EMHS – CH562

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Chapter 562: Wounded
    “That’s right, after Liu Se was chased out of the Xiuxian Continent, she must have passed through the [Displaced Immortal Platform], and was finally exiled to the Xiuzhen Continent. Therefore, that shameless slut is definitely from the Xiuzhen Continent as well!”
    A small cultivator of the Xiuzhen Continent actually dares to have thoughts about Di Ming Jue, have designs of becoming the Master of the Polar Domain?!
    Leng Qingwan’s features twist. Soon after, she takes a deep breath, regaining her cold and noble look, “Master’s lesson is learned, this disciple forgot herself. For an insignificant Xiuzhen Continent Cultivator, even if she could temporarily tempt Di Jun, she still wouldn’t be able to receive the approval of the Elders of the Polar Domain, nor could she even pass through the Divine Tribulations. I’m afraid that she’s entirely unqualified to be Di Jun’s small concubine. This disciple really shouldn’t take her seriously.”
    “Correct!” Leng Yuexia reaches out a hand to pat her shoulder. Lowering her voice, “At present, finding the Shen Musician heir is top priority. Kill her, and snatch away the Inheritance from her hands. As long as we have that Shen Musician Inheritance, the status of our Tian Yi Men will be greatly elevated. One day in the future, it could even be on equal footing with the Polar Domain. Until then, do you still fear that the seat of the Polar Domain’s Mistress wouldn’t belong to you?”
    Leng Qingwan nods firmly, a bright light bursting out from her eyes, “Rest assured, Master. This disciple shall send people to go to the Xiuzhen Continent, and have them look for traces of that Shen Musician heir.”
    Conveniently, she could also look for that vixen seducing Di Jun, then chop her up into ten thousand pieces.
     However, there’s no way they could have imagined that the place where Liu Se and Di Ming Jue had returned from isn’t the Xiuzhen Continent, but the barren and without-Spiritual-Power Yanwu Continent.
    That’s because, even if you beat them, Leng Qingwan and Leng Yuexia aren’t willing to believe that Di Ming Jue would seal nine-tenths of his cultivation, brave an enormous risk, and have his real body leave for the Yanwu Continent.
    Di Ming Jue leaves the mountain top where the Tian Yi Men is located. Ying Mei is waiting at the mouth of a ravine.
    Behind her, there’s a handsome young man with a cramped smile hanging on the corners of his mouth.
    On a closer look however, one could see the worry and anxiousness in his eyes.
    The moment the two of them detect Di Ming Jue appear, their expressions immediately change, and they hurriedly make their salutations.
    “Jun Shang, are you well?!”
    Di Ming Jue waves a hand. His expression is still as indifferent as before, but he couldn’t stop his complexion turning so white, it’s almost transparent.
    He appears like he wants to suppress it, but he still coughs up a mouthful of blood in the end. His body is on the verge of collapse.
    “Jun Shang!” Ying Mei and that displeased youth hurriedly reach out their hands to prop him up.
    The concern and helplessness in their eyes are practically gushing like a tide.
    “It’s nothing. I’ll be fine with some rest.” Di Ming Jue says faintly, “Take me back to the Polar Domain’s Restricted Area, and tell Elder Chang to come there alone. Don’t let other people of the Polar Domain to know of my return.”
    “Jun Shang, for all that, Elder Chang isn’t an expert in medicine, you should call…” that miffed young man eagerly tries to protest.
    But in the face of the icy, ripple-less, and unopposable expression in Di Ming Jue’s eyes, he ultimately swallows back the objections.
    Di Ming Jue looks at Ying Mei. Using a slightly lowered, hoarse voice: “Send this letter to Han Ye, have him protect Muyan well.”
    “If Muyan is harmed in any way, he will look forward to a lifetime of staying in the Purgatory Pool.”
    Ying Mei nods at once, “Yes, Jun Shang.”
    “Furthermore…” Di Ming Jue’s form sways, his complexion paling completely. It could perhaps be due to his body’s weakness, that his voice is tender beyond words, “The matter of Ben Jun sustaining injuries, first… don’t let Muyan know…”
    After saying that line, Di Ming Jue could no longer hold on. He loses consciousness.
    “Di Jun–!!”

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