair of round, reddish eyes is buried in the snow-white fur. They don’t have any brilliance, and instead look silly.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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