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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 219: Coerce

“Father!” the rims of Shen Jinglin’s eyes redden as soon as he sees this man. He calls out with a low voice and steps forward.

As if he could feel a living person approach, the man immediately snarls and opens his mouth, frenziedly biting over.

Shen Jinglin staggers back.

Looking at his father Shen Yicheng’s miserable appearance, he could no longer hold his tears back from falling.

Just at this moment, Dr. Zhou faintly speaks from behind: “Step aside! This doctor will give him a treatment first.”

Saying that, he steps forward and presses several acupuncture points on Shen Yicheng’s body.

Then, Dr. Zhou makes him drink a bottle of draught.

When the draught reaches his stomach, something magical occurs.

The Shen father who had been raving madly all this while, actually slowly calms down, falling to lie down on the floor. He’s completely silent.

Shen Jinglin steps forward to check, and finds that his father has unexpectedly, truly fallen asleep.

Since the onset of his father’s illness, he had never lain down to get a proper sleep.

But after taking Dr. Zhou’s medicine, he, he has actually genuinely fallen asleep.

“Dr. Zhou, your medical skills are seriously too brilliant!” Su Yuexiang loudly exclaims in admiration, bowing again and again, “Still, asking the sage doctor’s benevolence, please save our family’s master!”

Dr. Zhou strokes his beard, a proud look on his face: “Of course, it’s possible for this old man to save him.”

“But I have already said my conditions! Shen Jinglin must enter my Zhou family, otherwise, I’ll have to ask you to find someone who’s better qualified than me!”

“Dr. Zhou, if you won’t save him, it would be an irreversibly hopeless situation for our master!” Su Yuexiang cries out in alarm, her face filled with anxiousness.

After that, she turns towards Shen Jinglin.

Tears streaming down, she appears unspeakably pitiful, “Jinglin, aunt Su is already begging you. We only have widows and orphans left in the Shen family. Without your father’s support, our Shen family would collapse! I’m begging you, save the master!”

Shen Jinglin fearfully looks at his unconcious father, then he turns to look at Dr. Zhou’s daughter.

Said person immediately cracks her mouth towards him, revealing a greedy sacrificial bowl. That mouth sweetly calls out, “Jinglin-brother, Nunu likes you the most, hurry up and become Nunu’s husband!”

Shen Jinglin only feels despair in his heart.

If he agrees, then the second half of his life is as good as ruined.

But if he doesn’t agree, then what about father’s life?

“Jinglin, if you won’t agree, then aunt Su can only agree to the Lu family’s request and marry Muyan to their foolish son, Lu Chengcai. With the Lu family’s enormous influence, their family being extremely wealthy, I believe that we’d definitely be able to find a way to treat the master’s illness.”

Su Yuexiang wipes the tears from her eyes: “I also don’t want to push Muyan into the pit of fire, but who let the Lu family’s foolish son take a fancy to Muyan? If master will never wake up again, the Shen family’s orphans and widows, what can we do if the Lu family imposes to grab our people? Ah, it would be a pity for Muyan, countenance of a flower, face like the moon – only to be married to that fool from the Lu family.”

Shen Jinglin’s teeth makes a grinding sound, despair floods into his eyes.

His tightly clenched fists slowly slackens, his voice hoarse as he says: “As long as I agree to enter into the Zhou family, you must ensure that you can cure my father.”

“Naturally, this old man is the number one Godly Doctor in Tianyuan City. So long as the marriage sedan would lift you to enter the Zhou family, and you and my daughter consummate the marriage, this old man will immediately cure Master Shen’s illness for you.” there’s a coercive light in Dr. Zhou’s eyes. He doesn’t speak too fast nor too slow.

At the side, Zhou Huanu trembles in excitement even more, the way she looks at Shen Jinglin, is like how she would look at a fatty meat that’s about to enter into her mouth.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


EMHS – ch218

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 218: Future Sister-in-Law

Early the next morning, Shen Jinglin promptly gathers the meager knick-knacks in his room, and limps his way to Muyan’s quarters.

When he thinks that his little sister has returned after going missing for so many years, a thriving vitality appears on his weathered face.

It’s at this moment however, that he suddenly hears Shen Xiaoru’s hateful voice from behind him.

“Big brother, please hold on. My future sister-in-law is visiting together with your future father-in-law. Aren’t you going to meet them?”

The content of her words makes Shen Jinglin suddenly go rigid.

That smile and vitality on his face fades away and disappears without a trace.

He leans on his cane and turns his body around with some difficulty. Saying through gritted teeth: “I will not!”

“You won’t?!” Shen Xiaoru exclaims, “Big brother, what do you mean by this? Don’t you care about father’s life and death? Mother also said that you’re the most filial person under the sun – it turns out to be a lie!”

Shen Jinglin’s hands are firmly clenched into fists, and it takes him a good long while before he could reply with a hoarse voice: “Fine! Then!”

A smug and contemptuous smile flashes through Shen Xiaoru’s eyes, leading Shen Jinglin to go into the anteroom.

Within the anteroom at this moment, Su Yuexiang is gracefully sitting upright at the seat of honor, sipping tea, with a soft smiling expression in her eyes.

Sitting below her is a white-bearded old man.

And there’s also an extremely ugly woman, with a wide face, crooked nose, and buck teeth.

As soon as she sees Shen Jinglin come in,

the woman’s small eyes immediately narrowed into slits from smiling, the depths of her eyes are filled with obsession and greed, “Jinglin-brother, you’re here! Not seeing you for three days is like being apart from you for three autumns, Nunu really misses you to death!”

Saying that, she rushes over to throw herself to Shen Jinglin.

Shen Jinglin wants to dodge in panic and disgust.

However, he’s completely without any Internal Force and his leg is disabled – how could he possibly dodge?

He stumbles and falls down to the floor.

His appearance is as pathetic as it can be.

At the sidelines, Shen Xiaoru and Su Yuexiang watch on, gloating at the other’s misfortune.

Completely without any intention to go and help him up.

But when the ugly woman saw him fall, she excitedly pounces over, pouting her thick lips to kiss Shen Jinglin’s face.

“Go away–!!” Shen Jinglin snarls and resolutely swings a palm to her face.

Getting hit by that slap, the ugly woman immediately makes a ridiculous scene as her butt plops down to the floor, crying loudly with her limbs flailing about.

The expression on the white-bearded old man suddenly turns severe, and he ferociously slams his palms on the table: “Shen Jinglin, what do you mean by this? You’ve already agreed to enter my Zhou family, and my family’s daughter is your wife and mistress. To raise your hand against your Mistress, you really have quite the guts!!”

Shen Jinglin’s face swells into a purplish red, eyes filled with indignation, “I did not agree to that!”

“Jinglin, stop babbling that nonsense, or do you want to ruin your father’s only chance to survive?” Su Yuexiang lays her teacup down with a thud, interrupting Shen Jinglin’s words, “Don’t forget that in Tianyuan City, Doctor Zhou is the only one who can cure your father.”

“But father is… he’s still lying on a sickbed, life and death in a quandary!!” Shen Jinglin bellows.

“Humph, so you’re unconvinced about this old man’s medical expertise?” Dr. Zhou sneers, “Fine then, today, this old man will exhibit my skills so you can take a good look. Let’s go, follow me to see the patient.”


The group quickly arrives to a room in the basement.

The door to the room is layered with about a dozen locks.

When the last lock is opened, the sound of frenzied yells bursts from within.

Under the dim light inside the room, there’s a man with disheveled hair, covered all over in bruises and filth. He’s flailing his limbs incessantly, and beastly roars comes out of his mouth from time to time.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch217

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 217: Who would go back, I still haven’t acquired a wife!

Elder Ji trembles under Di Ming Jue’s Asura-like stare. He takes a hesitant step back and feigns a laugh, saying: “This old man is only thinking about marriage because their Qingwan-fairy has taken a fancy to you, Jun Shang!”

Di Ming Jue narrows his eyes, coldly saying: “Ben Jun sees that you have quite a lot of free time right now. Just as well, go and do something for Ben Jun.”

“That…that would be?”

“That kind of skirt on Leng Qingwan, Ben Jun wants fifty, no, a hundred bolts! Furthermore, it must be able to pass through the space barrier, and be taken along to the Yanwu Continent!”

“Ah–?!!” Elder Ji opens his mouth wide, dumbfounded.

Jun Shang, why are you picking on me!

Do you know what material that skirt is woven from?

Do you also know that the single bolt on Qingwan-fairy is already a lot?

And you want a hundred bolts! A hundred bolts a!

Where do you actually want this old man to go about and try to look for it!

What’s more, that Mysterious Ice-fringed pleated skirt is attached to Immortal Force, that’s why it can diffuse such a brilliant luster with every sway.

This thing, how can he ‘smuggle’ it into the Yanwu Continent?

Di Ming Jue snorts and turns his head to ignore him.

His mood worsens as he thinks of Leng Qingwan wearing that brilliant and vibrant dress.

But Di Ming Jue, his woman couldn’t wear such beautiful clothes – it’s simply unacceptable!

Oh… if he can personally put it on Muyan, it would surely be… very beautiful.

Just imagining it, Jun Shang-daren’s ears quietly turn red.

“Jun Shang, spare this old man…”

Elder Ji wails as he grovels on the floor, he’s just about to weep loudly and repudiate this impossible task.

Suddenly, at the main hall’s entrance, a familiar figure scrambles in.

“Jun Shang, Jun Shang! Not… not good!”

Recognizing who has arrived, Di Ming Jue’s pupils suddenly contract.

The figure flashes, and in a wink of an eye, he’s already in front of the others.

“Did Muyan have an accident?!”

The person he’s lifting by the collar is sullen and miserable, nothing less than sniveling with tears and snot falling down, “Jun Shang, Han Ye is incompetent, kill this subordinate!”

“Say it–!!! What happened exactly?!!”

“Miss Muyan, she… she’s gone.” under Di Ming Jue’s vicious and murderous look, Han Ye shakily says, “The Junji Drugstore next to our courtyard is… is completely empty!”

Di Ming Jue tenses, “Someone took them away?”

Han Ye once again trembles uncontrollably as he shakes his head, “It… it seems like Miss Jun herself… herself had left.”

‘Thump’, Di Ming Jue’s hand loosens.

Han Ye drops to the floor.

Di Ming Jue’s face reveals a sliver of absent-mindedness, a trace of grievance and pain.

Muyan left?

Without so much as informing him?

Without lingering, or even a little bit of reluctance to leave?

“Muyan, even by a thread, by a hair- are you not affected at all?”

When they saw their master reveal such a lonely and desolate expression, each one of them turns silly.

Even Han Ye gets upset as lowers his head, “Jun Shang, punish this subordinate for my incompetence.”

Elder Chang sighs softly as well, “Then… what would be the plan, Jun Shang? Should we return your main body back to the Xiuxian Continent?”

As soon as his voice falls, Di Ming Jue immediately sweeps a sharp glare over to him.

“Without bringing in Ben Jun’s woman as a wife? How could I return?!”

“Ah?” Elder Chang is struck dumb, “Then what does Jun Shang intend to do?”

Jun Shang just had the appearance of a wounded spring and sorrowful autumn, so he thought that the other’s dignity would be hurt, broken-hearted and disappointed.

But now, it seems… as if…

Di Ming Jue grits his teeth, laughing grimly as he says: “But of course, that would be to descend immediately and grab that woman back! Want to run out of Ben Jun’s palm, keep dreaming!”

Jun Muyan, you dare run away from Ben Jun.

Just you wait!!

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch216

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 216: Unreasonable

“But… what if it’s true? What if Shen Musician’s heir has really appeared once again? Di Jun, you should be very clear that if the school of Shen Musician ever recovers, it could bring about a great disaster to the Xiuxian Continent.”

A heavy killing intent flits across Leng Qingwan’s cold countenance, “As long as it concerns the Shen Musicians, we ought to kill one to warn a hundred, eliminate the dangers forever…”

Leng Qingwan still hasn’t finished her speech, when the chair that the man is sitting on suddenly disintegrates into powder under his hand.

A dreadful pressure spreads within the main hall, making Leng Qingwan tremble involuntarily.

Di Ming Jue towers over and looks down, coldly looking at her, “Since when was it Tian Yi Men’s turn to come and remark on Ben Jun’s affairs? Get out!”

“You–!!” Leng Qingwan’s complexion turns pale from anger, her chest can only heave up and down.

Very quickly however, she calms herself down.

That’s because in the entire Xiuxian Continent, there’s no one who’s unaware that the Polar Domain’s Di Jun is notoriously uncompromising under force or persuasion, an antisocial and icily arrogant character.

No matter how much other women want to see Di Ming Jue, even standing in front of him would be impossible!

She, however, could still see him from time to time.

This is the greatest difference about her and Di Jun, it also shows off her friendship with him.

Leng Qingwan’s expression slowly resumes its tranquility, she softens her voice as she says: “Why is Di Jun so eager to cover up the news about the Shen Musician? Could it be that Di Jun knows something?”

Di Ming Jue’s eyes darken, the desire to commit murder looms in his mind.

At the other side, Elder Chang suddenly laughs and says: “In that case, Qingwan-fairy is so insistent to make sure that the Shen Musicians are killed to the very last one – is it because Tian Yi Men was completely suppressed and overwhelmed by the Shen Musicians back then, having been the second best for a very long time, so you now have an unbalanced mentality as a result?”

“Stop your nonsense!!”

Those words seem to have stabbed Leng Qingwan where it hurts, making her lash out in fury, “My Tian Yi Men is currently the number one sect of Immortal Medicine, fully deserving and without any reservations- not afraid of anyone, and absolutely not afraid of anyone’s provocations!”

“Hehe… it’s naturally for the best that you’re fearless. This old bones thought that Qingwan-fairy and the people of Tian Yi Men are particularly afraid of the consequences if there comes a day when the Shen Musicians would rise again!”

Leng Qingwan’s chest continuously moves up and down, there’s obviously vain shame and unwillingness in her eyes.

Unfortunately, no matter how she refutes, it only seems to reveal what’s supposed to be hidden.

In the end, she has no alternative but to leave out in a huff.

As soon as Leng Qingwan leaves, the old man at the side speaks: “Jun Shang, why should you be so cold and not amenable to reason towards Qingwan-fairy? Looking at the entire Xiuxian Continent – be it on cultivation, appearance, or identity – it could be said that Qingwan-fairy is the only one that could match Jun Shang and be your wife.”

Di Ming Jue frowns and a trace of impatience flashes through his eyes.

At the other side, Elder Chang is unusually considerate as he promptly helps Jun Shang with his difficulties, “Elder Ji ah, you couldn’t have forgotten that Jun Shang has been given a decree by fate, his marriage has been bound by heaven to the woman of destiny.”

Hearing these words, Di Ming Jue’s brows immediately relax.

He turns to look at Elder Chang and inconspicuously nods.

Well said! There will be a reward later!

Elder Chang then strokes his beard, old face brazenly wrinkled in laughter.

Yet Elder Ji knits his brows, his face filled with disdain, “What woman of destiny, it’s nothing more than some crazy and unfounded ravings! I think that Qingwan-fairy is pretty good. If she’s married to Jun Shang, then it would be as if entire Tian Yi Men would belong to my Polar Domain.”

Di Ming Jue icily looks him over, “If you like her so much, why don’t you take her back as a wife? Then it would be as if the entire Tian Yi Men would belong to our Polar Domain.”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch215

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 215: Tian Yi Men’s Leng Qingwan

A change comes over Shen Jinglin’s expression, then he guiltily avoids Muyan’s gaze.

“Father… father is alright… he’s just recuperating right now so he can’t see guests. You just got back home, so why don’t you go and see father after first taking a rest for a few days?”

Muyan frowns, “Brother, are you hiding something from me?”

Shen Jinglin hurriedly shakes his head, “There’s nothing! Yanyan, big brother just wants you to take good care of yourself, live properly and happily. By all means… you shouldn’t be like big brother…”


Watching Shen Jinglin’s departing figure, Muyan’s grows even more suspicious.

When she asked about their father just now, she sensed that the heavy atmosphere of death returned on Shen JInglin again.

This… what is going on in the end?

“Niangqin, Xiao Bao can explore the Shen Residence at night.” Xiao Bao says as he looks up.

A little bean sprout who’s less than a meter high, little face taut as he says that he wants to explore the Shen Residence at night.

Muyan very savagely snickers.

Xiao Bao immediately feels gloomy.

He turns his little body away, cheeks bulging as he ignores Muyan.

Muyan promptly gathers him back, coaxing her darling baby for a while so Xiao Bao’s grievances would disappear.

But Xiao Bao still feels indignant.

After all, niangqin still thinks of him as a little child.

“If only Xiao Bao could be as powerful as that lecher already.”

The mutterings spilling out of Xiao Bao’s mouth draws out a blank stare from Muyan.

That lecher… Di Ming Jue…

Without noticing it, they haven’t seen this man for almost a month already.

Then from now on, will they never see him again?


Xiuxian Continent, Polar Domain.

“Reporting to Jun Shang, the Fairy Leng Qingwan of Tian Yi Men seeks an audience!”

Di Ming Jue doesn’t lift his head as he coldly says: “Declined!”

The person below respectfully replies, “As you bid!”

That said, he turns around to go out.

“Wait a moment!” an old voice calls out from the side, “Jun Shang, Qingwan-fairy must have something important for her to seek an audience! It must be known that lady Qingwan is the main disciple of the head of Tian Yi Men, and she is also the most-likely candidate to be the next head. Her medical skills are the best in the world, and no matter how powerful the people of my Polar Domain are, we still couldn’t do without the assistance from Tian Yi Men in the future.”

Di Ming Jue contemplates to himself for a moment, yet he still doesn’t raise his head, “Let her in then!”

After a short period of time, a figure wearing snow-like white clothes confidently walks into the main hall.

Her appearance is quiet and exquisite- national grace, divine fragrance*, yet her overall temperament is ice-cold and withdrawn, there is a noble and graceful bearing that makes other people unable to profane.

  • outstanding beauty

The old man that had just spoken out, looks at Leng Qingwan then turns to take a look at their Jun Shang. He strokes his beard in satisfaction.

“Leng Qingwan sees Di Jun*”

  • A title.

The fluttering figure slowly bows in ceremony. Her skirt sways gently, colorful rays waving and glimmering on its surface.

It makes Leng Qingwan’s overall temperament become even more splendid and ethereal.

Di Ming Jue looks up to see this image, and his gaze immediately focuses and stays on that skirt, as it reflects colorful light with every move. He slightly creases his brows.

“Di Jun, do you see something?” Leng Qingwan raises her small and cold face to look at Di Ming Jue. There is no humbleness on her face, no inferiority nor defiance. But within her bright eyes, a hint of sweet and tender sentiments rush forth, “Is there something wrong with Qingwan’s dress?”

“Hmph!” Di Ming Jue lets out a cold ‘hmph’, his face expressionless as he says, “You wanted an audience with Ben Jun?”

“Di Jun, I’ve heard that some people had a divination that the Shen Musician’s heir has come into being, but these people were either killed or captured by the Polar Domain within a mere fortnight. Di Jun, were those done under your commands?”

“What if they are?” Di Ming Jue indifferently says, “Those people mislead others with rumors. Should they not be killed?”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch214

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 214: Shen Jinglin’s Leg Injury

The childish declaration from that crisp, milky voice makes the rims of Shen Jinglin’s eyes redden in a flash.

“Xiao Bao is good, Xiao Bao is really well-behaved. In a blink of an eye, you’ve grown so big. Uncle wasn’t there when you were born, nor could I watch you grow up…”

Shen Jinglin turns his back and wipes the tears off from his eyes.

“Big brother, let me take a look at your leg.”

Hearing that, Shen Jinglin shakes his head again and again, “Don’t look, don’t look, big brother’s leg is unsightly.”

Muyan stares at him unblinkingly.

Shen Jinglin slumps down and sits, conceding.

Since childhood till now, he’s completely unable to refuse any request from this little sister of his.

Muyan takes hold of the trouser of his injured leg and carefully rolls it up.

Seeing that the calf is twisted, atrophied, and covered all over in blue veins, Muyan’s breathing suddenly gets sluggish.

Shen Jinglin uncomfortably says: “I said that it’s unsightly… so don’t look, my leg is hopeless, it’s already a waste… the best doctor in Tianyuan City also declared it incurable…”

Muyan endures the pain in her heart, and she asks in a low voice, “How was it injured?”

“It… it was during my travels for experience, I was careless and got hurt.”

“I could see it, you know?” Muyan looks up, a dense chill in her eyes, “This bone was clearly broken by someone.” and it was also done several times, continuously.

“The jag on this leg muscle was clearly cut by a sharp blade.”

Muyan unblinkingly stares Shen Jinglin on the eyes, “Tell me, brother, how can you inflict this kind of injury on yourself by just going out for experience?”

Shen Jinglin abruptly turns his head to evade Muyan’s eyes.

However, both of his hands are tightly clenched into fists.

“Yanyan, don’t ask. This matter isn’t something that you can take on… brother is asking you, don’t pursue it.”

The room is quiet.

Xiao Bao could also feel that his mother is in a very bad mood.

Someone will definitely be unlucky.

Muyan takes a deep breath, and it’s only after a long while before she could hold her emotions down, “Okay, I can let this matter rest for now. But you’ll hand your leg over to me from now on. I will treat it.”

Shen Jinglin smiles bitterly: “Yanyan, don’t be so stubborn. Not only have you not studied medicine, even if you did, it would be impossible to cure my leg. The best doctors in Tianyuan City have all said that it’s already hopeless…”

“Brother, what you’re saying is that you won’t let me treat you!” Muyan doesn’t care in the least about what Shen Jinglin is saying, so she bluntly says that.

Shen Jinglin looks at his little sister’s ‘you won’t agree so I’ll get angry’ posture.

There’s nothing to be so tangled with.

Isn’t it just a leg? It’s already crippled anyway.

So what if he lets his little sister experimentally treat it as she pleases?

“Okay okay, I’ll let you treat it, I’ll let you treat it! But if you can’t cure it, you shouldn’t cry. It’s not your fault, you understand?”

Shen Jinglin’s impression of Muyan is still stuck from five years ago.

That lovable and agreeable little girl, who’s sometimes a little bad tempered, but still incomparably kindhearted and adorable.

He has no idea.

That the Muyan standing in front of him is already a demon that came back from hell.

Shen Jinglin’s leg can’t be cured in a day or two.

Muyan needs a detailed diagnosis before she could make a sound treatment plan.

What’s more, she also doesn’t have enough of the drug ingredients that are needed for the treatment.

Even if she’s unwilling, Muyan can only set this idea aside first.

Soon after, she asks about something else, “Brother, I heard that father has fallen ill? How is he right now? Why did Su Yuexiang refuse to let me see him?”

After that conversation, Muyan said that she wanted to visit her father.

Of course, she heard Shen Xiaoru saying that father had fallen ill, so she came.

She didn’t expect that Su Yuexiang would actually refuse.

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EMHS – ch213

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 213: A Good Marriage

Su Yuexiang’s complexion turns green and white. It takes her a very long time to clench her teeth and tell the small servants, as well as the unconscious steward, to withdraw.

When she turns to face Muyan once more, she already has a gentle and kindly smile hanging on her face.

It’s as if that vicious fiend just a moment ago, the person yelling murder to Muyan, wasn’t her.

“Muyan ah, where have you been all these years? Why didn’t you come back home? Aunt Su has been very concerned about you!”

As she speaks, her eyes fall on Xiao Bao at Muyan’s side.

A laugh of ridicule flashes within her eyes, but there’s concern all over her face as she says: “Ah! Muyan, this is back when you and that wild man from who-knows-where… you gave birth? Really, this child! You clearly know that it’s an unmarried pregnancy, why did you give birth to this child instead of getting it aborted? With how young you are, if it’s known that you that have a child without marriage, don’t you know just how big that would damage our Shen family’s reputation?”

Shen Xiaoru sneers: “Ma, don’t concern yourself about it. Some people ah, really don’t have any sense of honor and shame. Even if they give birth out of wedlock or if they completely don’t know who the father of the child is – they can still be shameless and fool around with men everywhere. If you think that she can feel embarrassed about it, the you’d be gravely mistaken.”

“Don’t talk nonsense and disparage Yanyan!” Shen Jinglin couldn’t keep listening any longer.

With red eyes, he bellows: “Don’t think that I don’t know, at that time when Yanyan was… was… it was all a sinister plot from the two of you!”

Shen Xiaoru’s eyebrows go up, “What a joke, it was Jun Muyan herself who was with that wild man, it has nothing to do with us.”

“Alright, alright! Let’s forget about the matters of the past.” Su Yuexiang smiles and comes up to smooth things over, she has kind brows and pleasant eyes as she looks at Muyan, “Muyan, you can rest assured that when all is said and done, you’re still my daughter as well. Even if you’re now carrying a pitcher of oil around*, even if your reputation is ruined, Aunt Su will still certainly think of a way for you to enter a good marriage.”

  • child(ren) from a previous marriage.

Muyan sounds out an “oh”, meaningfully saying: “Then I’d trouble Aunt Su.”


“Yanyan, just tell big brother if you need anything, and your brother will go and handle it for you! Clothes, bedding, also…”

Supported by a cane, Shen Jinglin bustles round and round Muyan.

Muyan watches his busy appearance but she does nothing to stop it. Instead, the corners of her mouth turn up, showing a smiling expression.

That’s because, when they reunited, Shen Jinglin’s eyes has a look of wishing for death.

But when he busies himself, it almost completely fades away.

After he’s done bustling around, Muyan pulls Xiao Bao and says: “Brother, look, this is my son, Xiao Bao. He’s named Jun Mochen.”

“Xiao Bao, call him uncle.”

Xiao Bao tilts his little head, looking closely and scrutinizing the person in front of him.

Hearing Muyan’s words however, he promptly and obediently calls out: “Uncle.”

Even though he’s expressionless, that little face is really like a snow jade, so cute.

Shen Jinglin is happy to go along, and he reaches out to touch Xiao Bao’s face, but he stiffly retracts his hand back, “Great! Xiao Bao has grown big, my nephew… looks so much like you, Yanyan.”

He reaches into his washed-out clothes and fishes around for quite a while. However, he doesn’t scoop out anything.

There’s shame on his face, “I’m sorry, Xiao Bao. Uncle can’t even come up with a proper introduction gift for you.”

Xiao Bao shakes his head, “Xiao Bao doesn’t need a present. Niangqin is happy to see uncle, so Xiao Bao is also happy.”

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EMHS – ch212

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 212: Resurgence

Shame and anguish flash through Shen Jinglin’s eyes because of the jeering voices.

Yet he still straightens his back and refuses to take even half a step in retreat.

Muyan lightly pats him on the shoulder, and gently says: “Brother, don’t worry, let me handle them.”

Saying so, she goes around Shen Jingling and calmly steps forward.

“What are you…”

Snap–! Snap–! Snap–! …

The small servants have yet to react when their eyes catch sight of a flash.

After that, a burning pain bursts on their faces.

In a blink of an eye, indeed, several large slap marks show up on them.

Muyan brushes her clothes a bit, lifting her eyes to look at a certain place, “Such foul mouths, have you not learned to speak properly? Then I shall teach you all how to speak!”

As soon as her voice falls, those small servants suddenly seem to have fallen under a spell.

They raise their hands and slap their own faces again and again.

After a while, every servant’s face has swollen like a pig’s head.

But against reason, each and every one of them seem to extremely enjoy it. Every time they throw a slap on their faces, they reveal enchanted and relaxed expressions.

This scene is really, utterly strange.

The steward is completely unable to deal with the pain of his own shattered kneecap as he points a shaking finger to Muyan, “Y-you-you… who are you in the end? Do you know where this is? If you offend our Master, you won’t have a good ending!”

Muyan snorts and steps forward. She lifts a foot and kicks.

The steward produces a miserable shriek once again, and he flies off like a kite that has it’s string broken.

He crashes and breaks through the wooden door, plunging straight into the Shen family’s anteroom.

“You want to know who I am? I better let your Master tell you!”

Inside, Su Yuexiang and Shen Xiaoru are startled in the middle of their scheming.

They look at the steward, covered in blood and leg bones shattered; he has already lost consciousness.

They then look at Muyan as she holds Xiao Bao and unhurriedly walks in. They couldn’t suppress a shudder.

There’s an instinctive fear. In their core, there’s an impulse to flee.

Nevertheless, Muyan chuckles and she helps Shen Jinglin to sit down first. Then, with a leisurely attitude, she carries Xiao Bao and casually takes a seat, “Aunt Su, it’s truly been a while!”

Su Yuexiang stares blankly for quite a long time, before her expression turns strict, saying, “Muyan, what are you up to? Not coming back for several years, but showing off in front of me as soon as you’ve returned – is this what you should do as a daughter? Still not quickly kneeling down to me?”

Muyan looks up, a smile of ridicule on her face, “Su Yuexiang, who do you think you are to make me kneel down to you?”

Su Yuexiang is completely stunned.

She can’t think how that pushover Muyan from before-

Coming back after five years, she has unexpectedly become so assertive.

Someone like her who didn’t complain when hit, today, she actually dares to talk back.

“Someone come! Come, catch her for me!”

From outside the room, a wave of people rapidly bursts in.

It’s that group of small servants who beat their own faces until they look like pigs.

Muyan sees their appearance, and she can’t help giggle and laugh, “What? You guys still think that you haven’t been slapped enough, so you all want to give it another go?”

As this statement comes out, the servants simultaneously retreat for several steps in horror, like they’ve seen a ghost.

Then, no matter how Su Yuexiang urges, no matter how Shen Xiaoru curses- they all shrink back shivering, not daring to advance.

Muyan clicks her tongue and shakes her head, sighing: “Aunt Su, there’s no need for this, right? We haven’t seen each other for a long time, does Aunt Su not want to chat with me and reminisce?”

Su Yuexiang’s complexion turns green and white. It takes her a very long time for her to clench her teeth and tell the small servants to withdraw, along with the unconscious steward.

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EMHS – ch210

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Chapter 210: The Cripple

“The first gift that brother ever gave me was a knife that he carved out with his own hands, he used a stone from around here.”

Xiao Bao can’t help but turn his face up to look at Muyan, “Niangqin has a dad? And an older brother?”

“I do! Although we’re not related by blood, they used to be my most cherished family members. It’s just…” Muyan trails, then she bows her head and smiles, “Niangqin’s dad and brother, Xiao Bao can call them grandpa and uncle, okay?”

Xiao Bao doesn’t really understand but he nods.

There’s a trace of nostalgia in Muyan’s eyes.

She lived in the Shen family for ten whole years.

Everything about her childhood has already become fuzzy, she can barely remember it.

Her memories and joys began in the Shen family.

However, her pains also began in the Shen family.

When her adoptive father had just brought her back to the Shen family, the mistress still wasn’t Su Yuexiang.

It was an extremely gentle and kindhearted woman, Zeng Xiuying.

Her older brother, Shen Jinglin, is Zeng Xiuying’s biological son.

At the time when Zeng Xiuying was alive, Muyan was very happy and very comfortable.

However, good things don’t last forever.

While Zeng Xiuying was pregnant for several months, Su Yuexiang came knocking to their door, holding Shen Xiaoru who was already six years old.

She claimed that Shen Xiaoru is the Shen father’s own flesh and blood.

Zeng Xiuying questioned her husband, but he was incoherent and unable to respond until finally, he spoke the words — befuddlement from drinking.

Zeng Xiuying suffered such a blow, her mind received a tremendous shock. Finally, it was one corpse and two lives.

However, Shen father was pressured by the Su family and was ultimately forced to take Su Yuexiang as a wife.

From them on, Muyan and her brother’s good days had come to an end.

Su Yuexiang even took advantage that Shen father and brother went out travel for experience, and directly sent her to the Su family.

Thereupon she went under the influence of an aphrodisiac, and strayed into the forbidden area…

Wherefore she got pregnant out of wedlock, and the fetus in her belly was targeted…

That past life then…

Muyan closes her eyes.

It is impossible to say that she does not blame the Shen patriarch, that she does not blame the Shen family.

To her however, Shen father still brought her up for more than ten years.

Moreover, she still has a brother within the Shen family, and he had been the best big brother to her since they were kids.

As she slowly opens her eyes, all the emotions have already retracted within her pupils.

Yet in a blink, she sees a tall man with a cane, limping in from the door, and heading towards the front hall.

But before he could pass through the corridor, he is stopped by a person that looks like a steward.

“Shoo shoo, is this a place where you can just enter? Hurry and go away!”

Muyan first thinks that this crippled man is a servant of the residence.

“Get out of the way, I want to see Su Yuexiang!”

As the man opens his mouth to speak however, Muyan’s eyes suddenly go wide.

This is… this is her brother’s voice!

Muyan stares with rapt attention.

The man in front of her is but a youth in his twenties, yet there’s a deep scar on his face; his looks have undergone great changes, appearing to be extremely thin and pallid.

The most alarming point is how there is no trace of Internal Force fluctuations in his body, and there’s an ennui between his brows like an evening mist saturated with the essence of death.

But this person’s features and form clearly belong to her big brother, Shen Jinglin.

The Shen family’s most promising gongzi, Shen Jinglin was already at the peak of Primary Stage when Muyan last saw him.

But now, Shen Jinglin has become a handicapped person who is entirely unable to practice martial arts.

For a moment, Muyan stays rooted in place, blankly staring at that figure. From a lifetime away, waves of sorrow and grief burst into her heart.

Xiao Bao senses Muyan’s emotions, so he gently squeezes her hand, “Niangqin, who is he?”

The soft and childish voice pulls Muyan’s thoughts back.

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EMHS – ch209

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Chapter 209: “Little Old Man”

“Is that really Jun Muyan?” Su Yuexiang’s voice suddenly interjects.

Shen Xiaoru turns around and nods: “Yes ma, that slut Jun Muyan unexpectedly didn’t die! I suspect that aunt and cousin’s deaths are definitely linked to that slut’s work! Ma, making that slut fall into the field of living death, it’s also my revenge for my aunt and cousins.”

Still, Su Yuexiang disdainfully curls her lips, then she slightly puckers her brows.

You can say that Su Yuexiang completely lacks any deep affection when it comes Su Zhiyong’s family.

It’s because that Su Zhiyong’s side is really too much of a waste, too useless.

The older brother Su Ding’an is already in his forties but is just in the middle of Primary Stage. Su Zhiyong didn’t even reach Primary Stage before dying, just an Entry Level martial practitioner.

She only had them deal with Jun Muyan that time, because it’s better to send them away and they’re not likely to attract any attention.

If this kind of wastes die, then they’re dead – she, Su Yuexiang won’t place them in her eyes.

Just, how can Jun Muyan come back alive?

The image of those black men couldn’t help but emerge within Su Yuexiang’s mind, coming to her lounge and identifying the origin of Jun Muyan and the blood of her unborn child.

Those men in black were so terrifyingly strong.

Didn’t that group kill Jun Muyan?

Why is that woman allowed to live?

“Ma, what’s wrong? Could it be that you don’t approve to have that slut marry over as my replacement?”

Shen Xiaoru’s voice makes Su Yuexiang come back to herself, “I approve, of course I approve. Ru-er has really grown up, you can already help your Ma with worries and difficulties. Hehe… Jun Muyan who got pregnant out of marriage back then, she had already lost her chastity, this slut who’s as fickle as water – for the Lu family to lift her up with an eight-carrier palanquin and marry her in, she should laugh up to her sleeves.”

“During this time however, we must find someone to watch her closely. By all means, we cannot let her run away before the Lu family comes to pick her up.”


In the courtyard.

Muyan skins a grape and places it on Xiao Bao’s mouth. With a soft chuckle, “Baby, don’t be so serious. If you wrinkle your brows too much, you’ll turn into a little old man.”

Xiao Bao jolts.

That annoying lecher immediately comes to mind!

In the future, is he going to become a “little old man” like that lecher?


Xiao Bao makes his cheeks bulge, slightly bending his brows and eyes up, all to exhibit that he has smiled.

However, this look of a little grown-up amuses Muyan, making her laugh and sway to and fro.

When she has laughed enough, she asks: “Why is my baby so angry?”

Xiao Bao’s expression suddenly becomes severe, “Because they want to scheme against niangqin!”

Just a moment ago, he was simply going around the area at will, Internal Force operating at his ear cavity.

All the sounds inside the house were transmitted into his ears.

Bad eggs want to scheme against niangqin, he won’t let those bad eggs get away with it!

Xiao Bao clenches his small fists, “Xiao Bao will protect niangqin!”

With a smile that isn’t a smile, Muyan looks at the house that Shen Xiaoru went into.

Shen Xiaoru had asked her to wait here for now.

So she didn’t get in, just waiting here.

But that doesn’t mean that she’s not aware of the what happened inside.

Muyan withdraws her gaze. She carries Xiao Bao and kisses him on the cheek, “Don’t worry about those boring things. Doesn’t Xiao Bao want to sight-see with niangqin, and see the place where nianqin grew up?”

Xiao Bao immediately nods, and although there is no expression on his little face, his blue irises have the brightness of a full moon.

“There used to be a swing here, daddy personally set it up for me.”

“As children, we would often catch fishes from this pond. Catching the fish, older brother was in charge of roasting, I was in charge of eating.”

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