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Chapter 539: Snivel

Schedule… schedule the wedding?! What the hell?

“Who likes you, who wants to get married with you, Di Ming Jue, stop talking to yourself! What I said was just an analogy… mph–!”

The rest of her voice is once again hushed by a passionate kiss.

As the kiss ends, Muyan ruthlessly beats against the man’s chest with her fist.

“Niangqin… niangqin!”

It’s only at this moment that she once again hears Xiao Bao calling out for her.

Muyan starts, quickly releasing Xiao Bao and the fat rabbit from the Space.

As soon as she relaxes her control over the Space, Xiao Bao’s form immediately dives into Muyan’s arms.

The sensible child who has always been like a tiny grownup, at this time, he’s wracked with that heart-tearing and lung-splitting cries, sobbing too bitterly to speak.

“Niangqin is bad! Wuu, huu, huu… Niangqin is bad! Bad! Xiao Bao hates niangqin! Wuu, wuu, wuu…”

Though he’s clearly saying that he hates her, his small arms are tightly clinging on to Muyan’s neck, unwilling to let go for even a moment.

When she was at her most desperate just now, her tears didn’t fall. When Di Ming Jue rushed to their rescue as a thousand pounds were hanging by a thread, her tears didn’t fall.

But it is at this moment that the dam bursts.

Muyan tightly enfolds her son’s soft, small form. Her voice is choked with emotion, “Xiao Bao, I’m so sorry, niangqin was no good, I made you worry.”

Xiao Bao’s head is firmly buried at the hollow of her neck, his small body keeps on twitching.

Warm tears flow down, along the skin of her neck, and her whole heart aches from its burn.

Muyan tries to lift her darling son’s face to see if his eyes have swollen from crying.

But Xiao Bao clings to her neck and wouldn’t let go.

It’s the first time that he so stubbornly refuses to cooperate with Muyan’s prompting movements, not listening to Muyan’s words.

Even as Di Ming Jue speaks beside them: “Such a man’s man, how could you snivel so frequently?”

When he provokes Xiao Bao on normal days, the later would obediently come off of Muyan right away.

This time, it’s as if he doesn’t hear it, refusing to raise his head.

Muyan gently lets out a long sigh, the expression on her face is indescribably soft and helpless. Suddenly, she lets out a low groan.

This sound is like a cue.

It makes Xiao Bao, who’s initially refusing to lift his head no matter what, suddenly look up.

He reveals a pair of eyes that are red from crying, as well as a tear-streaked little face.

But Xiao Bao couldn’t care how pitiful he looks, hurriedly asking, “Niangqin, what’s wrong?”

Muyan frowns a bit, and only after gently wiping off the tears on Xiao Bao’s face does she softly say: “The wounds on my body still haven’t healed completely, so there’s some pain. Can Xiao Bao apply the medicine for Niangqin?”

Xiao Bao sniffles with his little nose, and doesn’t say a word.

Although he’s young, he’s very intelligent.

At this point, he already knows that Muyan had let out that groan of pain on purpose.

But as soon as he sees the wounds on his mother’s back, his huge blue eyes immediately fill up with tears again.

He clenches his teeth and nods, trying very hard not to let the tears fall down: “Niangqin is hurt, Xiao Bao will rub the medicine for niangqin.”

Muyan’s heart feels like it’s soaked in a warm honey pot – weak and sore, but sweet all at once.

She takes out a draught, and Xiao Bao immediately receives it. Little by little, he carefully pours it down over the injuries on Muyan’s shoulder and back.

The stinging sensation of the drug going into her wounds is making Muyan frown a little, and she makes a low, muffled groan.

One big and one small, two nervous voices immediately enter her ears, ““Niangqin/Yanyan, what’s wrong? Is it too painful?””

Xiao Bao brings his little head closer, pouts his lips, then he lightly and gently blows air, “Niangqin, don’t feel pain, Xiao Bao will blow it away, the pain will fly away.”

Muyan’s gaze softens, like it’s going to melt.

When Xiao Bao was smaller, he got injured in the forest and Muyan had blown on his wound just like this.

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