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Chapter 511: So this is a Chi Gu

Liu Se also reveals a cryptic smile, and with her rough, crackling voice: “Since you lost the alchemy competition, Dr. Song, you can only turn into food for my Chi Gu.”

Dr. Song’s pupils slightly contract, obvious dread and horror in his eyes.

Anyone who saw the corpses’ devastation with their own eyes, how the Chi Gu fed on meat and blood, and hollowed out their hearts – there’s no way he wouldn’t be frightened.

Soon, he feels an acute pain at the location of his heart.

There’s also the cold despair from his vitality draining out little by little.

Just as he closes his eyes, intending to give up on his life-

A hand suddenly grasps his wrist, pressing on a vein.

Astounded, Dr. Song snaps his eyes open, only to see a peerlessly beautiful face very close to him.

Then, before he could react-

The girl’s steady voice enters his ears, “Dr. Song, excuse me!”

A pair of slender white hands suddenly tears his clothes open.

His now-emaciated chest is exposed.

One after another, silver needles pierces into his body.

With the increasing number of needles piercing him, pure Mysterious Energy flows through the silver needles, into his acupuncture points, muscles, and veins.

Dr. Song unexpectedly feels the pain in his heart, as well as the chill on his body, subside little by little.

Following that, he feels a sharp twinge from the skin of his chest.

The girl in front of him is holding a blade in her hand, and with an extremely efficient movement, she cuts his chest open.

Soon after, a hand rises and a needle falls.

When everyone comes to their senses to react, Dr. Song could no longer support himself, weakly falling to the floor.

On Muyan’s hand, she’s already stabbing a black bug the size of an adult fingernail, using a needle.

–Chi Gu!

The black bug that was stabbed through by a silver needle is struggling violently, letting out a strange, ear-piercing sound.

But as Muyan operates her Internal Force, the needle lights up with a scorching flame.

That Chi Gu immediately burns to ashes.

The whole audience goes quiet once again, one would hear it if a pin drops.

Then Muyan goes on to discard the silver needle, pats off the ashes on her hands, and shows a charming but provocative smile towards Liu Se, “So this is a Chi Gu!”

Her tone is brimming with disdain.

That instant, Liu Se’s eyes turn incredibly cold, her whole body exudes a powerful pressure and murderousness.

That pressure and killing intent is almost suffocating, making the recently ecstatic doctors once again sink into panic.

Muyan’s expression also becomes serious.

This time, it’s not just an illusion.

She could clearly feel that this Liu Se has a cultivation higher than her.

Even the breath coming out of her body is far, far greater than what belongs to the Yanwu Continent.

Similar to the pressure that could sometimes leak from Di Ming Jue and his group.

Just then, Liu Se slowly speaks with her hoarse, unpleasant voice: “To extract a Gu unaided, Miss Jun’s medical skills really made me gasp in amazement. Since the Enchantress has this kind of skill, I think that the next person to compete should be you! What do you think, Shi-xianzi?”

Shi Lanling suddenly bursts out laughing, “Good, very good! Jun Muyan, I’ve been waiting for this moment to compete against you, I’ve been waiting for quite a long time indeed!”

At the side, the Magistrate Liu who hasn’t spoken until now, finally couldn’t help but come forward.

In a trembling voice: “Respected Ghost King, even though Miss Jun couldn’t do alchemy, she could still refine godly draughts, their effects are even better than Elixirs. In addition, her medical skills are truly superb, few could match her.”

“Since it’s for the sake of treating the Ghost Lord’s illness, why don’t we let Miss Jun go in and try it now, no need to do alchemy. This subordinate dares to guarantee, the draughts refined by Miss Jun are absolutely better than the Elixirs refined by Shi-xianzi!”

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EMHS – CH510

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Chapter 510: Hope

“At such an age, you could actually have such fantastic and consummate skills in medicine, you could even refine such miraculous draughts. This goes to show that you have boundless potential.”

“No matter how these weary old bodies of ours are unfit for anything, they’re not useless to the extent that it would make a young girl like you step up in sacrifice before us.”

“Yanwu Continent’s Practitioners, as well as the common folk, what they need the most is for a doctor like you to exist, and to continue to exist!”

After saying that, he doesn’t wait for Muyan to stop him, and he straight up takes the Chi Gu in the small goblet and swallows it into his belly.

Muyan’s pupils suddenly contract.

An indefinable emotion jumps up from her insides to her brain.

Dr. Song strides forward, coldly staring at Liu Se and Shi Lanling, “Elegant, pure, and holy Shi-xianzi: I spit on that! Turns out to be no more than a black-hearted venomous woman, with the face of a human but the heart of a beast! For an animal like you to also be named as a doctor, that’s simply an insult to the doctors who help the dying and heal the injured!!”

“Old bastard! Well, good! Since you yourself don’t want to live, then don’t blame me for being impolite!!”

In anger, Shi Lanling’s entire face warps malevolently.

She waves a hand, quickly making a Ghost Envoy move up her special Dan furnace.

Dr. Song doesn’t spare her another glance, walking straight to his own Dan furnace.

Along with the herbs being dissolved by the fire,

Dr. Song operates his formidable Internal Force, directing the medicinal essence to start its fusion.

And just like the other doctors who preceded him,

Muyan could clearly observe the Chi Gu feeding at his heart, right as it is nibbling away at his flesh and blood a little at a time.

As time passes, Dr. Song’s originally ruddy complexion becomes a little pale.

His eye sockets also begin to gradually get sunken.

Since he wants to refine a second level Elixir, it needs to consume more Internal Force.

The more Internal Force he mobilizes, the more it stimulates the Chi Gu to take even more of his flesh.

But if he doesn’t use a large amount of Internal Force, it would simply be impossible to condense an Elixir which is second level or higher.

This is an infinite loop that pushes people into the road of death.

After two hours, a medicinal fragrance wafts out of the Dan furnace in front of Dr. Song.

This fragrance makes each and every one of the doctors within the Great Hall to stir restlessly.

“This is the level two [Restoration Dan]. Moreover, this rich and concentrated fragrance, this should at least be a second level, first-ranked Elixir!”

“Great, truly worthy of being Dr. Song. He really refined a level two Pill in spite of everything!”

Almost at the same time, at her side, Shi Lanling has also finished concocting a Pill.

In contrast to Dr. Song’s wan, sallow, and consumptive appearance after performing alchemy-

Shi Lanling only has a thin layer of sweat on her forehead, her skin appears lighter and all the more translucent instead, radiant.

She sends a scornful glance towards Dr. Song, her face is filled with disdain.

At this time, a Ghost Envoy has already walked over to Dr. Song, opening the Pill furnace.

There are three Pills inside, the color is pure and limpid, with a mellow and full scent.

The Ghost Envoy picks one up and appraises it. In a clear voice: “Level two, first-ranked [Restoration Dan]!”

“Great, it’s really a second level Pill!”

“If this wins, we have hope!”

However, the Ghost Envoy quickly goes to Shi Lanling, picks up the Pill in front of her, sniffing and tasting it.

Soon after, he declares: “Level three, mid-ranked [Restoration Dan].”

In an instant, the commotion in the Great Hall turns into a deathly quiet.

The doctors who were wild with joy just a moment ago, every one of them becomes deathly pale, despair painted across their faces.

Dr. Song himself is swaying from side to side, he could barely support himself to keep standing.

“Hahahaha…” Shi Lanling couldn’t help her unbridled laughter, “Old bastard, compete in alchemy against me in the next life! This is what you brought upon yourself, you’ll die without an intact corpse now, but you can’t blame me!”


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EMHS – CH509

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Chapter 509: This old man will take your place

But when she turns to Muyan, she suddenly comes into contact with a pair of deep, bottomless peach blossom eyes.

Neither shifting nor averting, yet they give her a certain bone-piercing chill.

Liu Se’s slightly narrows her eyes, the muscles on her crinkly, pockmarked face trembles a little.

This is the woman who killed her Xuan Ji.

Haha, Liu Se will not grant her a quick death!

She must make her suffer and be tormented with fear and despair, little by little, torture her to death.

A dark gleam flashes through Liu Se’s eyes, however.

She has this feeling, that there’s a familiar yet frightening power in this woman’s body.

What exactly is it?

Her gaze sweeps past Muyan, finally landing on a random person, “Next, you!”

“No… don’t! I don’t want to take that Gu bug, spare me! Spare me!”


Two hours later, there are already three more corpses in the spacious Great Hall.

Each of them had their flesh and blood sucked dry by the Chi Gu, their hearts eaten up, their deaths incomparably miserable.

Of these three doctors, not one of them was able to successfully refine a second level Elixir.

The entire hall is deathly quiet, only Shi Lanling’s insolent laughter echoes through the place.

“Hahaha… you call yourselves acclaimed doctors, but you can’t even refine a second level Elixir. What else are you, if not trash?”

She looks at everyone with her eyes brimming with bitterness and resentment.

The noble fairy that previously placed herself above the common populace, at this moment, she has completely vanished.

Three days ago, when Di Ming Jue had kicked out her naked figure from his room, she was seen by a lot of people in the Ghost Wind Valley.

Since then, Shi Lanling places her hate not only on Jun Muyan, but she also hates everyone in this Valley.

If she lets someone leave here alive, her reputation will truly be ruined.

Furthermore, she completely lost face in front of everyone here, mocked and humiliated.

These people, why should they be allowed to stand tall and exist as respected doctors?

She will see these people become more wretched than her, even worse than a dog or a pig.

Especially this slut, Jun Muyan!

Shi Lanling looks at Muyan, and sees that there’s no longer a leisurely expression on her face, but she looks focused and serious.

Her heart really feels indescribably light.

Seeing so many people die tragically, this slut is finally afraid!

But fear is also useless!

Today, I will have you die without a burial site!!

“Tsk, tsk. So many have died already. Who should be next?”

Shi Lanling laughs lowly, and she suddenly shifts her line of sight towards Muyan, “Jun Muyan, as my Ghost City’s Shenshu, as well as the Enchantress of Medicine with such grand reputation, don’t you want to do your best for our Ghost Lord?”

Standing beside Muyan, Dr. Wang’s complexion transforms, and he uncontrollably trembles all over.

Yet he still couldn’t help but shakily speak: “Dr. Jun- Dr. Jun is the best in refining draughts, and she’s still so young, she still… doesn’t have to…”

“Hah, if you don’t want to make her come up and perform alchemy, are you volunteering?”

Hearing Shi Lanling’s retort, Dr. Wang immediately goes deathly pale, no longer daring to say anything more.

Muyan snorts, and is about to step forward.

Suddenly, a loud and clear voice rises, “This old man will compete against you!”

Muyan stares blankly, and sees Dr. Song stride forward.

He holds in his hand that small cup that contains the Chi Gu.

Seeing that he wants to swallow that Chi Gu, Muyan quickly stops him, “Dr. Song, you don’t have to take my place…”

“What nonsense are you saying!” with a grave look, Dr. Song glares at Muyan, loudly saying, “The Enchantress of Medicine Jun Muyan, I have heard your name, I’ve also heard people say that you refine godly draughts.”

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EMHS – CH506

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Chapter 506: Refining Elixirs

That doctor eventually calms down, but there’s fear and alarm across his whole face, his entire body is trembling.

Liu Se: “Dr. Chen, if you don’t believe it, you could try doing alchemy right here, right now.”

As soon as her words fall, someone immediately comes up, carrying a very large furnace tripod.

A variety of herbs are laid out next to the tripod, and a specially designated medicine boy helps to light up the fire on the furnace.

Dr. Chen is half believing, half doubting. But he nevertheless walks forward to start concocting Pills.

As the drug ingredients slowly dissolve within the Dan Furnace, that doctor hesitates for a moment, urging his Internal Force to to make the Pills inside condense and take shape.

Right then, Muyan’s pupils slightly contract.

Ever since the reconstruction of her Spiritual Root, she obtained Spiritual Power.

Thus, she could see a lot of things that were originally invisible to the naked eye.

Right now for instance, after Dr. Chen uses his Internal Force, the Chi Gu within his body stirs restlessly.

The extremely small, invisible bug is nibbling at Dr. Chen’s heart little by little, consuming his flesh.

Accordingly, it gives back. What is originally the Internal Force that Dr. Chen releases from his palms, turns into an energy that is similar to Spiritual Power.

As this ‘pseudo Spiritual Power’ is incessantly poured into the Dan Furnace, sure enough, the Elixir within starts to slowly condense.

Nobody knows that during this process, that minuscule black bug that has attached itself to Dr. Chen’s heart has made a large den.

This is offering the human body as a sacrifice to feed the Gu bug.

Although it would make someone have the ability to condense Pills for a short period of time, there will come a day when the person will receive a backlash from the Gu bug, the heart will be completely eaten through, meat sucked up, then die.

Muyan’s brows furrow tightly, her gaze deep and heavy as she looks at Liu Se.

Such a method is really too insidious.

Just then, green smoke rises up in spirals from within that furnace, a medicinal fragrance wafts through the air.

Dr. Chen impatiently goes forward to open the furnace. Seeing that there’s a Pill inside, he stares blankly at first.

Then he says in rapt disbelief: “I did it, I succeeded! I actually refined an Elixir!”

This time, in this drawing room, it’s really a stone that has set off a thousand waves!

All the doctors come up to see that Elixir.

After determining that what had been refined really is the first grade [Nurturing Pill], they immediately become as dumb as wooden chickens.

“This… this Gu bug could really make a person possess the skill of alchemy!”

For a moment, everyone’s burning gazes simultaneously turn towards the small goblet.

That Chi Gu which had frightened and disgusted them just a moment ago, is now brimming with an alluring magic.

“As long as I take this Gu bug, I could become an alchemist!”

There’s already some people who couldn’t help but stretch their hands towards that small cup.

Dr. Wang, who is standing beside Muyan, also has a fervent look on his face. He couldn’t wait to be like that Dr. Chen and swallow that Gu bug, and also be able to do alchemy right away.

Just as he stretches out his hand however, it is caught by a fine, slender, white-as-jade hand.

The girl’s soft and sweet-sounding voice is neither light nor heavy as it slowly speaks up, yet it’s like a morning bell that rings inside everyone’s mind.

“The so-called Gu bug must be fed with flesh, blood, and poison for it to survive.”

“I would like to ask Ghost King Liu, what is this Chi Gu feeding on?”

Without notice, Muyan has already gotten up from her seat, looking at Liu Se’s direction, “Just now, Ghost King Liu said that as long as we win, we would forever have the ability to do alchemy. Then I wonder, what will happen to the people who fail? Afterwards, can they still take out the the Chi Gu that they took?”

As soon as these words are spoken out, it as if a basin of cold water is poured down their heads.

Especially Dr. Wang who had been stopped by Muyan, his complexion has become deathly pale.

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EMHS – CH500

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Chapter 500: Extinguish
    A wide palm cups the back of her head, forcing her closer, preventing her from running away.
    But the movements are so gentle, so careful, like cherishing a treasure.
    Muyan sinks a little bit deeper, unable to free herself.
    A long while later, their lips part. Muyan’s lips are slightly red and swollen, all the more alluring.
    A sticky silver trail connects the ends of their lips, and the pulsating and ambiguous atmosphere inside the room seems to be set on fire.
    “Little to no conscience!” Di Ming Jue’s voice is husky and scandalous.
    Wide palms capture her small hand, slowly bringing it lower, and finally pressing it to a hard and hot location.
    Muyan starts, almost jumping straight up. She wants to struggle out of the man’s hand, but she’s restrained and couldn’t move.
    As a result, she becomes increasingly aware of the man’s desire, directly feeling the anticipation of drawn swords and bent bows.
    “Woman without conscience, if I really just want your body, why would I have to restrain myself this hard?”
    Muyan’s face is so red now, it’s almost dripping.
    But it seems as if a fire is reignited in her heart, thawing little by little the ice that had just formed there.
    “Let… let go!”
    But Di Ming Jue presses her hand more firmly, his voice is like a hoarse murmur that carries wisps of begging, “Muyan, before you are completely willing, Ben Jun will not touch you. However, you are responsible for extinguishing the fire you ignite.”
    Two hours later, Di Ming Jue has the deeply sleeping girl within his embrace. He bows his head to lightly place a kiss on her forehead.
    Only then does he get up and go outside the room, lightly tapping the edge of a table.
    “Jun Shang!” Han Ye and Ying Mei quickly come over from the room next door, and kneel before him.
   Di Ming Jue looks incomparably cold and detached in the darkness, “Shi Lanling has a [Gold Silkworm Gu] inside her body.”
    “Gold Silkworm Gu?!” Han Ye and Ying Mei snap their heads up, looking shocked, “Isn’t that-, isn’t that the Poison Gu that only the sect members of Tian Yi Men could use?”
    Ying Mei frowns deeply, “Jun Shang, are you saying that there’s a person from Tian Yi Men in this Ghost Wind Valley? Why would someone from the Tian Yi Men come to the Yanwu Continent?”
    “Don’t… don’t tell me…” Han Ye clenches his teeth and speaks out, “Don’t tell me that someone from the Tian Yi Men has determined that the Shen Musician is in the Yanwu Continent? Even…”
    Someone might even be aware of Miss Jun’s identity as the Shen Musician heir.
    At that time, when Muyan triggered the Shen Musician inheritance, it alerted the Xiuxian Continent but Jun Shang went and covered it up.
    When Muyan reconstructed her Moon Spiritual Root however, the Spirit Clock in the Shen Musician ruins tolled by itself, without the help of any wind. In the end, it still attracted heavy attention from the Tian Yi Men, and all the sects on the Xiuxian Continent.
    No one knows more clearly than Di Ming Jue, how those old bastards on the Xiuxian Continent loathe the Sect of the Shen Musicians, the extent of their jealousy, and the depth of their… fear.
    Muyan is still so small and weak right now, but if those people were to know of her existence…
    Even Di Ming Jue might not be able to save her.
    The hand hanging on Di Ming Jue’s side slowly clenches tight, then loosens, “Once we go out of the Ghost Wind Valley, I will go back to the Xiuxian Continent.”
    “Jun Shang!” Han Ye anxiously says, “Your real body is currently staying on the Yanwu Continent. You won’t even have a tenth of your strength when you return to the Xiuxian Continent, if you go and handle the affairs related to the Shen Musicians, it would be too dangerous, why not…”
    “There’s no room for further discussion.” Di Ming Jue’’s gaze sweeps over to the inner room, the light in his eyes becoming gentle beyond words, “In any case, I will never allow anyone to harm Muyan.”
    “Ying Mei will come back to the Xiuxian Continent with me. Han Ye will stay here and protect Muyan and Xiao Bao.”

EMHS – ch482

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Chapter 482: Best Friend
    Each and every one of them have reached the Earth Stage in their cultivation.
    But their eyes don’t have any trace of expression.
    Of their exposed flesh, there are even visible spots and areas of putrefaction.
    They appear ghastly beyond words.
    Gong Qianxue looks at these people, as well as the woman beside her, disgust and smugness intermingling in her eyes.
    However, as she turns towards the ugly woman beside her, she immediately puts on a look of gratitude and trust, “Sister Liu Se, I naturally have faith in your work. This batch of [Corpse Soldiers] that you’ve cultivated for me, their strength have now reached Earth Stage, solving quite a lot of trouble for me. Liu Se, thank you, you are my best friend!”
    Saying that, she directly grasps the woman’s hand.
    This woman is called Liu Se, a beautiful-sounding name, but her face looks unspeakably ugly.
    Even her hands are also wrinkly, bumpy and full of holes like a tree bark that that has been nibbled on by parasites, making people feel queasy.
    But when Gong Qianxue grasps it, there’s not the slightest bit of change on her face, but for the brimming cordiality.
    Liu Se’s unsightly face shows a hint of being emotionally moved.
    Ever since she’s turned into this damnable appearance, only Gong Qianxue has been willing to treat her as a friend, treat her as a normal person.
    That’s why, no matter what, she will definitely help Gong Qianxue.
    But Liu Se didn’t catch sight of it.
    As soon as she released her hand, that split second she turned around, Gong Qianxue immediately wipes her own hand furiously on her clothes.
    There’s an incomparably hateful and disgusted expression on her face.
    Still, thinking of Liu Se’s abilities, Gong Qianxue bears with the disgust.
    Liu Se, this woman, she’s still useful.
    Not to mention the Corpse Soldiers that she refines are practically invincible, who knows how much trouble it has helped her resolve.
    For example, the clan here that is now dead.
    They’ve been guarding a gold mine, and she wanted to make them take it out, but they actually wouldn’t agree.
    Haha, since they’re unable to tell good from bad, then let them bury corpses within the gold mine forever.
    Of course, the most important thing is Liu Se’s identity!
    Huang Yao’s Ghost King!
    That’s right, even Jian Feng and the Heavenly Road Sect are unaware that Gong Qianxue has already turned over the control of Huang Yao’s Ghost City into Liu Se’s hands.
    Today, in the Ghost City of Jing Cheng, Xuan Ji is about to cover the sky with a hand .
    Just remove the obstruction that is the Ghost Lord Gu Yue.
    When that moment comes, she would have completely excavated the entire Ghost City.
    All the resources within it, everything will be hers.
    The light in Gong Qianxue’s eyes are burning brightly from anticipation, “Right, Liu Se-sister, last time, didn’t you say that Xuan Ji had mentioned a way to be able to control the Ghost Lord? Has he yet to send back any information about how things are going about that matter?”
    “Rest assured, Princess. Xuan Ji had come with news a few days ago, saying that he has made an agreement with the Ghost City’s Shi-xianzi, Shi Lanling, making her help refine a certain Elixir. Before that Elixir, even the Ghost Lord Gu Yue would be completely without the power to fight back. Without a doubt, Ghost Lord Gu Yue shall die.”
    As she speaks of Xuan Ji, an odd radiance flashes through Liu Se’s eyes, it seems like longing, like bashfulness.
    Gong Qianxue chuckles: “Brother Xuan Ji and Liu Se-sister are truly a pair made in heaven!”
    “Back then, big brother Xuan Ji had fallen to the Fog Forest and he was dying. Luckily, big sister Liu Se had saved him. Since then, big brother Xuan Ji had given his heart to you, sister – what an inspiring story. It’s really enviable.
    As she speaks, she watches Liu Se’s face, and feels a bout of nausea.
    Liu Se, this idiot, she’s really stupid to the extreme.
    She actually truly believes that Xuan Ji likes her.
    In Xuan Ji’s eyes, his disgust towards her is clear for anyone with eyes.

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EMHS – ch481

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Chapter 481: Henpecked Man
    “Little Master, we’ve finished our business. Let’s go back!” Ying Mei’s voice slowly comes through.
    Her voice carries gentleness and reverence. Nowhere is the savagery from just a moment ago, not even a bit.
    Xiao Bao blinks his huge eyes, obediently holding out a hand to let Ying Mei take it, and they leave this hidden underground stone room.
    He hasn’t seen his mother for a day already, so he wants niangqin now!
    Behind them, Han Ye bitterly looks at Xiao Bao being led along by that small hand, hating that he couldn’t replace Xiao Bao’s hand with his own and be pulled along.
    Thinking off his performance today, his expression becomes incomparably dispirited once more.
    He’s really too useless!
    He wasn’t able to be the hero who saves the beauty, relying instead on the Lady’s medicine and the Little Master’s assistance so they could get out of danger.
    If that animal really managed to do harm to Little Shadow and sullied her, he… he… would truly not have any face to keep on living!
    Even in the final vengeance, it was also Little Shadow who ran the whole show all by herself.
    He didn’t help with anything.
   Even in the Polar Domain, among Jun Shang’s trusted aide’s, there’s no shortage of men who are more handsome than him, more powerful than him, and more worthy of Little Shadow than him. What qualifications does he possess to delude himself that he could stand by Little Shadow’s side?
    Slowly, Han Ye’s footsteps become as heavy, as if weighted with lead.
    The initially fiery heart drops to the lowest ebb as well.
    Just then, he suddenly hears Ying Mei’s clear and cool voice from up ahead, “Stupid, what are you dawdling about over there?”
    Startled, Han Ye promptly speeds up his pace to catch up with Ying Mei.
    However, his expression is still as melancholic as before, not even daring to raise his eyes and look at Ying Mei.
    Ying Mei sighs softly, and releases Xiao Bao’s hand. Lowering her voice: “It seems like my foot has sustained injuries. It kind of hurts to walk!”
    “Ah! Your foot is injured? How can that be? Is it a heavy injury?!” Han Ye loses his head all of a sudden, quickly trying to go and examine the condition of Ying Mei’s injury.
    Ying Mei’s foot is indeed covered in a lot of blood, and it appears somewhat dreadful.
    But Han Ye doesn’t realize that all the blood belongs to Xuan Ji.
    In theory, with Ying Mei’s body, and with her Spiritual Power restored, ordinary injuries would heal within a blink of an eye.
    But Han Ye simply couldn’t think of these in his panic.
    Ying Mei watches his appearance of panic, of him being at a loss of what to do, and a sliver of warmth flits across her eyes, “Idiot, too noisy. Carry me on your back and let’s return!”
    “Ah–!” Han Ye is silly for quite a while, before he abruptly comes back to his senses.
    Red-faced, he crouches down and carries Ying Mei on his back.
    As the girl soft body presses up against his back, Han Ye becomes stiff all over, and he almost forgets to breathe.
    Xiao Bao is carrying the fat rabbit as he follows behind the pair, watching the way Han Ye looks, as he walks like a snail crawls. They can’t help but shake their heads together.
    “Bunny, idiot Uncle Han Ye is definitely going to be a henpecked man later!”
    The phrase ‘henpecked man’ is also something that Xiao Bao and niangqin saw within Baili Liuyin’s notes.
    The fat rabbit turns to look up at Xiao Bao, mung bean eyes blinking. It inwardly says: ‘Even that terrifying Di Jun is a henpecked man. If his subordinate is also the same, what’s so strange about that?’
    Huang Yao Country.
    The night is moonless and windy, and there’s not a sound to be heard.
    In a remote ravine, the heavy smell of blood permeates the air, putrid, then there’s the sound of heart-tearing, lung-splitting howls of pain that fills the night.
    A very long while later, the wailing of anguished voices finally fade away and disappear without a trace.
    But the reek of blood and rot becomes all the more pervasive.
    “Princess, what do you think of this batch of [Corpse Soldiers]?”
    Under the dim light of night, there’s a tall, ugly woman with wrinkles and dark brown vein lines covering her whole face. She’s bowing in front of Gong Qianxue.
    Hanging on her face is an indescribable smugness.
    Not far from the pair, several hundred people are standing.
    Only, perhaps those could no longer be called ‘people’.

EMHS – ch480

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Chapter 480: Extremely frightening
    Han Ye clutches his stomach, his features are scrunched up, and he lets out a muffled groan.
    Ying Mei sees his pained appearance, and she can’t help but inwardly panic, a faint sense of distress rising up from the bottom of her heart.
    Her punch just now, it wasn’t too heavy, was it?
    Did she really hurt Han Ye?
    The apprehension in her mind is making her firmly knit her brows.
    But in end, she couldn’t contain her anxiousness. Getting closer to Han Ye, she asks with a cold face: “I didn’t use a lot of Spiritual Power, you can’t be that useless…”
    She still hasn’t finished speaking, when she’s suddenly hugged by the man in front of her.
    Han Ye’s slightly hoarse voice sounds in her ears, “Little Shadow, you still care about me. I’m so happy!”
    “Scoundrel, let go!” Ying Mei spares no effort to struggle.
    During their usual sparring, Han Ye is undoubtedly not as good as her.
    But at this very moment, the man’s scorching breath is puffing at her neck, unexpectedly making her heart feel like it’s being tickled by countless feathers. A warm current inexplicably springs up in her body, making it go soft, unable to move a single step.
    Damn it! Could it be that the effects of the drug Xuan Ji has given her still hasn’t disappeared?
    Just then, they hear the violent sound of an explosion from inside the room.
    It is closely followed by a thick, nauseating smell of blood.
    Numerous Strange Beast corpses seem like they’re engulfed and swept away by a hurricane as they rush out from within.
    The trio promptly disperse.
    Soon after, they see Xuan Ji soaked in blood from head to foot, his eyes red as he emerges from the room.
    “Little bastard, I’m going to kill you! I’m going to peel off every inch of your skin!!”
    Xuan Ji makes his way towards Xiao Bao, viciousness and brutality in his eyes.
    Before he could come near however-
    Ying Mei has stepped forward, blocking in front of Xiao Bao.
    Xuan Ji’s line of sight unhurriedly falls on Ying Mei’s face which, male or female, is indisputably beautiful. He shows a malicious smile, “Why, I have yet to make Ying Mei-daren taste the flavor of ecstasy, but you already couldn’t stop thinking about me?”
    “Don’t worry, just wait until I dispose of Han Ye and that little bastard child, then I’ll definitely let you have what you desire. Today, none of you may escape.”
    There’s not the slightest change in Ying Mei’s expression.
    She turns her wrist, and a longsword is slowly unsheathed in her hands.
    “I also said that once I’m out of my predicament, I’m definitely going to chop you up in thousands of pieces, not allowing you to possess the will to live, and not allow you to die when you seek for death.”
    Ying Mei’s voice carries youth’s distinctive clarity and coherence, but it is mixed with slivers of terrifying ice-cold austerity.
    Xuan Ji stares blankly, a small change comes over his complexion, “How- how can you move? There’s no one in the Yanwu Continent who can counter the effects of the Spirit Devouring Powder!”
    The sword is fully unsheathed, flickering with a cold gleam, “You want to know the reason? Go to the eighteenth layer of hell, then ask the real King of the Underworld!”
    An hour later.
    Ying Mei withdraws her sword, kicking aside the still-squirming lump of mushy flesh beside her feet.
    With fixed eyes, the rabbit in Xiao Bao’s arms stare at the person slowly making her way to them, and the rabbit can’t help but shudder.
    This Ying Mei may seem like a beautiful youngster, pure and crystalline, but her way of torturing people is really… too terrifying!
    Compared to the female devil, it’s simply not inferior in any aspect.
    Under her hand, that Xuan Ji clearly shouldn’t last for a small cup of tea (5mins).
    But he’s been kept alive and tortured by her for an hour.
    Even now, to say nothing of his flayed skin, most of his bones have been pulled out.
    Against reason, he’s neither dead nor alive, but still struggling at death’s door.
    The rabbit is now a little envious of Xiao Bao as Han Ye is covering his eyes, so he didn’t see anything.
    It could be said that the fat rabbit, who has been watching the whole thing from beginning to end, has recently acquired an aversion to eating meat.
    It’ll leave the Strange Beasts in the Colosseum for later, the rabbit will come again and eat them next time.

EMHS – ch479

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Chapter 479: You look really good like this
    That’s why, as soon as she took the Pill, she immediately began to operate her Cultivation Method in silence.
   As expected, her Spiritual is finally starting to come back by threads and strands at this moment.
    Ying Mei thinks of that brief moment humiliation and despair from before, and her mood goes into an unspeakable and almost irrepressible rage.
    She lowers her head to look at Xiao Bao, her eyes filling up with gratitude: “Little Master, thank you. You and the Miss have saved me once again.”
    Xiao Bao shakes his head like a tiny grownup, “Don’t mention it. Big sister Ying Mei is a good person, Xiao Bao doesn’t want you to die.”
    Ying Mei slowly kneels down before Xiao Bao, “From now on, and into the future, Ying Mei has determined to pledge my life, vowing loyalty and devotion, to the Lady and the Little Master. If I do anything to the contrary, may Heavenly Punishment strike me, and take me from the world of the living!”
    As soon as she lowers her voice, a red light flashes through her whole body, bursting out then slowly fading away.
    Han Ye is a bit wide-eyed.
    The oath that Ying Mei had uttered is the Polar Domain’s most stringent [Core Binding Covenant]. Once you speak the vows, you will really have a fate more miserable than death if you go against the covenant.
    Ying Mei, she… similar towards Jun Shang, she really intends to vow loyalty and devotion to Miss Jun and Xiao Bao, pledging her life and looking upon them as her Masters.
    The Lady and the Little Master are indeed worthy of such respect and loyalty.
    Han Ye only hesitates for a moment, before he also slowly kneels down, “I, Han Ye, swear, that from this moment on and into the future, I pledge my life, vowing loyalty and devotion, to the Lady and the Little Master. Should there be any violation to this oath, Heaven and Earth shall not condone!”
    There’s also a flash of red light, which slowly disappears as well.
    Xiao Bao blinks, his grave and stern little face carries a rare bit of bewilderment.
    With the same resolute expression on their faces, the two individuals declared the Heart Binding Covenant, and they raised themselves from the floor.
    Ying Mei’s body sways, and she almost sinks back to her knees.
    “Little Shadow!” Han Ye quickly goes to support her with his hand.
    His hand accidentally touches a soft bulge, and Han Ye almost couldn’t stop himself from jumping where he stands.
    Soon after, his panicked state, as well as the fear and hatred, slowly clears up.
    And the voice that has been hovering inside his brain from earlier now cries louder and stronger, becoming clearer.
    Han Ye’s gaze couldn’t help but turn towards the girl that he’s half-carrying in his arms.
    Heatedly flushed to the point where water almost drips out, “Little Shadow, so, so you’re actually a girl.”
    When he first heard Xiao Bao call Ying Mei ‘big sister’, he just thought that Xiao Bao is too young and got Ying Mei’s sex wrong.
     Now he knows that the true idiot is in fact he himself.
     Han Ye stupidly looks at Ying Mei’s face, there’s practically waves and ripples in his eyes.
    Ying Mei could no longer maintain her cold and detached expression.
    Wisps of red clouds rise up on her cheeks.
    In humiliated rage, she says: “Haven’t you seen enough?!”
    “Not enough!” Han Ye blurts out, “Even a lifetime wouldn’t be enough. Little Shadow, you really look good like this.”
    Even if Ying Mei’s clothes are already replaced with the common men’s clothes.
    Still, there are no bindings wrapping around her chest.
    Neither is her hair tied up.
    As a whole, her pure and splendid beauty couldn’t be concealed at all.
    Han Ye can only feel his heart hammering nonstop.
    These days, every day and every night, he’s been finding it hard to sleep peacefully, thinking that he likes his closest brother in arms.
    He was under the impression that his thoughts were despicable, sullying Ying Mei.
    As it turns out, Ying Mei is actually a girl.
    Realizing this, the joy and sweetness in his heart is incessantly bubbling over like a hot spring.
    Making him reveal a dumb and silly smiling expression.
    Ying Mei is really embarrassed and angry of his attentions, and on top of that, there’re Xiao Bao’s and the fat rabbit’s meaningful glances sent their way.
    In the end, she couldn’t help but punch Han Ye’s belly, saying through clenched teeth: “Shut up. Completely forget what you’ve seen today, even more, you’re not allowed to speak of it, you saw nothing! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being discourteous!”

EMHS – ch478

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Chapter 478: Foolish is he who refuses
    The meat that it had in its mouth is all gone, it’s so laden with grief, it wants the Little Master to lift, hug, and kiss it.
     A faint smile hangs on Xiao Bao’s face as he softly scratches the rabbit’s chin.
    “I’ll take you to the Beast Fighting Colosseum in a moment, then I’ll let you eat as much as  you need this time!”
    The fat rabbit immediately produces cheerful and lively howls.
    “Lit-little Master, this rabbit…” just where did it come from?!
    To actually be able to swallow so many Strange Beasts, even being able to spit them out alive – it’s rather too ridiculous.
    Even in the Xiuxian Continent, they’ve never seen such a fantastic animal!
    No wonder Jun Shang always has a bit of an odd expression in his eyes every time he sees the fat rabbit.
    And every time the fat rabbit runs into Jun Shang, it cowers, covering its head and sneaking away like a rat. It never dares to stay too long in the presence of Jun Shang.
    Does Jun Shang already know of the peculiarity of this rabbit?
    As Han Ye is astonished, a loud explosion suddenly sounds from inside the room.
    Soon after, a Strange Beast that is reeking with a heavy smell of blood leaps out of the door.
    The Beast is bigger than even three Han Yes stacked together.
    As it soars through the air, it’s sharp fangs are already bared.
    Its beastly roars are filled with ruthlessness and savagery.
    The direction in which the beast is falling just happens to be going straight towards Ying Mei.
    “Little Shadow, be careful!”
    Han Ye doesn’t even think, as he throws his whole body over, gathers Ying Mei, and rolls on the spot.
    The beast slams against the spot that the pair have vacated, which is not even half a meter away from them.
    Its bloody maws are spread open like a sacrificial bowl, like it wants swallow Han Ye and Ying Mei together.
    Han Ye doesn’t think. Pouring Spiritual Power into his fists, he ruthlessly sends a punch at the Strange Beast.
    He initially thought that while he’s under the effects of the Spirit Devouring Powder, the beast would just bite his arm off.
    But who would have imagined, as he throws the punch, a burst of wind rushes out with his fist.
    Soon after, they hear the sound of the beast’s entire skeleton shattering into small pieces.
    The Strange Beast tumbles to the floor and dies.
    Han Ye stupidly looks at his own hand, then he takes a look at Ying Mei – who is also in good condition in his arms.
    Afterwards, he incredulously turns towards Xiao Bao: “The Spirit… Spirit Devouring Powder is dispelled?!”
    But the Spirit Devouring Powder is an Elixir from the Xiuxian Continent.
    If it’s refined in the Yanwu Continent, perhaps it  wouldn’t have even a tenth of it’s potency.
    But even if it’s just one tenth, in no way could it be resolved so casually.
    Xiao Bao glances at him in displeasure, “Nianqin’s Pills are all-powerful!”
    Han Ye suddenly recalls the Pills that Xiao Bao had just fed him and Ying Mei.
    Soon after that, he dazedly bows his head and operates the Spiritual Force within his body.
     Sure enough, the Spiritual Power that has originally disappeared seems to be flowing inside in a trickle, slowly thriving at his Dantian.
    He is so alarmed by the changes in his body that he could barely reflect on it.
    “I already knew that Miss Jun is formidable, but I never expected that she could actually… actually be awe-inspiring to this an extent…”
    His and Ying Mei’s physiques are completely different from the people of the Yanwu Continent.
    For them, the precious drugs that are useful the people of the Yanwu Continent are just like useless trash.
    That’s the reason why, the people under Muyan are ecstatic whenever they receive her draughts and Elixirs. 
    But Han Ye had never thought of vying for them.
    How could he possibly care about something that mortals use?
    But as matters stand, Han Ye is just itching to slap himself.
    What ‘thing that mortals use’? What ‘thing that he doesn’t care about’?!
    If he could turn back time, he would definitely kneel before Miss Jun and beg with all his might.
    Such precious Elixirs, you’re a fool if you refuse them!
    Compared to Han Ye, Ying Mei has been exposed to the Spirit Devouring Powder longer, so her Spiritual Power still hasn’t recovered that much.
    However, her confidence and adoration towards Muyan is far purer than that of Han Ye.