EMHS – ch23

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 23 Against Xiao Bao

“Third Highness, you mustn’t! If you are harmed: how will we explain it to the Emperor?!”

Lou Beiyu is slightly pale, but his expression is extremely firm, “I have recognized Master. How can I allow Master to be humiliated and do nothing about it?”

“Hehe… whoever said that you’re the one going?” MuYan says unhurriedly.

Surprised, Lou Beiyu turns to look at MuYan. “Is there someone other than me? None of my subordinates have broken through Earth Grade.”

Does Master want to use her own hand?

As he thinks of that, MuYan’s slightly curls her lips and reveals a beguiling smile, “Xiao Bao, complete this bet for your junior brother*! By all means, don’t take this lightly and consign your mother away!”
*Lou Beiyu addresses Xiao Bao as a Senior Brother, like same-sect disciples would: shixiong. Here, Lou Beiyu is called shidi, or junior brother.

Standing with a taut appearance next to MuYan, the little boy with an exquisite little face nods and says “Xiao Bao will not give Niangqin to anyone!”

After that, he takes a few steps forward and stands squarely in front of Gong Qian Teng.

The audience is deathly still –

“Ma…… M-Ma-Master!! Xiao Bao is only four years old ah!” Lou Beiyu practically goes crazy, he screams in a high-pitched voice, almost like a girl, “That Gong Qian Teng is already on Earth Grade, and he will never show mercy to a child. Y-y-you…how can you allow senior Xiao Bao to go up…”

Gong Qian Teng looks at Xiao Bao standing in front of him. He feels as if he is being subjected to disgrace and humiliation.

He glares fiercely at MuYan and concludes, “Are you courting death?!”

“Master, let me fight instead. Even if I can’t beat Gong Qian Teng, at least he will not kill me with my identity as the Third Prince of Chi Yan Country.” Lou Beiyu is anxious to rush over and take Xiao Bao back.

MuYan gives him a sidelong glance, looking calm and unruffled as she finds that bluestone to sit down. With a relaxed expression, “Just a soft embroidered pillow of a straw bag (idiot), my Xiao Bao is more than enough to deal with him! Or maybe…”

Her long eyelashes slightly flutter, and when she raises them, they reveal a breathtakingly cold light, “His Royal Highness, the Second Prince of Jing Cheng Country doesn’t even have the courage to accept a mere four-year-old child’s duel invitation?”

“I don’t have the courage to accept, you say?!” Gong Qian Teng sneers with great anger, “Good! You are the first woman to have the nerve that Benwang could admire. In return, now I will absolutely torture this little brat to death. I hope you could still laugh when that time comes, hahahaha…”

“Master -!!” Lou Beiyu cries out again.

But it was too late then, Gong Qian Teng hooks his hands into claws. Mysterious Energy raging in his body, he quickly charges towards Xiao Bao’s skull to ruthlessly maul it.

“Ah–!!” Lou Beiyu’s maid can’t help but flinch away, looking completely horrified and unable to stand it.

However, the guards on Gong Qian Teng’s side are all untroubled. Laughing and joking in amusement, they’re waiting to see this little kid brutally tortured by Their Highness, until he’s better off dead.

After all, one has the strength of an Earth grade practitioner, while the other is only a four-year old child.

Between the two, Xiao Bao is barely tall enough to reach Gong Qian Teng’s thigh when they stand together.

With the exception of MuYan, none of them believe that Xiao Bao could go against Gong Qian Teng.

They think that this child wouldn’t even be able to block a strike from Gong Qian Teng.

As he stands in place however, Xiao Bao’s delicate little face is still frosty.

No panic, no despair, no anger.

When Gong Qian Teng’s hands, covered by strong Internal force, arrives right in front of him, Xiao Bao immediately extends his small, fair and tender hand. He gives a light push at Gong Qian Teng.

Boom–! A reverberating sound!!

A fierce gale dances within the Fog Forest, whisking the leaves, and creating whorls in the fog.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch22

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 22 Bet for Me

Suddenly operating his Internal force, there was a bursting sound as he unexpectedly crushes Gou Zifei’s skull.

Blood and brain matter flow down from Gou Zifei’s head, streaming down her aggrieved, unseeing eyes.

Gong Qian Teng casually jerks his hand and Gou Zifei is thrown straight to the ground.

The eyes are wide, the breath ceased forever.

The pair of beautiful big eyes stares right at the sky, holding unknown hatred, regret, or despair.

Gong Qian Teng wipes his hand with a handkerchief that a servant girl handed over, and he randomly throws it aside before smilingly looking towards MuYan.

It was as if, what he had just killed was not his favorite concubine.

And just some pet cat or dog.

“Little Beauty, do you understand now?” Gong Qian Teng approaches MuYan step by step, reaching out, intending to grasp her small and exquisite, spotlessly white, perfect chin, “As long as you listen to me, you can get everything you want. Including the glory, splendor, wealth and rank that mortals can never think of, as well as precious Mysterious plants…”

Lou Beiyu steps forward and slaps the hand that Gong Qian Teng stretched toward MuYan, keeping the mother and child behind him, “Gong Qian Teng, if you want to humiliate me, just directly come at me. Don’t have any ideas against my master. My Master simply doesn’t have Gou Zifei’s kind of greed and vanity!”

“Hahaha, Lou Beiyu, you step out and assume this posture of a hero saving a beauty: it seems that you’re really fond of this little beauty! But the more you love, the more I want to take it…”

Lou Beiyu looks livid, the Internal force bubbling in his body, as if it’s ready to break out at any time.

The ridicule and complacency intensifies within Gong Qian Teng’s eyes, “Hasn’t it always been said that a beauty befits a hero? Since you so hate to part with this little beauty, why don’t we wager for her: the one who wins will take her away, and loser will kneel down like a dog and crawl
for a round here? What do you think?”

“My Master is not a wager! I will not bet with you!” Lou Beiyu says with gritted teeth.

“Are you afraid of losing to Benwang so you say that you don’t want to bet? Lou Beiyu, in the end, you’re just useless green turtle (cuckold)… Hahaha, then shouldn’t you just kneel on the ground and start barking, and then crawl under Benwang’s crotch? Benwang would then consider returning this beauty to you for two days.”

Lou Beiyu, as well as each one of his guards, tremble from head to toe.

However, no matter if it’s Lou Beiyu against Gong Qian Teng, or his guards against Gong Qian Teng’s guards: the former couldn’t win against the latter.

Just when Lou Beiyu was losing his mind in anger, a clear and incredibly pleasant voice chimes in.

“You’re betting with me as a wager? I’m actually quite interested.”

From her arms, MuYan sets Xiao Bao on the ground while she says that with a smile.

“Master -!” Lou Beiyu exclaims.

As Gong Qian Teng hears the clear, enchanting, and languid voice – he feels as if his bones melted halfway, “Little Beauty, I didn’t think you would be so sensible, even your guts are a lot bigger than Lou Beiyu’s faint-heart. Hahaha, good good! You really suit Benwang’s taste; Benwang will certainly favor and spoil you for days!”

Lou Beiyu hears Gong Qian Teng’s humiliating words and both of his hands firmly clench into fists. He steps forward and tightly bites the bullet, “Alright, I’ll wager against you!”

This so-called gamble, it is a test of Martial Arts!

An early-stage Earth grade, against a mid-level Earth grade, will definitely just lose.

Lou Beiyu’s entire guard look overwhelmed with shock, they immediately move to prevent it.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch21

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 21: The Position of a Side Consort

When this man appeared, Lou Beiyu’s expression turns extremely unsightly.

It’s because he could recognize at a glance that this man is Gong Qian Teng, the second prince of Jing Cheng Country.

He is also the man who seduced his fiancee and made a laughing stock out of him.

Any man who was subjected to such shame wouldn’t be able to bear the anger in his heart.

However, Gong Qian Teng’s cultivation is Earth grade mid-level; stronger than him by a small realm.

The people brought by Gong Qian Teng are also more powerful than his guards.

No matter how much he hates, he’s unable to vent.

However, when he sees Gong Qian Teng’s eyes fall on MuYan with great interest, Lou Beiyu is finally unable to endure.

“Gong Qian Teng, you shouldn’t go too far! The Mysterious Plants in the Fog Forest belongs to whoever ends up obtaining it! Based on what could you say that the Blue Treasure Fruit is yours?”

Gong Qian Teng’s eyes shifts to Lou Beiyu and he couldn’t help but sneer: “I was wondering who it is! It turns out to be His Highness, the Third Prince of Chi Yan Country! And? After benwang took away your fiancée, you quickly found a new one? It seems that His Highness the Third Prince is still quite open-minded! His woman was taken, but he didn’t take it to heart!”

“Hahahaha…” People behind Gong Qian Teng laugh derisively, “Your Highness, you might as well grab this woman from Lou Beiyu. This way, wouldn’t the Chi Yan Country’s Third Prince have a new nickname?”

“What nickname?”

“Of course it is the Cuckold Black Turtle of the Millenium!”
*turtle = cuckold


Those insulting words and laughter continuously barraged into the ears of Lou Beiyu and his guards.

Redness swells up the faces of several big men, flames of anger almost spurting from their eyes.

Gong Qian Teng’s eyes inadvertently falls back to MuYan, an astonished and determined light flashes through his eyes, “Girl, I don’t know who you are? Regardless, you should have just known my identity; I am the Second Royal Prince of Jin Cheng Country. Whatever Lou Beiyu can give you, so can I. Whatever he can’t give you, I can! How would you like to go back to Jing Cheng Country with me? I will give you a place as my Side Consort, and allow you to enjoy great wealth and a high position!”

“Your Highness –!!” Gou Zifei rushes up in disbelief and grabs onto Gong Qian Teng’s sleeve. “That woman humiliated me so. How can you make her your Side Consort, wouldn’t that be equal to me? If she is a Side Consort, what would that make me?!”

Gong Qian Teng’s eyes flashes with a trace of impatience and he shrugs his sleeves.

Gou Zifei falls to the ground.

“Hmph, you misunderstand things! Just because Benwang favored you a bit, you forgot how high the sky is!” Gong Qian Teng looks down at Gou Zifei and dismissively says, “Who do you think you are? You are at best just a pet that Benwang took from Lou Beiyu’s hands. If you know your place, be good and do as you’re told, Benwang wouldn’t mind spoiling you. But if you want to question Benwang, what qualifications do you have?!”

Gou Zifei stares at him in disbelief, unable to stop her whole body from trembling. A broken voice escapes her throat, “No, it’s impossible. Am I not your favorite princess?”

She vigorously throws herself to Gong Qian Teng and shouts herself hoarse, “When you first took me away from Lou Beiyu, didn’t you say that you would love me in this lifetime and you would give me the best life?”

Gong Qian Teng’s face reveals a great boredom and disgust.

Suddenly, he raises his hand and pounds Gou Zifei’s head.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch20

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 20: Help Arrives

MuYan takes it with a smile and finishes the remaining Blue Treasure Fruit. Then she nonchalantly throws the core, “Well, stupid disciple, let’s go and not waste more time here.”

Lou Beiyu absentmindedly nods his head, and couldn’t help but take a second look at the Blue Treasure Fruit’s core.

Other people have the same expression and actions as him.

The famous Blue Treasure Fruit, a precious seven rank mysterious fruit, was thrown away after a few bites.

Lou Beiyu comes to a realization then, that this Master of his is apparently not simple at all.

“Wretch, we guarded the Blue Treasure Fruit for three days ah! I’ll kill you!!” The maid beside Gou Zifei roars, finally unable to hold back and swings her sword.

Seeing the coldly glinting sword nearing before his eyes, Lou Beiyu doesn’t think twice and steps in front of MuYan.

A hand wearing gold gloves stretches out and catches the attacking sword.

His Internal force surges, demonstrating the strength of an Earth grade practitioner.

There is the sound from that impact, and the sword breaks.

Lou Beiyu releases another palm, pushing out several maids with the wind pressure of his strike.

Two of them cry out and are driven to the ground.

Gou Zifei looks at Lou Beiyu in disbelief, then looks at MuYan in bitter resentment.

She never expected that for MuYan, Lou Beiyu would actually raise his hands against her people.

But she is just on the middle of Profound stage, how could she be an opponent to the Earth grade Lou Beiyu?

Could it be that she really needs to condone the woman who took her Blue Treasure Fruit?

As the two parties are confronting each other, they suddenly hear the sound of rushing horse hooves.

Everyone simultaneously pay attention to it.

They see a few horses coming in from outside of Fog Forest. In this dense fog, there’s not the slightest bit hesitation or panic from them.

The horses are clearly not your average foals.

As Gou Zifei sees the arriving people, she immediately reveals a happy expression and loudly calls out: “Second Highness!”

“Shu–” The horse walks up to their group before it finally stops.

A handsome man in bright yellow garments dismounts from his horse.

Gou Zifei hastens over to him at once, and nestles into his arms like a bird. She says while pouting playfully, “Your Highness, why are you only arriving now? I’ve been waiting for you in this thick fog for several days!”

“Haha, to have troubled Feifei to wait so long, that’s benwang’s* sin!” The man strokes Gou Zifei’s face, he says with a smile that isn’t a smile, “Now the precious Mysterious Plant that we want to collect from the Fog Forest, the one that benwang asked you to get, how is it?”
*That’s how some princes address themselves.
At the mention of the precious Mysterious Plant, Gou Zifei immediately remembers the Blue Treasure Fruit that had been eaten.

She grits her teeth for a moment and instantly shows a depressed expression. “Your Highess, you must act for Feifei! With great difficulty, we finally found Blue Treasure Fruit and guarded it for three days and three nights, just as we grabbed it from the mouth of a Strange beast, who would think that it would actually be stolen!”

“Blue Treasure Fruit?” the indulgent man who looks like he’s spoiling a child, couldn’t help but slightly widen his eyes after hearing the name Blue Treasure Fruit. “Where is Blue Treasure Fruit now?”

Gou Zifei points to MuYan, and hatefully says: “This woman snatched it. I clearly said that it was something we obtained with great difficulty, but she still shamelessly took it for herself. Also, she actually ate our Blue Treasure Fruit!”

The man’s eyes follow the direction pointed by Gou Zifei.

When he sees MuYan holding Xiao Bao, his pupil involuntarily contracts.

He immediately lets go of Gou Zifei. Stepping forward, his eyes fixatedly stares at MuYan, “This girl, did you eat my Blue Treasure Fruit? Do you know who I am? If you take away what’s mine, you should pay a price!”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch16

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 16: The Fog Forest


Lou Beiyu thinks of MuYan’s means. Shivers run up and down his spine.

However, he is quite broad-minded.

Seeing that MuYan had already finished her meal, he excitedly says, “Master Master! Can you teach me to paint now? How can you capture such charm when you draw people’s likeness?”

MuYan drinks her tea and leisurely smiles: “Of course that’s because your choice of subject is wrong.”

“It’s wrong? The one’s I’ve chosen are all real beauties, and I even made them put on thin, light clothes to stimulate the senses…”

Seeing MuYan’s eyes stare icily at him, Lou Beiyu urgently points to the heaven and swears: “Master, I swear that those beauties came willingly and I paid them generously. Only after seeing you, Master, you’re overly attractive… cough cough, in short, when I erred for the first time, Master caught me.”

MuYan’s lips curve up, “You’re so accustomed to seeing beautiful women, so how could that stimulate your senses? Don’t you think that the position your guards assumed yesterday was very novel and interesting? Doesn’t that especially make you want to draw?”

Lou Beiyu brightens up at that moment. “What Master said is right, particularly the head guard. He had different and special flavor while wearing that half-naked attire. Haha… Master, you’re really awesome. I’ll go and call people to come in.”

After seeing the idiot prince excitedly run out, cries of indignation and despair are soon heard from outside the carriage.

MuYan brings the teacup to her mouth and takes a sip, her smile is languid and evil.

How could it be so easy to retreat after they provoked her? Hehe, too naive!

The carriage slowly goes forward. Three days later, when Lou Beiyu’s guards were tormented enough that they’re better off dead, as they could not wait to dig a hole and bury themselves in it, they finally arrived at the Fog Forest.


Fog Forest is called as such because it is covered by dense fog all day and all night.

The deeper one goes into the forest, the denser the fog becomes; people could barely see their fingers when they stretch out their hands.

But within the dense fog, the strange animals have long adapted to such an environment.

But when human practitioners want to walk inside, they can only use their Internal force to perceive.

One can imagine how dangerous it would be inside.

But despite the dangers of the Fog Forest, there are many rare and precious Mysterious Plants inside.

Every day, many low-level practitioners come in to search.

Moreover, there are certain phenomena that appear these days, confirming the birth of a precious treasure. That’s why, even the higher-grade practitioners are gathered here.

“Master, Little Senior, there is a clean blue stone over here, come sit!”

Lou Beiyu attentively calls MuYan and Xiao Bao over, wiping off the dew from the bluestone for them.

The head guard of His Highness, the Third Prince, comes over to help, unable to bear looking at the stupidity of their master.

Can he still remember that he’s the Third Prince of Chi Yan Country?

MuYan looks completely underwhelmed by the favor as she sits down while holding Xiao Bao.

Lou Beiyu also says: “Master, you and the Little Senior should rest for a while. Your apprentice will go and collect some plants for you. The Mysterious Plants on the edge of Fog Forest can’t compare to the ones inside, but they can still sell for a lot of money!”

Lou Beiyu is about to leave when a furry shadow emerges from the fog.

The forest is filled with ferocious animals and Lou Beiyu’s guards are immediately on alert.

But when they see the furry figure, everyone is dumbfounded.

It’s actually just a rabbit, with long fluffy ears, and is only slightly larger than the two adult palms.

A pair of round, reddish eyes is buried in the snow-white fur. They don’t have any brilliance, and instead look silly.

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EMHS – ch15

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 15: She Had Been Such a Fool Back Then!

That lasted for but a moment as he laughs and fawningly says: “Of course, I can’t possibly compare to Master and Little Senior!”

“Moreover, we don’t want to go and seize the precious Spiritual Treasure, just want to join in on the commotion, and try to benefit from it. There are a lot of precious Mysterious Plants in the Fog Forest… As far as I’m concerned, no one can raise a hand against me as long as I don’t contend with people from those big factions.”

“When this treasure emerged, I’m sure that a lot of heaven’s favored children have gathered, and perhaps I’ll be able to meet a lot of beauties. I’ve heard that even Jing Cheng Country’s Gong Qianxue, one of heavens’ favored, will come over. Ah, just thinking of seeing all those beauties, it inspires me to paint, and I can’t hold in my excitement. Even if I can’t obtain any treasures, it’s still worth it. Master, don’t you think so?”

Something dark flashes through MuYan’s eyes and the corners of her mouth hook up without a hint of humor.

Has she heard of Fog Forest?

Of course she’s heard of it!

It can be said that no one in this world is more familiar with Fog Forest than she is.

In her past life, there was also a meteor that fell, as well as the colorful radiance that filled the sky.

Numerous experts from the three countries – Chi Yan, Jing Cheng, and Huang Yao – have gathered in the Fog Forest to find this fallen treasure.

It was later proven that the treasure is truly incomparably valuable, extraordinary.

After all, it was actually an egg of a sacred beast that’s about to hatch.

In Yanwu Continent, there are wild animals, there are strange beasts, and spirit beasts, but no one has ever come across a genuine sacred beast.

A sacred beast, one that is truly unique within the Continent.

As one can imagine, whoever obtained the sacred animal would be able to walk sideways in Yanwu Continent.

MuYan was just an unremarkable Profound Stage practitioner at that time, and she came to the Fog Forest with Gong Qianxue, in order to gather some experience.

She did not even think about contending for the holy egg or anything.

Neither did she expect that in the end, the sacred egg fell into her hands by some twist of fate.

Thinking about this, the smile on MuYan’s face deepens into a ridiculing sneer.

What a fool she had been!

She already grasped the sacred beast’s egg that everyone yearns for even in their dreams. Just a drop of blood and the sacred beasts could recognize its master.

But just a little bit of flowery and insincere words from Gong Qianxue, and the yearning within her eyes,

She eagerly gave away the egg of sacred beast.

Later, the holy beast hatched and became Gong Qianxue’s contracted animal. Allowing her to move unhindered across the entire Yanwu Continent. No one can match her then on.

Niang–” the sound of Xiao Bao’s soft voice suddenly reaches her ears.

MuYan suddenly recovers from the icy hatred of the past and comes to herself. She looks down to see those big eyes of Xiao Bao that are filled with concern. Her heart can’t help but soften, and all the hatred is diffused by warmth.

Picking up Xiao Bao, MuYan chuckles and said, “It just so happens that we’re going to the Fog Forest as well. Then, we’ll accompany you for a while!”

“Master, it’s great that you’re willing to stay! What are the rest of you still dithering about, still not going to prepare food?!”

The Flying Fish guards and palace maids look aggrieved at their own Prince.

They flinch after taking a look at MuYan and Xiao Bao, before resentfully turning away to prepare the food.



“Master, you and the Little Senior are so powerful! I’m an expert in the early stage of earth grade, but I can’t even catch any of your blows… then there’s the Little Senior Brother who looks just about four or five years old, but he can defeat my head guard. Master, what’s your name? Which country are you from?”

MuYan leisurely eats the dishes, giving some to Xiao Bao. Then she glances at him with a smile that isn’t a smile.

From what he sees, Lou Beiyu immediately stiffens as he has a sudden feeling of his hairs standing on end.

His attempt to slyly inquire into Master’s background is discovered.

Lou Beiyu recalls MuYan’s means and shudders from the stimulation

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EMHS – ch14

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 14 Encountering a Mental Case

Several big men with two maids no longer have the arrogance they had before. They kneel before MuYan , sniveling and tearful, as they repent for their wrongs.

If they let the world see these people who look exactly like them, but posing in such a shameful arrangement, how will they conduct themselves in the future?

Not to mention keeping on being a palace guard, they won’t even have enough guts to go out the house!

“This heroine, queen, goddess, we know our wrong! We beg you to please give this painting to us!”

MuYan smirks and says: “When you kidnapped an innocent woman and made her undress for a painting, didn’t you enjoy playing? Now you know how to ask for mercy?”

Several people prostrate themselves on the floor and keep on repenting.

Now, the head guard is really regretting to the point that his intestines have turned green.

When encountering the beautiful woman along the road, he thought he could please the Third Prince by bringing her back.

He never expected to ultimately bring back an evil star. The head guard remember the ~身 ~ pose he just performed and it sure is incredibly embarrassing, he wishes he was dead instead.
(Imagine 身 as a stick figure)


But when they are crying and begging for mercy, they suddenly hear an excited voice in the carriage. “Beautiful, very beautiful. This charm, this style, these tones, such a breathtaking painting could only exist in the heaves ah!

Lou Beiyu is holding MuYan’s painting in his hands –

Still wearing the thin clothes from the painting, crossing his legs, and biting his lips – an alluring beauty on the couch.

However, not only is Lou Beiyu not simmering in shame and anger, he instead has bright eyes.

All of a sudden, he pounces to MuYan. “Master, please teach me, how to draw such a painting with a charm and ingeniousness. I’ve been studying how to paint for more than ten years and thought I had already seen the cusp of it. But now that I’ve beheld Master’s work, I now know my own ineptitude.”

MuYan’s mouth twitches, she feels like she just suffered mental damage.

The guards and maids at the side have their faces warp and weft red, yellow, green, and blue – it’s extremely fascinating.

MuYan lifts her foot and kicks him off.

But Lou Beiyu just climbs back up from the ground, completely heedless of his revealing clothes, and whether his important parts are exposed, “Master, master, if you lack money or Mysterious Plants, apprentice can give them to you in offering, so long as you are willing to give some pointers. ”

MuYan turns, with veins popping on her forehead, “Xiao Bao, let’s go!”

This mental sickness, she can’t provoke it so shouldn’t she avoid it?

The carriage curtain opens and Xiao Bao’s figure appears. He walks over to MuYan’s side and allows her to hold his hand.

MuYan opens the carriage window, and is just about to jump out.

Lou Beiyu rushes out and calls, “Master, little senior, don’t leave ah! As long as you’re willing to stay, I would be willing to comply with anything! Do you want a treasure from the Fog Forest? I, what we can get from this trip, I can offer them all to Master!”

The head guard at the side just sees his vision go dark, wanting but unable to slap his master.

MuYan stops her movement as her eyes turn to slits momentarily, “You’re headed to the Fog Forest?”

“Yes, yes!” Lou Beiyu sees that MuYan actually stopped in her action so he immediately nods frantically, and says in rapid succession, “A meteor fell into the Fog Forest a few months ago. A few days ago, multicolored light was also observed in the skies. It was also a sign of the presence of treasure. That’s why my emperor father had sent me to explore the forest.”

“Sent you?” MuYan couldn’t help but shake her head.

She feels that Emperor of Chi Yan Country probably has a problem in his brain, for why would he send such a hopeless mental case to explore the Fog Forest?

Lou Beiyu eyes flashes with a brilliant light as he slightly straightens his back, “Master, don’t underestimate me. I’m only twenty years old this year, but I’m already an early Earth grade practitioner.”

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EMHS – ch13

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 13: “Beauty” A Masterwork

Xiao Bao’s eyes are slightly curved up, his irises are sparkling and his ears red.

Although the little face is still frigid, anyone can see that he is happy.

Ah, how can he be so cute! This is simply cheating!

MuYan cuddles her son to her chest and kisses him several time before releasing him.

Looking at Lou Beiyu and the others, she says with a mockery of a smile: “Xiao Bao, let’s play a fun game, all right?”

“What game?”

“Hehe, you will know in a moment.”


A little while later, the two maids, and the head of the Flying Fish unit with the other guards, are stripped naked by MuYan and Xiao Bao.

Only the important parts are covered by leaves that Xiao Bao’s got from outside, barely half-covering them.

These group of people feel ashamed and indignant, they wish they fainted instead.

However, they don’t know what MuYan had fed them so that not only could they not muster any strength, but neither could they release their internal force. They can’t even make a sound.

MuYan walks up to Lou Beiyu while flourishing the thin, silken clothes and smilingly says: “Your Highness Third Prince, don’t you like this dress?”

Lou Beiyu shakes his head in fear, but soon afterwards, he tries to appear fierce despite being cowardly inside: “You- you can’t do anything crazy; I’m the Third Prince of Chi Yan Country. Raise a hand against me and you’ll never have a good end.”

“Rest assured, I won’t hit you.” MuYan laughs like a fox would, “I’m only interested in drawing a picture of you.”

Very quickly, Lou Beiyu’s clothes are stripped completely and then replaced with those transparent garments.

Xiao Bao wears an icy face, and positions the nude and immobile people into various positions.

For one, the head guard is The Drunken Beauty. (*an opera character)

Next, the two maids are a pair of mandarin ducks with necks intersecting. (*mandarin ducks = affectionate couple)

Then Lou Beiyu is splayed beautifully on the couch, boundlessly amorous.

Even the few guards have their legs raised up, making erotic and difficult positions.

MuYan looks on as Xiao Bao arranges them in various poses per her request, and couldn’t help herself but laugh out loud.

She feels that her son is really talented!

She very quickly spreads out the pen and paper, and begins to draw them.

On the other hand, Xiao Bao drives the carriage to continue on the road.

Once the carriage arrives at a lively countryside market, MuYan finally sets the pen down.

She gently raises her hand and sends her internal force.

Lou Beiyu and the others immediately regain their freedom.

However, they maintained the same position for too long, and their limbs are numb. Once they regained mobility, they cut a sorry figure and slump to the floor.

MuYan lifts up her newly-completed painting for them to see, “How about it? Are you satisfied with your own likeness?”

As soon as the guardsmen and their leader saw their own figures in the painting, their sight just turn black and they can’t wait to pass out.

Th-th-this, with both legs raised high, how could the man leaning against another man possible be him?!

There’s also that seductive and bashful expression, how can he make that face!

If they let people see something like this, they needn’t be called human thence after!! Just go directly to find blocks of tofu to bash their heads against! (like hang oneself with noodles)

The head guardsman’s expression turns ashen; he rushes to snatch the painting from MuYan’s hands.

MuYan lets out a laugh and opens the carriage window, “I can make several copies of this painting even with my eyes closed. It would be such a waste if I’m the only one that would admire it. What if I spread this painting out for everyone to appreciate… tsk tsk, it would be too wasteful to just disseminate it here so when we enter a big town later, I’ll have to make a few more copies.”

“Do not -!!”

“-not allowed to hand out -!!!”

“Aahh—!! If this painting is seen by others, how can I live in the future!?”

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EMHS – ch12

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 12 Xiao Bao is the Best

The Flying Fish Guard, who had just escorted Jun MuYan in, could not help but stress that: “Don’t you know that your younger brother is still in our hands right now? If you are sensible then you should be good and obey us, otherwise don’t blame us for being unkind to him!”

“My brother?” Jun MuYan stares blankly for a moment before realizing that they’re probably referring to Xiao Bao.

She couldn’t help but chuckle and with laughter in her voice, asks, “Oh? You guys are using the fact that Xiao Bao is with you to threaten me?”

“Exactly, so you better listen to the Third Prince.”

Lou Beiyu adds: “You shouldn’t worry, Miss. I will really just draw, and absolutely nothing else. And after the work is done, I will give you generous rewards. You will definitely not suffer any losses.”

“Putting on a half-naked attire to model for a painting, mn, well, that’s actually interesting… great idea!” Jun MuYan touches her chin and shows a smile.

“Excellent, since Miss is interested, please quickly change into this dress!”

MuYan takes the attire with an a smile increasingly expanding on her face. The little face that originally seems noble and holy, like a fallen immortal, changes at that instant – becoming incomparably evil and beguiling.

Just as Lou Beiyu is lost in a daze, a sudden light flashes in front of him.

He only feels a pain on his waist, and immediately loses all his strength. He gives a cry ‘ow!’ and falls to the ground.

The guards on the side jump up in fright. They cry out ‘You Highness!’ and rush out to come and help.

Their feet suddenly slip on something and they also follow stumbling to the ground.

The maids are even more vulnerable. Before they could muster up any sort of reaction, they are already completely immobile.

MuYan holds the half-transparent clothing waves it before Lou Beiyu as she approaches him, “You have a really good eye for this. I too, also think that this would suit you.”

“You … what do you want to do?!” Lou Beiyu struggles to sit up but finds himself unable to move.

They never would have thought that this fragile-looking girl would actually be so powerful.

That Flying Fish guard is even more shocked due to disbelief. He was a practitioner at the peak of Primary Stage.

His Highness has a much higher cultivation than him.

Yet they can’t even meet this girl’s blow.

“You, you don’t mess around ah! Don’t tell me that you don’t want your brother’s life?”

He barely finished what he’s saying when the carriage’s curtain is lifted open.

The cold, small and clever face of Xiao Bao enters, dragging along the leader of the Flying Fish guard in his hand and throwing him before MuYan.

He immediately treads over to her, then hugs her leg, “Niangqin, are you okay?”

The little sprout’s expression is still ice-cold, but those beautiful blue eyes are filled with concern.

MuYan pulls his tiny face up and kisses him on both cheeks, “Don’t worry, Niang is naturally okay. Did Xiao Bao subdue everyone outside?”

Xiao Bao expressionlessly nods. Not proud, like it’s nothing unexpected.

It’s as if taking on a squad of Chi Yan Country’s armed royal guards, is just as simple as taking on a nest of mice.

The immobilized guards on the ground looked at their superior, and looked at Xiao Bao who’s approximately only four years old. Incredulous, one exclaims, “Impossible! Our daren is an advanced level practitioner of the Profound Stage. How could he be dealt with by this little boy’s hands!? Who are you, what do you guys really want?”

Xiao Bao and Jun MuYan ignore him.

Xiao Bao raises his head to look at Jun MuYan with his big bright eyes.

Jun MuYan laughs knowingly and pats his small head. She says earnestly, “Xiao Bao is the best, always such a great help to Niangqin.”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch11

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 11: A Painting of a Beauty in See-through, Flimsy Clothes?

If an ordinary man sees such a beauty, he would have long thrown himself over to get close to her.

However, Lou Beiyu didn’t even put her in his eyes. Instead, with a drawing tool on hand, he is seriously drawing on paper.

After sketching for a while however, Lou Beiyu suddenly bursts in frustration, throws his pen and shouts, “Get out, get out! Quickly get out of my sight!”

The beautiful girl is startled into crying, but she didn’t dare to say anything and hastily leaves.

“Your Highness Third Prince, what’s the matter? This girl is the number one beauty in Xia’an City. It can’t be that even she is unable to give inspiration to Your Highness?”

Lou Beiyu says angrily: “What first beauty, she’s just commonplace doll in rouge and powder!”

The subordinate wears a troubled look, and before he could ask more, someone suddenly opens the curtain and says: “You Highness, Li-daren requests an audience. He said that he has found a peerless great beauty for Your Highness.”

“Peerless great beauty? Is he not fooling me again?” Lou Beiyu says in disdain, “What cat or dog is he calling a peerless great beauty this time? Whatever, tell him to let her enter.”

Receiving Lou Beiyu’s command, the subordinate immediately goes to do as ordered.

After a moment, the beautiful woman does not enter but is brought in.

Lou Beiyu watches in suspicion until he clearly sees the appearance of the woman in white. For a while, he turns silly and just stares blankly fixated.

“There is a bewitching enchantress, vacillating along the Xiang riverbank. A glimpse is the quintessence of piquancy, a gesture the definition of grace.” Lou Beiyu murmurs, and wanting to touch the girl’s face, stretches out his hand but nervously retracts it right back.

“Beautiful… truly the summit of beauty. The beauty’s charm is in her grace, it is deep in her bones, not just the surface of the skin. For such an enchantress, how could those rouged, powdered commoners even compare? Quick, give her a change of clothes, this prince is now inspired. I believe that this time, I will be able to create the most delightful painting of a beauty.”

“Yes, Your Highness!”

Several maids heed the command and step forward, intending to take the girl’s clothes off.

At that moment, the girl in white flutters her eyelashes and opens her eyes.

Those eyes are so clear and lively, they look like the undulations of autumn ripples.

Lou Beiyu became silly with just the sight of it; his jaws slacken unconsciously and drool appears at the side of his mouth.


Jun MuYan yawns unscrupulously, lazily stretching her waist. Her voice is languid, laced with a hint of sensual huskiness. “Oh, that was a really good nap! Xiao Bao, hungry or not, we should go look for a meal.”

She turns her head but finds that Xiao Bao is absent from her side, and there is a man salivating in front of her.

But Jun MuYan is not alarmed at all, she is calm and unruffled as she asks with a smile: “Excuse me, this mister is?”

Lou Beiyu rubs off his drool and says: “This humble one is Lu Beiyu, the Third Prince of Chi Yan Country. Because I admired Miss’s unmatched magnificence, I asked Miss to come over. Hope Miss can help this one’s request?”

“Oh? Why don’t you go ahead and say it, what is it?”

Lou Beiyu picks up clothing so thin, it is practically transparent, and holds it up to Jun MuYan to see, “Please miss, put on this dress and let this prince draw a beautiful painting of you.”

“Wear this dress and let you draw?” the corner of Jun MuYan’s mouth twitches, “Are you sure this is clothing?”

If one puts it on, this cloth that will let people see what they shouldn’t, can you still say it’s a dress?

Lou Beiyu repeatedly nods, “Miss wearing this dress will definitely be a goddess-like beauty, and exude a charm that ordinary people can’t withstand.”

Jun MuYan snips in, light as a feather, “If I don’t agree?”

“Hmph, our Third Prince painting you is your honor. You shouldn’t refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit!” The maid derisively says, contempt and jealousy flashing in her eyes.


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