EMHS – ch480

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Chapter 480: Extremely frightening
    Han Ye clutches his stomach, his features are scrunched up, and he lets out a muffled groan.
    Ying Mei sees his pained appearance, and she can’t help but inwardly panic, a faint sense of distress rising up from the bottom of her heart.
    Her punch just now, it wasn’t too heavy, was it?
    Did she really hurt Han Ye?
    The apprehension in her mind is making her firmly knit her brows.
    But in end, she couldn’t contain her anxiousness. Getting closer to Han Ye, she asks with a cold face: “I didn’t use a lot of Spiritual Power, you can’t be that useless…”
    She still hasn’t finished speaking, when she’s suddenly hugged by the man in front of her.
    Han Ye’s slightly hoarse voice sounds in her ears, “Little Shadow, you still care about me. I’m so happy!”
    “Scoundrel, let go!” Ying Mei spares no effort to struggle.
    During their usual sparring, Han Ye is undoubtedly not as good as her.
    But at this very moment, the man’s scorching breath is puffing at her neck, unexpectedly making her heart feel like it’s being tickled by countless feathers. A warm current inexplicably springs up in her body, making it go soft, unable to move a single step.
    Damn it! Could it be that the effects of the drug Xuan Ji has given her still hasn’t disappeared?
    Just then, they hear the violent sound of an explosion from inside the room.
    It is closely followed by a thick, nauseating smell of blood.
    Numerous Strange Beast corpses seem like they’re engulfed and swept away by a hurricane as they rush out from within.
    The trio promptly disperse.
    Soon after, they see Xuan Ji soaked in blood from head to foot, his eyes red as he emerges from the room.
    “Little bastard, I’m going to kill you! I’m going to peel off every inch of your skin!!”
    Xuan Ji makes his way towards Xiao Bao, viciousness and brutality in his eyes.
    Before he could come near however-
    Ying Mei has stepped forward, blocking in front of Xiao Bao.
    Xuan Ji’s line of sight unhurriedly falls on Ying Mei’s face which, male or female, is indisputably beautiful. He shows a malicious smile, “Why, I have yet to make Ying Mei-daren taste the flavor of ecstasy, but you already couldn’t stop thinking about me?”
    “Don’t worry, just wait until I dispose of Han Ye and that little bastard child, then I’ll definitely let you have what you desire. Today, none of you may escape.”
    There’s not the slightest change in Ying Mei’s expression.
    She turns her wrist, and a longsword is slowly unsheathed in her hands.
    “I also said that once I’m out of my predicament, I’m definitely going to chop you up in thousands of pieces, not allowing you to possess the will to live, and not allow you to die when you seek for death.”
    Ying Mei’s voice carries youth’s distinctive clarity and coherence, but it is mixed with slivers of terrifying ice-cold austerity.
    Xuan Ji stares blankly, a small change comes over his complexion, “How- how can you move? There’s no one in the Yanwu Continent who can counter the effects of the Spirit Devouring Powder!”
    The sword is fully unsheathed, flickering with a cold gleam, “You want to know the reason? Go to the eighteenth layer of hell, then ask the real King of the Underworld!”
    An hour later.
    Ying Mei withdraws her sword, kicking aside the still-squirming lump of mushy flesh beside her feet.
    With fixed eyes, the rabbit in Xiao Bao’s arms stare at the person slowly making her way to them, and the rabbit can’t help but shudder.
    This Ying Mei may seem like a beautiful youngster, pure and crystalline, but her way of torturing people is really… too terrifying!
    Compared to the female devil, it’s simply not inferior in any aspect.
    Under her hand, that Xuan Ji clearly shouldn’t last for a small cup of tea (5mins).
    But he’s been kept alive and tortured by her for an hour.
    Even now, to say nothing of his flayed skin, most of his bones have been pulled out.
    Against reason, he’s neither dead nor alive, but still struggling at death’s door.
    The rabbit is now a little envious of Xiao Bao as Han Ye is covering his eyes, so he didn’t see anything.
    It could be said that the fat rabbit, who has been watching the whole thing from beginning to end, has recently acquired an aversion to eating meat.
    It’ll leave the Strange Beasts in the Colosseum for later, the rabbit will come again and eat them next time.

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