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Chapter 548: Such a beast
    In the Great Hall, Dr. Song and the others have been waiting anxiously.
    Seeing her come out, each and every one of them are immediately overjoyed at the unexpected good outcome.
    “Little girl, are you all right?” Dr. Song hurries over, examining Muyan up and down.
    It’s only after making certain that she doesn’t have any serious injuries that he lets out a long sigh of relief.
    Muyan obediently lets them pull her along, lovable like a typical young girl, without a trace of impatience.
    These Elders may be a little vain and selfish, but at the most critical moment, they had dashed on bravely with no thought of personal safety, all in order to defend her. That’s something that Muyan will never forget in this life.
    “Niangqin.” holding the fat rabbit, Xiao Bao comes up from behind and grabs Muyan’s hand.
    After getting out of the Ghost Hall, Muyan released Xiao Bao and the fat rabbit from the Space.
    But who knows what the fat rabbit found, as it suddenly ran off with Xiao Bao. They just caught up now.
    Seeing a pink, jade-carved little boy suddenly appear and call Muyan ‘Niangqin’-
    Dr. Song and the others are all stunned.
    “Little girl, y-y-you-you, you actually have a son already!”
    “This is my son, Xiao Bao.” Muyan has a slight smile as she pushes Xiao Bao to move forward, “Xiao Bao, say ‘grandpa’.”
    Xiao Bao’s small face is calm and cool, but his voice is childish and crisp, “Hello, grandpas.”
    A group of old doctors, most of them over a hundred years old, suddenly feel like an arrow has struck them in their hearts.
    A change comes over their hearts.
    Under the sun, how could there be such an adorable baby!
    “Come, Xiao Bao. This is a draught that Grandpa Song refined, I’ll give it to you.”
    “Xiao Bao, look at the treasures Grandpa Du has over here. If you want anything as a meeting gift, just take it.”
    And so, a crowd of old men, brimming with warmth and enthusiasm, surrounds an icy and indifferent little child.
    This scene is really odd and funny beyond words.
    With great difficulty, Xiao Bao manages to escape from the middle of the enthusiastic grandpas. In the end, he hides behind Muyan.
    There’s an expression of lingering fear on his taut little face, and he secretly lets out a sigh.
    Muyan is tickled by this adorable little look of his, so she bends down to pick him up, smooching his soft little face.
    Just as she’s about to ask her baby what he and the fat rabbit were doing earlier-
    She hears Dr. Song: “Little girl, your son is so big. You’re married already? The child’s father is…”
    While he’s saying this as a question, Dr. Song is a little hesitant and also somewhat angry.
    That’s because, no matter how you look at it, Muyan’s age can’t be older than twenty.
    But Xiao Bao is already four or five years old.
    That means, when Muyan was pregnant with Xiao Bao, she was only fourteen or fifteen years old.
    Which man had been such a beast? To have actually laid a hand on such a young little girl, and even letting that little girl carry a child.
    On the side, Han Ye promptly nods along in indignation: I don’t know who to kill with a thousand knives, actually stepping in before their Jun Shang, laying a hand on such a young Miss Jun. Simply a degenerate, shameless, absolutely disgraceful! If he ever comes across that shameless man, he must chop him up into ten thousand pieces.
    Muyan just smiles, kissing Xiao Bao’s face again.
    That faraway memory is indeed humiliating for her, she couldn’t stand remembering it.
    But it gave her the most precious gift in the world.
    Just as she’s about to reply, a lone figure suddenly staggers in from outside the door, bursting in with a flustered and alarmed expression.
    “He… help… help! Ghost Lord, help…”
    Before he could finish his words, this man in Ghost Envoy uniform is already tumbling to the floor. He suddenly coughs up a mouthful of blood.
    What shocks everyone, is that the blood that this man had coughed up is black-red. More than that, it’s covered by a dense swarm of tiny black bugs.

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