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Chapter 546: Keep my body safe

If someone from Tian Yi Men were to know that Muyan is the Shen Musician heir, the consequences would be too horrible to contemplate.

Di Ming Jue’s complexion is ashen. He doesn’t respond to Han Ye, but he suddenly turns to look at Muyan.

Muyan stares at him in astonishment, her mind is inexplicably a little panicked, “What happened? Liu Se, she…”

Before she could finish her words, the hold on her waist tightens, and she’s firmly pulled into the man’s arms.

Then a passionate, overbearing kiss descends on her.

The biting kiss is short, but it’s endlessly consuming and possessive.

When he lets her go, for a few short breaths, Muyan feels her legs are unsteady where she stands, and her red lips have gone numb.

He bit her!

Muyan raises her head to complain, but the man’s low, husky voice enters her ears, “Muyan, keep my body safe and wait for me to come back!”

Saying that, his figure flashes before her eyes, instantly disappearing.

In a split second, Muyan only feels like there’s a piece of her heart missing, an absence.

All of a sudden, she seems to remember something, and her consciousness enters the Space.

Sure enough, she finds Di Ming Jue’s body inside, lying dormant like it doesn’t have life.

This scoundrel, why can he enter her Space without her permission?

And what the hell does he mean by “keep my body safe”?

Cursing inwardly, Muyan looks calm on the outside.


With the Ghost Lord’s lead, several people quickly leave the room.

As it turns out, when the stone room sank underground, it went straight into the Ghost Hall’s underground labyrinth.

If no one was there to guide, even a Precelestial expert could be trapped alive and die there.

But similarly, if they run into danger, this is also the best place for people to hide within the Ghost Wind Valley.

Also, this Ghost Wind Valley’s terrain is easily guarded, hard to attack – in addition to the Poison Smog acting as a protective screen.

It’s really a great place to set up camp.

“Miss Jun!” as Muyan is thinking about the advantages of the Ghost Wind Valley, she suddenly hears Gu Yue’s grateful voice, “Your grace of saving my life, this subordinate is unable to return the favor. But if Miss Jun wouldn’t despise it, I would like to give you this Ghost Wind Valley, as well as all the Valley’s Ghost Envoys. What do you think?”

Muyan stares blankly, almost suspecting that she had misheard it, “Give me the Ghost Wind Valley? If I remember it correctly, the Ghost Wind Valley has always been the main stronghold of the Ghost City. For you guys, it’s said that it’s value is greater than any single Ghost City.”

Gu Yue chuckles: “Ghost City is the property of our Polar Domain, and this humble one has only been managing it for the past hundred years. Moreover, Miss Jun, you are the future Mistress of our Polar Domain. To say nothing of merely giving you an insignificant Ghost Wind Valley, even the status of the Ghost City is currently uncertain. To have created difficulties for you, Miss Jun, we might as well give you the entire Ghost City.”

“That’s right, that’s right!” Han Ye doesn’t wait for Muyan to respond, already going along with it, “Miss Jun, I’ve already told you, just tell Jun Shang if you want anything. Even if it’s a star in the sky, he would pluck it down for you, let alone a small Ghost Wind Valley, yeah? Everyone would be your people sooner or later, just forego the formalities.”

Muyan: Haha, nobody wants to be your people ‘sooner or later’, thank you very much!

However, thinking of this Valley, which is easy to defend and difficult to attack, unexpectedly turning into her very own stronghold – even with her calm, Muyan couldn’t suppress a smile from her face.

Her Ink Camp and Tianji Unit are growing, and the Void Camp is also being formed.

Be it in Tianyuan City or Wangjiang City, a small courtyard could no longer accommodate that staff.

Now, with the Ghost Wind Valley, it’s really like a sleepy person getting handed a pillow.

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