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Chapter 555: Too Weak
    But when he opens his mouth to talk, Qi Huang’s voice still carries aloofness and disdain, “As for this Sage not appearing before, isn’t it because you were too weak? Simply not enough energy to maintain this Sage’s Spiritual form.”
    “Even at present, you’re still too weak. This Sage can only appear for an hour at most, then I have to go back to sleep within the Tian Mo Qin.”
    Muyan coughs lightly, rubbing her nose with some dejection.
    In the Yanwu Continent, she’s practically an invincible existence already. 
    But people keep saying she’s ‘too weak’.
    Liu Se said so, Qi Huang said so, and even that guy Di Ming Jue said so as well.
    Is she really that weak and puny?
    “If you want this Sage to appear, you better hurry up and advance. Get yourself out of this damned place that doesn’t even have any Spiritual Power.”
    Qi Huang raises his chin, speaking with a tone of voice that carries an arrogance of one conferring an honor.
    The corners of Muyan’s mouth spasm, inwardly saying: Nobody ever said I wanted you to appear, okay?
    But remembering Qi Huang unlocking the [Seven Swords] skill for her, she swallows these words back.
    Even though she has yet to try it out, Muyan still realizes that at this moment, the Tian Mo Qin which has it’s Device Spirit awakened is on a completely different league to when the Device Spirit was lying dormant.
    Just then, Muyan observes that the figure of the young man across from her starts to blur, turning indistinct.
    “Tsk… so it’s only up to this duration!” Qi Huang discontentedly grumbles to himself.
    Soon after, as if thinking of something, he speaks with a solemn expression, “Remember, this Sage’s existence mustn’t be known to anyone, until the time comes when you can command godly power. Otherwise, even the people close to you, the people that you have faith in – they simply cannot be allowed to know.”
    “If your identity as a Shen Musician is discovered, you’ll only have the misfortune of getting killed. But if they come to know of this Sage’s existence…”
    Before Qi Huang could finish his words, his figure rapidly fades until it disappears.
    Muyan furrows her brows deeply because of those words.
    If someone discovers her identity as a Shen Musician, she’ll have the misfortune of getting killed.
    If such a consequence isn’t all that important-
    Then what exactly would Qi Huang’s existence entail?
    Furthermore, when Liu Se was at death’s door earlier, what did that insane smiling expression mean?
    Why did Di Ming Jue leave so hastily?
    Does he already know something? What did he want to do by suddenly leaving?
    Muyan slowly lifts her head, gazing at the tall tower, barely making out it’s uppermost part. Her expression is slightly absent-minded.
    Di Ming Jue, you promised me you’ll come back.
    You’re not allowed… to break your word!
    Xiuxian Continent, Tian Yi Men.
    The heavy and distant tolling of a bell resounds through the whole interior of the Tian Yi Men.
    Immortal Qi rising in spirals, through the ornate corridor and within the residence with painted walls, Leng Qingwan slowly opens her eyes. She coldly says: “What’s going on? Why is the [Zhen Spirit Bell] ringing?”
    As soon as her voice falls, two maids in light and graceful sleeved clothes promptly and quietly drift inside.
    They respectfully make their salutations towards Leng Qingwan, saying: “Reporting to young Mistress. Someone has activated the [Temple Destruction], their soul has returned to Tian Yi Men’s Altar.”
    Saying that, one of them hands her a very small silver mirror.
    Leng Qingwan takes the mirror, and the reflective side immediately flashes. Liu Se’s image appears.
    Seeing Liu Se’s nauseatingly ugly face, Leng Qingwan immediately frowns in disgust.
    “Who is this? Tian Yi Men had this kind of…” disgusting thing?
    “Cough…” the maid coughs lightly, humbly lowering her voice. Speaking a touch too cautiously, “The person over there has come to tell some news. The one who has returned to the Altar calls herself… Liu Se.”

EMHS – CH554

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Chapter 554: Master Recognition
    Muyan’s fingers softly trail along the slightly cold strings under her hands. She finds it somewhat incredible.
    A sentient being such as a Device Spirit, she’s only ever seen them within legends in ancient texts.
    She never thought that an inanimate thing like a zither could actually give birth to a real, living person.
    “You… woman, have you no sense of shame!!”
    While she’s being absent-minded, she suddenly hears the young man’s flustered and discomfited voice.
    As soon as she raises her head, Muyan sees that the beautiful young man across from her is flushed, his lovely eyes are glazed.
    Slightly pink due to his indignance, the originally pretty countenance appears all the more charming and uniquely attractive, alluring even.
    Muyan shows a confused, blank look, “What did I do?”
    That said, her fingers still subconsciously strokes the zither.
    “Oh–!” a low moan, like a whimper, escapes from the young man’s mouth. Soon after, he flies into humiliated rage, loudly roaring, “Woman, you don’t have any sense of honor, do you? How could you just touch my body as you please?!”
    “Your… body?”
    Muyan repeats in a mumble. Soon after, she comes to a slow realization. Her fingers once again fiddle with the strings.
    Only to watch the youth in front of her once again muffle a moan. His skin, sparkling and clear as jade, flushes a sweet pink. But even in his anger, he seems to laugh intermittently – that is, furious one moment and impassioned in the next.
    Ho… hold on!
    Dumbstruck, Muyan pulls her hand back, “You… you can’t mean, when I touch the zither, it’s like touching you?”
    Qi Huang furiously glares at her, “Woman, I’m warning you. You, you, you… behave your hands for me. Don’t just casually touch this Sage’s body again, you hear?”
    Muyan is sluggish for quite a long time, before she comes back to her senses, “But this Tian Mo Qin is my attack weapon, I can never touch it anymore? Moreover, when I played this zither before, I didn’t see you react in any way!”
    “Hmph, that’s because this Sage was originally inside the Tian Mo Qin, and was merged with the zither. Without any physical senses as a Device Spirit.” Qi Huang grinds his teeth and says, “Bear this in mind for me – later on, whenever this Sage is outside, you are not allowed to touch that zither, do you hear? Otherwise, this Sage shall tear you into pieces.”
    The young man across from her speaks of savage threats, but his appearance is just too bright, too good.
    Like this, not only are his threats unconvincing, it instead makes Muyan’s hand itch, very much wanting to pinch his face.
    However, she still manages to restrain her impulse to laugh. With a wave of her hand, she puts the Tian Mo Qin away and stands up, saying: “Why haven’t you appeared before? Does everyone who were named to be owners of the Tian Mo Qin know of your existence?”
   “Hmph, what a joke. Do you think that just about anyone could make this Sage recognize them as Lord?”
    Qi Huang gives her a disdainful, cold look, “For the past thousands of years, the only ones who have seen this Sage are two individuals. One is the founder of the Shen Musicians, Baili Liuyin, and the other one is you.”
     For thousands of years, the Tian Mo Qin had been used by countless people. Eventually, it had also been used by the disciples of the Shen Musicians.
    But after Baili Liuyin, no one was able to call Qi Huang out again.
    That’s because, as far as Qi Huang is concerned, the blood of all those previous owners were not hot enough, their minds were neither sharp nor strong enough, their wills were not tenacious enough.
    Insignificant commoners, how could they possibly qualify to become his Lord?
    Therefore, after Baili Liuyin’s death, Qi Huang had fallen into a deep slumber.
    Even later, when the Shen Musicians were destroyed, he still didn’t wake up.
    Until Muyan’s scorching blood was poured over the body of the zither.
    It was at that moment that Qi Huang knew, the new Master that he’s been waiting for has finally arrived.

EMHS – CH553

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Chapter 553: Distinguished youngster
    Before Muyan could speak, Han Ye is already talking disdainfully: “The Pills refined by my family’s Madam are a hundred times better. Such bogus, trade secrets that are only able to refine quasi-Elixirs, how could she place it in her eyes? And you guys can only take this broken thing as a treasure!”
    Everyone: “……” Even though you’re quite right, when the thing that I want, which makes me insanely happy, is labeled as a broken thing by someone else – no one would feel all right about that!
    Muyan casts Han Ye a sidelong glance, icily saying: “Who is your family’s Madam?”
    Since they want to learn the Secret Method of Pill Condensation, plus the Gu bugs in the Ghost Wind Valley are all cleared out,
    The doctors who were originally planning to leave have all decided to stay.
    After Muyan has sent everyone away, she goes straight into the Space.
    From the start, she has been very concerned about something this whole time.
    About her Tian Mo Qin!
    When she was at her most desperate, that strange male voice, the one who broke her body’s limits for her, awakening the [Seven Swords] skill – just who was that?
    After entering the Space, Muyan sees that Xiao Bao has already fallen asleep while hugging the fat rabbit.
    His tiny form is nestled next to Di Ming Jue’s “body”.
    The little head is even using Di Ming Jue’s arm as a pillow.
    Muyan’s face reveals a smile, as soft and gentle as water.
    No matter how Xiao Bao normally acts, how he and Di Ming Jue oppose each other with equal harshness-
    Subconsciously, apart from Muyan, Xiao Bao feels closest to him, and is most dependent on him.
    After watching in a daze for a while, Muyan brings the Tian Mo Qin into the Tower.
    Fingers softly plucking on the strings, a corner of Muyan’s mouth goes up, an almost indiscernible arc, “Since you’ve already revealed yourself, why do you still bother hiding? Don’t tell me that you’re not prepared to come out and meet me?”
    “Little girl, do you know how many people in this world have dared to speak to this Sage in this way?”
    A deep, clear voice rings out.
    Following that, the zither under Muyan’s hands shines with dazzling rays of light.
    An image slowly appears in the spacious and empty tower.
    Muyan distractedly stares at the gradually solidifying figure before her eyes. Due to her surprise, her mouth slowly makes an ‘o’ shape.
    Appearing in front of her is, seemingly, a youth of eighteen or nineteen years of age, based on his outward appearance.
    Tall, a distinguished posture, face beautifully masculine, red lips and white teeth.
    It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the young man is incredibly stunning.
    For a man with such an appearance, perhaps only Xiao Bao (when he grows up) would be able to match it?
    But when such a beautiful youth opens his mouth to talk, it’s all “This Sage” this, “Little Girl” that.
     Muyan doesn’t hold back, breaking out into a giggling laughter.
    The youngster in front of her immediately creases his brows tight, his expression cold.
    However, this kind of gloomy look on him creates an inexplicably distinguished natural charm, bright as the moonlight.
    “Little girl, what are you laughing at?”
    “Ke, cough…” Muyan suppresses her smile. With sightly lifted eyebrows, “You seem to be about my age, why do you call me ‘little girl’ whenever you open your mouth? Are you taking me lightly?”
    The young man coldly snorts, “Don’t you know how many years this Sage has existed?”
    “How many years?”
    “When the Three Realms split up, and the Yanwu, Xiuzhen and Xiuxian Continents were first created, Tian Mo Qin was born from the vital energy of heaven and earth. How many years do you say have I existed?”
    Muyan’s pupils slightly contract, “Who exactly are you?”
    The youngster’s gaze falls on the Tian Mo Qin in her hands, “Haven’t you figured it out yet? This Sage is the Tian Mo Qin’s Device Spirit — [Qi Huang].”
    Sure enough, it’s the Tian Mo Qin’s Consciousness

EMHS – CH552

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Chapter 552: Scorn
    Within moments, the dizzying stench fills the entire Hall.
    “Urgh~~ so repulsive, what is this smell?!”
    “This old man will throw up yesterday’s dinner!”
    “Argh, hurry, hurry and go out, get away from it!”
    Even Xiao Bao’s stubby little legs scurries over to Muyan’s side, escaping to hide behind her shrunken sound shield.
    With the shield’s obstruction, the permeating stench couldn’t come in. Xiao Bao lets out a long sigh of relief.
    The fat rabbit wants to die from anger, stamping it’s leg in place and whimpering ‘wuu wuu!’.
    –Little Master is too unfair! Bunny was so good and obedient, eating that tick, but the Little Master actually scorns bunny as a result.
    Boo hoo, wuu!
    The fat rabbit covers it’s fluffy, circle face with it’s paws, deeply hurt and crying.
    Muyan huffs out a laugh.
    Her fingers play a few notes, and a gust of wind instantly sweeps through the entire Great Hall.
    A short while later, the stink that was just congesting the air disappears without a trace.
    Muyan pulls Xiao Bao to the fat rabbit’s side. She takes it by the scruff, holding it up. With an easy smile: “Okay, stop the drama. Your gains from the Gold Silkworm Gu isn’t small, is it? I could see that your round body has gained another layer.”
    The fat rabbit twists and twists it’s body, round as a ball. It snorts.
    This rabbit is a noble, mythical beast, not something that will eat anything, especially not that stinky thing. Even if it’s beneficial, this rabbit still thinks it’s not worth eating.
    Argh, pah, pooh, ptooey! What ‘this rabbit’, it is absolutely not a rabbit, all right!
    “Bunny, these are all for you!” Xiao Bao holds the Elixirs up with both hands, offering it before the fat rabbit.
    The fat rabbit’s eyes brighten, immediately thoroughly forgetting it’s recent grievance. With a howl, it jumps into Xiao Bao’s arms.
    Fluffy paws snatch one jelly bean, stuffing it into its mouth. Then it snatches another and places it into Xiao Bao’s mouth.
    The two little guys happily play together.
    Muyan puts the pair back into the Space, and only then does she have someone call Dr. Song and the others to come over.
    “Elders, I know that you’ve traveled far to come to the Ghost Wind Valley, wanting to learn the Secret Method of Pill Condensation.”
    “I wonder if the Elders still want to learn alchemy right now?”
    When she asked this question, each and every doctor present, all of them open their eyes wide.
    “Dr. Jun, y-y-you, what do you mean by this? Could it be that you’re willing to teach us alchemy?”
    “Could we also refine the kind of Elixirs that you make?”
    Muyan lightly shakes her head, “My alchemy technique has very demanding requirements. For the time being, I’m afraid that the Elders wouldn’t be able to do it.”
    Or, one could say that as long as there’s no Spiritual Energy in the Yanwu Continent, it’s impossible to do so.
    All of them immediately hang their heads dejectedly, but they also know that Muyan is telling the truth.
    Her type of alchemy method is simply too preposterous. One couldn’t even imagine it, how could it possibly be accomplished easily?
   “However, Shi Lanling and the others’ Secret Method of Pill Condensation, I believe that I’ve grasped the gist of it.”
    Muyan smiles faintly. Facing the listless crowd of doctors, she throws them a heavy bomb, “Without the help of Gu bugs, nor the need for extraordinary circumstances, you can condense Pills as long as you use a special technique. Then again, I regret that it could only refine Pills at the third level or lower. Moreover, the Pills’ effects would be greatly reduced. I don’t know if the Elders would still want…”
    “Want! Of course we do! Even if I can only refine level one Pills, this old man still wants to learn, let alone the possibility of third level!”
    “Little girl, is that true? Such a trade secret, whoever has it conceals the actual details, but you… you really want to give it to us without any reservations?”

EMHS – CH551

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Chapter 551: Burp~, pffrrt~
    Outside the sound wall is a dense swarm of little black bugs that make people’s hair rise from head to foot.
    One could say that if this sound wall is broken, almost all the people inside would undoubtedly die.
    And even if Muyan’s cultivation was higher, even if her Internal Force was denser – it still wouldn’t be endless.
    As time goes on, the Gold Silkworm Gu is still without the slightest bit of damage, but Muyan’s complexion is already a bit pale.
    Xiao Bao is distressed as he looks at his mother’s face, which is slightly dripping with sweat. Then he looks at her fingers plucking at the strings.
    All of a sudden, he carries the fat rabbit before that Gold Silkworm Gu: “Bunny, eat it.”
    The fat rabbit shakes its head like its life depends on it: No, no! So stinky! Bunny doesn’t like!
    Xiao Bao looks for Elixirs in the Storage Space that Di Ming Jue gave him. Taking them out, he expressionlessly says: “Eat it, and these jelly beans are all years.”
    Seeing the Elixirs Xiao Bao is holding in his little hand, the mung bean eyes immediately light up.
    These Pills are the best Elixirs Muyan has refined with [Clouds Bearing a Sea of Fruits] skill. Compared to the Vein Shield Dan, which were recently refined in the Great Hall without the Shen Musician Skill, they are as distant as the sky is to the earth.
    Furthermore, only three to five of them could be produced each time, at most. After refining with it once, she couldn’t use the [Clouds Bearing a Sea of Fruits] skill again for three days.
    These godly Elixirs that Muyan made, aside from the few that were harassed out of her by Han Ye, she gave all the rest to Xiao Bao as jelly bean snacks.
    Xiao Bao had very much treasured these Elixirs, only willing to give one or two to the fat rabbit on normal days.
    But this once, in order to help with his mother’s worries and difficulties, he’s putting forward all the “jelly beans” he has.
    With the jelly beans as bait, the fat rabbit unhesitatingly hops down to the floor, claws overturning Gu Yue’s cover.
    “Hey, dumb rabbit, what are you doing? What’s to be done if that Gold Silkworm Gu gets away?”
    Seeing it do that, someone immediately yelled out, making a big fuss.
    The fat rabbit unhappily glares at the guy who just spoke: You’re a dumb rabbit, your whole family is dumb rabbits!
    Soon after, the fat rabbit puckers its small mouth, sucking in.
    With a whoosh, the Gold Silkworm Gu couldn’t resist at all, flying into the fat rabbit’s mouth.
    The fat rabbit’s face twists once again, quite a few times considering to puke out the stinky thing that it had swallowed down.
    But it remembers those yummy jelly beans, and it forcibly bears with it.
    Everyone is struck dumb looking at this scene.
    Then, Gu Yue suddenly comes back to his senses, “Little Gongzi, hurry and make the rabbit spit out the Gold Silkworm Gu. The Gu’s whole body is poisonous, it could corrode most creatures in the world. If it doesn’t spit it out, I’m afraid that your rabbit will…”
    He has yet to finish what he’s saying-
    When they see the dense swarm of small bugs, which are crawling outside the [Divine Hands] sound shield, begin to firelessly combust one after another.
    A little while later, the little bugs that were practically crawling all over the entire sound shield have actually disappeared for the most part.
    All of them in the Great Hall are completely stunned.
    And after a little while, even the few groaning people lying on the floor slowly open their eyes as well, their pale complexions slowly getting healthier again.
    “Im… impossible!” Gu Yue stares at the fat rabbit, then at Xiao Bao, “The Gold Silkworm Gu, one of the Ten Great Poisons of the Mighty Tian Yi Men, has actually been consumed by a mere rabbit?!”
    On the contrary, Han Ye isn’t really surprised.
    That’s because he already knows that this ‘mere’ rabbit is anything but simple.
    Hehe, as expected of their Polar Domain’s future Mistress and future heir, even the Spiritual pet that they’re keeping is so extraordinary.
    Just as everyone is happy, though also at a loss, the fat rabbit burps.
    Then, “Pfff–putt–pffft–” three successive farts echo out.

EMHS – CH550

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Chapter 550: Thing that eats indiscriminately
    Han Ye and Gu Yue look at each other, their brows furrowing tighter and tighter, “The only way to get out of this predicament is to find the location of Gold Silkworms’ Mother Gu, then kill it.”
    “However, the Mother Gu fears neither water nor fire, it is as tough as iron, it’s form is almost invisible, and every inch of it’s skin is covered in a highly toxic and corrosive poison. We mightn’t be able to find it, but even if we do, we still wouldn’t be able to eliminate it within a short period of time, before we lose it again.”
    “And this length of time would already be enough for the Gold Silkworm, controlling its Gu Children, to infest and overrun the entire Ghost Wind Valley.”
    For a moment, there’s silence within the whole Great Hall.
    Everyone’s hearts sink heavily, as if weighed down by a boulder.
    Even Muyan couldn’t think of a solution at this time.
    She can kill these Gu Children parasitizing inside people, but if she couldn’t wipe them out, her speed in killing the Gu Children definitely couldn’t compare to the rate at which the Mother Gu could multiply them.
    Within the Hall, the recent cheerful and lighthearted atmosphere has been swept away.
    All of their faces are affixed with heavy anxiousness.
    At this time outside, the whole Ghost Wind Valley must already be completely overrun by the Gu Children.
    It appears that they’re now facing and absolute dead end.
    With the profundity of her cultivation, Muyan could perhaps guarantee that she herself wouldn’t be eaten away by the Gu Children.
    But she wouldn’t be able to secure everyone within this Ghost Wind Valley.
    The sound of mournful, blood-curdling screams occasionally come through from outside, voices of Ghost Envoys getting gobbled up by the Gu without warning.
    “What exactly should I do? How could we find the Gold Silkworm Gu?”
    Muyan knits her brows, contemplating. All of a sudden, the fat rabbit in Xiao Bai’s arms abruptly leaps out.
    “Bunny, don’t run around!” Xiao Bao calls out, hastily going to catch up.
    Just then, they watch the fat rabbit chasing out a plump gold-colored bug from the nook of the Hall’s entrance. 
    This insect looks very pretty, entirely different from those ugly Gu bugs with the cold machine-like eyes.
    When the wings on it’s back softly unfurl, it even emits a lustrous light.
    The fat rabbit looks at golden bug, mung bean eyes all bright and sparkling.
    Without waiting for Xiao Bao to rush over to it, the fat rabbit opens its mouth, and with an ‘awoo’ sound, it swallows that golden bug.
    “Bunny, eating anything again!” Xiao Bao berates unhappily, “Niangqin said, if you eat dirty things, you’ll have diarrhea.”
    And as if to prove Xiao Bao’s words, the fat rabbit’s face suddenly twists.
    It looks like it swallowed a lump of poop, or a fly.
    Soon after, the rabbit opens its mouth, spitting out that little gold insect with a ‘pah’.
    Gross! Stinky! So unlike the things the rabbit has eaten before!
    The fat rabbit twists it’s round body. Aggrieved, it rubs against the little master’s trousers for comfort.
    Xiao Bao picks it up, and is just about to say a few things to reprimand it again.
    As if suddenly waking up, Gu Yue cries out: “The Gold Silkworm Gu–!!!”
    “What? That’s the Gold Silkworm Gu?!”
    “Does it mean that if we kill it, we could be saved?!”
    Everyone goes to crowd around it.
    Ghost Lord Gu Yue takes out a very small cage. With one side open, he approaches it and traps the Gu inside as it was just about to escape. He doesn’t allow it to get away.
    The next moment, everyone on the scene thinks of various methods.
    Burning, suffocating, chopping, frying, poisoning, almost exhausting all the ways they could think of. But unfortunately, they’re totally at a loss on how to deal with this little gold bug.
    And because this Gold Silkworm Mother Gu is getting attacked, the Gu children outside become crazier and crazier in multiplying.
    At the moment, the Great Hall is surrounded and secured by the sound shield of Muyan’s [Divine Hands].

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EMHS – CH549

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Chapter 549: Made a fool of
    As soon as they’re spouted out, these small black bugs seem like they could smell something tasty – as they shoot towards everyone at lightning speed.
    “Ah! What is this?!”
    Everyone in the Great Hall goes into panic, shrieking voice up here and down there.
    Seeing the little bugs about to reach the doctors-
    Muyan’s reaction is very fast, immediately summoning the Tian Mo Qin, the sound of the zither playing.
    In a flash, the [Divine Hands that Weave the Heaven] Skill is activated.
    Those black bugs are immediately blocked outside the invisible barrier.
    As it’s happening, the Ghost Lord also makes his move.
    He takes a deep breath, suddenly blowing out Internal Force from his mouth.
    As that Internal Force touches the air, it unexpectedly turns into a ball of flame, bursting into a blaze.
    A short while later, all the little bugs in the room are completely burned away.
    But this turn of events happened too fast, catching them off guard. In the end, several Ghost Envoys and one doctor were still gnawed on by the bugs. Their faces are drained of color, and it doesn’t take too long for them to fall to the ground, producing pained groans.
    Muyan quickly gives some draughts to those people attacked by the bugs, making sure that the bugs in their bodies doesn’t spread.
    But in these few short breaths, the bugs within those people has gone from one or two, turning into hundreds.
    For the time being, Muyan is also somewhat helpless about getting rid of them.
    “This… what the hell is this thing?”
    Looking at the bug corpses burnt into black ash, the faces of Dr. Song and the other’s are extremely unsightly, their mouths gagging to vomit.
    Gu Yue looks even more unsightly than them, “It’s Liu Se, damn her! Before dying, that slut actually still made fools of us all.”
    Seeing everyone’s dumbstruck look on him,
    Gu Yue explains with a calm face: “Liu Se’s body should’ve been harboring a Mother Gu of the [Gold Silkworm Gu].”
     The [Gold Silkworm Gu] is a type of Gu poison exclusive to the Tian Yi Men on Xiuxian Continent.
    Among Tian Yi Men’s Ten Great Gu Poisons, it could only be placed at the lowest rank.
    But in the Yanwu Continent, it’s already a heaven-defying existence.
    Liu Se, because she made a mistake back then, had been implanted with the mother Gu of the Gold Silkworm and kicked into the Yanwu Continent.
    Due to the lack of Spiritual Power in the Yanwu Continent, the Gold Silkworm Gu couldn’t get nourishment, and could only start eating Liu Se’s body, making her have an appearance that’s neither person nor ghost.
    In order to preserve herself, Liu Se conversely began to absorb the qi of rotting corpses into her body, transforming it into Devil Qi for the Gold Silkworm Gu to ingest.
    In the course of a hundred years of nourishment, the Gold Silkworm in Liu Se had now become its darkest, most evil form.
    Originally, when Liu Se’s host body died, it would be reasonable to assume that the Gold Silkworm Gu should have also died.
    He didn’t expect that Liu Se would go as far as to take out the Mother Gu even before she entered the stone room.
    Without a host body, the Mother Gu wouldn’t have enough food, and would die right away.
    In order to survive, the Gold Silkworm Gu will start splitting up and releasing countless [Gu Children] to collect the needed nutrients.
    If it’s not stopped immediately, it probably wouldn’t take too long before the entire Ghost Wind Valley would be swallowed up by the Gold Silkworm Gu.
    Without a host, the Gold Silkworm Gu still wouldn’t survive in the end. But even so, the people in the entire Ghost Wind Valley would also be buried with the bugs.
    Thinking of this possibility, Gu Yue really wishes he could chop Liu Se up into countless pieces, making mincemeat of that slut.
    Everyone’s pleasant expressions have also gone missing.
    Gu Yue’s account swept past the parts pertaining to the Xiuxian Continent and the Tian Yi Men.
    However, merely looking at the frightening rate at which those Ghost Silkworm Gu Children ate and multiplied earlier, they could understand just how awful that thing is.
    “Just what are we going to do now? Is there a way to get rid of this disgusting thing?”

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EMHS – CH548

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Chapter 548: Such a beast
    In the Great Hall, Dr. Song and the others have been waiting anxiously.
    Seeing her come out, each and every one of them are immediately overjoyed at the unexpected good outcome.
    “Little girl, are you all right?” Dr. Song hurries over, examining Muyan up and down.
    It’s only after making certain that she doesn’t have any serious injuries that he lets out a long sigh of relief.
    Muyan obediently lets them pull her along, lovable like a typical young girl, without a trace of impatience.
    These Elders may be a little vain and selfish, but at the most critical moment, they had dashed on bravely with no thought of personal safety, all in order to defend her. That’s something that Muyan will never forget in this life.
    “Niangqin.” holding the fat rabbit, Xiao Bao comes up from behind and grabs Muyan’s hand.
    After getting out of the Ghost Hall, Muyan released Xiao Bao and the fat rabbit from the Space.
    But who knows what the fat rabbit found, as it suddenly ran off with Xiao Bao. They just caught up now.
    Seeing a pink, jade-carved little boy suddenly appear and call Muyan ‘Niangqin’-
    Dr. Song and the others are all stunned.
    “Little girl, y-y-you-you, you actually have a son already!”
    “This is my son, Xiao Bao.” Muyan has a slight smile as she pushes Xiao Bao to move forward, “Xiao Bao, say ‘grandpa’.”
    Xiao Bao’s small face is calm and cool, but his voice is childish and crisp, “Hello, grandpas.”
    A group of old doctors, most of them over a hundred years old, suddenly feel like an arrow has struck them in their hearts.
    A change comes over their hearts.
    Under the sun, how could there be such an adorable baby!
    “Come, Xiao Bao. This is a draught that Grandpa Song refined, I’ll give it to you.”
    “Xiao Bao, look at the treasures Grandpa Du has over here. If you want anything as a meeting gift, just take it.”
    And so, a crowd of old men, brimming with warmth and enthusiasm, surrounds an icy and indifferent little child.
    This scene is really odd and funny beyond words.
    With great difficulty, Xiao Bao manages to escape from the middle of the enthusiastic grandpas. In the end, he hides behind Muyan.
    There’s an expression of lingering fear on his taut little face, and he secretly lets out a sigh.
    Muyan is tickled by this adorable little look of his, so she bends down to pick him up, smooching his soft little face.
    Just as she’s about to ask her baby what he and the fat rabbit were doing earlier-
    She hears Dr. Song: “Little girl, your son is so big. You’re married already? The child’s father is…”
    While he’s saying this as a question, Dr. Song is a little hesitant and also somewhat angry.
    That’s because, no matter how you look at it, Muyan’s age can’t be older than twenty.
    But Xiao Bao is already four or five years old.
    That means, when Muyan was pregnant with Xiao Bao, she was only fourteen or fifteen years old.
    Which man had been such a beast? To have actually laid a hand on such a young little girl, and even letting that little girl carry a child.
    On the side, Han Ye promptly nods along in indignation: I don’t know who to kill with a thousand knives, actually stepping in before their Jun Shang, laying a hand on such a young Miss Jun. Simply a degenerate, shameless, absolutely disgraceful! If he ever comes across that shameless man, he must chop him up into ten thousand pieces.
    Muyan just smiles, kissing Xiao Bao’s face again.
    That faraway memory is indeed humiliating for her, she couldn’t stand remembering it.
    But it gave her the most precious gift in the world.
    Just as she’s about to reply, a lone figure suddenly staggers in from outside the door, bursting in with a flustered and alarmed expression.
    “He… help… help! Ghost Lord, help…”
    Before he could finish his words, this man in Ghost Envoy uniform is already tumbling to the floor. He suddenly coughs up a mouthful of blood.
    What shocks everyone, is that the blood that this man had coughed up is black-red. More than that, it’s covered by a dense swarm of tiny black bugs.

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EMHS – CH547

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Chapter 547: You guys know fart
    Of course, Han Ye knows what Muyan thinks of this gift, and he smiles like he’s receiving praise by proxy: “Miss Jun, if you feel like ‘Ghost Wind Valley’ isn’t pleasant to the ears, why not change its name? Something like [Ming Yan Valley]* for instance?”
    *Dark Flame Valley
    The homonym ‘Ming’ from Di Ming Jue, and Yan from Jun Muyan.
    The [Ming Yan Valley] could be a special place for Di Ming Jue and Jun Muyan.
    Even if she only uses her knees to think, Muyan knows what this guy’s – Han Ye’s – intention is.
    She sends a cold glance to the guy who wishes for the whole world to be in chaos, then she turns to give a slight nod towards Gu Yue, “If that’s the case, then it would be impolite of me to refuse. Still, the Ghost Wind Valley is really too much for a gift, and I have some reluctance in accepting it. So, to make it up, I’ll supply a large batch of draughts and Elixirs for the Ghost City to auction off this once. Ghost City can collect thirty percent handling fee from the market value.”
    Gu Yue stares blankly, and before he has the time to say anything-
    Magistrate Liu is already crying out “My goodness!”, suddenly leaping towards them, “Shenshu-daren, is that true? Not just draughts, you would also supply those Elixirs that you refine, and also allow our Ghost City to sell them?  Aaah… that’s great! From now on and in the future, you are the one who this little old man would depend upon for my livelihood, allow little old me to work like a cow or horse for you…”
    Gu Yue and his Black and White Protectors watch this scene dumbstruck.
    The White Reaper finally couldn’t take it, opening his mouth to say: “Isn’t it just some draughts and Elixirs? It’s not like nobody consigns their products for sale in our Ghost City, many Elixirs from Heavenly Road Sect’s Master Jian Feng even passes through our Ghost City’s hands to be auctioned. Magistrate Liu, why do you have to make such a big fuss about nothing?”
    “You guys know fart!” at that point, Magistrate Liu even forgets their seniority, shouting and arguing, “How could those commoners’ ordinary goods be mentioned on equal terms with our Shenshu-daren’s godly draughts and Elixirs? Hehe, since the two Protectors aren’t convinced, when Shenshu-daren’s products have arrived, you guys must never fight with this little old man over them, yea!”
    The Black and White Protectors are all the more surprised and confused, but they still quickly reply without much concern: “Rest assured, isn’t it just some Elixirs? We don’t even care about Jian Feng’s fourth-level Pills, how could we fight you over those?”
    However, some time later, the pair will regret their remarks today until their intestines are all green.
    Gu Yue originally also wanted to say “I don’t need Elixirs”, as he really doesn’t care about any Pill on the Yanwu Continent.
    However, he suddenly hears Han Ye sourly say: “You’re really one lucky guy. I follow Miss Jun and endlessly ask for them, but I can only get a few. You didn’t need to do anything, but you could actually get a huge pile.”
    Gu Yue: “……” this time, he’s truly curious.
    There’s no Spiritual Power in this Yanwu Continent, and Elixirs that are refined here are only as good as half-finished Pills.
    What’s more, they’ve never even attached any importance to the Elixirs refined by famous Master Alchemists of the Xiuzhen Continent.
    Are Jun Muyan’s Pills really that miraculous?
    “Shenshu-daren can only supply one batch, yes?” Magistrate Liu excitedly says and, since he won an inch and now wants a mile, he pounces to hug Muyan’s thigh, “Since you’re sending them anyway, what about adding a little more? Especially that Elixir that you refined, can you give me one now, please! One just like the Pill that I took! This little old man is really very curious how an Elixir could help me resist an attack from a high Precelestial Practitioner…”
    Muyan expressionlessly kicks his face, quickly making her way to the Great Hall.

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EMHS – CH546

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Chapter 546: Keep my body safe

If someone from Tian Yi Men were to know that Muyan is the Shen Musician heir, the consequences would be too horrible to contemplate.

Di Ming Jue’s complexion is ashen. He doesn’t respond to Han Ye, but he suddenly turns to look at Muyan.

Muyan stares at him in astonishment, her mind is inexplicably a little panicked, “What happened? Liu Se, she…”

Before she could finish her words, the hold on her waist tightens, and she’s firmly pulled into the man’s arms.

Then a passionate, overbearing kiss descends on her.

The biting kiss is short, but it’s endlessly consuming and possessive.

When he lets her go, for a few short breaths, Muyan feels her legs are unsteady where she stands, and her red lips have gone numb.

He bit her!

Muyan raises her head to complain, but the man’s low, husky voice enters her ears, “Muyan, keep my body safe and wait for me to come back!”

Saying that, his figure flashes before her eyes, instantly disappearing.

In a split second, Muyan only feels like there’s a piece of her heart missing, an absence.

All of a sudden, she seems to remember something, and her consciousness enters the Space.

Sure enough, she finds Di Ming Jue’s body inside, lying dormant like it doesn’t have life.

This scoundrel, why can he enter her Space without her permission?

And what the hell does he mean by “keep my body safe”?

Cursing inwardly, Muyan looks calm on the outside.


With the Ghost Lord’s lead, several people quickly leave the room.

As it turns out, when the stone room sank underground, it went straight into the Ghost Hall’s underground labyrinth.

If no one was there to guide, even a Precelestial expert could be trapped alive and die there.

But similarly, if they run into danger, this is also the best place for people to hide within the Ghost Wind Valley.

Also, this Ghost Wind Valley’s terrain is easily guarded, hard to attack – in addition to the Poison Smog acting as a protective screen.

It’s really a great place to set up camp.

“Miss Jun!” as Muyan is thinking about the advantages of the Ghost Wind Valley, she suddenly hears Gu Yue’s grateful voice, “Your grace of saving my life, this subordinate is unable to return the favor. But if Miss Jun wouldn’t despise it, I would like to give you this Ghost Wind Valley, as well as all the Valley’s Ghost Envoys. What do you think?”

Muyan stares blankly, almost suspecting that she had misheard it, “Give me the Ghost Wind Valley? If I remember it correctly, the Ghost Wind Valley has always been the main stronghold of the Ghost City. For you guys, it’s said that it’s value is greater than any single Ghost City.”

Gu Yue chuckles: “Ghost City is the property of our Polar Domain, and this humble one has only been managing it for the past hundred years. Moreover, Miss Jun, you are the future Mistress of our Polar Domain. To say nothing of merely giving you an insignificant Ghost Wind Valley, even the status of the Ghost City is currently uncertain. To have created difficulties for you, Miss Jun, we might as well give you the entire Ghost City.”

“That’s right, that’s right!” Han Ye doesn’t wait for Muyan to respond, already going along with it, “Miss Jun, I’ve already told you, just tell Jun Shang if you want anything. Even if it’s a star in the sky, he would pluck it down for you, let alone a small Ghost Wind Valley, yeah? Everyone would be your people sooner or later, just forego the formalities.”

Muyan: Haha, nobody wants to be your people ‘sooner or later’, thank you very much!

However, thinking of this Valley, which is easy to defend and difficult to attack, unexpectedly turning into her very own stronghold – even with her calm, Muyan couldn’t suppress a smile from her face.

Her Ink Camp and Tianji Unit are growing, and the Void Camp is also being formed.

Be it in Tianyuan City or Wangjiang City, a small courtyard could no longer accommodate that staff.

Now, with the Ghost Wind Valley, it’s really like a sleepy person getting handed a pillow.

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