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Chapter 549: Made a fool of
    As soon as they’re spouted out, these small black bugs seem like they could smell something tasty – as they shoot towards everyone at lightning speed.
    “Ah! What is this?!”
    Everyone in the Great Hall goes into panic, shrieking voice up here and down there.
    Seeing the little bugs about to reach the doctors-
    Muyan’s reaction is very fast, immediately summoning the Tian Mo Qin, the sound of the zither playing.
    In a flash, the [Divine Hands that Weave the Heaven] Skill is activated.
    Those black bugs are immediately blocked outside the invisible barrier.
    As it’s happening, the Ghost Lord also makes his move.
    He takes a deep breath, suddenly blowing out Internal Force from his mouth.
    As that Internal Force touches the air, it unexpectedly turns into a ball of flame, bursting into a blaze.
    A short while later, all the little bugs in the room are completely burned away.
    But this turn of events happened too fast, catching them off guard. In the end, several Ghost Envoys and one doctor were still gnawed on by the bugs. Their faces are drained of color, and it doesn’t take too long for them to fall to the ground, producing pained groans.
    Muyan quickly gives some draughts to those people attacked by the bugs, making sure that the bugs in their bodies doesn’t spread.
    But in these few short breaths, the bugs within those people has gone from one or two, turning into hundreds.
    For the time being, Muyan is also somewhat helpless about getting rid of them.
    “This… what the hell is this thing?”
    Looking at the bug corpses burnt into black ash, the faces of Dr. Song and the other’s are extremely unsightly, their mouths gagging to vomit.
    Gu Yue looks even more unsightly than them, “It’s Liu Se, damn her! Before dying, that slut actually still made fools of us all.”
    Seeing everyone’s dumbstruck look on him,
    Gu Yue explains with a calm face: “Liu Se’s body should’ve been harboring a Mother Gu of the [Gold Silkworm Gu].”
     The [Gold Silkworm Gu] is a type of Gu poison exclusive to the Tian Yi Men on Xiuxian Continent.
    Among Tian Yi Men’s Ten Great Gu Poisons, it could only be placed at the lowest rank.
    But in the Yanwu Continent, it’s already a heaven-defying existence.
    Liu Se, because she made a mistake back then, had been implanted with the mother Gu of the Gold Silkworm and kicked into the Yanwu Continent.
    Due to the lack of Spiritual Power in the Yanwu Continent, the Gold Silkworm Gu couldn’t get nourishment, and could only start eating Liu Se’s body, making her have an appearance that’s neither person nor ghost.
    In order to preserve herself, Liu Se conversely began to absorb the qi of rotting corpses into her body, transforming it into Devil Qi for the Gold Silkworm Gu to ingest.
    In the course of a hundred years of nourishment, the Gold Silkworm in Liu Se had now become its darkest, most evil form.
    Originally, when Liu Se’s host body died, it would be reasonable to assume that the Gold Silkworm Gu should have also died.
    He didn’t expect that Liu Se would go as far as to take out the Mother Gu even before she entered the stone room.
    Without a host body, the Mother Gu wouldn’t have enough food, and would die right away.
    In order to survive, the Gold Silkworm Gu will start splitting up and releasing countless [Gu Children] to collect the needed nutrients.
    If it’s not stopped immediately, it probably wouldn’t take too long before the entire Ghost Wind Valley would be swallowed up by the Gold Silkworm Gu.
    Without a host, the Gold Silkworm Gu still wouldn’t survive in the end. But even so, the people in the entire Ghost Wind Valley would also be buried with the bugs.
    Thinking of this possibility, Gu Yue really wishes he could chop Liu Se up into countless pieces, making mincemeat of that slut.
    Everyone’s pleasant expressions have also gone missing.
    Gu Yue’s account swept past the parts pertaining to the Xiuxian Continent and the Tian Yi Men.
    However, merely looking at the frightening rate at which those Ghost Silkworm Gu Children ate and multiplied earlier, they could understand just how awful that thing is.
    “Just what are we going to do now? Is there a way to get rid of this disgusting thing?”

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