EMHS – CH552

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Chapter 552: Scorn
    Within moments, the dizzying stench fills the entire Hall.
    “Urgh~~ so repulsive, what is this smell?!”
    “This old man will throw up yesterday’s dinner!”
    “Argh, hurry, hurry and go out, get away from it!”
    Even Xiao Bao’s stubby little legs scurries over to Muyan’s side, escaping to hide behind her shrunken sound shield.
    With the shield’s obstruction, the permeating stench couldn’t come in. Xiao Bao lets out a long sigh of relief.
    The fat rabbit wants to die from anger, stamping it’s leg in place and whimpering ‘wuu wuu!’.
    –Little Master is too unfair! Bunny was so good and obedient, eating that tick, but the Little Master actually scorns bunny as a result.
    Boo hoo, wuu!
    The fat rabbit covers it’s fluffy, circle face with it’s paws, deeply hurt and crying.
    Muyan huffs out a laugh.
    Her fingers play a few notes, and a gust of wind instantly sweeps through the entire Great Hall.
    A short while later, the stink that was just congesting the air disappears without a trace.
    Muyan pulls Xiao Bao to the fat rabbit’s side. She takes it by the scruff, holding it up. With an easy smile: “Okay, stop the drama. Your gains from the Gold Silkworm Gu isn’t small, is it? I could see that your round body has gained another layer.”
    The fat rabbit twists and twists it’s body, round as a ball. It snorts.
    This rabbit is a noble, mythical beast, not something that will eat anything, especially not that stinky thing. Even if it’s beneficial, this rabbit still thinks it’s not worth eating.
    Argh, pah, pooh, ptooey! What ‘this rabbit’, it is absolutely not a rabbit, all right!
    “Bunny, these are all for you!” Xiao Bao holds the Elixirs up with both hands, offering it before the fat rabbit.
    The fat rabbit’s eyes brighten, immediately thoroughly forgetting it’s recent grievance. With a howl, it jumps into Xiao Bao’s arms.
    Fluffy paws snatch one jelly bean, stuffing it into its mouth. Then it snatches another and places it into Xiao Bao’s mouth.
    The two little guys happily play together.
    Muyan puts the pair back into the Space, and only then does she have someone call Dr. Song and the others to come over.
    “Elders, I know that you’ve traveled far to come to the Ghost Wind Valley, wanting to learn the Secret Method of Pill Condensation.”
    “I wonder if the Elders still want to learn alchemy right now?”
    When she asked this question, each and every doctor present, all of them open their eyes wide.
    “Dr. Jun, y-y-you, what do you mean by this? Could it be that you’re willing to teach us alchemy?”
    “Could we also refine the kind of Elixirs that you make?”
    Muyan lightly shakes her head, “My alchemy technique has very demanding requirements. For the time being, I’m afraid that the Elders wouldn’t be able to do it.”
    Or, one could say that as long as there’s no Spiritual Energy in the Yanwu Continent, it’s impossible to do so.
    All of them immediately hang their heads dejectedly, but they also know that Muyan is telling the truth.
    Her type of alchemy method is simply too preposterous. One couldn’t even imagine it, how could it possibly be accomplished easily?
   “However, Shi Lanling and the others’ Secret Method of Pill Condensation, I believe that I’ve grasped the gist of it.”
    Muyan smiles faintly. Facing the listless crowd of doctors, she throws them a heavy bomb, “Without the help of Gu bugs, nor the need for extraordinary circumstances, you can condense Pills as long as you use a special technique. Then again, I regret that it could only refine Pills at the third level or lower. Moreover, the Pills’ effects would be greatly reduced. I don’t know if the Elders would still want…”
    “Want! Of course we do! Even if I can only refine level one Pills, this old man still wants to learn, let alone the possibility of third level!”
    “Little girl, is that true? Such a trade secret, whoever has it conceals the actual details, but you… you really want to give it to us without any reservations?”


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