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Chapter 541: Why is your face so red?

Muyan stands unsteadily, her body swaying to the side. However, she suddenly crashes into Di Ming Jue’s arms.

The man’s warm, taut skin is closely pressed against her, separated only by a thin cloth.

A steamy breath puffs by her ears, bringing with it an ambiguous and lingering sensation.

The candle flame has gone out due to this sudden development of events.

In the pitch-black where you hold out a hand and couldn’t see your five fingers, this usually induces panic and nervousness in people.

But Muyan couldn’t care about any of that.

That’s because this shameless man beside her is actually taking advantage of the moment the light has disappeared, straight up kissing her on the lips.

With a boom, the stone room finally stops it’s descent.

“Jun Shang, are you and Miss Jun all right?” they hear Han Ye’s concerned voice.

“Since you people killed the Ghost Lord, all of you will just be buried together with him in this Ghost Hall underground tomb!”

The Black an White Protectors are hysterical, hate-filled voices reverberating in entire stone room.

Then the light goes up, illuminating everyone’s faces.

Liu Se’s smug madness, the Black and White Protectors’ resentment, the Ghost Lord’s lifeless and ashy complexion, as well as Han Ye’s anxiousness – they all appear in fine detail.

Seeing that Muyan and Di Ming Jue are safe and unharmed, Han Ye sighs in relief.

But suddenly, he says with some confusion: “Miss Jun, why is your face so red?”

Muyan doesn’t respond, but she ruthlessly hits Di Ming Jue with her elbow.

Only then does she purses her lips, which are still somewhat sore, and raises a hand. Strings shoot out.

Before Liu Se and the Black and White Protectors could react-

Those strings have already taken hold of the Ghost Lord, covering him up lightning-fast, and dragging him before Muyan.

“Ghost Lord–!!” the Black and White Protectors bellow, wanting to rush over.

Han Ye snorts and steps forward, brandishing his longsword.

He immediately forces the pair to retreat again and again.

Almost at the same time, the entrance of the stone room opens, and countless Ghost Envoys swarm in, surrounding Muyan and the others.

“All of you can see it, yes? These people deliberately infiltrated the Ghost Wind Valley to assassinate the Ghost Lord.” Liu Se gnashes her teeth and shrieks, her eyes gleaming with a sinister light, “The one who killed the Ghost Lord is this Jun Muyan, posing as a doctor. But nobody expected that I would actually see through this vicious woman’s deception.”

“This woman used the guise of treating his illness to kill the Ghost Lord, even wanting to kill and silence me. Now, she won’t even spare the Ghost Lord’s dead body. Protectors, you must absolutely not let her get away with this!”

The Black Reaper and the White Reaper stare coldly at Muyan, harshly speaking in unison, “You people best return the Ghost Lord’s corpse at once, then I might consider leaving your corpses intact!”

But Muyan doesn’t pay attention to their threats. She crouches down to examine the Ghost Lord’s heavily damaged body. Sighing, she says: “Tsk, tsk. His Highness, the great Ghost Lord, ending up as another person’s puppet, that really is quite sad.”

“But Ghost King Liu, shouldn’t you know better than anyone, just how exactly did the Ghost Lord die?”

Something flashes on Liu Se’s face, but she immediately raves with her rough, unpleasant voice: “What nonsense are you talking about? You clearly killed the Ghost Lord, the many wounds on his body is the best evidence of this!”

“Heh…” Muyan’s smiling expression is filled with ridicule, “I wouldn’t dare attest about Ghost King Liu’s other qualities, but her ability to speak blindly with open eyes – that is really unparalleled.”

Saying that, she turns to look at the Black and White Protectors, “You two have always been guarding next to the Ghost Lord, don’t tell me neither of you noticed that there’s something really weird with his illness?”

“What’s so weird?” the Black Protector subconsciously asks.

“The Ghost Lord didn’t get sick at all, but someone gave him the [Three Corpses Gu].”

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