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Chapter 551: Burp~, pffrrt~
    Outside the sound wall is a dense swarm of little black bugs that make people’s hair rise from head to foot.
    One could say that if this sound wall is broken, almost all the people inside would undoubtedly die.
    And even if Muyan’s cultivation was higher, even if her Internal Force was denser – it still wouldn’t be endless.
    As time goes on, the Gold Silkworm Gu is still without the slightest bit of damage, but Muyan’s complexion is already a bit pale.
    Xiao Bao is distressed as he looks at his mother’s face, which is slightly dripping with sweat. Then he looks at her fingers plucking at the strings.
    All of a sudden, he carries the fat rabbit before that Gold Silkworm Gu: “Bunny, eat it.”
    The fat rabbit shakes its head like its life depends on it: No, no! So stinky! Bunny doesn’t like!
    Xiao Bao looks for Elixirs in the Storage Space that Di Ming Jue gave him. Taking them out, he expressionlessly says: “Eat it, and these jelly beans are all years.”
    Seeing the Elixirs Xiao Bao is holding in his little hand, the mung bean eyes immediately light up.
    These Pills are the best Elixirs Muyan has refined with [Clouds Bearing a Sea of Fruits] skill. Compared to the Vein Shield Dan, which were recently refined in the Great Hall without the Shen Musician Skill, they are as distant as the sky is to the earth.
    Furthermore, only three to five of them could be produced each time, at most. After refining with it once, she couldn’t use the [Clouds Bearing a Sea of Fruits] skill again for three days.
    These godly Elixirs that Muyan made, aside from the few that were harassed out of her by Han Ye, she gave all the rest to Xiao Bao as jelly bean snacks.
    Xiao Bao had very much treasured these Elixirs, only willing to give one or two to the fat rabbit on normal days.
    But this once, in order to help with his mother’s worries and difficulties, he’s putting forward all the “jelly beans” he has.
    With the jelly beans as bait, the fat rabbit unhesitatingly hops down to the floor, claws overturning Gu Yue’s cover.
    “Hey, dumb rabbit, what are you doing? What’s to be done if that Gold Silkworm Gu gets away?”
    Seeing it do that, someone immediately yelled out, making a big fuss.
    The fat rabbit unhappily glares at the guy who just spoke: You’re a dumb rabbit, your whole family is dumb rabbits!
    Soon after, the fat rabbit puckers its small mouth, sucking in.
    With a whoosh, the Gold Silkworm Gu couldn’t resist at all, flying into the fat rabbit’s mouth.
    The fat rabbit’s face twists once again, quite a few times considering to puke out the stinky thing that it had swallowed down.
    But it remembers those yummy jelly beans, and it forcibly bears with it.
    Everyone is struck dumb looking at this scene.
    Then, Gu Yue suddenly comes back to his senses, “Little Gongzi, hurry and make the rabbit spit out the Gold Silkworm Gu. The Gu’s whole body is poisonous, it could corrode most creatures in the world. If it doesn’t spit it out, I’m afraid that your rabbit will…”
    He has yet to finish what he’s saying-
    When they see the dense swarm of small bugs, which are crawling outside the [Divine Hands] sound shield, begin to firelessly combust one after another.
    A little while later, the little bugs that were practically crawling all over the entire sound shield have actually disappeared for the most part.
    All of them in the Great Hall are completely stunned.
    And after a little while, even the few groaning people lying on the floor slowly open their eyes as well, their pale complexions slowly getting healthier again.
    “Im… impossible!” Gu Yue stares at the fat rabbit, then at Xiao Bao, “The Gold Silkworm Gu, one of the Ten Great Poisons of the Mighty Tian Yi Men, has actually been consumed by a mere rabbit?!”
    On the contrary, Han Ye isn’t really surprised.
    That’s because he already knows that this ‘mere’ rabbit is anything but simple.
    Hehe, as expected of their Polar Domain’s future Mistress and future heir, even the Spiritual pet that they’re keeping is so extraordinary.
    Just as everyone is happy, though also at a loss, the fat rabbit burps.
    Then, “Pfff–putt–pffft–” three successive farts echo out.

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