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Chapter 540: They killed the Ghost Lord

Xiao Bao had been so tiny back then, she didn’t expect that he would actually remember it all this time.

In this incarnation, that she could have such a treasure as Xiao Bao, she doesn’t have any regrets about being reborn into this life.

Just as she thinks about that, Xiao Bao little head is suddenly pushed away by a large hand.

Following that, a tender kiss falls on her slowly closing wound. A man’s deep, husky voice enters her ears, “Yanyan, don’t feel pain… your husband’s kiss will make it all better.”

Muyan: “……”

If she has some peeve in this life, it would be unexpectedly running into this shameless guy.

Xiao Bao indignantly shoves Di Ming Jue off, hugging Muyan’s neck, “Niangqin is mine! You’re not allowed to grab her!”

Di Ming Jue laughs grimly: “Jun Mochen, do you want Ben Jun to use force in order to inform you who exactly Muyan belongs to?”

One big, one small; big eyes glare at smaller ones. Just as they’re about to make trouble, the stone room’s entrance suddenly opens with a loud rumble.

Han Ye burst inside in a rush, shouting out, “Miss Jun, what happened just now? Are you all right… J-Ju-Jun- Jun Shang, why are you here?!”

Muyan has sharp eyes and agile hands, as she quickly stuffs Xiao Bao and the rabbit back into the Space.

The Black and White Protectors also dash in together.

Seeing the scene before their eyes, they are struck dumb.

“Who are you people? How are you able to go into my Ghost Sanctum?”

“Ghost King Liu? How come you’re in here as well?!”

While they talk, their gazes shift around and finally fall on the blood-covered, hole-riddled body of the Ghost Lord on the floor.

The pair rushes towards the Ghost Lord in a sort of flurry, anxiousness painted across their faces, “Ghost Lord? Ghost Lord!! What happened to you?”

But as their hands make contact with the tip of Gu Yue’s nose, they discover that he’s not breathing at all. Then they’re simultaneously frightened and angry, “Who?! Who killed the Ghost Lord?!”

The pair’s eyes are red, ferociously glaring at the people on the scene, like they want to commit murder with their gazes.


All of a sudden, the ice binding up Liu Se shatters with a loud rumble.

She immediately tumbles to the floor, heavily taking in rough gasps.

Muyan and Di Ming Jue’s eyes gather over towards her.

Di Ming Jue raises his brows a bit, apparently not expecting that Liu Se would be able to break free from the ice.

But despite escaping her constraints, she still paid a painful price for it.

Both of her hands actually break from the shoulders, directly falling down to the ground and shattering.

But because she’s frozen all over, there’s not a lot of blood flowing out.

The pain and despair from losing her arms is making her eyes burn red. She viciously glares at Muyan and Di Ming Jue.

“It was them… gu gu… they killed the Ghost Lord… gu gu gu… I… I felt worried for the Ghost Lord, so… so I came in to take a look… gu gu gu… only to see them raise their hands against the Ghost Lord, they… they won’t even let me get away… gu gu gu…”

As she’s shaking uncontrollably, Liu Se is yelling with gritted teeth: “Black… Black and White Protectors, quick-quickly gather everyone of the Ghost Wind Valley, to these… these murderers, kill… kill without amnesty… gu gu gu…”

Hearing that, the Black and White Protectors have their eyes widen so much that the corners are about to split.

They don’t even spare some time to carefully ponder on how Liu Se could appear inside this stone room, snarling as they pounce over to Muyan.

However, Di Ming Jue is standing beside Muyan, and there’s no way he would allow anyone to hurt her.

The Black Reaper and the White Reaper gather their whole bodies’ Internal Force in a single attack, but it seems like they’ve hit an invisible barrier.

With a bang, they are directly bounced back.

The two of them share a glance, bitterness bursting forth on their faces.

Suddenly, the Black Reaper places his fingers at the corners of his mouth, issuing a piercing whistle.

In a split second, the entire stone room echoes with a thunderous rolling, and it unexpectedly begins to rapidly sink down.

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