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Chapter 542: Fool

Muyan slightly narrows her eyes. Her expression unreadable, but her sweet-sounding voice is clearly conveyed into everyone’s ears, “The time you’ve been acquainted with Ghost King Liu isn’t short, you can’t tell me that you people don’t know that Ghost King Liu’s specialty lies in Gu Poisons?”

Hearing that, the Black and White Protectors jump in fright, their gazes simultaneously turning to look at the Ghost Lord’s corpse.

Because the Ghost Lord was knocked down while he was attacking Muyan, his extended black nails still haven’t retracted.

Like this, it really quite reminiscent of a Gu poisoning.

A flustered look flashes through Liu Se’s face, but she quickly shouts: “Jun Muyan, your methods are so malicious. You’re obviously the one who poisoned the Ghost Lord, rendering him helpless, and still mercilessly killing him. Now, you actually want to plant this on my head?”

“Would you dare to say that the bloody holes on the Ghost Lord’s body did not come about because you stabbed him?”

Muyan nods without the slightest hesitation, “Correct, the injuries on the Ghost Lord were caused by me. Under your control, he attacked me. Should I not have fought back?”

“You guys hear that?!” Liu Se immediately turns towards the Black and White Protectors, shouting, “Regardless of what the Ghost Lord went through beforehand, she’s the one who killed him, and presently, it’s also this slut who had harmed me to this extent. What are you guys still staring about for? Why don’t you hurry up and cut them into pieces!”

The Black and White Protectors both frown, until finally, they coldly look at Muyan, “Since you admit that you’re the one who inflicted the mortal wound on the Ghost Lord, that means you’re the one who killed him. You must die!”

“Ah… fools!” Muyan scoffs, “If you idiots were all the Ghost Lord had on hand, then it’s no wonder that he had been so easily misled.”

Turning over a wrist, a knife appears in her hand. Before everyone could come to themselves and react-

The hand rises, then the blade falls. There’s the sound of a stab, as the sharp blade suddenly pierces the Ghost Lord’s body.

The whole audience falls into a deathly stillness.

Soon after, the Black and White Protectors have their eyes practically bulging out. Looking like they’ve completely gone mad, they rush straight to Muyan, “Slut, you dare?!!!”

But, without waiting for their attacks to reach Muyan-

There’s a sudden flash of silvery light.

A silver needle goes into the Ghost Lord’s heart, then pulls out through the wound that was just recently cut open by the knife.

Soon after, everyone could see a terrifying red bug struggling incessantly at the tip of the silver needle.

A pair of machine-like, compound eyes keeps on shifting towards everyone around.

The mouth opens and closes, and it’s like you could see the sticky flesh inside.

“Urgh–!” some low-cultivation Ghost Envoy already cannot help but feel their stomach churn from disgust.

And the pair’s attack comes to a grinding halt, stopping at a distance less than a meter away from Muyan.

“What… what is that?!” the pair asks in alarm.

Why would such a terrible bug come out from the Ghost Lord’s heart?

Muyan shoots them a contemptuous glance, “This is the Three Corpses Gu, which has fed on the Ghost Lord’s blood essence. Only a little bit away from turning into a King of thousands of Gu.”

“Ghost King Liu, don’t tell me you don’t recognize this thing?”

Liu Se sneers: “Jun Muyan, you don’t have to frame me again and again. Even if there’s the Three Corpses Gu in the Ghost Lord, you’re still the one who placed it there – what does it have to do with me? If I can administer the Three Corpses Gu to the Ghost Lord, how could I have fallen to this state? Protectors, you mustn’t be fooled by this treacherous, murderous woman!”

Sure enough, the Black Reaper and the White Reaper have their face show hesitation once again.

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