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Chapter 545: To Stake All on One Throw
    “Lying dormant under my hands for so many years, I didn’t even notice that you were actually from the Xiuxian Continent as well.”
    “I thought of you as a loyal subordinate, I trusted you, and gave you power. I never expected that in return, you would actually place the Three Corpses Gu in my body. The people of your Tian Yi Men are really so good, so proficient!”
    Liu Se firmly grits her teeth, but she doesn’t focus on Gu Yue’s goading.
    Instead, she suddenly turns towards Di Ming Jue, “Di Jun, you should know, Jun Muyan, this woman is a Shen-”
    Before she could finish her words, Di Ming Jue is already brandishing a raised hand.
    There’s a loud explosion, like gunpowder has been set off on Liu Se’s face. Her bumpy, pockmarked face immediately becomes terribly mangled on one side.
    Nobody knew what she was going to say, only that she seems to be on her final struggle.
    But Muyan suddenly turns her head to look at the man beside her, her expression bewildered and suspicious.
    Of course, she knows what Liu Se was just about to say — that she is a Shen Musician.
    Then why did Di Ming Jue interrupt Liu Se?
    Does Di Ming Jue already know of her identity as a Shen Musician?
    It… it can’t be! Wasn’t she told that the people of the Three Realms all want the Shen Musicians’ demise?
    If Di Ming Jue knows, how come he hasn’t captured her, and is helping her instead?
    “Liu Se, it’s already come to this point, but you still want to throw dirty water to Miss Jun!”
    Gu Yue clearly doesn’t know what Liu Se was about to say. He merely sneers and makes his way forward, “Since you’re a Ghost King under my jurisdiction, I shall personally deal with you today.”
    At this moment, even as Liu Se has her lips and tongue all mutilated, no longer capable of speech, her eyes still seem like they’re glued on Muyan.
    Her gaze is overflowing with resentment and disbelief.
    Suddenly, she opens up her bloody mouth like a sacrificial bowl and bursts out laughing.
    This laughter is rough and unpleasant.
    Listening to that laugh, an ominous premonition immediately wells up in the depths of Muyan’s heart.
    As if to confirm this hunch-
    Di Ming Jue’s complexion suddenly changes as well. Waving his hand in the air, a terrible pressure and intensity surges and sweeps through within the entire stone room.
    The table, chairs, and the stone bed inside the room – they all make creaking noises, and one after another, they shatter into small pieces.
    Gu Yue’s sword strikes out like lightning.
    However, their actions, all of them, are still a step too late in the end.
    Between that fraction of an instant, Liu Se’s body unexpectedly burns into a glaring flame.
    In but a short period of time, her body is thoroughly and completely burned.
    Almost at the same moment, a dark red glow soars up into the air, disappearing from the stone room.
     This sudden development catches everyone off guard.
    Han Ye’s face drains of all color, his voice trembling as he mutters, “Overturn the ancestral temple, put out the incense, destroy the lineage. It’s Tian Yi Men’s unique sect technique, [Temple Destruction].”
    He abruptly turns to Di Ming Jue, his face overwhelmed with shock, “Jun Shang, what should we do – she’s definitely going back to the Tian Yi Men!”
    [Temple Destruction] is a skill exclusive to Tian Yi Men. Burning one’s spirit when death is near, they’ll be able to return to the altar of Tian Yi Men’s main headquarters.
    But with this method, even if they return to the altar, they could only live for one to two hours at most.
    More than that, after using [Temple Destruction], the person’s soul will never reincarnate, suffering the pain and torture of being ripped apart by space and time.
    This is the reason why neither Di Ming Jue nor Han Ye had anticipated that Liu Se would actually stake everything on one throw, and use [Temple Destruction].
    But this way, Liu Se will absolutely die, but Muyan’s secret of being a Shen Musician would also be revealed before Tian Yi Men.
    Within the Three Realms, no one hates the Shen Musicians more than the Tian Yi Men.

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