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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 186: Beggar?

Shen Xiaoru sees her face and thinks that her words have finally hit the other’s sore spot, so her overcast complexion immediately turns sunny. She chuckles: “I really didn’t expect it ah, Jun Muyan, not only did you not die back then, you even went into hiding and gave birth to this vile little spawn? Tsk tsk… moreover, you’re doing very badly? It can’t be that all these years, you were relying on begging and swindling to provide for yourself and your son?”

Shen Xiaoru was screeching just a moment ago, and she has already attracted the attention of most people.

Now, hearing her say that Muyan got pregnant out of wedlock, then gave birth to a wild man’s little bastard-

each and every one of them are suddenly sending subtle glances towards Muyan.

Even that Gao Chenyu who didn’t want Shen Xiaoru to go overboard, and originally wanted to pull her back, can’t help but be stupefied after he hears this.

Even though Muyan has her head and face filthy with grime, and she’s covered all over in dust – but, listening to the sound of her voice and looking at her figure, she’s should only be 18 or 19 years old at most.

Unexpectedly… she unexpectedly already has a such a big child?

Seeing this, Shen Xiaoru becomes all the more pleased with herself. Her face takes on a pitying expression as she says: “Jun Muyan, even though we’re not related by blood, in any case, you were still raised by my Shen family for several years, so we are still considered as sisters in name. Seeing that you’ve become so miserable, I also feel very sorry as an older sister! How about you take these coins so at least, you and your son can eat till you’re full!”

After she says that, she casually throws two gold coins on the table, looking like she’s throwing alms to beggars, “Look, these two gold coins should be enough for you to eat your fill, right? Shop assistant, what are you still stalling for, why aren’t you hurrying up to pack two meals for her, and have them eat it as a take-out?”

Who would have thought that the waiter, who Shen Xiaoru is pointing towards, would have a hesitant expression, “This… this… this guest, all the signature dishes in the restaurant have just been ordered.”

When it comes to customers that come to dine in this big establishment, they’ve seen all sorts of people before.

It’s also very common for high-level practitioners to be able to take out a lot of money even though they’re wearing worn-out rags.

So even though Muyan and Xiao Bao are all dirty, the waiter completely didn’t judge them by their appearance, and promptly took her order instead – telling the kitchen to prepare all the signature dishes of the restaurant.

As soon as the waiter has finished speaking, some people are bringing several dishes over.

The value of those two dishes alone is more than all of the food on their table.

That’s because these dishes are actually made with the meat of Strange Beasts.

Muyan leisurely smiles. Pulling Xiao Bao to sit down, she casually takes some chopsticks as she’s about to eat.

“Since older sister wants to show your deep sisterly affection, then I won’t be too polite. The food on this table today, I’ll have to ask older sister to treat me! Xiao Bao, eat some more. Someone’s paying for it anyway, it would be a waste not to eat!”

Xiao Bao nods with this taut little face, then picks up some chopsticks, and gives a pair to Muyan first. Then he stuffs his cheeks as he conscientiously eats.

Seeing this scene, Shen Xiaoru’s nose is practically flaring in anger.

“Jun Muyan, you slut, want me to pay for your food, you’re dreaming! I didn’t expect that you’ve become so shameless after I haven’t seen you for so many years.”

Muyan ordered all the signature dishes of this dining restaurant, and the price of those dishes aren’t cheap at all.

Even if Shen Xiaoru takes out all the gold coins she has on her, it still wouldn’t be enough.

But as it happened, this Muyan is a shameless slut and will take her whole army just like that.

Wanting her to pay for the other’s meal? Keep dreaming!

Shen Xiaoru tugs on a passing waiter, saying with a stern voice: “Why are you still not driving these two beggars away? Don’t tell me you really believe that they’re rich enough to pay for such expensive food?”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch185

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 185: Congratulations, You Guessed Right

This screech immediately attracts the attention of everyone inside the shop.

At the other table, Muyan finally notices this sharp and invasive voice behind them, comparable to the buzzing of mosquitoes. Is it scolding her and Xiao Bao?

Tsk tsk… are they actually seen as beggars?

Then again, the clothes on their body at this moment is very wretched.

A smile that isn’t a smile begins to rise on Muyan’s face, she turns towards the source of that voice.

But when the woman’s appearance enters her eyes, she can’t help but raise her eyebrows.

It’s really a small world a!

She didn’t expect, that she just casually takes her baby out for a meal and she would come across an acquaintance.

Shen Xiaoru, the darling daughter of her adoptive parents.

In the past, Muyan was at the Shen Family and the oppression that she received from this high and mighty Miss wasn’t light.

Back when she was schemed against and lost her innocence, conceiving Xiao Bao, it was also inextricably linked to this woman and her mother.

Shen Xiaoru meets Muyan’s eyes that are as resplendent as the stars, and she can’t help but stare blankly. She didn’t expect that this filthy beggar would actually have such a beautiful pair of eyes.

Not only that, these eyes are very similar to that woman that she loathed back then.

This makes Shen Xiaoru’s attitude even nastier, “What are you looking at? Still not hurrying to go out and leave? Is this a place where filthy trash like you could go to? Really shameless, you’re probably here to cadge a meal, right? Shopkeeper, why are you still stalling, still not beating these people out for me!”

This arrogant and despotic manner is seen by the surrounding diners, and they shake their heads a few times.

Even Gao Chenyu can’t bear it and says: “Shen Xiaoru, exercise some restraint.”

On the other hand, Bai Yichen has a calm and composed expression throughout the whole thing. However, his inquisitive gaze can’t help but inspect Muyan and Xiao Bao.

“Restrain what?” Shen Xiaoru angrily says, “Did I say anything wrong? These two bums sitting beside us, wouldn’t they affect our appetite? What’s to be done if Yichen-brother becomes too unhappy to eat?”

“Shen Xiaoru, you’re really… despotic and selfish, just as in the past.” they hear a sigh, along with a light chuckle.

Shen Xiaoru is stumped.

She whips her head to look at Muyan, and with cloudy and unsure expression, “You… how do you know my name? Who are you?”

Wait wait, this woman’s eyes, her voice as well, they’re very familiar!

Almost exactly the same as that loathsome woman in her memories.

Shen Xiaoru’s pupils suddenly contract, she shrieks: “Jun Muyan… you are Jun Muyan?!”

Muyan chuckles: “Congratulations, you guessed right!”

Shen Xiaoru harshly glares at her: “How can you be here? Didn’t you… didn’t you die along with my aunt and the others?”

Five years ago, they received news about the Su Family.

The Su Family’s small courtyard in the nameless valley burned down overnight. There were a number of burnt corpses inside, their true identities are already unrecognizable.

Finally, they were identified from some spider’s thread and horse track*. Among the those that were burnt to death were her aunt, male cousin, sister-in-law, female cousin, and Jun Muyan.

  • tiny hints

So how could that Jun Muyan appear in this place, when she should have died five years ago?

Neither fast nor slow, Muyan says: “Apparently, you were really hoping that I would be dead. I really let you down.”

Shen Xiaoru has a cloudy and unsure expression.

She shifts her gaze and it suddenly falls on Xiao Bao.

She stares blankly at first, then snaps her eyes wide open. She seems to suddenly remember something, and shouts: “When you got pregnant without marriage back then, is this the little bastard that you had with that wild man?!”

Muyan’s gaze suddenly darkens, there’s a chill in her eyes, a haze.

Shen Xiaoru sees her face and thinks that her words have finally hit the other’s sore spot, so her overcast complexion immediately turns sunny.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch183

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 183: A Mushroom Cloud

Muyan sits crossed-legged beside the Dan Furnace. She slowly operates the Internal Force in her body, then sends it into the cauldron.

As her Internal Force merges with the Dan fire, the originally red-orange flame gets tinted with a faint blue.

Then, each herb inside the furnace also begins to dissolve.

Xiao Bao stands far away, eyes wide as he stares at Muyan, worry filling those huge ice-blue irises.

Without knowing when, the rabbit has hopped to his side. It rubs itself against his feet and tilts its head to watch Muyan’s movements.

As soon as all the herbs have been completely dissolved, Muyan’s forehead is already slightly covered in sweat.

However, there isn’t the slightest change in her expression, and her output of Mysterious Energy is very stable as well.

The Mysterious Energy controls the flames, forming a stream that directs the various herbs to begin fusing with each other.

Just as it looks like it’s going to succeed,

there’s suddenly a very loud ‘bang’, and a mushroom cloud rises up inside the space.

A huge blast surges up and out.

Muyan jerks and very quickly turns back. She grabs Xiao Bao and jumps more than a dozen meters away.

The remaining shock from the furnace’s explosion still gets to her.

In a split second, the pair of mother and child, along with the rabbit, have all become filthy with grime and dirt.

Muyan coughs. Not far from them, she looks at the Dan Furnace that has been blown into pieces, and says with a sigh: “Sure enough, it’s unsuccessful!”

If Alchemy is so easy, then the Alchemists in the Yanwu Continent wouldn’t be so scarce.

Xiao Bao is unable to deal with his own little blackened face, as he promptly comforts Muyan, “Niangqin will definitely succeed one day.”

The rabbit moves its plump body, shaking its fur.

It raises its mung bean eyes to watch the female devil and the little master.

Wu… should it let the female devil know that Alchemy requires Spiritual Power?

Oh, it’s impossible to refine elixirs with just Internal Force!

The fat rabbit bounces up, and just as its about to hop into Xiao Bao’s arms,

noisy voices could suddenly be heard coming from outside the space.

“What’s going on? Why is there a lot of smoke in the backyard? Is it burning?”

“What about Miss Jun and the young Master? Who exactly committed the arson? Could it be that those thieves were unwilling to give up so they came to mount a sneak attack?”

“Hey, the thick smoke is coming out from the Miss’ room, but I’m not seeing anyone? I also don’t see anything burning? What’s going on in the end?”

Inside the space, Xiao Bao and Muyan look at each other.

cough, baby, why don’t I take you out for a meal?” Muyan asks with a smile.

It’s just that right now, there’s dust all over her face. As she smiles, there’s only a set of neat pearly white teeth, and a pair of eyes that are bright and moving, but there’s no longer any of that gorgeous disposition.

Xiao Bao as well. On that originally fair and handsome little face, only a huge pair of bright and intelligent blue eyes remain, and they’re staring at Muyan.

It’s indescribably adorable!

Muyan can’t help but pounce over, squealing and giggling. Soon after, she can only shake her head.

This Tian Mo Qin hasn’t upgraded yet, so the space is too unstable.

The thick smoke actually leaked out from just that one explosion.

If that group of people in her courtyard were to know that this dense smoke is caused by her failure in Alchemy…

Muyan feels that she can’t afford to throw her face.


Xia’an State, in a dining restaurant.

It’s midday and the seats in the restaurant are almost fully booked, it’s quite lively.

The customers are grouped in twos and threes, chatting as they eat.

All of a sudden, there’s a soft cry coming from the doorway, drawing the attention of everyone inside to its source.

At the entrance, there’s a party of three people walking in.

The three are wearing white clothes on their body, and each of them has a sword on their waist.

A man and a woman are walking at the rear. The man is handsome, confident and at ease; the woman is dainty and pretty.

In front of them is a youth in white. There’s a simple and unadorned mask on his face, covering most of his features.

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EMHS – ch180

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 180: Fled Next Door

He waves his hand and says: “Brothers, slaughter him! The little master said that as long we perfectly carry out today’s trial, we’ll be rewarded with a new draught, guaranteed to make everybody advance within a year!”

Zhao Shan’s eyes are filled with horror and amazement.

This group in front of him, their cultivation truly isn’t high.

But they strictly comply with instructions, advancing and retreating in tandem, the tacit understanding is like that of a single unit.

As soon as the battle had begun, the eight of them were forced to scatter, and he was faced against Chang Yu.

The rest of his brothers were also surrounded and subdued, one can say that they didn’t have any power to fight back.

The most terrifying thing would still be the Internal Force that these people used during the battle.

They’re clearly only at the Profound Stage, but they’re completely unaffected by the pressure from an Earth Stage. Instead, the latter was made to feel suppressed.

And that Jun Muyan actually founded such a team by herself?!

At this moment, a thought suddenly flashes between Zhao Shan’s ears–

At the Ghost City’s Beast Fighting Colosseum, Jun Muyan publicly killed their Commander Yan Lie.

He always thought that this was just a rumor, that Jun Muyan had used some underhanded trick.

But if… this matter is true?

If even their Commander who was at the peak Heaven Stage isn’t her match?

How could they possibly kill her?

So tonight’s operation, did they come to throw theirs lives away from the start?!

Thinking until here, Zhao Shan is so scared, he’s almost unable to hold his bladder. He turns back and runs.

Chang Yu and the others didn’t expect that this master of peak Earth Stage would surprisingly not dare to fight against them, and run away with his tail between his legs.

They see the figure cross over the wall and enter the neighboring courtyard.

Chang Yu and the others inwardly shudder: “Don’t let him get away, let’s chase!”

But without waiting for the Ink Camp to move,

A figure darts past them like a flash of light, following Zhao Shan over the wall and falling into the other courtyard.

Chang Yu and they others have blank expressions. The figure just now was too fast, and they simply weren’t able to properly see who it was.

An icy yet soft and immature voice suddenly comes from behind them, “Tonight, your performance wasn’t bad.”

The members of the Ink Camp turn around and see, under the moonlight, there’s a small boy who’s as handsome as a sprite, expressionlessly looking towards them.

The brightness of the moon falling on him seems to bathe his body in a silvery light.

The dozen or so people from the Ink Camp are moved. They neatly and uniformly kneel down, loudly shouting, “See the Little Master!”

When they realized that Xiao Bao had praised them,

These boorish butchers are even more moved, each and every one of their eyes turn red, their bodies trembling slightly, wishing they scream up at the sky for a few times.

Only Chang Yu remains calm, “Little master, a thief ran over to the next courtyard, should we…”

“No need.” Xiao Bao interrupts him, “Niangqin already went.”


The members of the Ink Camp simultaneously gasped in a mouthful of cold air, and soon observe a moment of silence to mourn for that fish that escaped their net.

If Miss Jun handles it herself, that guy’s end will surely be incomparably miserable.

Anyway, Xiao Bao can’t help but slightly pinch his brows as he looks towards the direction of that other courtyard, there’s a hint of absent-mindedness in this expression.

In reality, he also kinda wants to take a look at said courtyard…

That man, it seems like it’s already been too long since he last appeared.


Zhao Shan cuts a sorry figure as he flees into the neighboring courtyard, worrying whether or not he’s entered into a land of tigers and wolves.

But he discovers that the courtyard next to this Junji Drugstore is completely deserted, without the single sound of a crying fowl or a barking dog.

And there’s no one chasing him from behind.

Zhao Shan sighs in relief, in this second, he’s finally escaped the calamity.

But before the happy expression could rise to the tips of his brows, he suddenly hears a pleasant and euphonious voice from the void.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch174

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 174: Former Fiancée

The woman in his arms is deathly pale. There’s crusted dust across her face, the eyes that were just closed seem like they will remain that way for a long time, not waking up.

Yan Haotian could bear it no longer. He raises his head to look anxiously towards Muyan.

He opens his mouth, “ah ah”.

Ever since he had reported an enormous hatred back in the Ghost City’s Beast Fighting Colosseum, Yan Haotian has been grave, stern and indifferent. He rarely makes even so much as a sound.

But right now, he seems to be frantic, his eyes are turning red.

Muyan jests: “Didn’t you say you don’t know this?”

With both hands, Yan Haotian carries the woman and he plops down to a kneel, a pleading expression filling his eyes.

Muyan lightly sighs: “Let’s go. Take her back, I’ll help her.”


On the couch, the woman slowly opens her eyes.

She’s muddle-headed at first, before she abruptly jolts up.

“Finally awake?” a clear and euphonious voice suddenly speaks up.

The woman’s head whips to the side, and she sees a young lady wearing white bedclothes. The other has a book on her hands while she sits by the candle flame, absent-mindedly staring at her.

Under the candlelight, the young lady’s countenance is shadowy, ethereal like an immortal. Simply looking would make others feel a sense of shame from their inferiority.

The woman lowers her head in sadness, the color of loneliness fills her face.

“Do tell, what’s your relationship with Yan Haotian? What do you want to do by following us the whole way today?”

The woman tenses her neck, coldly saying: “My relationship with Haotian, why should I tell you?”

Muyan smirks, calm eyes looking at her, “It’s just that he’s my subordinate now.”


The woman is struck dumb, “You… you two aren’t together? Not… that kind of relationship?”

After the shock, she’s visibly ecstatic.

A bright and beautiful smile rises to the surface of the woman’s face, adding a tender beauty to her originally pale complexion.

“Oh? What did you think our relationship was?” Muyan’s mouth curls up into a funny smile, “I really didn’t think that there’s actually someone who likes Yan Haotian, that chunk of wood.”

The woman’s expression turns cold, she lowers her voice: “Haotian, he’s very good!”

Soon after, she eases her tone until it sounds almost pleading: “Please tell me where Haotian is right now? Can I see him? How has he been all these years?”

“Before asking about him, shouldn’t you tell me your identity first?” Muyan says.

The woman stares blankly, then she wipes away her tears. She slowly says: “My name is Feng Haitang, Yan Haotian’s former fiancée.”

With the woman’s story, Muyan finally understands the whys and wherefores of the whole thing.

As it turns out, Feng Haitang and Yan Haotian grew up together as childhood sweethearts.

Their families have already arranged the two of them to marry.

However, just half a year before the Yan family was ruined, the Feng family suddenly requested to withdraw the pair’s wedding contract.

A marriage contract was even quickly drawn out for Feng Haitang and another man.

At the time of the incident, Feng Haitang was following her master’s travels, she knew nothing about dissolving her engagement nor the new marriage contract.

When she came back, don’t even say anything about the marriage with Yan Haotian, even the Yan family itself was ruined and exterminated.

Having said that, Feng Haitang firmly clenches her fists, her eyes are filled with tears of remorse, “My parents told me that the Yan family had been exterminated, and that Yan Haotian had already died then. But I absolutely didn’t believe it, in no way did I believe that Haotian would die like that. So despite my parent’s objections, I secretly ran away from home, searching all over the north and south sides of the Yangtze River. I was only able to hear news about him once I arrived at the Xia’an State of Chi Yan.”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch170

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 170: To Dedicate a Life

“What?!! You’re breaking through?!”

“This… how is this possible?!”

Chang Yu looks around their circle and sneers: “Could it be that you can’t tell how your own cultivation had been rising at a frightening speed in this short period of time?”

When Chang Yu brought that up, everyone looks at each other and begins to examine themselves.

And they find this inspection really incredible.

“Fuck me, your father is actually about to breakthrough to the peak Profound Stage!”

“My, my… my cultivation has also advanced!”

“God, I didn’t notice it at all!”

Chang Yu continues to taunt them: “See you’re all idiots, not even noticing. Didn’t you see the scenes of those huge crowds outside Junji Drugstore these past few days? What did all those people come for? All of them came to buy draughts. You guys still don’t realize why would all those people line up even all through the night, insisting to buy from our Junji Drugstore?”

Everyone else has their eyes wide open, their hands trembling, somewhat unable to control their state of mind.

“That’s because our boss is a super-powerful draught refiner. The draught that she makes is hard to acquire even with ten million gold coins. And we’re drinking a bottle of it every day.”


Someone couldn’t help but gulp down his spit.

“As for the drills and the zither songs, I don’t know how you’re all feeling, but in these few days, I only feel that my body has become stronger and it’s old wounds are slowly healing. What’s harder to believe, is that I feel my mind has become sharper, and my heart demons are just banished subconsciously. The bottleneck that had bothered me for several years have unexpectedly become insignificant in just a few days.”

“Do you guys know what this means?”

Everyone in the room, simultaneously sucked in a mouthful of cold air, their bodies involuntarily shudder.

Chang Yu shakes his sleeves, turning around to leave the room, “If there’s still an idiot that wants to leave, then leave. I think there’s definitely a lot of people from outside that wants to enter our Ink Camp!”

As soon as Chang Yu is gone, the remaining people look at each other.

Someone suddenly exclaims: “Screw leaving! Your father will take root in the Ink Camp from now on, born in the Ink Camp, die in the Ink Camp!”

“Only swearing loyalty and devotion to the little master and it’ll help me advance rapidly and become stronger. So what if I dedicate my life to the young master?”

Besides, Jun Muyan gave them the time limit of ten years.

That woman said that as long as they protect and stay loyal to Xiao Bao for ten years, they can still go free. After this ordeal, they’d be able to decide for themselves.


On the next day’s drills, Muyan is surprised to find that these Ink Camp’s people suddenly have a surge of unprecedented enthusiasm.

Each and every one of them seem like they’ve been injected with chicken blood.

Even the submersion under the Tian Mo Qin’s [Life is But a Dream]- they originally dread to go through with it… but now, there’s a complete lack of fear and each one of them is eager to give it a try instead.

Muyan shakes her head in regret.

Tsk… these guys, how did they get it straight this soon?

If only they didn’t get the point of this, she still could’ve tortured them for a while longer.

Yup, although the training this time is beneficial for the members of the Ink Camp,

But it’s also true that Muyan is really tormenting them on purpose.

For example, the Body Tempering Draught originally doesn’t have any side effects when you drink it, but she modified it to become a “bitter medicine” that would give you the pain of hovering between life and death once you take it.

Another example would be that in the [Life is But a Dream], she made their lives a little bit more miserable, a little bit more torturous.

The reason is of course, to take revenge for the filthy words that came from these guys’ mouths when they were shaming Xiao Bao.

But now that these guys have become so proactive and obedient, Muyan finds it too embarrassing to keep on tormenting them.

She sends Chang Yu a quick glance, and unexpectedly takes out a bottle of draught.

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EMHS – ch167

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 167: A Four-Year-Old Child

As she’s saying that, she turns to a distance and waves over, “Come here, Xiao Bao.”

Hearing Muyan’s call, the practicing Xiao Bao promptly and obediently comes over.

Muyan touches her son’s head.

She just unhurriedly says: “You’re opponent… is him.”

“Are you kidding me?!”

“Smelly girl, are you making fun of us?”

“A milk doll, I, your father could kill him with a finger.”

With a smile that isn’t a smile, Muyan looks on as they raucously curse. She waits for their commotion to settle down before she speaks with a sneer: “It seems that you don’t want this opportunity.”

Saying that, she turns around to leave.

“Wait a moment!” the scarred man immediately calls for her to stop, he says doubtfully, “What you said, that you’d let us go free as long as we defeat this small child, is that true?”

“Of course!” Muyan turns back, “I’ll never speak lies.”

“Is this one versus one, or two wins out of three sets?”

This puts Muyan on a stump.

So she looks down to Xiao Bao, “Baby, say, what would be more interesting?”

Xiao Bao’s tiny face is as cold as usual, but there’s a flash of impatience within the depths of his eyes, “All of you, all at once.”

Muyan looks up and beams, “You all heard that?”

The slaves from Ghost City are all stunned, doubting if what they heard was just their imagination.

A small child who’s less than five years old actually said “all at once” to face them – these strong fiendish men?

Is this foolish, or is this insanity?

After they’re done staring blankly, an ominous light emerges from within each slave’s eyes.

They are looked down upon by a milk down and a woman too weak to stand up to the wind, how could they tolerate this?!

“Little kid, since you’re courting death, don’t blame these grandfathers for being rude!”

“Just now, the woman said it herself, even if we pummel this little kid into powder, we can’t be blamed either!”

“That’s right, who made it so that this smelly girl doesn’t know how high the is sky and how wide is the earth!”

While they’re talking, a fierce killing intent thickly surrounds the slaves as they rush up like a swarm of bees.

Muyan unhurriedly steps back, arms crossed in front of her chest as she watches this overwhelmingly one-sided crushing battle as it’s about to begin.

Expressionless at the side, Yan Haotian can only look at her, then at the group of slaves surrounding the young master, then imperceptibly shake his head.

He has already determined that the future of this group of idiots would be very miserable.

One can’t just look at how the Miss is beaming right now, since all those who have insulted the little master, she won’t let a single one of them easily get away with it!

What’s more, just with this group of idiots, and they want to defeat the young master?

They’re dreaming!

Just as this thought flashes through Yan Haotian’s mind,

There’s a loud bang, and a huge body is already flying up and out the fray, he heavily tumbles down to the ground, and suddenly coughs a mouthful of blood.

Then the one becomes two, and the two becomes three.

Following that, one could hear miserable shrieks like wailing ghosts and howling wolves throughout the whole courtyard.

Afterwards, each and every one of the brawny, tower-like men are either sent flying with a kick, or lifted up in the air and thrown out.

In brief, after a short quarter of an hour later in the yard, except for the spectating Muyan and Yan Haotian,

Only a very small figure stands proudly in the the middle of the courtyard.

And around him are the disordered strong men lying on the ground, each one of them sporting a bloody nose and a swollen face as they continuously shriek miserably.

At this moment, the way that all the slaves look at Xiao Bao,

It’s no longer of mere shock and amazement, but it’s as if they’re looking at a monster.

This one is only a four-year-old child a!

A child that is not taller than their waists.

Unexpectedly… unexpectedly took on more than a dozen of them “devils” who have crawled out from a sea of blood and corpses, and he had completely beaten them to the ground!

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EMHS – ch165

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 165: Don’t Discard Me

These past few days, she was busy with familiarizing herself with the Shen Musician techniques, as well as refining special draughts. So she didn’t have time to operate anything else.

But she has already been planning to build up her own power.

In this life, she wants Gong Qianxue’s complete defeat and fall from grace, to have her left with nothing.

Make Heavenly Road Sect, the number one sect of Huang Yao Country, collapse and fall apart – for it to disappear between heaven and earth.

No one knows it more clearly than she does, just how strong are the forces of the Jing Cheng Country’s royalty and the Heavenly Road Sect’s forces. Gong Qianxue’s influence is numerous and complicated, and they are scattered everywhere.

If she herself doesn’t have enough power and strength, how would she be able to avenge the Blood Sea Vendetta of her previous life?


At this time, Muyan could see that Chen Qingfeng is clearly not suited for business.

She was originally thinking on whether or not to hire a shrewder shopkeeper.

On the contrary, Ru Yan and Old Tao’s arrival at this time eases Muyan’s troubles by a lot.

“Ru Yan, you will be in charge Junji Drugstore’s business later. Old Tao, you’ll assist Ru Yan. Tell those people with other ideas that if they want to buy my Junji Drugstore’s draughts, they need to abide by the rules. Otherwise, just beat them out with a stick for me.”

Along with the increasing number of special draughts that Muyan refines, the drugs’ effects become more and more in defiance of the natural order as well.

It would be impossible to say that there aren’t people in Xia’an that would want to take advantage, and use force to buy and sell.

Ru Yan and Old Tao give a start, both seeing delight in each other’s eyes. They bow in succession and say: “Yes, Miss.”

They didn’t expect that Muyan would entrust them with such a heavy responsibility just after they arrived.

This could only mean that they’re totally not regarded as outsiders.

However, although Ru Yan and Old Tao are in a cheerful mood, Chen Qingfeng is hanging is head dispiritedly, almost about to cry.

Muyan looks over at Chen Qingfeng funnily, “Come with me.”

Chen Qinfeng hangs his head down and dejectedly follows.

After entering through the door, Muyan just picks up a tangerine and starts feeding half to her son, and the other half leisurely enters her mouth. While doing so, she asks: “Do you know why I wouldn’t let you manage the Junji Drugstore anymore?”

Chen Qinfeng’s eyes are red, doing his best to stop the tears from falling, “I… I do, it’s because I’m too stupid, I’m too useless! But, but Miss Jun, can you not discard me?”

Not to mention that compared to Ru Yan, who’s hundreds of thousands of times stronger than him, he’s just an ordinary drugstore shopkeeper.

Had it been someone else handling the miraculous draughts that Muyan refines, the store’s business would have already become dazzling, and flourishing in Xia’an.

And what about him? Going out empty-handed from the treasure mountain, that even now, the shop is still unfrequented, that except for when they’re selling those draughts, they don’t have any revenue at all.

Muyan almost chokes on her tangerine!

What ‘don’t discard him’? Who exactly did she provoke that everyone is saying that she’s abandoning them?

cough…” Muyan takes the towel proffered by Xiao Bao and wipes her mouth with it. Only then does she speak, “Well then, wipe away those tears. A grown man, aren’t you ashamed of crying in front of Xiao Bao. I’m not letting you manage the drugstore because there are more important things that I want you to do.”

“More important things?” Chen Qingfeng’s rabbit-like red eyes looks at Muyan.

Muyan raises a hand and throws a book towards Chen Qingfeng, “I remember you saying that you have some basic knowledge about refining! Within half a month, thoroughly study the contents of these notes. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions.”

Chen Qingfeng picks up the book and flips it open, the words ‘Draught Manual’ written there.

In flower pin shorthand, inside are densely-packed explanations about draught ingredients, how to handle herbs, their different proportions and usage, as well as their various effects.

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EMHS – ch153

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 153: A Truce

This piece of jade is very important, but… marrying Muyan is even more important!

Di Ming Jue extends his hand towards Xiao Bao and slowly opens his palms, “Do you want this jade?”

Xiao Bao raises his small head, looking at him unblinkingly.

Di Ming Jue has a wooden expression as he faces the other, “I will only give you this one chance. If you don’t take it today, there won’t be any more opportunities in the future.”

Sure enough, a keen expression immediately appears on Xiao Bao’s face. Fair, delicate little hands reaches out to snatch the jade.

However, Di Ming Jue moves his hands to the side, saying unhurriedly: “With one condition, you can’t stop me from being with your mother.”

Xiao Bao wrinkles his brows and glares at him, “Niangqin will not agree to marry you.”

“Humph, this is Ben Jun’s affair, and it nothing to do with you! You only have to agree not to obstruct or make trouble, and it’s fine.”

Xiao Bao frowns in hesitation for a long time. In the end, he couldn’t resist the temptation of that vermilion jade, so he agrees to sign a “temporary truce” with Di Ming Jue!


Muyan has an unusually restful sleep. Waking up, she doesn’t open her eyes immediately but directly enters the Space instead.

That’s because she could feel some strange Internal Force fluctuations inside.

This means that her Xiao Bao has already succeeded in advancing.

“Baby, are you done with your closed-door cultivation?”

Muyan is just about to hug her darling boy and pepper him with kisses, when she sees Xiao Bao hastily hide something.

Unhappiness, discontentment and attachment flashes through his little face.

But when he turns around and sees Muyan, he immediately throws himself over to her.

Although his face is still as expressionless as before, those enormous eyes are sparkling, filled with happiness – he missed her.

Before Muyan could hug Xiao Bao, he’s already clinging to her tightly.

The little figure buries itself in her embrace, softly rubbing and rubbing, indescribably unable to let go.

However, Muyan could feel a peculiar mood coming from her son.

She gives it a thought, eventually coming to a conclusion.

She can’t help but soften her expression as she hugs him, and gently says: “Don’t be scared baby. Niangqin is okay, I was just very tired so I fell asleep.”

Xiao Bao nods in her embrace and gives a muffled response. But he still refuses to let go.

Muyan can only carry him, and gently pat her baby in a cajoling manner.

She’s somewhat gratified in her mind, and also a bit amused: she never expected that her darling son would also have this day, where he would act spoiled and willful.

After the mother and child pair have cuddled for a while, Muyan suddenly remembers something, “Baby, what were you looking at earlier?”

Xiao Bao immediately stiffens after he hears her question, silently lowering his head.

“Is it something that niangqin can’t see?”

Xiao Bao’s long eyelashes flutters for a bit, but he only says in a low voice: “Right now, not yet.”

Muyan sees Xiao Bao’s expression and realizes that something must’ve happened while she was asleep.

But since her baby son doesn’t want to say it, she won’t force him.

If she wants to know what happened, she naturally knows where to ask.

After Muyan leaves the Space, Xiao Bao once again takes out the piece of vermilion jade.

Tightly pursing his lips, there’s an unswerving determination within his huge eyes, “This jade, I’ll wait until after I defeat that lecher, then I’ll give it to niangqin fair and square!”

After that, he looks at the fat rabbit at the side.

He places the jade in front its mouth: “Put this away for me, you absolutely mustn’t lose it!”

How can a rabbit eat a jade ornament?!

But in the next moment, something magical happens.

The fat rabbit slightly opens its mouth, and the jade within Xiao Bao’s hands immediately disappears.

When the rabbit has finished swallowing the jade, it scuttles to Xiao Bao’s side, sticking its tongue out to lick him.

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EMHS – ch151

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 151: You! Lose!

Xiao Bao only has a grasp of Mysterious Energy, and yet he could actually do this!

Just how powerful is that physique, that it can allow him to raise his speed to such an astonishing extent?

However, Di Ming Jue, who is in the middle of Xiao Bao’s encirclement, only shows a disdainful look.

“Do you think that by using these unorthodox techniques, you would be able to snatch this vermilion jade from my hands?”

The jade ornament sways gently, and the tassels shine brightly.

The “Xiao Baos” around Di Ming Jue appear to have found the right timing “they’ve” been waiting for, and suddenly jump.

Boom boom boom bomm —!

The continuous sounds of fists striking reverberates like rolling thunder.

The trees surrounding the yard shudder violently from the tremendous air currents.

And together with the sound of the fist strikes, are Di Ming Jue’s words.

“Your feet are too slow. If I were to attack, you would have already lost both of your legs.”

“You Internal Force, should have already filled your body the moment you strike, instead of waiting and mobilizing it from your Qi Sea.”

“Keep in mind, martial arts is a skill used to kill, it must be direct and efficient. All superfluous movements must be eliminated.”

“If you cannot allocate every bit of Internal Force, and utilize it to the utmost limit, you’ll never be able to become a real master.”


On his side, Han Ye is simply flabbergasted!

Is this still their Jun Shang, the one who cherishes words like gold?

During this fight, he unexpectedly doesn’t mind taking all the trouble to teach the little gongzi.

Moreover, he even explains so much in one breath!

Han Ye thinks sourly: don’t even compare with Miss Muyan yet, I’m afraid that even if one adds up all the words Jun Shang had said in one year, what he said to the little gongzi today is still much more!

Some time have passed with Di Ming Jue and Xiao Bao criss-crossing.

It’s getting closer and closer to a quarter of an hour from the time they have begun.

Ten breaths, nine breaths, eight breaths…

Xiao Bao’s face and body are already completely covered in sweat.

For the first time, he finally feels the helplessness of defeat.

At this moment, he thoroughly understands that it’s impossible for him to win against this man in front of him, even if the other is giving such a concession.

But within those enormous, glistening blue eyes, not only is there a lack of despair and discouragement, a blazing flame ignites instead.

That’s because Xiao Bao believes that one day, he will surely become stronger than this person.

Niangqin said that he’s still young. This man is so much older than him, so when he grows up, he will definitely, definitely beat this guy!

Di Ming Jue is pleased as he sees the flame of unyielding fighting spirit inside the little guy’s eyes. He says a rare praise, “You’re better than I expected.”

He truly deserves to be Muyan’s son!

His only shortcoming is that extremely terrible temperament. Hmph, Xiao Bao must have inherited it from his father!

That trash!!

However, before Di Ming Jue could finish his monologue, there comes a sudden turn of events.

Just as Di Ming Jue is silently cursing Xiao Bao’s ‘birth father’, Xiao Bao suddenly raises his small hand and brandishes his fingers like a sword.

A sword of condensed Internal Force shoots out.

There’s a swishing sound, and the rope that Di Ming Jue holds the jade ornament with- is cut.

At the same time, Xiao Bao’s figure bolts like lightning, catching the jade with his hand.

The air seems to have frozen at that instant.

Han Ye gapes his mouth, and he can’t close it for a long time.

There’s a stiff expression on Di Ming Jue’s face, his eyes are filled with disbelief.

On Xiao Bao’s small eternally icy-cold face, a rare mischievous smile appears.

With the crisp and sweet-sounding voice of a child, his words echo within the courtyard: “You! Lose!”


Han Ye seems to have heard the sound of their Jun Shang’s heart breaking.

He trembles and shrinks into himself, shrinking back so much and desperately reducing his own presence.

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