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Chapter 550: Thing that eats indiscriminately
    Han Ye and Gu Yue look at each other, their brows furrowing tighter and tighter, “The only way to get out of this predicament is to find the location of Gold Silkworms’ Mother Gu, then kill it.”
    “However, the Mother Gu fears neither water nor fire, it is as tough as iron, it’s form is almost invisible, and every inch of it’s skin is covered in a highly toxic and corrosive poison. We mightn’t be able to find it, but even if we do, we still wouldn’t be able to eliminate it within a short period of time, before we lose it again.”
    “And this length of time would already be enough for the Gold Silkworm, controlling its Gu Children, to infest and overrun the entire Ghost Wind Valley.”
    For a moment, there’s silence within the whole Great Hall.
    Everyone’s hearts sink heavily, as if weighed down by a boulder.
    Even Muyan couldn’t think of a solution at this time.
    She can kill these Gu Children parasitizing inside people, but if she couldn’t wipe them out, her speed in killing the Gu Children definitely couldn’t compare to the rate at which the Mother Gu could multiply them.
    Within the Hall, the recent cheerful and lighthearted atmosphere has been swept away.
    All of their faces are affixed with heavy anxiousness.
    At this time outside, the whole Ghost Wind Valley must already be completely overrun by the Gu Children.
    It appears that they’re now facing and absolute dead end.
    With the profundity of her cultivation, Muyan could perhaps guarantee that she herself wouldn’t be eaten away by the Gu Children.
    But she wouldn’t be able to secure everyone within this Ghost Wind Valley.
    The sound of mournful, blood-curdling screams occasionally come through from outside, voices of Ghost Envoys getting gobbled up by the Gu without warning.
    “What exactly should I do? How could we find the Gold Silkworm Gu?”
    Muyan knits her brows, contemplating. All of a sudden, the fat rabbit in Xiao Bai’s arms abruptly leaps out.
    “Bunny, don’t run around!” Xiao Bao calls out, hastily going to catch up.
    Just then, they watch the fat rabbit chasing out a plump gold-colored bug from the nook of the Hall’s entrance. 
    This insect looks very pretty, entirely different from those ugly Gu bugs with the cold machine-like eyes.
    When the wings on it’s back softly unfurl, it even emits a lustrous light.
    The fat rabbit looks at golden bug, mung bean eyes all bright and sparkling.
    Without waiting for Xiao Bao to rush over to it, the fat rabbit opens its mouth, and with an ‘awoo’ sound, it swallows that golden bug.
    “Bunny, eating anything again!” Xiao Bao berates unhappily, “Niangqin said, if you eat dirty things, you’ll have diarrhea.”
    And as if to prove Xiao Bao’s words, the fat rabbit’s face suddenly twists.
    It looks like it swallowed a lump of poop, or a fly.
    Soon after, the rabbit opens its mouth, spitting out that little gold insect with a ‘pah’.
    Gross! Stinky! So unlike the things the rabbit has eaten before!
    The fat rabbit twists it’s round body. Aggrieved, it rubs against the little master’s trousers for comfort.
    Xiao Bao picks it up, and is just about to say a few things to reprimand it again.
    As if suddenly waking up, Gu Yue cries out: “The Gold Silkworm Gu–!!!”
    “What? That’s the Gold Silkworm Gu?!”
    “Does it mean that if we kill it, we could be saved?!”
    Everyone goes to crowd around it.
    Ghost Lord Gu Yue takes out a very small cage. With one side open, he approaches it and traps the Gu inside as it was just about to escape. He doesn’t allow it to get away.
    The next moment, everyone on the scene thinks of various methods.
    Burning, suffocating, chopping, frying, poisoning, almost exhausting all the ways they could think of. But unfortunately, they’re totally at a loss on how to deal with this little gold bug.
    And because this Gold Silkworm Mother Gu is getting attacked, the Gu children outside become crazier and crazier in multiplying.
    At the moment, the Great Hall is surrounded and secured by the sound shield of Muyan’s [Divine Hands].

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