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Chapter 558: Terms of the Exchange
    Liu Se doesn’t immediately answer this line of questioning.
    Instead, she pleads with her hoarse voice: “Master, in order to report this information to you, this disciple had used [Temple Destruction], and my soul is now on the verge of scattering, with only two hours left to live. I beg Master to save this disciple, disciple doesn’t want to die! Disciple wants to stay in Tian Yi Men and serve Master till the end of my life!”
    “Presumptuous!” Leng Qingwan finally couldn’t bear it, shouting in a stern voice, “Liu Se, are you threatening Master?”
    Liu Se raises her head, meeting Leng Yuexia’s bone-chilling gaze. She shudders uncontrollably.
    Thinking about the imminent peril to her own little life however, she nevertheless grits her teeth and wails: “Master, you must know that after the use of the [Temple Destruction] skill, you won’t be able to extract the memory from the soul, or it will immediately scatter.”
    “Only alive would this disciple be able to impart all the information pertaining to the Shen Musician, and tell you everything, so I beg Master to save this disciple! Disciple promises, the news I bring would absolutely not disappoint you.”
    Even as the fear in her heart reaches the extremes, Liu Se wouldn’t yield her fate.
    That’s because she clearly knows that this is her only chance to keep her life.
    Outsiders only know that when a person of the Tian Yi Men uses [Temple Destruction], their soul will shatter and they’ll die.
    What they don’t know, is that all the Sect Masters of the Tian Yi Men know of a Secret Method which can make the broken soul enter into dying body, forcefully giving them another life.
    When Liu Se disregarded everything to use [Temple Destruction] on the Yanwu Continent, she was holding on to this glimmer of hope.
    The news that she’s brought would make Master have no other choice but to save her.
    Leng Qingwan looks at the Sect Master’s severe complexion, and she hastily says: “Master, you mustn’t be fooled by this traitor. Maybe she doesn’t even have any definite news about the Shen Musician.”
    “Even without her information, by the strength of our Tian Yi Men now, there would inevitably be a day that we’d definitely be able to find that Shen Musician and kill her!”
    Liu Se hurriedly says: “Master, please believe me, everything this disciple said is true. I have personally seen her whole body change and produce seven swords of different colors. That must be what Master mentioned before, the Shen Musician’s [Seven Swords Spirit] skill.”
    Hearing those words, Leng Yuexia’s expression suddenly transforms.
    Through gritted teeth, her voice carries deep hatred and resentment, “[Seven Swords Spirit], she could actually use the [Seven Swords Spirit] already… back then, that slut had used that skill to make me lose all face before the public…”
    “But how could it be so fast? To actually possess Third Level skills in such a short period of time… this demon cannot remain, simply cannot be left to grow.”
    Leng Yuexia’s gaze abruptly shifts towards Liu Se. She faintly says: “Well, I will use the Secret Method for you, and help you be reborn. However, if the news you bring regarding the Shen Musician is not significant enough, you should know that some consequences are a hundred times more painful than death.”
    “Yes! Yes! Master, this disciple swears that what I said is true!” Liu Se didn’t think that she would really get ahold of this final lifeline, and she’s immediately overjoyed at her unexpected luck.
    Leng Yuexia abruptly raises a hand in the air, looking like she’s grabbing something out from the void.
    The next instant, they watch a young girl appear, dressed in the work clothes of an Outer Sect Initiate. She grabs the girl by the neck, clutching it midair.
    This girl has confusion clearly written across her face, unaware of what’s happening.
    She opens her mouth. Just as she’s about to speak, there’s suddenly a crackling sound, her neck is directly snapped.
    This poor girl didn’t even know why she died, but she already breathed her last.
    In the Outer Sect of Tian Yi Men, there’s no shortage of these girls with ordinary aptitudes. No one would pay attention to them.

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