EMHS – CH560

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Chapter 560: Too late
    Before she could finish the sentence, a gigantic force seems to be dragging the girl’s body which had just been taken over by Liu Se.
     A shrill screech, seemingly able to pierce through people’s eardrums, uninterruptedly spills from the girl’s tender throat.
    Immediately after that, they watch as Liu Se’s soul is directly pulled out from that body.
    The hideous face is extremely distorted, eyes bulging, panic and desperation across her whole face.
    She appears like she wants to scream something. However, her soul seems to be squeezed by some tremendous force. Restrained, she could no longer produce even the smallest of sounds.
    “Di Jun, what are you doing?” Leng Yuexia suddenly starts, coming back to her senses. She harshly shouts, “Quickly put my disciple down!”
    Leng Qingwan is captivated as she watches the man’s peerless elegance in his every move. But inwardly, she’s unspeakably happy about him drawing Liu Se’s soul out.
    Leng Qingwan even suspects that Di Ming Jue had done that because he knows that she doesn’t like Liu Se, so he rushed over to expressly come to her assistance.
    Still, she thinks of the news about the Shen Musician that Liu Se’s holds in her hands.
    A faint blush floats up on Leng Qinwan’s face, and she softly speaks up: “Di Jun, I don’t know if my Senior Sister had done something bad to provoke and displease you. If that’s indeed the case, my Senior Sister would apologize to you. I hope you could spare my Senior Sister’s life  for my sake.”
    Di Ming Jue laughs grimly, “Why must Ben Jun spare someone who offended my people? Perhaps you should give me a reason to let her go?”
    Hearing his tone of voice, Leng Qingwan believes that he is truly swayed because of her request.
    Her heart immediately jumps, the blush on her cheeks get darker and darker. She gently says: “Coming back this time, Senior Sister has some important information that she wants to relay to the Sect Master. If Di Jun really wants to punish her, is it be possible to wait until after we hear Senior Sister speak of the news?”
    “So long as… so long as Di Jun grants Qingwan this request, later, no matter what Di Jun asks from Qingwan and the Tian Yi Men as repayment, Qingwan would absolutely not have any complaints.”
    As she’s saying this, Leng Qingwan’s expression is bashful and timid, yet ceaselessly affectionate.
    Her usual cold and aloof appearance seems to be stained with the color and brightness of peach blossoms, shy like a young lady.
    This fairy that doesn’t eat the food of common mortals – perhaps anyone who sees her show such a disposition would have their hearts inflamed to passion, unable to extricate themselves.
    However, trapped by Di Ming Jue, Liu Se widens her eyes in panic, the depths of her gaze overflowing with desperation.
    As expected, the frightening man slowly turns his head, his mouth lifting up into an almost imperceptible arc.
    A voice that only the two of them could hear echoes in her ears: “So it turns out, you still haven’t had the chance to say anything.”
    “Aaargh… Master, save me, Shen…”
    Liu Se suddenly struggles, letting out a scream of hysteria, but she’s barely able to speak half a sentence-
    Her soul suddenly bursts into flames. In the wink of an eye, she’s completely and thoroughly burned away.
    The puff of ash disappears, she will never be able to enter the cycle of rebirth.
    Leng Qingwan’s bashful expression freezes, her mouth couldn’t help but tremble.
    Leng Yuexia is suspended mid-movement of trying to intercept. But it’s simply too late.
    Her hands tremble violently, the veil covering her face flutters due to her extreme anger.
    “Di Ming Jue, what do you mean by this?!” in the end, Leng Yuexia couldn’t help but scream forcefully, “My Tian Yi Men has no grievance nor hatred with your Polar Domain. Why would you break my Mountain Formation and kill me disciple?!”
    Leng Yuexia simply wants to go mad in anger.
    She had just consumed a great amount of Divine Power, and it’s only with great difficulty that she had solidified Liu Se’s soul using a Secret Method.


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