EMHS – CH543

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Chapter 543: J-J-Ju-Jun Shang!
    As Liu Se and Jun Muyan both claim that they are in the right, for a time, they couldn’t tell who exactly is the real murderer of the slain Ghost Lord.
    “Tsk, tsk. Ghost King Liu, I really can’t help but admire you. You truly wouldn’t shed a tear until you see the coffin!”
    Muyan smiles while gently shaking her head, looking unhurried and charming, “Then let’s do it like this – how about we let the Ghost Lord himself tell you all, exactly who was it that harmed him?”
    As soon as her voice falls, she brings out another bottle of draught on her hand. With quick and nimble movements, she pours it over that still-struggling Three Corpses Gu.
    Making contact with the draught, the Three Corpses Gu seems like it’s getting burned by something, suddenly producing a strange, ear-piercing cry.
    Following that, it’s originally sizable round body quickly loses mass, turning into a drooping and viscous red liquid. It drips down into the Ghost Lord’s wounds.
    This series of actions is just like moving clouds and flowing water.
    Everyone looking at it is mesmerized.
    Nevertheless, Liu Se’s complexion suddenly turns white, the Qi and blood in her body churn, her eyes filling up with dread and bitter resentment.
    The Three Corpse Gu has been burned down, how could the mother Gu within her body be unaffected?
    But in the end, she still bears with it, hissing out: “Jun Muyan, stop babbling more nonsense, it’s a futile deathbed struggle. The Ghost Lord is already dead, murdered by you, how could he possibly come alive…”
    “Kuh, kuh, kuh, kuh… kuh, kuh….” Liu Se still hasn’t finished what she’s saying.
    The corpse lying on the floor suddenly makes a lung-tearing sort of cough, abruptly sitting up from the ground.
     Within the entire stone room, it’s as if someone has pressed the pause button.
    Everyone, including Han Ye, is dumbfounded.
    That’s because the dead body which is sitting up is precisely the Ghost Lord.
    The Ghost Lord actually came back to life?!
    Under the light from the candle flame, the corpse-like, dark, and ashy complexion slowly changes into a weak paleness.
    The lifeless eyes slowly regain focus, eventually falling on everybody within the stone room.
    In the silence of the room, they could even hear his rough, heavy gasps for breath; as well as the muffled groans following the changes on his wounds.
    “Ghost… G-Ghost… Ghost Lord, you… you’re still alive?!”
    After a long silence, the Black and White Protectors suddenly rush over, kneeling down next to the Ghost Lord.
     It’s as if all the Ghost Envoys too could only react at that moment, simultaneously kneeling down, “Greetings to the Ghost Lord!”
     “This cannot be! This is absolutely impossible!” there’s a sudden frightened screech in the room, “Aren’t you already dead? You should be dead by the time the Three Corpses Gu has consumed you! Why are you still alive? How could you possibly survive?!”
    The hand-less Liu Se has panic across her whole face as she desperately shakes her head, completely like she’s gone insane.
    Hearing what she said, the Black and White Protectors turn their heads at the same time, fiercely glaring at her.
    The Ghost Envoys in the room suddenly change their positions as well, trapping Liu Se in the middle of them.
    Liu Se’s words might as well be completely admitting that she’s the one who harmed the Ghost Lord.
    Gu Yue gets up from the floor, but he doesn’t pay attention to Liu Se.
    Opting instead to turn towards Muyan, “Young miss, thank you so much for saving me…”
    Before he could finish what he’s saying, Gu Yue’s line of sight inadvertently stumbles on Di Ming Jue’s face. His body immediately goes rigid.
    “J-J-Ju-Jun Shang!!” he produces and incredulous shriek.
    Soon after, his brain still doesn’t have the time to react, but both of his knees have already gone soft, kneeling down with a thump, “Under General Feng Sha, [Sky Division] Gu Yue. Greetings to Jun Shang!”
    Caught up in the heavy encirclement, Liu Se’s mind was originally still whirling, thinking how she could break herself out of her current predicament.
    Hearing Gu Yue words then, her pupils immediately contract.

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