EMHS – CH561

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Chapter 561: Fiancée
    All in order to know the information regarding the Shen Musician.
    However, she’s now completely wasted her Divine Power, and before she could hear anything, Di Ming Jue has already killed her informant.
    How could she take this lying down?!
    Di Ming Jue withdraws the hand that had just set Liu Se on fire. There’s an aloof and careless indifference on his peerlessly handsome face, “She had offended Ben Jun’s people, so Ben Jun wants her dead. Does Sect Master Leng object to this?”
    “Moreover, if Ben Jun remembers correctly, it’s already been a hundred years since this Liu Se was driven out of the Xiuxian Continent. Tian Yi Men had also announced to the public that, from that moment on, whatever her fate is, she would be left to live and perish on her own.”
    One corner of his mouth draws up into a cold smirk, “How is it, that as soon as she had committed an offense against Ben Jun, she has suddenly become Sect Master Leng’s valued disciple?”
    Leng Yuexia is immediately at a loss for words.
    She wants to hog the information about the Shen Musician.
    That’s because she knows that the first one to find and kill the Shen Musician heir would be able to obtain the Shen Musicians’ Inheritance.
    That’s the reason why, when Liu Se, that failure of a disciple had threatened her, she endured it.
    But she cannot say these words to Di Ming Jue.
    For a moment, she’s incomparably sullen, as there’s just no way out.
    Seeing that Di Ming Jue is about to leave, Leng Yuexia quickly speaks through gritted teeth: “I wonder, exactly in what way has this Sect’s ex-disciple offended Jun Shang, that has made Jun Shang so eager to hunt her down and exterminate her?”
    There’s a slight pause on Di Ming Jue’s steps. He slowly turns his head, his expression is cold and unreadable, but there’s a gentle light deep in his eyes, “Liu Se had wounded Ben Jun’s fiancée. Therefore, even if she runs to the ends of the world, she must die.”
    “Fiancée?!!” this time, it’s Leng Qingwan who opens her mouth. She snaps her head up, her beautiful face covered in disbelief, “Di Jun, where did you get this fiancée? Why haven’t I heard of this before?”
    Di Jun’s fiancée, shouldn’t that be her?
    Di Ming Jue snorts: “Whether or not Ben Jun has an intended, why would that have anything to do with you? What entitles you to know?”
    Seeing Leng Qingwan rushing over, wanting to ask questions,
    Di Ming Jue raises a hand, stirring up a cloud of dust, and immediately makes Leng Qingwan stumble.
    His figure flashes, and he’s already rising high into the air. He disappears into the horizon.
    Tranquility is restored to Tian Yi Men’s Altar, as if nothing happened.
    The only indications to what had just occurred are: the Mountain Formation’s crack in the middle of the sky, as well as the ashen complexion on the Master and disciple – Leng Yuexia and Leng Qingwan.
    “Master!” Leng Qingwan finally couldn’t help but sob and yell, “Master, didn’t you say that I will become the Mistress of Polar Domain one day? Why? How could Di Jun have a fiancée?”
    Leng Yuexia takes a deep breath, and she swallows back the bad temper and displeasure churning in her chest.
    Only then does she shoot a cold glance to Leng Qingwan, “What has Master taught you? Why are you so incapable of remaining calm?”
    “But Master, Di Jun, he…”
    “I heard that these days, Di Jun has constantly been absent in the Polar Domain.” Leng Yuexia suddenly lowers her voice, “So the fiancée that Di Jun mentioned couldn’t possibly be someone of the Xiuxian Continent.”
    Leng Qingwan stares blankly, “Master, you mean…”
    “Heh, it’s only just a fox from the Xiuzhen Continent that couldn’t even be shown to the public, temporarily beguiling Di Jun. And you immediately lose your head like this? How are you qualified to manage Tian Yi Men in the future, and how could you turn into the Mistress of the Polar Domain?”
    Hearing that, Leng Qingwan’s eyes brighten. Soon after, she grits her teeth again, “Master, you mean that the fiancée Di Jun spoke of is some shameless slut from the Xiuzhen Continent?”

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