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Chapter 547: You guys know fart
    Of course, Han Ye knows what Muyan thinks of this gift, and he smiles like he’s receiving praise by proxy: “Miss Jun, if you feel like ‘Ghost Wind Valley’ isn’t pleasant to the ears, why not change its name? Something like [Ming Yan Valley]* for instance?”
    *Dark Flame Valley
    The homonym ‘Ming’ from Di Ming Jue, and Yan from Jun Muyan.
    The [Ming Yan Valley] could be a special place for Di Ming Jue and Jun Muyan.
    Even if she only uses her knees to think, Muyan knows what this guy’s – Han Ye’s – intention is.
    She sends a cold glance to the guy who wishes for the whole world to be in chaos, then she turns to give a slight nod towards Gu Yue, “If that’s the case, then it would be impolite of me to refuse. Still, the Ghost Wind Valley is really too much for a gift, and I have some reluctance in accepting it. So, to make it up, I’ll supply a large batch of draughts and Elixirs for the Ghost City to auction off this once. Ghost City can collect thirty percent handling fee from the market value.”
    Gu Yue stares blankly, and before he has the time to say anything-
    Magistrate Liu is already crying out “My goodness!”, suddenly leaping towards them, “Shenshu-daren, is that true? Not just draughts, you would also supply those Elixirs that you refine, and also allow our Ghost City to sell them?  Aaah… that’s great! From now on and in the future, you are the one who this little old man would depend upon for my livelihood, allow little old me to work like a cow or horse for you…”
    Gu Yue and his Black and White Protectors watch this scene dumbstruck.
    The White Reaper finally couldn’t take it, opening his mouth to say: “Isn’t it just some draughts and Elixirs? It’s not like nobody consigns their products for sale in our Ghost City, many Elixirs from Heavenly Road Sect’s Master Jian Feng even passes through our Ghost City’s hands to be auctioned. Magistrate Liu, why do you have to make such a big fuss about nothing?”
    “You guys know fart!” at that point, Magistrate Liu even forgets their seniority, shouting and arguing, “How could those commoners’ ordinary goods be mentioned on equal terms with our Shenshu-daren’s godly draughts and Elixirs? Hehe, since the two Protectors aren’t convinced, when Shenshu-daren’s products have arrived, you guys must never fight with this little old man over them, yea!”
    The Black and White Protectors are all the more surprised and confused, but they still quickly reply without much concern: “Rest assured, isn’t it just some Elixirs? We don’t even care about Jian Feng’s fourth-level Pills, how could we fight you over those?”
    However, some time later, the pair will regret their remarks today until their intestines are all green.
    Gu Yue originally also wanted to say “I don’t need Elixirs”, as he really doesn’t care about any Pill on the Yanwu Continent.
    However, he suddenly hears Han Ye sourly say: “You’re really one lucky guy. I follow Miss Jun and endlessly ask for them, but I can only get a few. You didn’t need to do anything, but you could actually get a huge pile.”
    Gu Yue: “……” this time, he’s truly curious.
    There’s no Spiritual Power in this Yanwu Continent, and Elixirs that are refined here are only as good as half-finished Pills.
    What’s more, they’ve never even attached any importance to the Elixirs refined by famous Master Alchemists of the Xiuzhen Continent.
    Are Jun Muyan’s Pills really that miraculous?
    “Shenshu-daren can only supply one batch, yes?” Magistrate Liu excitedly says and, since he won an inch and now wants a mile, he pounces to hug Muyan’s thigh, “Since you’re sending them anyway, what about adding a little more? Especially that Elixir that you refined, can you give me one now, please! One just like the Pill that I took! This little old man is really very curious how an Elixir could help me resist an attack from a high Precelestial Practitioner…”
    Muyan expressionlessly kicks his face, quickly making her way to the Great Hall.

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