EMHS – ch481

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Chapter 481: Henpecked Man
    “Little Master, we’ve finished our business. Let’s go back!” Ying Mei’s voice slowly comes through.
    Her voice carries gentleness and reverence. Nowhere is the savagery from just a moment ago, not even a bit.
    Xiao Bao blinks his huge eyes, obediently holding out a hand to let Ying Mei take it, and they leave this hidden underground stone room.
    He hasn’t seen his mother for a day already, so he wants niangqin now!
    Behind them, Han Ye bitterly looks at Xiao Bao being led along by that small hand, hating that he couldn’t replace Xiao Bao’s hand with his own and be pulled along.
    Thinking off his performance today, his expression becomes incomparably dispirited once more.
    He’s really too useless!
    He wasn’t able to be the hero who saves the beauty, relying instead on the Lady’s medicine and the Little Master’s assistance so they could get out of danger.
    If that animal really managed to do harm to Little Shadow and sullied her, he… he… would truly not have any face to keep on living!
    Even in the final vengeance, it was also Little Shadow who ran the whole show all by herself.
    He didn’t help with anything.
   Even in the Polar Domain, among Jun Shang’s trusted aide’s, there’s no shortage of men who are more handsome than him, more powerful than him, and more worthy of Little Shadow than him. What qualifications does he possess to delude himself that he could stand by Little Shadow’s side?
    Slowly, Han Ye’s footsteps become as heavy, as if weighted with lead.
    The initially fiery heart drops to the lowest ebb as well.
    Just then, he suddenly hears Ying Mei’s clear and cool voice from up ahead, “Stupid, what are you dawdling about over there?”
    Startled, Han Ye promptly speeds up his pace to catch up with Ying Mei.
    However, his expression is still as melancholic as before, not even daring to raise his eyes and look at Ying Mei.
    Ying Mei sighs softly, and releases Xiao Bao’s hand. Lowering her voice: “It seems like my foot has sustained injuries. It kind of hurts to walk!”
    “Ah! Your foot is injured? How can that be? Is it a heavy injury?!” Han Ye loses his head all of a sudden, quickly trying to go and examine the condition of Ying Mei’s injury.
    Ying Mei’s foot is indeed covered in a lot of blood, and it appears somewhat dreadful.
    But Han Ye doesn’t realize that all the blood belongs to Xuan Ji.
    In theory, with Ying Mei’s body, and with her Spiritual Power restored, ordinary injuries would heal within a blink of an eye.
    But Han Ye simply couldn’t think of these in his panic.
    Ying Mei watches his appearance of panic, of him being at a loss of what to do, and a sliver of warmth flits across her eyes, “Idiot, too noisy. Carry me on your back and let’s return!”
    “Ah–!” Han Ye is silly for quite a while, before he abruptly comes back to his senses.
    Red-faced, he crouches down and carries Ying Mei on his back.
    As the girl soft body presses up against his back, Han Ye becomes stiff all over, and he almost forgets to breathe.
    Xiao Bao is carrying the fat rabbit as he follows behind the pair, watching the way Han Ye looks, as he walks like a snail crawls. They can’t help but shake their heads together.
    “Bunny, idiot Uncle Han Ye is definitely going to be a henpecked man later!”
    The phrase ‘henpecked man’ is also something that Xiao Bao and niangqin saw within Baili Liuyin’s notes.
    The fat rabbit turns to look up at Xiao Bao, mung bean eyes blinking. It inwardly says: ‘Even that terrifying Di Jun is a henpecked man. If his subordinate is also the same, what’s so strange about that?’
    Huang Yao Country.
    The night is moonless and windy, and there’s not a sound to be heard.
    In a remote ravine, the heavy smell of blood permeates the air, putrid, then there’s the sound of heart-tearing, lung-splitting howls of pain that fills the night.
    A very long while later, the wailing of anguished voices finally fade away and disappear without a trace.
    But the reek of blood and rot becomes all the more pervasive.
    “Princess, what do you think of this batch of [Corpse Soldiers]?”
    Under the dim light of night, there’s a tall, ugly woman with wrinkles and dark brown vein lines covering her whole face. She’s bowing in front of Gong Qianxue.
    Hanging on her face is an indescribable smugness.
    Not far from the pair, several hundred people are standing.
    Only, perhaps those could no longer be called ‘people’.

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