EMHS – CH563

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Chapter 563: Dispute
    Outside the Polar Domain’s Restricted Area.
    “Elder Chang, how is Jun Shang? Are there any major complications with his injuries?”
    Seeing Elder Chang come out, a couple of people immediately come up to surround him.
    Elder Chang slowly exhales, then says: “He suffered a great backlash and was injured from assaulting Tian Yi Valleys’ Protective Mountain Formation. Then after that, he utilized the [Burning Sky Art] to completely burn a soul. His Divine Power is depleted, and so his injuries are not light. I’m afraid that he has to recuperate for a while.”
    Hearing that, everyone has incredibly heavy expressions.
    That irate youth finally couldn’t bear it. Grabbing Ying Mei’s collar, he angrily accuses: “Ying Mei, just what’s wrong with you and Han Ye? You know perfectly well that Jun Shang’s real body is currently in the Yanwu Continent, without a tenth of his strength in the Xiuxian Continent. In spite of everything, how could you guys let Jun Shang charge to Tian Yi Men by himself?!”
    Even though the cultivation of Tian Yi Men’s Sect Master is far lower than Di Ming Jue’s, the latter’s strength is now only a tenth of its original.
    Fortunately, they didn’t come to blows today. Otherwise, a rumor of Di Ming Jue’s cultivation deteriorating could have spread throughout the entire Xiuxian Continent.
    If it comes to that, the consequences would be unthinkable.
    “Xing Lang, cool your head. How could Ying Mei and Han Ye have a say in Jun Shang’s decisions?” Elder Chang chides, “Besides, had Jun Shang not moved his hand, how would Tian Yi Men’s Sect Master be daunted, and therefore prevented from daring to rush her actions?”
    “In that case, the identity of the Shen Musician heir would have probably been revealed to Tian Yi Men’s Sect Master.”
    Xing Lang tightly furrows his brows, looking unconvinced: “What Shen Musician heir, she’s nothing but a mortal, without integrity nor ability. To actually let Jun Shang sustain injuries for her, and take such great risks for her. If not for this Jun Muyan, Jun Shang wouldn’t…”
    “Xing Lang, shut up!” Ying Mei suddenly shouts, coldly cutting him off, “I don’t care how you lash out on me and Han Ye, as we weren’t able to protect Jun Shang properly, I’m willing to accept whatever punishment. However, I won’t allow anyone to vilify the Lady, not even you!”
    “You–!” with shock and anger, Xing Lang glares at Ying Mei, “You’ve only been around that mortal for several months, and she’s actually befuddled you as well?  What a joke, it shouldn’t be that…”
     “Xing Lang!” this time, even Elder Chang’s tone is cold, his expression unspeakably chilling, “Jun Shang is inside. If you’re not afraid to die without a burial site, you may proceed with what you’re about to say.”
    Xing Lang’s face immediately reveals a look of horror, then his features twist for an instant.
    He hatefully swings his arms, then he walks away!
    Humph, Jun Muyan, Jun Muyan! Isn’t she just some mortal woman?
    What’s so great about her!
    He must go to the lower realm and meet this woman.
    He would like to see exactly what kind of ability this woman possesses, that she not only drives Jun Shang to distraction, she even befuddles Ying Mei and Han Ye, spirit and soul turned upside down.
    Xing Lang looks at his own hand, slowly opening then tightly clenching. He smiles coldly.
    He will definitely let that woman know that it’s not that easy to be the Mistress of the Polar Domain.
    But before too long in the future, Xing Lang would regret his decision today, he’d hate that he couldn’t die by tofu beating*.
  •     Doing something without thinking; low level mistake (you can’t die by hitting your head on tofu).
    At this time, Yanwu Continent, Country of Huang Yao.
    In a dark and secret underground, a strong putrid scent of blood emanates.
    At the center of that subterranean area, there are hundreds of bodies rotting with a fishy stench. Still, row after row of Corpse Soldiers stand, exuding a strong killing intent.
    Gong Qianxue sits at the raised platform above them, looking down from up high, inspecting this formidable [Corpse Army]. Her face reveals a pleased expression, “Godly Doctor Qian, what do you think of these puppet soldiers of mine?”
    “Powerful, really extremely powerful!” standing next to Gong Qianxue, there’s an elderly man whose profile has the grace of an immortal and the temperament of a Daoist. His eyes shine while looking at the Corpse Soldier below, showing high praise with his expression, “Having this Army, the Princess is truly invincible, who could stop you?” 


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