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Chapter 398: Niangqin is in danger
    Practically the first thing that Han Ye and Ying Mei could think of is this very same idea. Soon after, they’ve become very certain of it.
    “Ngh…” All of a sudden, Xiao Bao puts a hand over his chest, and lets out a muffled groan. His little face is scrunched up in both pain and alarm.
    “What’s wrong?” Di Ming Jue immediately looks down.
    Xiao Bao gasps in a mouthful of air, saying: “Niangqin… niangqin… I think niangqin is in danger, we should hurry!”
    In extreme worry, there’s a change in his voice. It has a faint tremble.
    Hearing that, Di Ming Jue, Han Ye, and Ying Mei all have their complexions transform.
    “This is bad. Spiritual Root reconstruction takes at least twelve hours. During this time, it can be said that Miss Jun wouldn’t have any power to defend herself!”
    Han Ye still hasn’t finished saying his words,
    He sees light and shadow flashing before his eyes, and the figures of Di Ming Jue and Xiao Bao have already disappeared.
    Han Ye and Ying Mei glance at each other, and quickly try to catch up.
    As for Zhu Hai, who is neither man nor ghost – together with those black-clothed men – they have all of their bones broken, and are thrown into a disorganized burial mound.
    They believe that these people, who are more miserable and hideous than ghosts, would definitely be able to get along with the corpses of a mass grave.
    Although Shen Jinglin, Yan Haotian and the others are also worried about Muyan, they themselves know that it would only be a hindrance if they were to go.
    They can only stay in Tianyuan City and wait for news.
    Right now, Muyan finds herself in an extremely mysterious state.
    When the enormous force of the Tian Mo Qin had rushed into her body just a moment ago, she only felt pain that tore through her heart and broke open her lungs.
    That kind of pain was even worse than when the Tian Mo Qin was recognizing her as its Master.
    But as the energy slowly and completely converges in her Dantian, wisps and strands of it rush into her meridians.
    The pain in her entire body is still there.
    But her body has a kind of a clearer sense.
    Like a baby that has returned to her mother’s body.
    Within the warm and gentle amniotic fluid, her body is so small that it’s undetectable. It grows little by little.
    From bones, to flesh, to skin, to the meridians, to the Qi Sea… it grows bit by bit.
    Immediately after, Internal Force fills up her Qi Sea, making her body brim with power.
    However, the Tian Mo Qin’s power that rushed into her body is still too much.
    Her body is constantly changing.
    In her lower abdomen, a vortex slowly converges in her Qi Sea, dispersing one moment, and condensing in the next.
    Soon after, a mysterious place slowly forms.
    That is… the Dantian!
    When a person from Xiuzhen operates their Spiritual Energy, they would store it in their Dantian.
    But ordinary people that have reached the peak of Precelestial Stage would undergo through lightning tribulations, until they could finally reconstruct a Forged Body.
    Their Qi Sea would disappear, and turn into the Dantian. They would no longer be able to store Internal Force, and only be able to store Spiritual Energy.
    At Muyan’s lower abdomen however, a Dantian and a Qi Sea are formed.
    Her Internal Force is still filling up, reaching the high Precelestial Stage.
    And the Spiritual Power in the Space also begins to frantically rush into Muyan, gathering into her Dantian.
    At this moment, Muyan becomes the only Practitioner in the Yanwu Continent who cultivates two types of Mysterious Force.
    However, all of this is far from over!
    After her Dantian is formed, the Tian Mo Qin’s tremendous power begins to crazily wreak havoc in Muyan’s body.
    Her meridians expand little by little, until they are torn apart, then they heal bit by bit.
    This kind of pain simply cannot be placed into words.
    Those who go through it would just wish they could die right there and then.
    But Muyan thinks of Xiao Bao, she thinks of her brother Shen Jinglin, and she also thinks of Di Ming Jue.
    She thought that coming to Jin Wangfu this time wouldn’t be dangerous.
    Once she has taken Lou Beiyu, she could still probe about the real situation of the Heavenly Road Sect.
    In this kind of accident that arose from many causes, if she doesn’t come back, how broken-hearted would Xiao Bao and the others be?


EMHS – ch393

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Chapter 393: Xiao Bao’s Rage
    In this way, Wangye’s imperial dominance is imminent!
    The more he thinks of this, the brighter Zhu Hai’s eyes become. If he was initially somewhat dissatisfied – that a woman who has lost her innocence and gave birth to a child would become Jin Wangfei,
    Now he can’t wait, wanting Jun Muyan to turn into their Wangfei.
    “Cough… cough, cough… who exactly are you people?” Shen Jinglin gets up from the ground, and pulls Xiao Bao behind him. He firmly glares at Zhu Hai, “Why do you want to move your hand against Xiao Bao and my Shen Family?”
    Zhu Hai disdainfully looks at Shen Jinglin.
    There’s no way he would care about an insignificant Earth Stage Practitioner.
    His vision flits towards Xiao Bao behind Shen Jinglin, and his eyes flicker with restraining fear and foreboding.
    A mere four-year-old child already has a cultivation of middle Heaven Stage.
    In time, if this person is allowed to live, he would certainly become a great danger to Wangye’s people.
    Zhu Hai’s gaze darkens, a ruthless and sinister killing intent floats up to the corners of his eyes, “If you want to blame someone, you can only blame him for being Jun Muyan’s son.”
    “Our Jin Wangye intends to marry Miss Jun as Wangfei. As a dignified Wangfei of Huang Yao, how can she have an illegitimate child that couldn’t couldn’t be allowed in public?”
    “Therefore, before Wangye and the new Wangfei could get married, we can only kill you and erase every bit of your existence, vile spawn. From that moment on, Jin Wangfei would be clean and pure, and no one would know that she once had a child.”
    Hearing Zhu Hai’s words, the expression showing in Xiao Bao’s eyes suddenly become similar to that of the small beast that has its reverse scales touched.
    In a split second, a sliver of bloody red appears in his ice-blue pupils.
    He takes a step forward, and then another. With freezing air, pure Mysterious Energy spreads around his small form.
    With the distance between him and Zhu Hai getting smaller and smaller,
    A powerful and suffocating pressure assaults Zhu Hai’s senses.
    His expression suddenly goes through a huge change, “No… this is impossible… he is just in the middle of Heaven Stage, and I am at the peak level – how can I possibly be the one suppressed?”
    He desperately operates his Internal Force, wanting to move, but it’s as if an invisible power shackles his entire being.
    He’s completely unable to move a single step.
    The surrounding people are even more dumbfounded.
    As with each step that Xiao Bao takes, the bluestone tiles under his feet unexpectedly shatter into small pieces.
    A dreadful pressure spreads through the atmosphere, making each and every one of black-clad men go pale.
    The ones with lower cultivations even have wisps of blood seeping out of the corners of their mouths.
    All of these is actually caused by a four-year-old child!
    A very small palm pushes out to the empty air. Mysterious Energy, boundless like great sea waves and raging winds, attacks straight towards Zhu Hai.
    Along with the crackling of bones breaking, a loud ‘boom’ pounds against people’s eardrums.
    Dust clouds the surroundings, crushed gravel fly in all directions.
    There’s also a dense smell of blood that drift at the tip of everyone’s noses.
    The dust settles, revealing Zhu Hai’s deathly pale face.
    In front of him, there’s a splayed corpse – already as dead as can be.
    The bones of its entire body have been crushed into pieces, and the blood that spurted out of its mouth completely stains the lower half of Zhu Hai’s body to be red.
    Zhu Hai looks at the dead body below him, then he looks at Xiao Bao. He could no longer conceal the shock and horror on his face.
    At that time, when a thousand pounds were hanging by a thread, if he didn’t use the pain to free himself from the suppression, dragging a person over to suffer the attack for him-
    He would probably be the one with the incomplete corpse by now.
    Yet this person that he used as a sacrifice was still a high Heaven Stage expert.
    An elite among the elite of Jin Wangfu’s killing force.
    But in spite of everything, he died so easily in the hands of a child?!
    With his palm strike, Xiao Bao’s little face has become deathly pale, and his body can’t help but sway unsteadily.

EMHS – ch392

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Chapter 392: Ambush
    Everyone from the Junji Medical Center and Di Yuan are dispatched.
    The entire Tianyuan City is almost turned upside down.
    But unfortunately, they still couldn’t find even a trace of Muyan.
    The color of the sky gradually sinks into darkness, until it’s pitch-black.
    Han Ye and Ying Mei have their faces filled with regret, hating that they couldn’t slap themselves to death.
    And the chill around Di Ming Jue’s body could make the two of them numb from horror.
    If they couldn’t locate her, they’re afraid that Jun Shang would completely release his Divine Sense.
    And when that moment comes, the entire Yanwu Continent wouldn’t be able to support the power that is beyond its limits – because of it, heaven will fall and the earth will rend.
    At the present, Jun Shang can restrain himself, only because he would be able to sense it if the target of his oath is facing mortal danger.
    Just as Han Ye and Ying Mei are on their knees and begging for forgiveness,
    All of a sudden, a powerful breath of Mysterious Energy heaves from the north-eastern side of Tianyuan City.
    Along with it, there seems to be the sound of a building collapsing.
    It’s in the direction of Tianyuan City’s Shen Family.
    Because they can’t find Muyan anywhere, Shen Jinglin and Xiao Bao brought out people from the Shen Household.
    “This is bad – the Little Gongzi!” Han Ye and Ying Mei suddenly jolt up, and they go towards the direction of the source of the energy fluctuations.
    Before they could move, Di Ming Jue’s figure has already disappeared like lightning.
    “Little Master, look out–!!” Feng Haitang screams, the whole person throws herself on the way, unwavering as she covers Xiao Bao with her back.
    As it’s happening, a terrible Internal Force attack is about to fall on her.
    There’s a sudden flash of a silhouette, and a man’s broad from is blocking for her.
    ‘Boom!’ a loud noise, the man receives that powerful attack, and he immediately spurts out a mouthful of blood.
    Feng Haitang looks back to see the figure slowly toppling over, and the rims of her eyes go red.
    “Haotian! Haotian! Are you okay?”
    In her embrace, Yan Haotian slowly opens his eyes, and as he sees her tears falling, he can’t help but reach out his hand to gently wipe them off her face.
    “Hehe, I didn’t expect that a small medical center would even have such talented individuals hiding within it.”
    “Moreover, I never expected that a four-year-old child would actually have such formidable strength. She’s really worthy of being the woman that Wangye has set his sights on! This kind of bloodline, if she gives birth to Wangye’s son, I’m afraid that his talent would be even more unimaginable.”
    “Fortunately, I never underestimate even a small child. I’ve also brought enough manpower this time. Otherwise, it’s really possible that the ship will capsize in the canal*.”
  • stumbling on a supposedly sure route
    A little ways away, there’s a slightly fat middle-aged man. He’s occupying the higher ground as he looks at the several people ahead. There’s apprehension on his face, but also an excited glow.
    This man is the most capable confidant that Jin Wangye keeps on hand, the leader of the strike force, his cultivation at the peak of Heaven Stage – Zhu Hai.
    Still more, there are quite a few men in black clothes standing on his side.
    Each one of them has a cultivation of Heaven Stage.
    In this group, half of them are even at the level of mid-Heaven Stage or higher.
    In other words, half the people on their side have higher cultivations than Xiao Bao.
    In the middle of these killers, there’s everyone from Ink Camp – surrounded, beaten and coughing blood, practically crawling and unable to get up.
    If not for the Ink Camp having each of its members prepared with a life-saving draught from Muyan-
    Perhaps there would now be several corpses here.
    Xiao Bao’s little face is serious, as he quickly takes out a draught and pours it into Yan Haotian’s mouth.
    Yan Haotian’s vitality, that was initially fading away, slowly starts coming back in that instant.
    Seeing this scene, Zhu Hai’s eyes grow even hotter.
    “In this world, there’s actually such a miraculous life-saving draught, haha… in the future, if these draughts all belong to Wangye, there’s no need to worry about any major event!”
    How could they obtain an unending stream of this special draught?
    Naturally, it’s by making the God-level apothecary Jun Muyan into Wangye’s woman!

EMHS – ch391

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Chapter 391: Let’s go and pick your mother up to come home
    As soon as they’ve properly dressed up, the two people walk out.
    Han Ye and Ying Mei see that Di Ming Jue is carrying Xiao Bao again, but they’re no longer shocked about it.
    Hehe, ever since Jun Shang met Miss Jun, what else hasn’t he done that was previously thought impossible for him?
    Why would they make a fuss about nothing?
    “Greetings to Jun Shang, greetings to the Little Gongzi!”
    Xiao Bao wriggles down, out of Di MIng Jue’s hold, and makes his way to Muyan’s room.
    “Niangqin, niangqin…” his little hand has yet to open the door, but his cries are already spilling out.
    He hasn’t seen his mother for seven days, and they weren’t able to properly spend some time together today too.
    He misses his niangqin very much!
    “Little gongzi, wait a minute!” Han Ye can only call out to stop him, then he speaks with embarrassment, “Miss Jun… had gone out earlier today, and still hasn’t returned until now.”
    Also, they only discovered this after Muyan had been gone for quite a while.
    Two powerhouses from the Xiuxian Continent were ordered to guard a mortal of the Yanwu Continent.
    But the outcome… they don’t even know exactly when their ward had left.
    Han Ye feels like he doesn’t have the face to meet Jun Shang.
    Ying Mei has directly sank down to her knees on the the ground, “This subordinate is incompetent. Jun Shang, please punish.”
    Contrary to expectations, Di Ming Jue doesn’t get angry, as he merely waves his hand dismissively. His voice is indifferent: “Spend another day in the Purgatory Pool.”
    Just one day!
    Han Ye and Ying Mei simultaneously sigh in relief.
    In reality, they’re not really worried about Miss Jun.
    Indeed, just who is Miss Jun? A high-order Precelestial. While they’re in the Yanwu Continent, even they wouldn’t be able to easily deal with that strength level.
    Who can hurt her?
    Xiao Bao immediately shows a dejected expression.
    He thought that as soon as he’s out of the bath, he would be able to plunge into his mother’s arms!
    All of a sudden, his little form rises into the air.
    Di Ming Jue has carried him up again.
    Two small hands unconsciously hold on to Di Ming Jue’s neck.
    When he’s able to react, Di Ming Jue has already taken him out of the rear court and into the front yard.
    The crisp and childish little voice couldn’t help but ask: “What are we gonna do?”
    Di Ming Jue sends him a glance, “Does this still need to be asked? We’re naturally going to pick your mother up to come home.”
    Picking mother up to come home… Xiao Bao dazedly mulls over these words in his mind.
    A faint and restrained smile reveals itself on his red little face.
    Like this, it’s as if the three of them has really become a family!
    Back in the Fog Forest, Di Ming Jue had previously made a oath to Muyan with a kiss.
    But because it’s in the Yanwu, without the bonds of Spiritual Force, this oath can only have a very limited effect.
    It’s range of perception is practically negligible as well.
    But if it’s merely within the same city, with the coverage of his Divine Sense, it’s still very easy to trace the undulations of Muyan’s breath along the places that she has gone to.
    The two men originally believed that they should be able to locate Muyan quickly, then the three of them would happily go home.
    But as the traces of their search lead them into a remote alley, and as those traces ultimately disappear-
    Di Ming Jue and Xiao Bao, their faces simultaneously become very unsightly.
    Muyan is missing, and from this alley onward, all traces have been thoroughly cleaned up.
    Even for someone as powerful as Di Ming Jue,
    When he couldn’t completely release his Divine Sense, it would still be a difficult hurdle for him, like finding a needle in a haystack by himself.
    “Niangqin wouldn’t have a problem!” Xiao Bao tightly clenches his hands into fists.
    His little face is serious, and his voice is incredibly serene as well. But his body is slightly shaking, betraying his confusion and fear.
    Di Ming Jue’s eyes are incomparably harsh, bone-piercingly gloomy and chilling.

EMHS – ch377

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Chapter 377: You’re trying to do something bad
    A too-caring mother mother will spoil the son… when we have a daughter in the future… have a daughter!
    The whole person, Muyan, is just struck dumb.
    Once she has come back to her senses, Di Ming Jue has already carried Xiao Bao out.
    A mouthful of blood sputters out from her chest, and she barely stops herself from coughing it out: Scoundrel, who wants to have a daughter with you!
    Di Ming Jue carries Xiao Bao the whole way, passing through the corridors and the people, and going to the courtyard’s bathing area.
    At first, Xiao Bao still wants to struggle-
    But Di Ming Jue says: “You have made good progress during this time, and that strike against Shi Lanling didn’t make me lose face.”
    Xiao Bao’s struggling movements stop.
    His little face is taut and strained, but an indescribable feeling of pride and happiness bubbles up from the depths of his heart.
    This is the first time that this man has praised him.
    Although he doesn’t want to admit it, but, he feels so happy.
    Di Ming Jue continues: “The martial skill that I taught you is merely the starting level. If you can reach the tenth step within ten days, I can teach you a more advanced set, and I’ll also give you a storage ring as a reward.”
    Xiao Bao’s eyes are bright as he stares straight at Di Ming Jue, “Really?”
    In reality, he very much wants a storage ring as well, like that of his mother.
    This way, he would be able to go out alone, collect treasures and herbs, then come back to give them to her.
    Niangqin originally wanted to give Xiao Bao the one that Di Ming Jue had given her.
    But Xiao Bao refused.
    Even though he is young, he knows that there would be very serious consequences if the Tian Mo Qin’s space is discovered by other people.
    With a storage ring, niangqin would be able to cover it up.
    How could he want that?
    But now, this person is saying that he could give one to Xiao Bao.
    Di Ming Jue carelessly says: “Of course, really. But there’s one thing – you’re already a man, you can’t always cling to your mother.”
    Xiao Bao immediately sends him a disdainful look, “I know that you’re trying to do something bad, you want to take my niangqin.”
    “Your mother is rightfully mine!”
    “You’re talking nonsense, niangqin is mine!”
    The two men quarrel through the entire journey, all the way to the bathing area.
    Han Ye and Ying Mei, who were originally guarding outside the courtyard, see this scene but they’ve already become numb to the shock.
    Since meeting Miss Jun, their Jun Shang would do things that are out of character, and it’s already become a common occurrence.
    Nowadays, not only has Jun Shang learned how to hold a child, he even looks very proficient in his movements.
    Moreover, he can also be very childish and quarrel with a child.
    If those people from the Polar Domain could see this scene… it would be a picture too beautiful to imagine!
    Chang Yu stands not far away, and he watches the scene of Di Ming Jue and Xiao Bao getting along in harmony.
    After dazedly watching for a good while, he soon lowers his eyes, covering up the pain and loneliness within them.
    This man standing together with the lady, that image once again appears in his mind.
    That beauty, the way they match – only such a man could be worthy of Miss, right?
    Chang Yu laughs self-deprecatingly. Soon after, all the expressions on his face are suppressed, until only steadiness and tranquility remain.
    Hasn’t he already decided that it would fine, as long as he can guard by the lady’s side?
    As for these lowly feelings, he shouldn’t have them, and he has long decided to bury them in the depths of his heart, for ever and ever.
    He mustn’t let anyone know.
    As long as he could keep guarding Miss, keep guarding the Little Master… watching from a distance is enough.
    After Xiao Bao and Di MIng Jue have left, Muyan plans to go out and try to find her stupid apprentice.
    After advancing to high Precelestial, Muyan can feel that her strength has improved by a lot.
    In addition, she has this indescribable feeling that there’s a power within her body that’s beginning to stir.
    Fettered, but it seems like it’s about to break out at any moment.

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EMHS – ch376

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Chapter 376: A too-caring mother will spoil the son

“If you’re done eating, go to the backyard to cultivate.” Di Ming Jue drawls in a taunting tone, “Didn’t you say that in the future, you’ll become stronger to protect your mother? Yet you’re so protected right now?”

Xiao Bao’s features are stiff. The anger on his face slowly disappears, but his mouth is still set on a stubborn line, “You don’t need to nag, I will train, and one day, I will be stronger than you!”

“Oh, quite the ambition.”

He loosens his hand, and Xiao Bao lands on the floor.

But he doesn’t wrap around Muyan again, like he did just moments before. He turns to look at her instead, “Niangqin, Xiao Bao is going to cultivate.”

After saying that, he goes off to the backyard.

Muyan watches his very small and lonely figure, and she’s somewhat distressed.

Her Xiao Bao is only four years old, and other four-year-old children are still acting spoiled in their parent’s embrace, but he has to bear so much.

In the end however, she doesn’t say anything.

Instead, she watches his tiny form go to the backyard, and begin to scrupulously exercise the martial skills that Di Ming Jue gave him.

Muyan isn’t a person who’s unable to tell good from bad.

She could tell that the martial skills Di Ming Jue handed over to Xiao Bao may look ordinary, but in cultivation, the Mysterious Energy within Xiao Bao gets a little more purified and refined.

His cultivation doesn’t improve rapidly, but his foundation has become more and more stable.

Nowadays, although Xiao Bao’s cultivation is still mid Heaven Stage, his real strength has already surpassed that of Shi Lanling, even though she’s on the same stage as him.

And all of these is something that Di MIng Jue had secretly and silently done for them.

“Muyan…” the man’s low voice could be heard from behind, and Muyan turns around to see that Di Ming Jue has already taken a seat by the table — where she and Xiao Bao originally were.

She watches as Di Ming Jue unhurriedly hands some chopsticks over to her, and Muyan reveals a confused expression.

The next moment, she hears the man’s magnetic and seductive voice slowly saying: “It’s a family of three, Muyan, you can’t favor one and neglect the other.”

Favor one and neglect the other? Favor one and neglect the other!

Muyan stares blankly at first, the she reacts to what the man is saying.

Favor one and ignore the other, is he saying that since she fed and kissed Xiao Bao, she also has to feed and kiss him?!

Kuh! Can this man get even more shameless!


One unspeakable breakfast has come to an end, and Xiao Bao has also finished practicing. He returns to Muyan’s side.

His little face is flushed, and there’s crystalline beads of sweat on his forehead. He’s somewhat gasping as he breathes, but those big eyes are filled with excitement.

That’s because Xiao Bao feels that he’s really getting stronger after each round of cultivating those martial skills.

One day, he would be able to protect his mother properly.

Muyan wipes the sweat from his face, her eyes are gentle beyond words, “Xiao Bao is so great, niangqin will take you to bathe, all right?”

Xiao Bao heavily nods his head.

But before Muyan could take Xiao Bao’s hand, Xiao Bao’s little form is already rising up, and gets into Di Ming Jue’s arms.

This time, Jun Shang’s posture of carrying a child has already become very standard.

But unfortunately, Xiao Bao doesn’t appreciate it. He struggles indignantly, “Let go, I want niangqin…”

“Such a big man, and you still want your mother to give you a bath?” Di Ming Jue drawls these words.

This immediately silences Xiao Bao’s screams of grievance.

But thinking of his mother gently rubbing his back and washing his hair, Xiao Bao is somewhat reluctant and unwilling.

His tiny hand can’t help but stretch towards Muyan’s direction.

Muyan promptly holds out her hand, wanting to carry him, “Xiao Bao is still so small, what’s wrong with me giving him a bath? Di Ming Jue, let go, let me carry him.”

Di Ming Jue casts her a glance, and leisurely words drift over once again, “A too-caring mother would spoil a child… a son, it would be better give him to Ben Jun to teach him. When we have a daughter in the future, Muyan, you can have your turn to guide her.”

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Chapter 374: Just thoroughly waste him
    There’s completely no effort put into it, and there’s no shifting from a parry at all.
    But against reason, his hand is restrained by this void, and it’s like his Mysterious Energy has been sealed – he couldn’t use even a little bit of it.
    Shen Jinglin raises his head to look at Di Ming Jue in horror and amazement.
    This man is too strong!
    He’s even so much stronger than his little sister! Soon after, he can’t help but look at the two people that are very close to each other.
    Truly made by Heaven and arranged by Earth, an unparalleled match.
    Shen Jinglin has this vague illusion – that the man in front of him is the only one in the world who can stand by his sister’s side, without getting himself overshadowed.
    And vice versa.
    Di MIng Jue lets go of Shen Jinglin’s hand.
    The pride and nobility on his body become somewhat restrained, “Ben Jun also believes that without the parents’ blessing, nor the matchmaker’s words, it is a very irresponsible act to have intimate relations. As long as Muyan is willing, Ben Jun is ready to rectify this at any time.”
    Shen Jinglin stares blankly, “You mean to say that you want to marry my sister?”
    “Of course. As soon as Yanyan is ready, the wedding ceremony can be held at any time.”
    Saying that, he even leans down to look at Muyan, “Say, Yanyan, are you still unwilling to take responsibility for Ben Jun?”
    Muyan grinds her teeth: Can this scoundrel get even more shameless?
    And who are you calling Yanyan! Am I that familiar with you?
    In the end, with his exceptional appearance and shamelessness, Jun Shang-daren successfully enters Junji Medical Center’s rear courtyard.
    Moreover, he gets a room next to Muyan and Xiao Bao’s.
    At her side, Muyan assures Shen Jinglin over and over again that she and Di Ming Jue are innocent, and they’re still not planning to get married for the time being.
    Only then does Shen Jinglin walks away with some hesitation.
    Before leaving, he nags, “Yanyan, even if you really like that person, you must still consider it properly, and you absolutely shouldn’t get married so casually and carelessly. If by any chance, you put your trust on the wrong person, like Jingya’s encounter with that devil, then you…”
    Muyan mouth stretches up to show a gentle smile, “Then I’ll just thoroughly waste him.”
    Shen Jinglin shudders, he almost forgot how valiant an existence his sister is.
    In this world, how can a man just bully Yanyan?
    It’s only when Shen Jinglin has left, does Muyan let out a sigh of relief.
    Brother is now more and more inclined to act like a nanny, going on and on with his questions, quickly overwhelming her.
    But despite getting overwhelmed,
    This kind of annoyance is mixed with even more sweetness.
    Because only those who really care about you, would keep worrying about you over and over again – worrying about your happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy; worrying about your future.
    Muyan lets out a sigh of relief, and sees that Xiao Bao is somewhat sleepy in her arms.
    She conveniently sends him into the Space, placing him together with the fat rabbit, which is sleeping sprawled on it’s back and facing the sky.
    She returns to the front hall and calls in Yan Haotian, Feng Haitang, Ru Yan, Old Tao, Chang Yu, and Chen Qingfeng.
    “Did anything happen these past few days?”
    Ru Yan bows and replies: “For the past few days, the Medical Center has been operating normally, but Mr. Yan said that there seems to be a strange and powerful unit that has appeared in the vicinity of the medical center – origins are unknown, objectives are also unknown.”
    Muyan turns to Yan Haotian.
    Yan Haotian raises his hands and signs: “There are several people among them that have higher cultivations than me and Old Tao. We cannot match them.”
    Muyan slightly furrows her brows.
    Maybe Qian Qing’s side had received the news that his Poison Man, as well as his apprentice, had been killed – so he sent some people to come and scout for information.
    “Then next time, you should all be more careful.” Muyan raises her hand, and dozens of bottles of draught are densely laid out on the table, “In these medicines, there are healing draughts, antidotes, as well as cultivation supplements. Distribute these to the Ink Camp and the Tianji Unit.”

EMHS – ch373

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Chapter 373: Prodded by a pig
    “Brother, I know I did wrong!” Muyan grabs Shen Jinglin’s hand and tugs it, there’s a rare naive and innocent look on her face – like that of a spoiled young lady, “Rest assured, how can I allow myself and Xiao Bao to get in danger?”
    Since they were young, Shen Jinglin hasn’t changed the way he treats his most treasured baby sister.
    So even if he was very scared and on-edge for seven days, he only indulgently pats her on the forehead, with a helpless expression on his face.
    But this time, without waiting for Shen Jinglin to move-
    Muyan is suddenly pulled back by the scruff.
    She bumps straight into a solid embrace.
    Then the initially noisy entrance of the medical center immediately falls into a deathly stillness, one would be able to hear if a pin falls.
     Everyone’s line of sight turn to look at the man behind Muyan.
    In this world, how can a man grow up to be so good-looking?
    Demeanor of jade; exceptionally handsome; tall, stately, and noble – the use of such definitions on him seem to sully his temperament instead.
    The man is like a beautiful, aloof and remote god, placed on the highest of thrones.
    Shen Jinglin blankly stares at the man who has taken his little sister away, placing her into his embrace – every movement declaring possessiveness.
    He could only feel his breathing stop, his mouth slightly gaping, as he couldn’t say a word for quite a long time.
   “Yanyan, this… this is?”
    Muyan sends Di Ming Jue a glance: would this man dare to change the way he grabs her? Every time, he lifts her and Xiao Bao by the collar – are they supposed to be sacks?
    Di Ming Jue responds by tightening his hold on her waist, clearly and unmistakably asserting his sovereignty.
    “This one is Di Ming Jue, Muyan’s fiancé.”
    The man’s voice is deep, clear, and cold – but it’s as if the sound of muffled thunder rumbles through everyone at the scene.
    “Fiancé?!” Shen Jinglin suddenly raises his voice, “when did you get a fiancé?”
    “Brother, don’t listen to his nonsense, I don’t have… mph–!”
     Before Muyan could finish her words, the man hooks her chin and tilts her head up, sealing her little mouth.
    Di Ming Jue lets her go after a moment, offhandedly saying: “Yanyan, you and I have already had intimate relations, and bathed together like a pair of mandarin ducks. Don’t tell me you still don’t want to take responsibility?”
    Blue veins suddenly pop up on Muyan’s forehead.
    Having intimate relations with you, mandarin ducks bathing together, he’s talking as if they’ve already… done something like that.
    It was clearly just making a half-naked painting of him, taking his clothes off, and submerging together in the hot springs… that’s all.
    Muyan feels like she can’t continue with these thoughts.
    If these words are spoken out loud, she’s afraid that not only would she be unable to clarify, big brother would pressure them to get married right away.
    Shen Jinglin sees this scene happen before his eyes, and his body sways unsteadily.
    “You… you two… already…” Shen Jinglin stammers for a while, then he abruptly glares at Di Ming Jue.
    “You have the impertinence to lay your hands on my little sister, without the parents’ blessing, nor the words of the matchmaker, you even dare to frivolously kiss my little sister in such a public and crowded place – i’ll kill you, you lecher!!”
    At this time, Shen Jinglin is really hysterical.
    As anyone would be when they see their “cute and adorable baby sister” prodded by a pig.
    And for that to happen in such a crowded place, who would be able to endure that!
    He clenches his fists, and condenses all of his Mysterious Energy in his palm, ruthlessly sending an attack towards Di Ming Jue.
    But that punch that can crack mountains and crush rocks, as it arrives before Di Ming Jue-
    It is lightly and easily caught by the latter.
    The man in front of him clearly hasn’t used used any force, there isn’t even any Mysterious Energy fluctuations on his body.
    But Shen Jinglin feels as if his hand has struck nothing but empty air.

EMHS – ch372

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Chapter 372: Couldn’t Retort
    Muyan was reluctant to throw it away, and keeping it doesn’t feel right either – so she folded it up, and then tucked it within the pages of a book.
    How could she have anticipated that Di Ming Jue would take one of her books, and it’s actually the one that has the painting tucked in its pages.
    But who do you take Muyan for!
    The panic only lasts for an instant, then an ethereal smile very quickly curls up on her elegant face, “In the eyes of a painter, there’s no difference between men and women, only the imperfections on the model. Jun Shang’s appearance and build are the best in thousands of miles – after I got it into the painting, I bring it out to admire from time to time. Is there anything strange about that?”
    As soon as she says this, Xiao Bao promptly nods.
    Niangqin also drew the bare bodies of Lou Beiyu’s bodyguards, and the people from the Ink Camp!
    What so strange about adding this lecher?
    In the future when he grows up, and looks all tall and strong, he would also have niangqin paint him.
    Di Ming Jue’s face stiffens, somewhat gritting his teeth.
    This woman without conscience!
    In her eyes, is he just like those subordinates of hers?
    In particular, he recalls that scene when he captured Muyan.
    More than a dozen men were in front of her, bare from chest to abdomen, one of them was even looking passionately at his Muyan.
    Thinking of such a scene, Di Ming Jue wishes he could hide her back in the Di Yuan.
    Muyan sees the man eat defeat, and her mood finally lightens up.
    She carries Xiao Bao and takes a seat on the couch.
    The smile at the corners of her mouth has yet to vanish, when the man’s towering figure abruptly comes near.
    Removed from Xiao Bao, she’s pressed against the carriage walls.
    A scorching breath is puffing over Muyan’s face, “Ben Jun dares to guarantee that after painting my body, you will never look at other men’s bodies again.”
    “Muyan, Ben Jun believes that from this point forward, you wouldn’t be able to make this kind of painting. That is unless, the subject of your work is me!”
    The man’s voice chops the nail and slices the iron, and it is laced with insufferable self-confidence.
    Veins bulge out of Muyan’s forehead, and she very much wants to retort right away-
    However, she miserably discovers that she actually couldn’t say anything to refute.
    After coming to know of Di Ming Jue’s perfect body – if she’s made to go and paint other men’s bare forms, she… she really, truly couldn’t muster the motivation to do it.
    Hateful! It’s really as this scoundrel said!
    The trio’s carriage arrives in Tianyuan City, stopping in front of Junji Medical Center.
    The appearance of such a large and luxurious carriage quickly attracts everyone inside and outside of the medical center, to come stand in a circle and watch.
    Even though Muyan has been gone for seven days, the Junji Medical Center is still operating normally.
    But if Muyan never returns, then this medical center would lose its original advantage, and would one day be squeezed out of business by other establishments.
    Therefore, once they see Muyan carrying Xiao Bao down from the carriage,
    The doctors and the patients within the Junji Medical Center all let out a cheer.
    Come up and say welcome, meet and approach them; go in and call people, shout for the others.
    Just a short while later, several people seem to be rushing out like the wind.
    “Little Master–!!”
    Muyan didn’t have the time to react, when she’s hugged by someone.
    Shen Jinglin grabs her, looking her up and down for a good moment, making certain that there’s nothing wrong with her, and only then does he relax and say: “Yanyan, where have you been? Why were you gone for so long? Do you know how worried your big brother was?”
    “And Xiao Bao said you asked him to go to you, such a small child, how can you let him set about by himself? Big brother knows that you are very strong, but…”
    The moment Shen Jinglin sees Muyan, it’s as if he’s shooting one bullet after another in his incessant scolding.
     The normally unbridled and willful Muyan, as well as the indifferent and disaffected Xiao Bao – both of them bow their heads and obediently listen to it.

EMHS – ch371

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Chapter 371: Brazen
    In the end, Di Ming Jue doesn’t come out, not even to send them off.
    The carriage Di Yuan has prepared for them is very large.
    The free space inside is more than enough to accommodate seven or eight people.
    There’s even a couch prepared on the rear part of the carriage, Muyan and Xiao Bao can use it to take short breaks as they travel.
    Muyan thinks, if she lets Xiao Bao take a nap through the journey until they reach the Junji Medical Center, maybe Xiao Bao wouldn’t be so down.
    Maybe he wouldn’t miss that man.
    She sighs softly and opens the carriage, just about to go inside.
    Her sight stumbles upon the figure on the couch, and she’s immediately struck dumb.
    “Di Ming Jue?!!” Muyan unconsciously raises her voice, “What are you doing here?”
    Di Ming Jue is reclining on the couch, his posture is languid, and the entire person is filled with a seductive charm.
    His deep voice is even more magnetic, it can make people’s ears pregnant, “This is Ben Jun’s carriage, why can’t I be here?”
    God knows who closed the carriage door outside.
    Along with the rasping sound, the inside of the carriage becomes a sealed space.
    The originally spacious carriage immediately becomes very crowded.
    That’s because almost every ounce of air is filled with the man’s powerful breath.
    Muyan composes herself and forces a smile: “How can we have the nerve to make Jun Shang send us back? Jun Shang should go back instead!”
    Di Ming Jue lifts up his eyelids, gently flipping a page of the book in his hand, “Ben Jun is not going to send you back.”
    “Then what are you doing here?”
    Di Ming Jue turns another page, looking proper and natural beyond words, “Didn’t you say that you want to go home? Ben Jun is going back with you.”
    Saying that, he once again lifts his eyes to look at Muyan and Xiao Bao, “How could we separate our family?”
    Muyan: “…”
    I’m really convinced that you’re a deviant! Who’s a family with you!
    Even Xiao Bao has his big blue eyes open into circles, like he’s accusing the other of being thick-faced and shameless.
    But without waiting for the two people to talk-
    Di Ming Jue’s slender fingers turn another page.
    Just at this time, a thin piece of paper flutters out from the book and lands on the floor.
    Muyan stares blankly, her sight shifts from that piece of paper, to the book in Di Ming Jue’s hand.
    Then, she’s shocked to find-
    That the book is actually from within her Space!
    Why would it be in Di Ming Jue’s hands?
    Did she take the book out of the Space during her free time these past few days, and then she forgot to put it back?
    These kinds of uncertainties have just turned over in Muyan’s mind, when her attention is thereupon drawn to that paper that had fallen down.
    She sees Di Ming Jue slightly reveal some surprise, then he bends down to pick up the folded paper from the ground, slowly unfolding it.
    As the paper is spread out, there’s suddenly a flash in Muyan’s mind, like a spark from flint.
    She finally remembers what this paper is.
    Her complexion immediately changes, “Don’t open it!”
    But in the end, her words are still spoken too late.
    Di Ming Jue unfolds the piece of paper, and sees within it a man reclining on a couch, with his clothes half-open. He raises his brows in great interest.
    His mouth curves up into a deep and delighted arc.
    He turns the paper in his hand to face Muyan and Xiao Bao, “Didn’t expect that Muyan would actually keep Ben Jun in your mind like this.”
    All of a sudden, Muyan’s face burns violently.
    Most of all, the son in her arms also casts a curious and surprised look.
    This painting is naturally the half-naked image of Di Ming Jue that she made.
    After completing it, she thought about tearing up this painting, or maybe throwing it away.
    But unfortunately, this portrait practically exhibits all the painting skills that she has, and it’s much better than any of her previous works.