EMHS – CH564

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Chapter 564: Rear
    Each of these Corpse Soldiers have the cultivation of Earth Stage or higher.
    But this isn’t the most terrible part.
    The worst thing is that each and every one of them are not afraid to die, not afraid of pain.
    Even if their hands and feet are cut down, they could still go on dauntlessly and fight.
    Even when they truly die, as long as the Gu children in their bodies are extracted, they could still create more Corpse Soldiers.
    Gong Qianxue smugly raises her eyebrows. Suddenly, she lightly claps her hands.
    Someone immediately moves forward, throwing a tall man into the group of Corpse Soldiers.
    As soon as that man reaches the ground, he immediately stares at Gong Qianxue with hostility. The whole person jumps up into the air, recklessly throwing himself towards her, “Gong Qianxue, you poisonous woman, my father and mother are coming!!”
     But before that man could fully take off, the Corpse Soldiers below swarm around him.
    He tries his hardest to operate his Internal Force and resist, but he’s heavily outnumbered after all. Very quickly, he exhausts all his Internal Force, and he’s pressed down under the bodies of Corpse Soldiers.
    A sad and shrill scream comes through from underneath that pile of bodies.
    Qian Qing watches below, as the Corpse Soldiers tear into the man’s flesh by the mouthful. He couldn’t help but shudder.
    This time, apart from envy and admiration, his face also shows some traces of fear, “These… these Corpse Soldiers are really too incredible. In this way, Princess, who would still dare to oppose you here on the Yanwu Continent?”
    Gong Qianxue claps a second time. At that signal, Practitioners are sent one after another into the pile of Corpse Soldiers.
    They too, without exception, are torn into scraps by the Soldiers, even their bones and leather straps are completely eaten up.
    In the middle of this terrible and gory atmosphere-
    Gong Qianxue nevertheless looks relaxed, stretching out her long and delicate fingers, lightly fiddling with her manicured nails. With a smile: “These Corpse Soldiers may be powerful, but in the end, their numbers are still too few. Ben Gong got a batch of Gu bugs from Liu Se-jiejie*, which are specially designed for making Corpse Soldiers. To rear them however, these Gu bugs require a particular method, and so I’d like to ask Godly Doctor Qian to lend a hand with that.”
  • big sister
    Qian Qing stares, even more fearful and deferential: “Please say it, Princess.”
    “Contrary to what you might expect, raising the Soldiers’ Gu Children is quite easy, so long as there’s enough fresh bodies from living people. The Mother Gu however, require the gentlest type Internal Force for them develop. After that, they would swallow each other until finally, one turns into a Gu King.”
   “The… the gentlest type of Internal Force?”
    Gong Qianxue looks at him meaningfully, “Under the sun, is there anything gentler than the Internal Force of doctors and apothecaries? After all, the Internal Force of the other Practitioners is used for killing, while doctors and apothecaries use their Internal Force to save people.”
    Qian Qing’s ass hits to floor, and he sits there, looking terrified, “Princess, this subordinate is loyal and devoted to you, you… you won’t use this subordinate’s body to raise the Gu, will you?”
    Gong Qianxue smiles and says: “Dr. Qian must be joking. Your loyalty to Beng Gong was never in doubt, how could Ben Gong want your life? What Ben Gong wants are those doctors from your Xuan Medical Pavilion…”
    She still hasn’t finished what she’s saying.
    All of a sudden, they hear a scream from below.
    In the first place, it’s very normal to hear a scream from within the pile of Corpse Soldiers.
    But this sound is very unusual, as the voice is neither male nor female, but a uniquely sharp sound that seems capable of piercing people’s eardrums.
    Hearing this sound, Gong Qianxue’s expression changes. She suddenly stands up and looks down.
    Then she watches as one of the Corpse Soldiers unexpectedly bursts into flames.
    A few short breaths later, that Soldier is completely burned away, along with the Gu Bug within his body.
    That instant seems to act as a signal.
    Immediately following that, all the Corpse Soldiers have their forms catch fire.

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