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Chapter 538: That was just an analogy

“If you really want to walk together with me, then try to respect me, let me grow stronger by myself, until the day comes that I can stand beside you as an equal. Moreover, don’t build a safe and warm golden cage for me, then call it by the glorified name of ‘protecting me’!”

Di Ming Jue dazedly stares at her for a long time. Finally, he abruptly brings her in for a hug.

The girl in his embrace is covered with cuts and bruises, she’s even giving off a strong smell of blood.

But she still makes him so fascinated, so enamored, so captivated.

Because he loves her so much, Di Ming Jue knows it better than anyone – as the Shen Musician heir, Jun Muyan must experience frequent difficulties, and become stronger little by little. Otherwise, though the world is vast, it will have no place for her.

Because he loves her so much, no matter how scared he is of harm befalling her, how he wants to bind her to his side, protect her, pamper and spoil her – in the end, he can’t just do whatever he pleases.

Like that, the two quietly hold each other, as if they’ve forgotten when and where they are.

Until countless steel whips, covered in vicious killing intent, once again encompass the area while lashing down.

Di Ming Jue’s eyes gleam coldly, his face is as frosty as millennia old ice.

His hand that’s holding Muyan doesn’t even move from its spot.

There’s just the light tap of a finger.

In a split second, the snapping and crackling sounds become pronounced inside the room.

Muyan raises her head in astonishment, only to see that those whip afterimages that beset them have completely frozen midair.

And that ice is still spreading towards Liu Se’s direction.

“Ah–!” Liu Se shrieks, desperately trying to throw the steel whip away.

But in the end, it’s still too late.

The ice seems to have a life of its own, rapidly climbing up to her hand. Then in a short moment, it spreads to her whole body.

Muyan stares dumbstruck at the woman who had just recently forced her into desperate straits.

After a soft tap of a finger from Di Ming Jue, she has turned into an ice sculpture.

Oh, it wouldn’t be entirely right to call it an ice sculpture.

Because although Liu Se’s body is frozen, her head is still exposed.

Alive, teeth clattering, like she wants to open her mouth and say something. However, she can only produce gurgling sounds.

Muyan suddenly feels a little depressed.

Anyone who sees their enemy, whom they fought against with their lives on the line but couldn’t prevail over, get settled by someone else with a casually lifted finger –

They absolutely won’t be happy.

But without waiting for her to speak, the man is already buckling up her chin.

His red-hot kiss then falls on her.

This lecher, scoundrel!

At a time like this, he actually still remembers to take advantage.

Soon however, Muyan discovers that she’s misjudged Di Ming Jue.

That’s because with the descent of his kiss, that Corpse Poison in her Dantian (which feels chilling and scorching at the same time) unexpectedly seems like it’s being pulled by a powerful force, moving it up along her meridians.

Finally, it mingles at the space between her and Di Ming Jue’s lips and teeth, dissipating until there’s nothing left.

Muyan: “……”

She used draughts and Elixirs, none of which could remove the Corpse Poison. But Di Ming Jue resolves it by using a kiss.

That’s just even more depressing!

Who knew that she would hear the man’s deep, low voice say, “Yanyan, what you said just now, does it mean you’re willing to marry Ben Jun?”

Just… what did she just say?

Muyan stares blankly for three seconds, before she remembers her own words from earlier.

–If you really want to walk together with me, then try to respect me, let me grow stronger by myself, until the day comes that I can stand beside you as an equal.

“W-wait, that was just an analogy…”

Before she could finish what she’s saying, she’s interrupted by the man’s overbearing words, “You like Ben Jun, and you want to get married with Ben Jun, that much is clear to me already. Since we are mutually in love, it is time to schedule the wedding.”

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