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Chapter 536: Screwing up at the critical moment

“Aaaahh–!!” a shrill and mournful howl resounds through the entire stone room.

Six swords pierce straight into Gu Yue’s body, not stopping there, as they vibrate and burst into an array of flames.

And it’s also precisely because of these luminous raging flames, that the originally unaware and unfeeling Gu Yue lets out a pained, plaintive whine.

Liu Se watches this scene in shock, her face is filled with horror and astonishment.

Muyan waves a hand, and the six swords fly out of Gu Yue’s body, and once again revolve around her.

And Gu Yue, who had just a moment ago been so powerful that he seemed undefeatable, he’s already kneeling down on the floor at this moment, unable to get up anymore.

Muyan’s gaze slowly shifts to Liu Se, lips faintly quirked up: “Ghost King Liu, it’s your turn now.”

Liu Se abruptly comes back to her senses, her eyes look like they’re going to pop out as they rigidly stare at Muyan, “You… you’re a Shen Musician! You really are a Shen Musician!”

It can’t be a mistake!

That zither from earlier was clearly the most precious treasure in the Three Realms, Tian Mo Qin.

Moreover, that powerful sound attack just now, which could even kill Gu Yue, it couldn’t be anything but a Shen Musician skill.

Jun Muyan, it turns out that she’s really a Shen Musician disciple.

The Shen Musicians who… made the Three Realms hunt them to death out of restraining fear, the Shen Musicians that once struck terror in the Three Realms by the mere mention of their name!

Muyan faintly narrows her eyes, but she doesn’t speak.

But in the depths of her heart, she’s already made a decision. She must kill Liu Se here.

She clearly remembers what Baili Yinlou said.

Before she becomes powerful, she simply cannot let anyone know of her identity as a Shen Musician.

Otherwise, she fears that there will be a catastrophic disaster.

However, just as she’s about to urge the seven swords to move, she suddenly feels her Dantian burst with a burning pain.

The meridians in her whole body has become absolutely empty, like all the energy has been completely drained away in just a blink of an eye.

Immediately after that, the seven swords that were originally circling her body suddenly disappear without a trace.

Muyan is struck dumb. She asks in her mind: “What’s going on?”

She hears Tian Mo Qin’s bitter voice in her ears, “What do you think is going on? For your current Spiritual Power to sustain the Seven Sword Spirit and unleash a single wave of attacks, that’s already a miracle. Now that your Spiritual Power is exhausted, the Seven Swords would naturally disappear!”

“Are you kidding me?” Muyan just wants to start cursing, “Now that it’s a matter of life and death, you’re telling me that the Seven Sword Spirit has reached its limit? Setting it up for a long time, did you give such a broken skill?”

The Tian Mo Qin’s voice is even more incensed than hers, “You dare look down on this Sage?!”

Muyan is just about to bicker and argue with him.

Across from her, Liu Se seems like she saw something, and lets out a low laugh: “Your Spiritual Power couldn’t support that powerful move you were using just now?”

“Hahahaha…” from being deep and low, her laughter becomes cackling and unbridled, “This is natural, as one cannot absorb Spiritual Power on the Yanwu Continent, and you simply cannot replenish the Spiritual Power that you’ve consumed. That’s the reason why I too can only abandon Spiritual Power, and turn into cultivating the more powerful Devil’s Path.”

“Shen Musician, I never thought that I could actually be so lucky as to encounter the Shen Musician descendant on the Yanwu Continent. I believe that as long as I can bring your corpse back to the Xiuxian Continent, Master will surely forgive me, and make me turn into the exalted Immortal that I originally was.”

Anticipating this beautiful future, Liu Se’s whole face is covered with an absolutely unrestrained smile.

But with her hideous appearance, her face only looks malevolent and terrifying.

She unhurriedly takes out a steel whip.

If Han Ye was here, he would find that the steel whip in her hands is very similar to Xuan Ji’s.

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