EMHS – ch537

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Chapter 537: I don’t want to hear it

But the weapon is not really bronze-colored. Rather, it’s pitch-black, and it’s even exuding a cold, dark, and smelly breath.

Liu Se lashes it on the floor, and the steel whip immediately gets longer. Sparks fly up from the ground.

Muyan looks at that floor’s surface, her complexion unsightly.

It’s because the moment it sweeps over the ground, the bluestone pavement inside the room is actually corroded, creating a long, deep channel.

Even the bluestone could corrode, what more if it’s a person?

“Jun Muyan, as an insignificant mortal of the Yanwu Continent, it’s your gargantuan honor to die today on my hands, Liu Se of the Tian Yi Men!”

As soon as her voice falls, the weapon immediately makes popping sounds as it abruptly elongates.

It winds towards Muyan like a venomous snake.

Muyan wants to operate her body’s Internal Force and Spiritual Power to resist, but a shooting pain bursts in her Qi Sea and Dantian.

She clenches her teeth and forcibly activates the Tian Mo Qin.

The sound of the zither spreads out, and a barrier rises up in the air together with the sound.

[Divine Hands that Weave the Heavens] is activated!

The whip hits the shield and bounces away ineffectually. But similarly, Muyan, who had completely used up her Spiritual Power and Internal Force, sways unsteadily. She almost collapses.

Liu Se doesn’t give her any room to breath, as the steel whip comes lashing back again.

This time, the weapon turns into countless afterimages of the whip in the air, like a downpour of torrential rain.

The sound wall of [Divine Hands] is on the verge of collapse under this absolutely unrestrained onslaught, like it would break down at any moment.

Muyan clenches her jaw, there’s no trace of color on her face.

“Tian Mo Qin, can you hear my voice?” she mentally asks.

“Humph!” a cold, disdainful snort replies to her.

Muyan doesn’t pay attention to its attitude, but she asks in a low voice, “If I can’t hold on, take care of Xiao Bao’s life for me.”

“Humph, why should this Sage…”

Before the Tian Mo Qin’s voice could fall, the sound shield built by [Divine Hands] is already collapsing with a loud rumble.

The overwhelming rain of lashes ruthlessly falls towards Muyan.

It’s as if the tip of her nose could already smell the putrid stench of blood and corpses at the tip of the weapon, from being soaked in them over the years.

Muyan closes her eyes in despair.

However, the pain she’s expecting doesn’t arrive.

Her body is suddenly gathered into familiar, wide arms.

Her hands are held firmly as she’s drawn into an embrace. Like an iron clamp, it doesn’t allow her the smallest gap.

But the body pressed against her is slightly shaking, betraying the nervousness and fear of its owner.

Muyan’s lips faintly tremble.

She slowly raises her head, and sure enough, she sees a familiar face.

“Di Ming Jue…” her hoarse voice carries hope, happiness, and even a grievance that she herself hasn’t been aware of.

The man who has arrived is Di Ming Jue, rushing over as a thousand pounds were hanging by a thread.

His eyes are slightly red as he looks over the bruised and battered girl in his arms, interwoven emotions of distress and regret emerge on his indifferent face.

He had actually allowed his girl to suffer such harm.

Even though he briefly returned his consciousness to the Polar Domain in order to verify whether or not someone has discovered Muyan’s identity as a Shen Musician-

“Yanyan, I…”

Before his hoarse voice could continue talking, it’s stopped by a slender, bloodstained finger pressing against his mouth.

Muyan struggles to get out from his arms. A willful smile spreads askance on her pale, bloodless little face, “Shh, Di Ming Jue, are you going to say you didn’t protect me properly, or something to that effect? I don’t want to hear it.”

“I’m not some weak, little white flower that needs someone to carefully take good care of it just to survive. I have my pride, and I also have my perseverance!”

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