EMHS – ch49

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 49: Saving Your Stupid Junior Brother

Where better to find mysterious plants than in the Fog Forest?

Muyan takes Xiao Bao’s hand and they leisurely stroll in the Fog Forest.

She doesn’t know if it’s because of Xiao Bao’s great luck, but after just half a day, Muyan had already collected a lot of precious mysterious plants.

Muyan happily kisses her darling son several times.

Just as she is about to put him down, there’s suddenly a loud sound coming from behind them.

When the mother and child pair turns around, they see a bloody person falling from a distant overhanging cliff.

They could hear some vague voices coming from above the cliff.

“No need to chase. You’ll definitely not survive if you fall from there.”

“Haha, there’s actually no need to keep chasing. Even if he wants to call for backup in this Fog Forest, he has to see if he could find that backup first!”

“Let’s go!”

Muyan blinks. She pulls Xiao Bao and walks before the bloody person.

It is not so much a person as it is more like a “corpse”, but there is probably a single breath left.

But when Muyan could more clearly see the bloodied man’s mostly obscure appearance, her pupil slightly contracts.

The person turns out to be the peak Profound Stage head guard beside Lou Beiyu.

“Niangqin!” Xiao Bao lowly calls out and looks at Muyan, obviously recognizing the head guard as well.

Muyan sets her son aside and lightly pats his head. She then takes out some silver needles and pierces the various acupuncture points on the guard’s head.

This head guard’s internal vitality has already been completely severed, and the veins are also disintegrated.

There’s no way his life could be saved.

But when Muyan’s needles pierce him, he slowly opens his eyes.

Muyan’s appearance is reflected on a pair of blood-shot eyes that are lost in some struggle.

A dazzling burst of light suddenly pierces through those dimmed eyes, “Muyan-girl, beg you… to save the third prince, save… he… is with Gong… Gong Qian Teng…”

Those final words to Muyan finally used up his last breath and the head guard’s eyes close as he dies.

He must have experienced extreme suffering before he died. But at this moment, his blood-covered face has a look of relief.

It was as if he has the confidence that so long as Muyan is found, his Highness would be saved.

Muyan slightly frowns and a cold light flashes through her eyes.

It’s not just due to her cheap apprentice getting into trouble, but also because of the poison in the head guard’s body.

Muyan could recognize it at a glance. It is a poison unique to Jin Hong Men, the “Tian Du Vagary Powder”.

“Niangqin?” Xiao Bao grabs her hand and shows her an inquisitive look, “Are we going to save?”

Muyan carries Xiao Bao up; her mouth is slightly hooked up, “Yeah, we’re going to save your stupid junior brother.”

Although stupid, he is still Muyan’s disciple.

He’s not someone that others could just lay their hands on as they please.

What’s more, the people who laid their hands on her apprentice were Gong Qian Teng and Jin Hong Men.


Deep inside the Fog Forest

At this time, Lou Beiyu is stripped off of his upper garment and hanged on a tree. His body is already covered with cuts and bruises.

Even his breath of early Earth stage cultivation has practically disappeared to nothingness.

His blood-covered face is gray in defeat and apathy, like he has already succumbed to despair and he simply doesn’t want to live anymore.


The whip once again strikes his body. It is held by a thin and tall old man wearing a yellow attire.

He retrieves the whip and with a malicious laugh, turns to Lou Beiyu: “Lou Beiyu, I advise that you better hurry up and tell us the whereabouts of that woman and her son. Otherwise, your mysterious energy itself will be gone, corroded by a poison that could only be found in our Jin Hong Men, Tian Du Vagary Powder!”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  1. Dang, it didn’t take long for Lou Beiyu to find himself some trouble now did it? They just separated, what, this morning? Poor kid can’t walk half a block without being bullied.
    Thanks for the chapter.

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  2. Thanks for the chapter! Can she please kill the current main villainess and move on to something less revolting? And put LB back together?


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