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Chapter 265: The Enchantress of Medicine, Jun Muyan

    The small manservant, who keeps the order outside, has a sullen expression as he says: “The patients… the patients all went to the Junji Medical Center.”

    “What?!” says the doctor who came out to inquire. Stupefied, “How is that possible?!”

    Just then, Guan Hu, who has been staying in place, very slowly walks towards them.

    There’s an evil smile plastered on his mouth, “Oh hey, no clients! It seems that the Hongfu Medical Center is very unoccupied today, oh, I suppose you’d be very idle in the future.”

    “Did you people eat bear heart and leopard guts? Don’t you know that after offending our Hongfu Medical Center, you shouldn’t even think of mingling in Tianyuan City later!” that doctor’s entire body is trembling from anger.

    Guan Hu swats the finger that the doctor is pointing at him. He says with a sneer: “To mingle or not, just look at our capability. What qualifications do you have to be pointing around and lecturing, you old thing? If you dare to point your finger on Laozi again, believe it or not, Laozi will crush all your bones!”

    “You–! You–!!”

    “You what you?!” Guan Hu grasps the doctor up by the collar, holding him up like a chicken, sneering as he says, “Go back and tell your Master, daring to scheme against our Miss, making doctors and clients avoid coming to our Junji Medical Center?”

    “Hehe, then we also won’t let his Hongfu Medical Center have any patients in the future!”

    Saying that, he swings his arms and the doctor is thrown to the ground.

    Guan Hu waves his hand, “Brothers, our task is complete. Let’s end our work for the day!”

    Looking at the group of people leaving in a grand manner, then looking at the empty street outside their establishment,

    An unprecedented panic rushes forth in the hearts of everyone at the Hongfu Medical Center.


    In just a short period of about ten days’ time, the name “Junji Medical Center” is like squally showers sweeping through every corner of Tianyuan City.

    There’s even a topic that’s spreading out.

    Junji Medical Center’s doctor is called Jun Muyan, a Qin musician and a Senior Doctor.

    She has a superb artistic achievement with the zither.

    And her medical expertise can work on the flesh and bones of the living dead.

    Legend has it that as long as Jun Muyan wants to save someone, even if the King of Hell has already set the time of death, she could still use her pair of slender white hands to snatch back the life of that person.

    So many people that have been declared terminally ill by other medical establishments would go in there, and come out in a good condition.

    In this way, one becomes ten, and ten becomes a hundred.

    In Tianyuan City, Jun Muyan’s medical skills has already been mythologized to a legendary level.

    In the beginning, the sick people refer to Jun Muyan as “The Fairy Doctor”.

    That’s because this young lady doctor is no more than twenty years of age, and she has a pure, matchless and breathtaking appearance.

    In white clothes with her long her fluttering, just like a goddess from the Ninth Heaven that has fallen to the mundane world.

    Eventually afterwards, some people think that the tile of “Fairy Doctor” is not dignified enough.

    So everyone starts calling her “Music Healer”.

    That’s because Jun Muyan’s treatment always starts with the mellifluous song of a zither, and slowly ends with a mellow and lingering note.

    In the middle of this, patients won’t feel a lot of pain, but their minds and bodies would be in inexplicable bliss instead.

    It’s as if their souls are getting washed.

    There are also some people that secretly give Jun Muyan the tile “The Enchantress of Medicine”.

    Especially those patients that were personally saved by Jun Muyan,

    No one is more clear about it than them, the girl clothed in white, it’s like there’s an indolent and evil charm in her smile. Refined and free from vulgarity, but a turn of her wrist could pull back their lives from the quagmires of hell.

    Even if Muyan never receives more than ten patients a day,

    The entire Junji Medical Center is still packed with people.

EMHS – ch264

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Chapter 264: The crowd, like a pot boiling over

    “Is this for real?” there are still some who couldn’t believe it, “That’s intestinal blockage ah! Is it really possible to cure it? How did that doctor from Junji Medical Center treat it?”

    The middle-aged woman stares blankly, seemingly recalling yesterday’s events.

    It’s a good while before she slowly says: “That fairy doctor said that the intestinal blockage is only caused by improper diet, there’s inflammation from infected blood, and it decreases blood flow. The treatment is very simple, just cut the belly open and remove that inflamed appendix, and I’ll recover without drugs.”

    “What?! Cutting your belly open? Are you kidding? Wouldn’t you definitely die if you had your stomach cut open?!”

    The surrounding patients show aghast expressions one after another.

    The middle-aged woman shakes her head, “That’s what I also thought at first. To have my belly cut open, even if my intestinal blockage would get cured, wouldn’t I still die from pain? But… but it’s like that fairy doctor did magic. She just held a zither, played a very pleasant song, then I fell asleep.”

    “When I woke up, the pain in my abdomen has entirely disappeared, and only a very small scar is left on my belly.”

    The middle-aged woman says that as she lifts her clothes open, letting everyone see the cut on her abdomen.

    Sure enough, there really is a very small scar with stitches still on it.

    “The Fairy doctor said that these stitches can be removed in a few days, and it won’t leave a scar afterwards.”

    She has awe and gratefulness on her face, “Although I don’t know how the Fairy doctor did it, but I believe that her medical skills have reached perfection, I… I feel like I could really keep on living!”

    This remark, as well as the display of the middle aged woman who is currently weak but full of vitality,

    It’s making everyone there completely stunned.

    There are even those that have studied medicine and they couldn’t help but take the woman’s pulse, only to be surprised with their findings.

    That intestinal blockage is really gone, the woman is quite healthy now, she is very healthy!

    “Can you cure someone by cutting them open? This… is there really such a miraculous method in this world?”

    “Didn’t you guys hear about it? A few days ago, the Xuan Medical Pavilion let out the news that our Tianyuan City has produced its first Senior Doctor. Not only that, it’s a woman that’s less than twenty years old. It must be the Fairy-doctor that this big sister is talking about!”

    “Is it possible for my tumor to be cured?”

    “I’ve already spent thousands upon thousands of gold coins in the Hongfu Medical Center, but there’s no signs of my condition getting any better, I… I should also go and see this Junji Medical Center!”


    In an instant, the crowd seems like a pot boiling over.

    A patient with an incurable disease is like a person drowning in water. So long as they could grab a life-saving straw, they would frantically climb up.

    That’s why, even if they know perfectly well that the Hongfu Medical Center couldn’t cure their illnesses, they would still choose to spend a great amount of gold coins to go in and out of there everyday.

    All in order to grab their only remaining hope.

    Now that the Junji Medical Center has allowed them genuinely see hope at last, how could they not go crazy?

    Even Guan Hu and the others, these fiends that lick blood off the edge of a knife, they’re also stupefied by the surging crowd in front of them.

    “Wait… wait a minute! Our Miss will only see one patient a day!” 

    But how could these sick people care about him? They walk without paying heed to Guan Hu.

    They just directly ask that middle-aged woman about the Junji Medical Center’s address, and they rush towards it like a swarm of bees.

    As soon as the Hongfu Medical Center is done with its first batch of patients, they go outside to call the waiting people to enter.

    To their astonishment, they find that it’s completely empty outside, not even the shadow of a single person.

    “This… what is going on here? The people?”

EMHS – ch262

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Chapter 262: No payment if you’re not cured

    Just a confrontation of skill, and they’ve already beat the other group unconscious.

     The other party didn’t even have the slightest bit of power to fight back.

     And these men holding the sign, men that look like devils and monsters… continue to hold their signs up, yelling as they’re walking back and forth. It’s as if they can’t see their audience at all.

    “You people, just who are you people?” A doctor of Huangfu Medical Center finally couldn’t bear it, shouting angrily as he walks out, “Do you know where this is? You actually dare to run amok here!”

     Hearing that, one of the men holding a sign walks over with large strides. He has a disdainful expression as he sweeps his eyes over the doctor, saying: “What’s it to you? Laozi is talking to these sick guests, what does that have to do with you, old fart?”

    This person is called Guan Hu.

    A member of the Ink Camp.

    It’s important to know that the Ink Camp are filled with people who have crawled of a mountain corpses and a sea of blood.

    Cunning, fierce, fearing nothing in Heaven of Earth.

    Just a mere medical establishment wanting to push the people of Ink Camp around,

    Why not just flatten it directly, consider each and every skull a watermelon, chop them up or smash them down. 

    Why does it have to be so troublesome?

    But there’s nothing to be done about it, who made is so that this is the female devil’s… *cough*… the Miss’ plan?

    They are the Little Master’s servants, and the Little Master is obedient to his mother.

    That said, the people of Ink Camp also fully understand what it means to survive by becoming stronger.

    Meaning, they can ignore the words of a noble and authoritative person,

    But if the words came from Miss, it must be carried out with scrupulous attention to detail, otherwise, they’ll definitely be damned.

    Not only that, but they would no longer have any opportunities to advance in the future.

    Guan Hu operates his body’s Internal Force, and he could feel the noticeable improvement with each day. His heart is brimming with hope and longing.

    That doctor had passed as an Intermediate Doctor in Xuan Medical Pavilion.

    Except for Deng Hongfeng, he is the most respected person in the entire Hongfu Medical Center.

    When had he ever been angered like this.

    He immediately trembles all over because of anger, “You… you… you’re going too far! You and your master, are you all tired of living? You dare to come to our Hongfu Medical Center to snatch the patients!!”

    “Yeah, right!” Guan Hu snorts and slaps the sign he’s holding, “Old fart, don’t you know how to read? Laozi is looking for a sick person that your Hongfu Medical Center couldn’t treat. Your medical center had already determined them incurable anyway, we’re calling them to go to our Junji Medical Center. This is just what our Miss calls ‘saving a life is more meritorious than building a seven-floor pagoda.”

    “Saying that we’re snatching patients, does our Miss need to snatch the crumbs of your patients? Old fart, you’re really going senile, have your brains already turned to paste?

    That doctor could no longer continue to support himself, as his eyes roll back from anger and he faints.

   No way Guan Hu would take care of him. He lifts up the sign and joins his companions in the Ink Camp to go on with tearing their throats yelling.

    No one cares at first.

    After all, they’ve never heard of the Junji Medical Center before, and it would be impossible to mingle in the Tianyuan City if they were to offend the Hongfu Medical Center.

    But there will inevitably be patients that have been sentenced to death by the establishment.

    Reading the words on the sign, and hearing what Guan Hu and the others are shouting,

    There’s a spark of hope in the heart that was originally as still as a grave.

    “You… are you guys saying the truth?” a very thin middle-aged woman unsteadily walks over to them, her eyes are filled with the brilliant rays of hope, “All illnesses can really be cured?”

    Guan Hu’s mouth splits open, revealing a mouthful of big white teeth, a very bright smile.

    But on that fierce face of his, it seems especially horrifying, “Big sister, whether or not it can be cured, why don’t you go over and check it out? Guaranteed that you won’t have to pay if you won’t get cured, do you think that we could still cheat you?”

EMHS – ch250

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Chapter 250: Not even a blade of grass grows
    “All of you shut up for me!” Deng Hongfeng points at Zhang Mingkun and the others, his eyes are filled with fierceness, “Lao zi* said that she is disqualified, so she is disqualified! Do you people have any say in Xuan Medical Pavilion?”
  • I, your father – an arrogant way to address oneself.
    After he says that, he ferociously glares at Muyan, “Still not hurrying up to get lost?!”
    Muyan completely ignores him, and instead, without consulting anyone, she moves two steps forward until she could stand in front of that ninth patient.
    The ninth patient is a middle-aged man with a simple and honest appearance.
    He has a head of thick black hair, with a thin yellow beard and eyebrows that are very unkempt.
    Seeing the young lady coming over, beautiful like a fairy from a painting, the middle-aged man nervously twists his hand to fix his clothes.
    He has a helpless and tensed face.
    Muyan has a faint smile, her expression is indescribably soft and gentle, “Uncle, can I ask you a few questions?”
    That relaxing euphonious voice is like feathers softly dispersing the tenseness and insecurity around him.
    The middle-aged man unconsciously loosens his nerves, but he still talks with a stutter: “You… can ask away.”
    “Are you… wearing a wig?”
    Hearing her question, the middle-aged man immediately widens his eyes, “You, how did you know?”
    After he says this, the man’s face turns red all of a sudden, and the expression of unease turns into panic and embarrassment.
    If only there’s a hole around, he would really like to burrow his head into it right now.
    Muyan’s expression becomes even gentler, completely devoid of any ridicule, “If I say that I can cure your illness, and ensure that there won’t be a relapse in the future, would you be willing to take your wig off?”
    “You… is that true?!” the middle-aged man produces a voice that’s almost high-pitched, “Can you really cure my illness?”
    Muyan’s lips quirk up, smiling lazily as she sends a sideways glance, “What? Don’t you believe me?”
    Believe! Of course, believe!
    A burning light flashes through the middle-aged man’s eyes.
    Just a moment ago, the ten of them had seen and understood Muyan’s abilities.
    If it’s anyone else who said that they can cure the illness he’s been hiding, the man might still have some reservations.
    But since it’s coming from this girl in front of him, for some reason, he has a firm faith, without any doubts.
    He slowly nods his head, resolute and decisive as he says: “I believe you!”
    Saying that, he lifts his hand and slowly touches the hair on his head.
    On the other side, the examiners are baffled.
    What is Jun Muyan and the ninth patient talking about?
    Wig? What does that have to do with the assessment?
    Deng Hongfeng doubles down on his unpleasantness and verbal abuse: “Little slut, what are you doing? Didn’t you hear me telling you to get lost? Don’t think that you could pass just by stalling for time…”
    Before he could finish his words,
    he sees that the ninth patient is already talking the wig off of his head.
    Soon after, they get to see that the hair remaining on the man’s head is only a few tufts.
    And the rest is a bright scalp where not even a blade of grass grows.
    Yet the most alarming part would be the several red and swollen pustules on his scalp.
    Seeing it this way after he took the wig off, it’s really very disconcerting.
    The entire examination room suddenly goes completely silent.
    The finger that Deng Hongfeng is using to point at Muyan is frozen in place.
    He looks straight at the middle-aged man’s scalp, and it’s only after a long while that he could come back to himself.
    One after another, the other examiners are leaping up from their seats to walk towards the middle-aged man.
    “This, this is Ghost Thorn?!”
    Ghost Thorn is a very rare disease.
    At the stage before it fully flares-up, it wouldn’t necessarily be discovered even by taking the pulse.
     And the Ghost Thorn on the middle-aged man has obviously flared-up just recently, just the initial symptoms.
    Without seeing this skin disease on his head, they probably still wouldn’t dare to believe it.

EMHS – ch192

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 192: Xiao Bao’s Doubt

Even Lin Sitong-sister going missing, it’s also because of this Shen Xiaoru’s deliberate obstruction.

If not for her family and identity, Gao Chenyu really wants to beat her up.

Lin Sitong isn’t just Yichen-brother’s childhood sweetheart, there’s already a marriage contract between them.

It’s really great that someone would teach her a lesson now!

Shen Xiaoru expectantly turns towards Bai Yichen, hoping that he can get her out of this predicament.

With Bai Yichen’s identity, if only he’s willing to reveal who he is and speak up for her.

Absolutely nobody would disregard the “Dustless Swordsman” Bai Yichen’s face.

But on account of her pleading, there isn’t the slightest bit of sympathy on Bai Yichen’s expression.

As he speaks, his voice is so cold that it can freeze people, “Words must be fulfilled, this is the character that a disciple of Zi Yang should possess. Otherwise, people will not just despise you, they will also look down upon Zi Yang.”

With these words, Shen Xiaoru only feels that the sky is spinning and the earth goes round. She can’t wait to faint.

She fiercely glares at Muyan, screeching: “Jun Muyan, you dare treat me like this today, in the future, my mother and the Shen family will definitely give this back to you a thousandfold!”

Muyan slowly walks towards her. She crouches down and leans close to her ears, whispering, “Shen Xiaoru, do you that think I don’t know – when I was drugged back then, and when I rushed into the forbidden area by mistake… that it was yours and the Su family’s design? The people of the Su family have already died in a fire, why don’t you guess what your end will be? Say, I’ll let you choose, would you like to crawl out of here, or do you want to die just like the Su family?”

Shen Xiaoru’s pupils suddenly contract.

She shudders and lifts her eyes to look at Jun Muyan.

That overwhelmingly beautiful countenance is too close. There’s a faint smiling expression, and those eyes are bright and crystal clear, as if her heart is completely transparent and clean.

At this moment, Shen Xiaoru actually feels a bone-deep fear.

Under Muyan’s mockery of a smile and attentive gaze, she stiffly positions herself to crawl.

With bent knees, and both hands on the floor, she slowly crawls one step at a time.

“Not bad, not bad. Really good at crawling, just like a dog.” someone from the Ink Camp praises while nodding.

The people in the restaurant burst out laughing.

Shen Xiaoru crawls while gritting her teeth, the fear in her eyes slowly transforms into a bone-deep hatred.

Jun Muyan, just you wait, I will definitely tear your face into pieces, and have you die without a burial site!


“Miss, do you want this subordinate to get rid of that woman?” Old Tao is by Muyan’s side, showing the motion of cutting his throat.

Muyan’s eyes darken then she shakes her head: “No need. I still have some use to keep her alive.”

Old Tao immediately withdraws.

That quickly leaves only two people in the room, Muyan and Xiao Bao.

Muyan is contemplating if she wants to go into the space and clean up the mess.

Xiao Bao suddenly climbs up the chair and slips into her arms.

Muyan doesn’t have enough time to react before he tightly clings to her neck, and nestles his small head on her shoulder.

Xiao Bao has always been precocious and aloof, even when he’s too attached to Muyan. It’s awfully rare for him to show such a spoiled and clingy gesture.

Muyan quickly draws his little body into her embrace, softly saying: “Baby, what’s wrong?”

The room is calm and quiet, there’s only the sound of the pair’s soft breathing.

Just as Muyan is thinking that Xiao Bao won’t answer, a soft sound enters her ears, like a light croon: “Niangqin, what’s a ‘bastard’?”

Muyan’s body stiffens.

The hand holding Xiao Bao slightly shakes as well.

At this moment, she feels an unprecedented hatred towards Shen Xiaoru.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch183

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 183: A Mushroom Cloud

Muyan sits crossed-legged beside the Dan Furnace. She slowly operates the Internal Force in her body, then sends it into the cauldron.

As her Internal Force merges with the Dan fire, the originally red-orange flame gets tinted with a faint blue.

Then, each herb inside the furnace also begins to dissolve.

Xiao Bao stands far away, eyes wide as he stares at Muyan, worry filling those huge ice-blue irises.

Without knowing when, the rabbit has hopped to his side. It rubs itself against his feet and tilts its head to watch Muyan’s movements.

As soon as all the herbs have been completely dissolved, Muyan’s forehead is already slightly covered in sweat.

However, there isn’t the slightest change in her expression, and her output of Mysterious Energy is very stable as well.

The Mysterious Energy controls the flames, forming a stream that directs the various herbs to begin fusing with each other.

Just as it looks like it’s going to succeed,

there’s suddenly a very loud ‘bang’, and a mushroom cloud rises up inside the space.

A huge blast surges up and out.

Muyan jerks and very quickly turns back. She grabs Xiao Bao and jumps more than a dozen meters away.

The remaining shock from the furnace’s explosion still gets to her.

In a split second, the pair of mother and child, along with the rabbit, have all become filthy with grime and dirt.

Muyan coughs. Not far from them, she looks at the Dan Furnace that has been blown into pieces, and says with a sigh: “Sure enough, it’s unsuccessful!”

If Alchemy is so easy, then the Alchemists in the Yanwu Continent wouldn’t be so scarce.

Xiao Bao is unable to deal with his own little blackened face, as he promptly comforts Muyan, “Niangqin will definitely succeed one day.”

The rabbit moves its plump body, shaking its fur.

It raises its mung bean eyes to watch the female devil and the little master.

Wu… should it let the female devil know that Alchemy requires Spiritual Power?

Oh, it’s impossible to refine elixirs with just Internal Force!

The fat rabbit bounces up, and just as its about to hop into Xiao Bao’s arms,

noisy voices could suddenly be heard coming from outside the space.

“What’s going on? Why is there a lot of smoke in the backyard? Is it burning?”

“What about Miss Jun and the young Master? Who exactly committed the arson? Could it be that those thieves were unwilling to give up so they came to mount a sneak attack?”

“Hey, the thick smoke is coming out from the Miss’ room, but I’m not seeing anyone? I also don’t see anything burning? What’s going on in the end?”

Inside the space, Xiao Bao and Muyan look at each other.

cough, baby, why don’t I take you out for a meal?” Muyan asks with a smile.

It’s just that right now, there’s dust all over her face. As she smiles, there’s only a set of neat pearly white teeth, and a pair of eyes that are bright and moving, but there’s no longer any of that gorgeous disposition.

Xiao Bao as well. On that originally fair and handsome little face, only a huge pair of bright and intelligent blue eyes remain, and they’re staring at Muyan.

It’s indescribably adorable!

Muyan can’t help but pounce over, squealing and giggling. Soon after, she can only shake her head.

This Tian Mo Qin hasn’t upgraded yet, so the space is too unstable.

The thick smoke actually leaked out from just that one explosion.

If that group of people in her courtyard were to know that this dense smoke is caused by her failure in Alchemy…

Muyan feels that she can’t afford to throw her face.


Xia’an State, in a dining restaurant.

It’s midday and the seats in the restaurant are almost fully booked, it’s quite lively.

The customers are grouped in twos and threes, chatting as they eat.

All of a sudden, there’s a soft cry coming from the doorway, drawing the attention of everyone inside to its source.

At the entrance, there’s a party of three people walking in.

The three are wearing white clothes on their body, and each of them has a sword on their waist.

A man and a woman are walking at the rear. The man is handsome, confident and at ease; the woman is dainty and pretty.

In front of them is a youth in white. There’s a simple and unadorned mask on his face, covering most of his features.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch180

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 180: Fled Next Door

He waves his hand and says: “Brothers, slaughter him! The little master said that as long we perfectly carry out today’s trial, we’ll be rewarded with a new draught, guaranteed to make everybody advance within a year!”

Zhao Shan’s eyes are filled with horror and amazement.

This group in front of him, their cultivation truly isn’t high.

But they strictly comply with instructions, advancing and retreating in tandem, the tacit understanding is like that of a single unit.

As soon as the battle had begun, the eight of them were forced to scatter, and he was faced against Chang Yu.

The rest of his brothers were also surrounded and subdued, one can say that they didn’t have any power to fight back.

The most terrifying thing would still be the Internal Force that these people used during the battle.

They’re clearly only at the Profound Stage, but they’re completely unaffected by the pressure from an Earth Stage. Instead, the latter was made to feel suppressed.

And that Jun Muyan actually founded such a team by herself?!

At this moment, a thought suddenly flashes between Zhao Shan’s ears–

At the Ghost City’s Beast Fighting Colosseum, Jun Muyan publicly killed their Commander Yan Lie.

He always thought that this was just a rumor, that Jun Muyan had used some underhanded trick.

But if… this matter is true?

If even their Commander who was at the peak Heaven Stage isn’t her match?

How could they possibly kill her?

So tonight’s operation, did they come to throw theirs lives away from the start?!

Thinking until here, Zhao Shan is so scared, he’s almost unable to hold his bladder. He turns back and runs.

Chang Yu and the others didn’t expect that this master of peak Earth Stage would surprisingly not dare to fight against them, and run away with his tail between his legs.

They see the figure cross over the wall and enter the neighboring courtyard.

Chang Yu and the others inwardly shudder: “Don’t let him get away, let’s chase!”

But without waiting for the Ink Camp to move,

A figure darts past them like a flash of light, following Zhao Shan over the wall and falling into the other courtyard.

Chang Yu and they others have blank expressions. The figure just now was too fast, and they simply weren’t able to properly see who it was.

An icy yet soft and immature voice suddenly comes from behind them, “Tonight, your performance wasn’t bad.”

The members of the Ink Camp turn around and see, under the moonlight, there’s a small boy who’s as handsome as a sprite, expressionlessly looking towards them.

The brightness of the moon falling on him seems to bathe his body in a silvery light.

The dozen or so people from the Ink Camp are moved. They neatly and uniformly kneel down, loudly shouting, “See the Little Master!”

When they realized that Xiao Bao had praised them,

These boorish butchers are even more moved, each and every one of their eyes turn red, their bodies trembling slightly, wishing they scream up at the sky for a few times.

Only Chang Yu remains calm, “Little master, a thief ran over to the next courtyard, should we…”

“No need.” Xiao Bao interrupts him, “Niangqin already went.”


The members of the Ink Camp simultaneously gasped in a mouthful of cold air, and soon observe a moment of silence to mourn for that fish that escaped their net.

If Miss Jun handles it herself, that guy’s end will surely be incomparably miserable.

Anyway, Xiao Bao can’t help but slightly pinch his brows as he looks towards the direction of that other courtyard, there’s a hint of absent-mindedness in this expression.

In reality, he also kinda wants to take a look at said courtyard…

That man, it seems like it’s already been too long since he last appeared.


Zhao Shan cuts a sorry figure as he flees into the neighboring courtyard, worrying whether or not he’s entered into a land of tigers and wolves.

But he discovers that the courtyard next to this Junji Drugstore is completely deserted, without the single sound of a crying fowl or a barking dog.

And there’s no one chasing him from behind.

Zhao Shan sighs in relief, in this second, he’s finally escaped the calamity.

But before the happy expression could rise to the tips of his brows, he suddenly hears a pleasant and euphonious voice from the void.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

EMHS – ch179

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 179: Demoralized

“This fellow, why can’t you keep silent, didn’t we agree that we’ll do an ambush? Since you laughed, your father’s sneak attack is a fart!”

“Haha, do we still need to do a sneak attack to deal with this kind of trash?”

From these disdainful laughter, as well as the chattering voices that deliberately make light of them, it’s as if everyone from the Raging Inferno Mercenary Group are facing a big enemy.

“Who?! Hurry and come out for me!”

“No good, there’s actually an ambush in this courtyard!”

During this commotion, Chang Yu stands up from the bushes. Motioning with his hands: “All you fuckers stop hiding and go!”


With a cry, ten people instantly jump out and surround the eight individuals from the Raging Inferno.

At first, the people from the Raging Inferno Mercenary Group are startled, but when the see what level of cultivation the people surrounding them have, they can’t help but laugh heartily.

“Blowing out such big talk, thought it’s some very powerful people, it’s actually just a bunch of fucking rabble!”

“Hahaha, a dozen people and only two of them are at Earth Stage, and they still want to have a go at us. They’re just overestimating themselves!”

Within the Raging Inferno Group, the only man at the peak of Earth Stage waves his hand, an ominous glint in his eyes, “Brothers, kill this group of wastes for me, and that Jun Muyan would be in our bag! I heard that slut is one great beauty, so whoever gets the most kills tonight, will be rewarded with that girl, and be able to play with her as you please for one night!”

“The boss is great!”

The people from the Mercenary Group burst into loud laughter and show their enthusiasm to do this task, completely not putting the Ink Camp in their eyes.

The corner of Chan Yu’s mouth twitches up into a chilling smile, his voice clear: “Brothers in the Ink Camp, let this group of stupid cunts know our prowess!”


Under the crescent moon, a cold seeps into the dark night, and a terrifying murderous intent pervades throughout the small yard.

And from time to time, the sounds miserable howls and fearful shrieks rise and fall in succession.

Nevertheless, quite a long stretch time passes by.

It has taken a full hour before the dust settles in the battlefield.

From the eight individuals of the Raging Inferno Mercenary Group, seven are lying down on the ground, none groaning in pain, as they’re either in a coma or just separated from their heads.

The only one that remains standing is that peak Earth Stage. His face is overwhelmed with shock, and simply unable to believe what had just happened.

By contrast, the dozen or so people from the Ink Camp,

Aside from the injuries suffered by those with particularly low cultivation, there’s hardly any casualties.

There’s still a head in Chang Yu’s hand as he coldly looks at what remains of the crushed unit.

“You, who are you people in the end?”

How could a group of mere Profound Stage Practitioners completely overpower them, the elites of the Raging Inferno Mercenary Group?

Not to mention that he, Zhao Shan, is still at the peak of Earth Stage, the third handler in the Mercenary Group.

But they’re still rendered powerless by this rabble?

How can this be?!

Everyone in the Ink Camp has a sinister grin.

Someone even licks off the blood from the corner of his mouth, excitedly saying: “Damn it, after these days of getting tossed around like a dog every day in training. Today, I can finally, nicely vent my frustrations on these group of sissy grandchildren!”

“This grandfather really likes the feeling of slaughtering demoralized opponents!”

“But I’ve gotta say, Miss Jun is really amazing. Just a short half month of training and our Ink Camp can already kill a group of Earth Stage practitioners.”

Chang Yu throws away the head he’s holding, and uses his bloodied hand to wipe his face.

His face that’s covered in scars instantly becomes even more terrifying.

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EMHS – ch178

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 178: Whetstone

These four people inside the room, Ru Yan and Feng Haitang are mid Earth Stage, Yan Haotian is high Earth Stage, and Old Tao is already at the summit of Earth Stage.

“What… what draught?” Ru Yan gulps.

Muyan’s mouth hooks up, like a smile yet not a smile, “Hm, the special draught would probably be two times more effective than the Philter of Barrier Breaking.”


Ruyan and Old Tao choke down their spit, Yan Haotian himself also reveals astonishment.

Two times more effective than the Philter of Barrier Breaking?

What kind of miraculous draught is that?

But after the initial astonishment comes the feeling of wild joy, Ru Yan and Old Tao even clasp their hands in the end, “Subordinates will absolutely spare no effort to serve the Lord.”

Yan Haotian looks at Feng Haitang, then again at Muyan.

His initial intention of persuading her to leave weakens.

That’s because he realizes just how formidable is this Master of his, and how miraculous and invaluable are the draughts that she provides.

For Haitang to follow Muyan, maybe it’s her good fortune.

“By the way, Miss.” Old Tao’s foolish smile abruptly disappears, “For the past two days, it seems as if there are always some strangers loitering around the drugstore’s vicinity, and they don’t seem to want to purchase a draught. It’s better to say that they’re scouting the area…”

Halfway through his narration, Old Tao stops.

That’s because he notices Xiao Bao, who’s in Muyan’s arms, is looking at him in contempt.

Eh? Did he say something wrong?

Why is the little master looking at him like he’s an idiot?

“This subordinate… did this subordinate say something wrong?” Old Tao very carefully looks towards Xiao Bao.

Xiao Bao has a displeased look: “Moron, they’ve already been wandering around the area for five days.”

And only discovered today!

Old Tao and Ru Yan glance at each other, wishing so much that they could find a hole to burrow in.

The four-year-old little master discovered it, while it completely slipped their notice.

And only today, when the other side have come closer, are they able to vaguely detect them.

Truly losing their faces.

Old Tao’s face is blushing with shame as he faces Muyan, “Miss, would you like this subordinate to go over and dispose of those people?”

“Of course not.” Muyan squeezes her son’s little face, and simply says in a drawl, “Those people would be best as a whetstone for the Ink Camp. Wouldn’t it be such a waste if you were to go and deal with them?”


Very late into the night, there’s a waning crescent moon.

In Muyan’s boudoir, she sleeps spooning Xiao Bao, enjoying a pleasant dream.

Without notice, a group of people sneaks into the backyard of the Junji Drugstore.

Eight black silhouettes, like ghosts, jump down from the high roof.

“Second brother, after several days of observation, no matter which angle, this Jun Muyan is just a common apothecary. Too weak to stand up to the wind, and she even has a child. Are you sure that this is the woman who killed our Commander?”

“Hmph, you also mentioned that she refines drugs, maybe this slut used some underhanded means and secretly harmed our Commander in the Arena. What’s more, it was Princess Gong Qianxue who informed us that this woman killed Commander Yan Lie. Princess Gong Qianxue had a profound relationship with our Commander, how can she lie to us?”

“Since this woman killed our Commander, we must exact vengeance for him!”

The eight people gather together, lowering their voices as they quietly discuss how to silently catch Muyan, and take revenge for their Commander Yan Lie.

“Why do I feel like this yard is a little strange? How come there isn’t a single guard around?”

“Shan Zi, why is your courage getting smaller and smaller? From the eight of us, six are at the Earth Stage. Do you think that we can’t deal with an insignificant draught-maker?”


A stifled laughter could be heard coming from a corner of the courtyard.

“This group of idiots dare to come for Miss Jun? Do they have stunted brains?”

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EMHS – ch171

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 171: Rabbit Lantern

She sends Chang Yu a quick glance, and takes out a bottle of draught.

She motions for Xiao Bao to come over, “Xiao Bao, your group of subordinates have been undergoing training for quite a while now. Who do you think is the most remarkable one among them? Give him this Philter of Barrier Breaking as a reward.”


Philter of Barrier Breaking–?!!!

Could it be that Philter of Barrier Breaking that is valued at 10 million gold coins?!

After Muyan says this, all the members of the Ink Camp stagger.

Especially when they see Xiao Bao expressionlessly giving the Philter over to Chang Yu, they become even more regretful that their intestines are turning green.

They are pigs a! They’re idiots!

Why didn’t they perform better in the first place?

If they did, that Philter of Barrier Breaking would probably be theirs today.

Chang Yu is overwhelmed from Xiao Bao’s favor as he receives the Philter.

Although he’s already rapidly reaching the point of breaking through to Earth Stage, having this Philter is tantamount to brushing away all obstacles.

There will no longer be any dangers or repercussions during the breakthrough.

And after that, he would be in a very stable state, and would be able to advance more rapidly in a short period of time.

How can he possibly be dissatisfied with this?

“Thank you, young master!” Chang Yu holds the draught, and his scarred face becomes creased with laughter, “From today onward, this subordinate will definitely spare no effort to pledge my life, loyalty, and devotion to the young master.”

Xiao Bao nods, slowly saying three syllables: “You’re not bad!”

Even though it’s just a simple assessment, these words come from the mouth of the little master who cherishes words like gold!

That’s just not easy to get!

Chang Yu is so moved that his body can’t help but tremble, and the other Ink Camp members become even more mad with jealousy.

They swear that they’ll perform better next time, strive to win the Philter of Barrier Breaking as a reward, as well as the acquire the little master’s praise.

Muyan looks at this scene and the corners of her mouth curls up into a shallow smile.


The autumn wind is soughing, and the Yanwu Continent’s annual Lantern Festival has already arrived without their notice.

Followed by Yan Haotian, Muyan takes Xiao Bao to leisurely and carefreely walk the streets of Xia’an.

The streets today are really bustling with noise and excitement.

Both sides of the street are lined with brilliant and colorful hanging lanterns, and there’s a glittering and delightful array of goods below.

On this day, both men and women are on a jaunt, and there are cheers and laughter everywhere.

“Xiao Bao, is there anything that you want? Niangqin will buy it for you?” holding Xiao Bao’s hand, Muyan bows down asks Xiao Bao with a soft voice.

But Xiao Bao shakes his head and simply tightens his hold on Muyan, “There’s nothing.”

It’s enough as long as he has niangqin by his side.

Muyan is somewhat distressed. Her baby is too well-behaved, too sensible. Why can’t he be a little bit more like the other children and act spoiled, make a fuss, and want this and that?

“Baby, look, doesn’t that rabbit lantern look nice?” Muyan suddenly points to a lantern hanging outside a stall not far from them. She asks Xiao Bao, “Doesn’t it resemble the fat rabbit?”

Xiao Bao follows the direction where Muyan is pointing at. And sure enough, he sees a white, fat rabbit lantern.

Long ears, red eyes, and a very small mouth.

It really looks so cute, so much lovelier than that stupid rabbit inside the space.

Inside the space, the fat rabbit lets out an “achoo”, like how a person ordinarily sneezes.

It uses its short claws to scratch its nose, then it changes its position on the ground, and then it is sound asleep.

Muyan sees that Xiao Bao’s eyes are shining like the moon as he looks at the rabbit lantern. She happily picks him up and goes in front of the shop.

“Boss, I want this rabbit lantern.”

“Boss, give me this lantern.”

Almost at the same time, a low and gentle voice is heard coming from beside them.

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