EMHS – CH559

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Chapter 559: Turning up uninvited
    If there’s one more, or one less – no one would notice it at all.
    Leng Yuexia throws the dead body aside, then her hands begin to form complex mystical symbols.
    Soon after, a dazzling light appears on her hands.
    The light gathers into a single line, connecting Liu Se’s soul to the young girl’s body.
    “Guh–!” a violent grunt comes out of Leng Yuexia’s mouth.
    The next moment, Liu Se’s soul disappears from the Altar, and the girl on the ground slowly opens her eyes..
    Leng Yuexia’s complexion is pale, beads of sweat faintly seeping out on her forehead.
    It’s very obvious that such a Secret Method of seizing a host is very taxing to her body.
    However, in order to know the know of the information about the Shen Musician, in order to completely destroy this Sect, Leng Yuexia refuses to overlook anything.
    Leng Qingwang supports Leng Yuexia’s somewhat weakened form. Her gaze is resentful, full of loathing. She viciously glare at Liu Se sitting up.
    Liu Se is somewhat disoriented at first.
    Realizing that she’s truly taken over a body, feeling up the smooth flesh, she’s immediately wild with joy.
    Her only regret is that this rough little girl from the Outer Sect really has terrible aptitude.
    Yet she also knows that the better the host body’s aptitude is, the more difficult it is to use the Takeover Secret Method.
    Liu Se doesn’t dare to show the slightest bit of dissatisfaction.
    Shedding tears of gratitude, she kneels before Leng Yuexia. With snot flowing down, she says: “Master, your grace of saving this disciple’s life, this disciple will never forget it even after my teeth fall out…”
    “Hurry and talk, the news pertaining to the Shen Musician!” through gritted teeth, Leng Yuexia harshly interrupts her with an impatient voice.
    Liu Se doesn’t dare to withhold it again this time, quickly saying: “Master, this disciple accidentally came across the Shen Musician descendant at the lower bound, her name is Jun…”
    Halfway through her speech, they hear a sudden rumbling sound.
    A violent quake goes through the entire Inner Lands of the Tian Yi Men, as if heaven is falling and the earth is rending.
    Above them, the Mountain’s Protective Formation, which has a defensive power that is extremely formidable, is actually making crackling noises.
    Following that, a small crack unexpectedly splits open.
    The three people of Leng Yuexia’s group simultaneously raise their heads, overwhelmed with horror and shock.
    Only to see a tall figure slowly descend from that crack on the Mountain Formation.
    Distant and untouchable, like an unparalleled deity descending to the mundane world.
    Leng Qingwan stupidly watches that figure dropping from the sky, and her eyes gradually fill up with deep adoration and want.
    Seeing the arriving man, a huge change comes over Liu Se’s complexion. Her newly-acquired body trembles like a sieve.
    She opens her mouth, wanting to talk, but she can only hear her teeth chattering.
    It’s as if someone is clutching her throat, unable to make the smallest of sounds.
    Leng Yuexia is the first one to react. She looks up at the hole on Mountain’s Protective Formation, cracked from the onslaught; then at the surrounding furnishing toppled over or shattered because of that quake.
    She’s extremely displeased inside.
    But, thinking of the arriving man’s identity, she moderates her voice: “If Di Jun wants to pay a visit to our Tian Yi Men, my Sect would naturally clean the couch to welcome you. Was there a need for Di Jun come and make such a great onslaught and destroy my Tian Yi Men’s Protective Formation?”
    But Di Ming doesn’t respond to her, he doesn’t even spare her a glance.
    There’s no expression on that handsome face that could captivate all the women in the world. His cold-as-ice irises slightly shift, finally falling on Liu Se.
    Liu Se’s body is shaking uncontrollably.
    She watches as this dreadful man makes his way towards her one step at a time.
    Liu Se only feels like a string in her brain has snapped, and she suddenly screeches hysterically, “Master, help me! Save me! Di Jun wants to kill me, he… he and that Shen…”

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