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Chapter 513: I will win

If they’re all going to die here today, the study of medicine in the Yanwu Continent will fall back by at least thirty years.

And the cause of all this, is merely their covetous thoughts towards the secret method of Pill Condensation!

But at this very moment, Muyan, who extracted a Gu unaided, has made them see hope.

This young girl, not yet twenty years old, yet she has such medical skills that are fantastic to the extreme.

She could even refine draughts capable of regrowing dead flesh and bones.

(Dr. Song’s chest wound, downing just a single bottle of draught, and he heals completely in a wink of an eye.)

Such a good seedling, rarely seen in ten thousand years, a spark of fire that can improve the art of healing in the Yanwu Continent by a whole realm – how could they allow her to be snuffed out?

And so, right now, all the doctors who were previously greedy for life and afraid of death – they rise up.

They stand in front of Muyan.

Even Dr. Wang, who had once ridiculed and laughed at Muyan, both his legs are shaking as he also stands in front of her.

They spread out arms that are emphatically not strong, like an eagle guarding a chick, they hide Muyan behind them.

Muyan dazedly looks at this scene, and she couldn’t help but raise a hand and press it against her own chest.

In that space of her heart, which should be icebound and firmly clutched by hatred-

She doesn’t know why, but right now, a warm current wells up.

This warmth washes through every cell of her entire body, making her taste bitterness, feel ashamed, and yet moved beyond words.

Muyan takes a deep shuddering breath, and she parts the crowd of doctors blocking in front of her.

She directs a faint smile towards Liu Se and Shi Lanling, “All right, I will compete against you in Alchemy!”

“Little girl, don’t be impetuous!”

“Right, that Shi Lanling, even old Song couldn’t compete against her, how could you be her match?”

“Dr. Jun, you’re an expert in drugs and medical techniques, there’s simply no need to have a trial in alchemy against that contemptible woman. She’s already been immersing herself in alchemy for nearly ten years, and you’re not even two decades old right now. How could you possibly rival her?”

The doctors around Muyan are all anxious. One after another, earnest an well-meaning, they try to persuade her.

“Little girl, stop acting brave this instance. We’re just a bunch of old farts braving death, but that’s overall better than having a little girl like you drop dead. You better run away at once!”

Muyan looks at the various anxious faces scolding her. Even though they speak with harsh words, they are filled with concern towards her.

Her brows and eyes bend frivolously, and she reveals a respectful smiling expression. Slowly stooping down to bow, “Elders, thank you for your care. But this match is between me and Shi Lanling. Still I ask all the Elders to believe in me. I will win.”

In a short while, everyone’s a bit stunned.

When the girl before their eyes smiles, it’s as brilliant as the blazing sun, outstripping all the flowers that bloom, nothing more beautiful can be imagined. But it’s not because of that-

But it’s because her smile is filled with self-confidence and intractability, as if saying ‘what Liu Se, what Chi Gu, what Shi Lanling – they are but mere insects in her eyes.’

She Lanling doesn’t see that expression on Muyan, but she hears the other’s words. She immediately shows contempt, “Jun Muyan, why are you still wasting words, hurry up and take the Chi Gu so you can challenge me!”

“I simply couldn’t wait to see, after you lose to me, that appearance of a dried corpse consumed by the Chi Gu. Hahaha…”

Muyan brushes her clothes, unhurriedly turning around.

Peach blossom eyes sparkle like the gleaming reflection of waves in sunlight, deep and bottomless, but with neither a thread nor a hair of panic.

She merely sweeps her gaze over Liu Se and Shi Lanling, only then does she heedlessly say: “There’s no need to take the Chi Gu. If you want to have a trial in Alchemy, then let’s begin right away.”

As soon as she says this, Shi Lanling and Liu Se are both stumped for words.

Then, Liu Se quickly wrinkles her brows, her ice-cold gaze falling on Muyan like a blade.

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EMHS – CH512

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Chapter 512: Stand in front of Muyan

To hear Magistrate Liu show no quarter in saying that she’s inferior to Muyan, Shi Lanling’s face fills up with malevolent ire.

Liu Se looks as indifferent as before, but there’s a chill within her gaze as she stares at Magistrate Liu. The corners of her mouth lift up, revealing a terrifying smile, “Is that so? The draughts refined by the Enchantress of Medicine are really better than Elixirs?”

“Yes, yes! This subordinate dares to use his life as guarantee!” hearing Liu Se speak like that, Magistrate Liu thought that he could persuade her, so he quickly says, “In the Ghost City, the draughts refined by Miss Jun sell much higher than Shi-xianzi’s Elixirs. Her skill in medicine is also widely recognized as one of the best, if it’s her, she would definitely be able to save the Ghost Lord!”

Magistrate Liu barely finished his speech, when someone suddenly and unexpectedly clutches his neck.

Then a black foggy mass assails his face, shrouding his entire head.

A keen wail comes out of Magistrate Liu’s mouth, and at a speed visible to the naked eye, his face turns green then becomes purple.

Indented spots appear on his skin.

Liu Se swings her arms, throwing the now-unconscious Magistrate Liu to the ground.

Sneering: “Ben Wang said that the Ghost Lord could only be treated with an Elixir, so he can only be treated with an Elixir. Who do you think you are, that you dare to make thoughtless remarks in front of Ben Wang.”

“Since you so very much want to use your life to vouch for it, then Ben Wang shall help you fulfill it immediately!”

Shi Lanling was originally worried that Liu Se would truly be convinced that Jun Muyan is better than her, but as she witnesses this scene, she immediately bursts into uninhibited laughter: “Jun Muyan, did you hear that? You can only use alchemy if you want to save the Ghost Lord.”

“So what if you can refine godly draughts? In the end, they’re just draughts. How could they compare to Elixirs?”

Her heavily-painted face is filled with unbridled arrogance and hatred.

It’s as if she’s already seeing how, in a moment, the Chi Gu will suck Muyan’s flesh dry, her miserable appearance of dying without an intact corpse.


Dr. Song shrugs himself out from the desperation of imminent death, and he’s right in the middle of being overjoyed from unexpectedly surviving that awful Chi Gu.

But Liu Se and Shi Lanling’s shamelessness is like a stick hitting him in the head, making him shake from head to foot out of anger.

These scum, they… they’re absolutely not looking for a doctor to come and check up on the Ghost Lord.

They just want to all these doctors be eaten up by the Chi Gu.

“I… I will compete against you! I’ll have another round with you!”

Dr. Song couldn’t attend to his weakness from excessive blood loss. He’s shouting loudly while tugging at Muyan’s sleeve. Then he lowers his voice and says: “Little girl, hurry and leave, hurry and leave this place!”

“I noticed it earlier, you’re not afraid of the Poison Smog. I’ll help stall them for you, you… quick, run!”

Shi Lanling snorts, disdainfully looking at Dr. Song, “You look half-dead already, why would you challenge me? There’s no Chi Gu inside your body, you can’t even condense a Pill, again, how can you compete against me!”

“In that case, let this old man face you!”

“No, I challenge you!”

“Shi Lanling, Liu Se, you’re really taking us as pushovers! So what if the Chi Gu eats me until there’s practically nothing left? This old man will fight you!”

Dr. Du, Dr. Jiang, Dr. Li… each one of them a person of prestige and great renown, they all rise up to stand in front of Muyan.

Just a moment ago, every one of them had still been filled with fear towards death and the Chi Gu.

But at this instant, all of them have their chests overflowing with righteous indignation, brimming with self-possessed tenacity in facing death.

It’s not that they’re fearless of death, it’s not that they don’t want to live.

But they know that on this day, the Ghost Wind Valley will not let a single one of them get away.

And if old guys like them are going to die, then they’re going to die.

However, they cannot allow the medical heritage of the Yanwu Continent to be severed.

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EMHS – CH511

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Chapter 511: So this is a Chi Gu

Liu Se also reveals a cryptic smile, and with her rough, crackling voice: “Since you lost the alchemy competition, Dr. Song, you can only turn into food for my Chi Gu.”

Dr. Song’s pupils slightly contract, obvious dread and horror in his eyes.

Anyone who saw the corpses’ devastation with their own eyes, how the Chi Gu fed on meat and blood, and hollowed out their hearts – there’s no way he wouldn’t be frightened.

Soon, he feels an acute pain at the location of his heart.

There’s also the cold despair from his vitality draining out little by little.

Just as he closes his eyes, intending to give up on his life-

A hand suddenly grasps his wrist, pressing on a vein.

Astounded, Dr. Song snaps his eyes open, only to see a peerlessly beautiful face very close to him.

Then, before he could react-

The girl’s steady voice enters his ears, “Dr. Song, excuse me!”

A pair of slender white hands suddenly tears his clothes open.

His now-emaciated chest is exposed.

One after another, silver needles pierces into his body.

With the increasing number of needles piercing him, pure Mysterious Energy flows through the silver needles, into his acupuncture points, muscles, and veins.

Dr. Song unexpectedly feels the pain in his heart, as well as the chill on his body, subside little by little.

Following that, he feels a sharp twinge from the skin of his chest.

The girl in front of him is holding a blade in her hand, and with an extremely efficient movement, she cuts his chest open.

Soon after, a hand rises and a needle falls.

When everyone comes to their senses to react, Dr. Song could no longer support himself, weakly falling to the floor.

On Muyan’s hand, she’s already stabbing a black bug the size of an adult fingernail, using a needle.

–Chi Gu!

The black bug that was stabbed through by a silver needle is struggling violently, letting out a strange, ear-piercing sound.

But as Muyan operates her Internal Force, the needle lights up with a scorching flame.

That Chi Gu immediately burns to ashes.

The whole audience goes quiet once again, one would hear it if a pin drops.

Then Muyan goes on to discard the silver needle, pats off the ashes on her hands, and shows a charming but provocative smile towards Liu Se, “So this is a Chi Gu!”

Her tone is brimming with disdain.

That instant, Liu Se’s eyes turn incredibly cold, her whole body exudes a powerful pressure and murderousness.

That pressure and killing intent is almost suffocating, making the recently ecstatic doctors once again sink into panic.

Muyan’s expression also becomes serious.

This time, it’s not just an illusion.

She could clearly feel that this Liu Se has a cultivation higher than her.

Even the breath coming out of her body is far, far greater than what belongs to the Yanwu Continent.

Similar to the pressure that could sometimes leak from Di Ming Jue and his group.

Just then, Liu Se slowly speaks with her hoarse, unpleasant voice: “To extract a Gu unaided, Miss Jun’s medical skills really made me gasp in amazement. Since the Enchantress has this kind of skill, I think that the next person to compete should be you! What do you think, Shi-xianzi?”

Shi Lanling suddenly bursts out laughing, “Good, very good! Jun Muyan, I’ve been waiting for this moment to compete against you, I’ve been waiting for quite a long time indeed!”

At the side, the Magistrate Liu who hasn’t spoken until now, finally couldn’t help but come forward.

In a trembling voice: “Respected Ghost King, even though Miss Jun couldn’t do alchemy, she could still refine godly draughts, their effects are even better than Elixirs. In addition, her medical skills are truly superb, few could match her.”

“Since it’s for the sake of treating the Ghost Lord’s illness, why don’t we let Miss Jun go in and try it now, no need to do alchemy. This subordinate dares to guarantee, the draughts refined by Miss Jun are absolutely better than the Elixirs refined by Shi-xianzi!”

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EMHS – CH510

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Chapter 510: Hope

“At such an age, you could actually have such fantastic and consummate skills in medicine, you could even refine such miraculous draughts. This goes to show that you have boundless potential.”

“No matter how these weary old bodies of ours are unfit for anything, they’re not useless to the extent that it would make a young girl like you step up in sacrifice before us.”

“Yanwu Continent’s Practitioners, as well as the common folk, what they need the most is for a doctor like you to exist, and to continue to exist!”

After saying that, he doesn’t wait for Muyan to stop him, and he straight up takes the Chi Gu in the small goblet and swallows it into his belly.

Muyan’s pupils suddenly contract.

An indefinable emotion jumps up from her insides to her brain.

Dr. Song strides forward, coldly staring at Liu Se and Shi Lanling, “Elegant, pure, and holy Shi-xianzi: I spit on that! Turns out to be no more than a black-hearted venomous woman, with the face of a human but the heart of a beast! For an animal like you to also be named as a doctor, that’s simply an insult to the doctors who help the dying and heal the injured!!”

“Old bastard! Well, good! Since you yourself don’t want to live, then don’t blame me for being impolite!!”

In anger, Shi Lanling’s entire face warps malevolently.

She waves a hand, quickly making a Ghost Envoy move up her special Dan furnace.

Dr. Song doesn’t spare her another glance, walking straight to his own Dan furnace.

Along with the herbs being dissolved by the fire,

Dr. Song operates his formidable Internal Force, directing the medicinal essence to start its fusion.

And just like the other doctors who preceded him,

Muyan could clearly observe the Chi Gu feeding at his heart, right as it is nibbling away at his flesh and blood a little at a time.

As time passes, Dr. Song’s originally ruddy complexion becomes a little pale.

His eye sockets also begin to gradually get sunken.

Since he wants to refine a second level Elixir, it needs to consume more Internal Force.

The more Internal Force he mobilizes, the more it stimulates the Chi Gu to take even more of his flesh.

But if he doesn’t use a large amount of Internal Force, it would simply be impossible to condense an Elixir which is second level or higher.

This is an infinite loop that pushes people into the road of death.

After two hours, a medicinal fragrance wafts out of the Dan furnace in front of Dr. Song.

This fragrance makes each and every one of the doctors within the Great Hall to stir restlessly.

“This is the level two [Restoration Dan]. Moreover, this rich and concentrated fragrance, this should at least be a second level, first-ranked Elixir!”

“Great, truly worthy of being Dr. Song. He really refined a level two Pill in spite of everything!”

Almost at the same time, at her side, Shi Lanling has also finished concocting a Pill.

In contrast to Dr. Song’s wan, sallow, and consumptive appearance after performing alchemy-

Shi Lanling only has a thin layer of sweat on her forehead, her skin appears lighter and all the more translucent instead, radiant.

She sends a scornful glance towards Dr. Song, her face is filled with disdain.

At this time, a Ghost Envoy has already walked over to Dr. Song, opening the Pill furnace.

There are three Pills inside, the color is pure and limpid, with a mellow and full scent.

The Ghost Envoy picks one up and appraises it. In a clear voice: “Level two, first-ranked [Restoration Dan]!”

“Great, it’s really a second level Pill!”

“If this wins, we have hope!”

However, the Ghost Envoy quickly goes to Shi Lanling, picks up the Pill in front of her, sniffing and tasting it.

Soon after, he declares: “Level three, mid-ranked [Restoration Dan].”

In an instant, the commotion in the Great Hall turns into a deathly quiet.

The doctors who were wild with joy just a moment ago, every one of them becomes deathly pale, despair painted across their faces.

Dr. Song himself is swaying from side to side, he could barely support himself to keep standing.

“Hahahaha…” Shi Lanling couldn’t help her unbridled laughter, “Old bastard, compete in alchemy against me in the next life! This is what you brought upon yourself, you’ll die without an intact corpse now, but you can’t blame me!”


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EMHS – CH509

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Chapter 509: This old man will take your place

But when she turns to Muyan, she suddenly comes into contact with a pair of deep, bottomless peach blossom eyes.

Neither shifting nor averting, yet they give her a certain bone-piercing chill.

Liu Se’s slightly narrows her eyes, the muscles on her crinkly, pockmarked face trembles a little.

This is the woman who killed her Xuan Ji.

Haha, Liu Se will not grant her a quick death!

She must make her suffer and be tormented with fear and despair, little by little, torture her to death.

A dark gleam flashes through Liu Se’s eyes, however.

She has this feeling, that there’s a familiar yet frightening power in this woman’s body.

What exactly is it?

Her gaze sweeps past Muyan, finally landing on a random person, “Next, you!”

“No… don’t! I don’t want to take that Gu bug, spare me! Spare me!”


Two hours later, there are already three more corpses in the spacious Great Hall.

Each of them had their flesh and blood sucked dry by the Chi Gu, their hearts eaten up, their deaths incomparably miserable.

Of these three doctors, not one of them was able to successfully refine a second level Elixir.

The entire hall is deathly quiet, only Shi Lanling’s insolent laughter echoes through the place.

“Hahaha… you call yourselves acclaimed doctors, but you can’t even refine a second level Elixir. What else are you, if not trash?”

She looks at everyone with her eyes brimming with bitterness and resentment.

The noble fairy that previously placed herself above the common populace, at this moment, she has completely vanished.

Three days ago, when Di Ming Jue had kicked out her naked figure from his room, she was seen by a lot of people in the Ghost Wind Valley.

Since then, Shi Lanling places her hate not only on Jun Muyan, but she also hates everyone in this Valley.

If she lets someone leave here alive, her reputation will truly be ruined.

Furthermore, she completely lost face in front of everyone here, mocked and humiliated.

These people, why should they be allowed to stand tall and exist as respected doctors?

She will see these people become more wretched than her, even worse than a dog or a pig.

Especially this slut, Jun Muyan!

Shi Lanling looks at Muyan, and sees that there’s no longer a leisurely expression on her face, but she looks focused and serious.

Her heart really feels indescribably light.

Seeing so many people die tragically, this slut is finally afraid!

But fear is also useless!

Today, I will have you die without a burial site!!

“Tsk, tsk. So many have died already. Who should be next?”

Shi Lanling laughs lowly, and she suddenly shifts her line of sight towards Muyan, “Jun Muyan, as my Ghost City’s Shenshu, as well as the Enchantress of Medicine with such grand reputation, don’t you want to do your best for our Ghost Lord?”

Standing beside Muyan, Dr. Wang’s complexion transforms, and he uncontrollably trembles all over.

Yet he still couldn’t help but shakily speak: “Dr. Jun- Dr. Jun is the best in refining draughts, and she’s still so young, she still… doesn’t have to…”

“Hah, if you don’t want to make her come up and perform alchemy, are you volunteering?”

Hearing Shi Lanling’s retort, Dr. Wang immediately goes deathly pale, no longer daring to say anything more.

Muyan snorts, and is about to step forward.

Suddenly, a loud and clear voice rises, “This old man will compete against you!”

Muyan stares blankly, and sees Dr. Song stride forward.

He holds in his hand that small cup that contains the Chi Gu.

Seeing that he wants to swallow that Chi Gu, Muyan quickly stops him, “Dr. Song, you don’t have to take my place…”

“What nonsense are you saying!” with a grave look, Dr. Song glares at Muyan, loudly saying, “The Enchantress of Medicine Jun Muyan, I have heard your name, I’ve also heard people say that you refine godly draughts.”

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EMHS – CH506

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Chapter 506: Refining Elixirs

That doctor eventually calms down, but there’s fear and alarm across his whole face, his entire body is trembling.

Liu Se: “Dr. Chen, if you don’t believe it, you could try doing alchemy right here, right now.”

As soon as her words fall, someone immediately comes up, carrying a very large furnace tripod.

A variety of herbs are laid out next to the tripod, and a specially designated medicine boy helps to light up the fire on the furnace.

Dr. Chen is half believing, half doubting. But he nevertheless walks forward to start concocting Pills.

As the drug ingredients slowly dissolve within the Dan Furnace, that doctor hesitates for a moment, urging his Internal Force to to make the Pills inside condense and take shape.

Right then, Muyan’s pupils slightly contract.

Ever since the reconstruction of her Spiritual Root, she obtained Spiritual Power.

Thus, she could see a lot of things that were originally invisible to the naked eye.

Right now for instance, after Dr. Chen uses his Internal Force, the Chi Gu within his body stirs restlessly.

The extremely small, invisible bug is nibbling at Dr. Chen’s heart little by little, consuming his flesh.

Accordingly, it gives back. What is originally the Internal Force that Dr. Chen releases from his palms, turns into an energy that is similar to Spiritual Power.

As this ‘pseudo Spiritual Power’ is incessantly poured into the Dan Furnace, sure enough, the Elixir within starts to slowly condense.

Nobody knows that during this process, that minuscule black bug that has attached itself to Dr. Chen’s heart has made a large den.

This is offering the human body as a sacrifice to feed the Gu bug.

Although it would make someone have the ability to condense Pills for a short period of time, there will come a day when the person will receive a backlash from the Gu bug, the heart will be completely eaten through, meat sucked up, then die.

Muyan’s brows furrow tightly, her gaze deep and heavy as she looks at Liu Se.

Such a method is really too insidious.

Just then, green smoke rises up in spirals from within that furnace, a medicinal fragrance wafts through the air.

Dr. Chen impatiently goes forward to open the furnace. Seeing that there’s a Pill inside, he stares blankly at first.

Then he says in rapt disbelief: “I did it, I succeeded! I actually refined an Elixir!”

This time, in this drawing room, it’s really a stone that has set off a thousand waves!

All the doctors come up to see that Elixir.

After determining that what had been refined really is the first grade [Nurturing Pill], they immediately become as dumb as wooden chickens.

“This… this Gu bug could really make a person possess the skill of alchemy!”

For a moment, everyone’s burning gazes simultaneously turn towards the small goblet.

That Chi Gu which had frightened and disgusted them just a moment ago, is now brimming with an alluring magic.

“As long as I take this Gu bug, I could become an alchemist!”

There’s already some people who couldn’t help but stretch their hands towards that small cup.

Dr. Wang, who is standing beside Muyan, also has a fervent look on his face. He couldn’t wait to be like that Dr. Chen and swallow that Gu bug, and also be able to do alchemy right away.

Just as he stretches out his hand however, it is caught by a fine, slender, white-as-jade hand.

The girl’s soft and sweet-sounding voice is neither light nor heavy as it slowly speaks up, yet it’s like a morning bell that rings inside everyone’s mind.

“The so-called Gu bug must be fed with flesh, blood, and poison for it to survive.”

“I would like to ask Ghost King Liu, what is this Chi Gu feeding on?”

Without notice, Muyan has already gotten up from her seat, looking at Liu Se’s direction, “Just now, Ghost King Liu said that as long as we win, we would forever have the ability to do alchemy. Then I wonder, what will happen to the people who fail? Afterwards, can they still take out the the Chi Gu that they took?”

As soon as these words are spoken out, it as if a basin of cold water is poured down their heads.

Especially Dr. Wang who had been stopped by Muyan, his complexion has become deathly pale.

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EMHS – ch462

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Chapter 462: Eating like jelly beans
    But if he eats it, it can make him stronger, and it can also make his mother stronger.
    These five Elixirs are very precious!
    Muyan takes the proffered Pill with a smile, but she doesn’t eat it herself. Instead, she stuffs it into Xiao Bao’s mouth.
    “Eat, baby. Niangqin was the one refined these Elixirs. If my baby likes them, I’ll make some more later, so you can eat them like jelly beans.”
    Even though she’s very tired from using the [Winnow] skill to refine Elixirs.
    She spent four hours, and exhausted all the Spiritual Power within her body, just so she could refine five of them.
    More than that, after successfully refining these five Elixirs, she’s completely unable to use the Winnow skill again for at least three days.
    Xiao Bao’s huge eyes are sparkling, his cheeks are bulging, and he swallows down the Pill.
    Afterwards, he reaches out to hug Muyan’s neck, and with a shy expression on his little face, he lays a soft kiss on her cheeks.
    Niangqin is really good to him.
    Xiao Bao loves her the most!
    “Baby, this time, it’s in fact thanks to the fat rabbit that niangqin could succeed in refining Pills.”
    Muyan gently runs her hand along his hair. With a soft voice and a sweet smile, “Baby, shouldn’t we also thank the fat rabbit?”
    Xiao Bao thinks deeply for a moment, then he wriggles out of Muyan’s hold, and jumps down.
    He then takes out two Pills, presenting them before the fat rabbit’s mouth, “I’m sorry, bunny.”
    The small, delicate face reveals an ashamed an uneasy expression, “These two are for you. Can you forgive me?”
    The fat rabbit was initially under the impression that the Elixirs it has been yearning for even its dreams are gone. So it simply curled into a ball to nurse its grievance.
    But now, the rabbit hears its favorite Little Master apologize, even directly giving the rabbit two Elixirs.
    It immediately jumps three feet up from the ground in happiness.
    Then the rabbit rolls into a ball of fluff, snuggling into Xiao Bao’s arms.
    Its pink tongue licks Xiao Bao’s small hand, letting out a whimpering sound like a spoiled child.
    The two little ones happily play together.
    It’s as if the disagreement earlier had never happened.
    But before long, the pair who had taken the Pills get drowsy and fall asleep.
    A lustrous radiance comes out from Xiao Bao and the fat rabbit, completely enveloping their bodies.
    Xiao Bao, in particular. That glow seem to integrate into his bones and blood vessels, washing the roots of his bones over and over again.
    Moreover, that energy within the Space that’s incompatible with the Yanwu Continent-
    Whereas it could only by absorbed by Muyan originally, it has now begun to enter into the bodies of Xiao Bao and the fat rabbit along with this glowing light.
    Previously, Muyan still didn’t know what this unfamiliar energy was.
    But she’s got it now.
    This is… Spiritual Power!
    Unique and unmatched throughout the Yanwu Continent, existing only within the Space of her Tian Mo Qin — Spiritual Power!
    Watching this scene, Muyan is so pleasantly surprised in her heart, she simply doesn’t have the words to express it.
    She still remembers what Baili Yinlou had said back then.
    There is no Spiritual Energy on the Yanwu Continent, and Xiao Bao wouldn’t live past ten years old here.
    In addition, even before reaching ten years, every day Xiao Bao lives and grows in the Yanwu Continent, the more his talents and spiritual veins would be damaged.
    Now that Xiao Bao can absorb the Spiritual Power within the Space, doesn’t that mean that his body will not continue deteriorating?
    Just as Muyan is about to use Spiritual Power to examine Xiao Bao’s physical condition-
    She suddenly hears noisy voices coming from outside the Space.
    “Miss, Miss, are you inside?”
    “Heavens, just what is this scent? How could it be so inviting?”
    “Miss, are you all right?”
    Muyan promptly rushes out of the Space, and without much extra effort, she also brings the Alchemy Furnace out from that Space and into the room.

EMHS – ch461

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Chapter 461: These belong to Niangqin and Xiao Bao
     “Oh well, seeing as you’ve reminded me over and over again, I will let you try the Elixirs refined using [Winnow], and see how they taste!”
    Very late at night, the entire courtyard is extremely quiet.
    Xiao Bao is on the bed by himself, in deep sleep.
    All of a sudden, his tiny nose twitches, and he slowly opens his eyes, a soft mumble in his mouth: “Smells good?”
    Just what is it? How could it smell so sweet?
    He gets up from the bed, only to discover that there’s no one in the room.
    Neither Niangqin nor that lecher is present.
    Yet the source of the fragrance is clearly inside the room.
    Xiao Bao seems to think of something, then his figure disappears, and comes into the Space.
    In an instant, a fragrance that’s infinitely stronger than earlier assaults his senses.
    This aroma is really too strong, too tempting, to the point that Xiao Bao feels like his tummy seems to growl, and it’s as if his blood burns and boils from hunger.
    Looking up, Xiao Bao sees a huge Pill Furnace on a not-so-distant patch of grass, with a blazing flame inside it.
    That tempting smell comes from within that furnace.
    What’s strange, is that there’s no one beside the the Pill Furnace that’s controlling the Dan Fire, but the fire is burning very vigorously.
    He hears a mellifluous and beautiful zither sound.
    Xiao Bao turns around, and sees his beloved mother sitting in front of the Tian Mo Qin, unhurriedly strumming its strings.
    With the movement of the strings, the medicinal fragrance becomes even richer, and all the more appetizing to his heart and soul.
    At the side, the fat rabbits mung bean eyes are already flashing red.
    Greedily staring at the Pill Furnace, itching to just pounce on it.
    So much so that it’s not even aware that its Little Master has come in, when he’s usually the fat rabbit’s favorite.
    “Niangqin–!” Xiao Bao lowly calls out, looking at Muyan with his eyes filled with adoration.
    Niangqin is really the best!
    That ugly old aunt also said that niangqin couldn’t do alchemy.
    But not only could she do alchemy, she could even refine the best of the best Elixirs in the world!
    Xiao Bao twitches his nose, and a trace of hunger appears in his eyes.
    He also really wants to eat it!
    The sound of the zither eventually falls and comes to an end, and the Dan Fire in the Furnace gradually dies out with the dissipating music.
    Soon after, they hear a loud bang.
    The cover of the Pill Furnace flies out by itself.
    It’s immediately followed by a medicinal fragrance that’s a hundred times richer, and more mellow, than it was just a moment ago.
    Muyan stands up from the Tian Mo Qin, looking a little pale.
    Then she only sees flashes in front of her, two shadows: one blue, one white. They fly past before her eyes, like arrows leaving their bows.
    They land on the Pill Furnace.
    After that, Muyan witnesses a scene that renders her speechless.
    She watches as her darling son – who’s always been calm, controlled, and mature – gather all the Elixirs in the Pill furnace into his arms.
    Glaring at the fat rabbit, he uses an ice-cold voice to enunciate: “These belong to Niangqin and Xiao Bao!”
    Across from him, the fat rabbit looks aggrieved and imploring, as well as restless – like it couldn’t wait to snatch a Pill from Xiao Bao’s hands.
     Muyan suddenly laughs despite herself.
    It’s actually common for other children to take food and fight over things.
    But her baby has never shown this adorable and childish side before.
    Muyan walks over and picks Xiao Bao up. Kissing his soft and tender cheeks, “Baby, why are you awake?”
    Xiao Bao immediately gives the Elixirs to Muyan like he’s presenting a treasure, “Niangqin, eat!”
    He has always possessed a strange talent in intuition.
    He could tell when something is precious, and whether or not a weapon is strong.
    At this very moment, Xiao Bao only feels that these five Elixirs in his hands only appear ordinary and unremarkable on the surface.

EMHS – ch457

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Chapter 457: Because of Jealousy
    Ru Yan continues: “This subordinate had heard of it as well. There were also a lot of people in our Ghost City who tried to concoct Pills, but all of them failed, even sustaining damage on their meridians and Qi Sea because the backlash from the Dan Fire. Miss, you really don’t need to take on that kind of risk.”
    Indeed, they could still remember.
    Back then, when they were in Xia’an, Muyan’s attempt at alchemy caused a big explosion.
    At that time, it almost blasted Junji Drugstore’s entire courtyard.
    At that time, Muyan and Xiao Bao also got lucky that they didn’t suffer any injuries.
    What if she really, finally gets hurt this time?
    What’s more, they really think that the special grade draughts that Muyan refines are far superior than the troublesome Elixirs.
    Haven’t they seen how, after hearing “Precelestial Philter of Barrier Breaking”, those people in the Ghost City couldn’t even care about Shi Lanling?
    Stomping on that so-called Shi-xianzi’s face straight down to the earth’s core.
    As soon as Ru Yan remembers that scene, she feels incredibly pleased.
    Muyan’s gaze sweeps through the people there, unhurriedly saying: “Do you guys all think that I can’t make Elixirs?”
    Without waiting for everyone’s reply, she stands up and lightly brushes her sleeves. Her smile is languid and enchanting.
    “Since you all think that I couldn’t refine it, then…”
    “I can only absolutely insist on refining it!”
    After saying that, under everyone’s shocked looks, she turns and leaves.
    They all look at each other. It’s only after some time that they somewhat come back to their senses.
    “Miss is so insistent on alchemy, is it because she’s jealous?”
    “Hm, yea. Sure, after all, when that Shi Lanling kept on saying that she can concoct Pills, and she could be of help to Gu Ye, she looked very bad.”
     “But that’s alchemy! Isn’t it simply impossible to succeed without the secret method of condensing Pills?”
    “Right! On the Yanwu Continent, there’s never been a single person who had successfully done it without the secret method!”
    Yet Yan Haotian, who hasn’t said anything so far, slightly lowers his eyes.
    He is definitely the one who has followed Muyan the longest.
    Therefore, nobody knows better than him, just how many miracles has this beautiful girl made, even though she seems too weak to stand up to the wind.
    Would a miracle really not happen this time?
    Muyan returns to her room. Pushing the door open, she sees Di Ming Jue sitting by the bed, lazily flipping through the pages a the book in his hand.
    Xiao Bao is sleeping soundly on the bed near him.
    His delicate little face is calm, contented, and at peace. It’s completely unlike before, when he would weep quietly whenever she’s not by his side.
    Seeing this scene, Muyan’s heart turns incredibly soft.
    This kind of tranquility, this present picture of ease and stability – it allows her to come up with a voracious desire to keep on like this forever.
    All of a sudden, her gaze shifts, and she sees the book’s cover page. Her brows jump up.
    This book had been taken out from her Space.
    However, exactly how could this man possibly take out something from her Tian Mo Qin’s space?
    Or rather, just how could this man know that she has such a space?
    If he knows of the Space’s existence, then what about the secrets of the Tian Mo Qin and the Shen Musicians?
    Does he also know about them?
    Baili Yinlou previously said, that the Shen Musician is an existence that the Three Realms wishes so strongly to eliminate completely.
    If Di Ming Jue comes to know of her identity as a disciple of the Shen Musicians, will he also want to eliminate her?
    But immediately, Muyan rejects her own conclusion.
    That’s because, according to Baili Liuyin’s notes, Muyan knows that a portable Space is very common in the Xiuxian Continent.
    However, the Tian Mo Qin having a Space is a secret that only a small number of people from Hall of God Musicians know of.
    How could Di Ming Jue know of the existence of the Tian Mo Qin and the Shen Musicians?

EMHS – ch456

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Chapter 456: Future Gu Ye (Son-in-law)
    Chen Qingfeng’s current level of refining draughts is actually quite remarkable.
    In fact, Muyan only deals a smalls number of draughts to the Ghost City.
    All the other medicines that they sell to the Ghost City are refined by Chen Qingfeng.
    Even though the draughts made by Chen Qinfeng aren’t as miraculous as Muyan’s-
    Their effects are a little bit stronger compared to an ordinary refiner’s.
     Moreover, the price is within the acceptable range for most practitioners, so they are very popular in the Ghost City.
    Nevertheless, Chen Qingfeng still feels very dejected.
    “Miss, I’m really too stupid.” head hanging down, his listlessly says, “You’ve already taught me so many times how to refine the Philter of Barrier Breaking, but I still couldn’t do it. You’ve been teaching me for such a long time, but I still couldn’t follow your examples, not even the fundamentals.”
    Ru Yan sneers and says: “Why don’t you take a look at who’s fundamentals those belong to? That you can have the merit of Miss’ basic knowledge, take it out, and all the other apothecaries would be madly jealous of you.”
    That makes everyone roar with laughter.
    Chen Qingfeng’s unshaven face also reveals a silly smile.
    After laughing, Muyan listens to the task reports from Ru Yan and Yan Haotian.
    Only then do they quiet down: “In the next three days, I’m going into seclusion, if you have some matters that you couldn’t handle, you can try to find…”
    She still hasn’t finished her words, when Ru Yan smiles and says: “Don’t worry, Miss. If there’s something that we couldn’t deal with, we know that we could look for Gu Ye*. Gu Ye is so powerful, there’s really nothing that he can’t resolve.”
  • son-in-law, used by the woman’s family to refer to her husband.
    Muyan clenches her teeth, “Who are you calling Gu Ye?”
    Ru Yan blinks, and suddenly realizes something, “Oh, that’s right, he’s still not Gu Ye, it should be future Gu Ye!”
    “But this subordinate thinks that future Gu Ye is very eager, wanting the full position!”
    “Hehe, naturally! Just look at our Miss, it’s really Gu Ye’s good fortune over three lifetimes that he could marry our Lady.”
    “But well, if future Gu Ye wants to marry Miss, he still has to cross the mountain pass that is the Little Gongzi…”
    “The Young Master calls Gu Ye ‘dad’, he’s clearly recognized him already!”
    Muyan suppresses the veins suddenly popping on her forehead, unhappily saying: “Silence, I don’t have a relationship with that guy!”
    But it’s just a pity, that after she finishes speaking-
    The group of subordinates below, each and every one of them has a smile that says “You don’t need to say it, we all understand that you’re shy” on their faces.
    Muyan suddenly feels very powerless, and she couldn’t stop her cheeks from heating up.
    “Oh, right. Miss, are you going into seclusion this time in order to try alchemy?” Ru Yan suddenly asks.
    Everyone’s eyes can only gather on Muyan, wanting to say something but hesitant to do so.
    “Miss, the truth is, the draughts that you refine already far surpasses the value and usefulness of the Elixirs today. There’s simply no need to force yourself to do alchemy because of that annoying Shi Lanling!”
    “That’s right, Miss. What Jian Feng, what Shi Lanling, so what if they’re called Master Alchemists? The value of their Elixirs still simply couldn’t compare with the special draughts that you refine.”
    Even Feng Haitang, who’s habitually silent, and always calm and steady, also opens her mouth with some hesitation.
    “Miss, this subordinate had once read an ancient text in the Feng Family. It said that in reality, there’s absolutely no one in the Yanwu Continent who can genuinely do alchemy, and that the Elixirs that we see today are really just semi-finished products.”
    “Also, the reason why others can refine these half-made goods, is because their predecessors have passed down a secret method of condensing Pills. There were previously a lot of people in the Yanwu Continent who are extremely talented in refining medicine. They tried to do alchemy, but all of them ultimately failed. It’s because those Alchemy families didn’t give them the secret method of condensing Pills.”