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Chapter 530: Spiritual Vein

Seeing the Dark Lord’s token, the Black and White Protectors suddenly have their eyes go wide, conflicted looks appearing on their faces.

But in the end, their loyalty to the Ghost Lord inhibits their fear and reverence towards the legendary Dark Lord.

“Rejected.” the Protectors shake their heads, “Except for the doctor, no one is allowed to enter the Sanctum wherein the Ghost Lord resides! However, we can guarantee that the Enchantress of Medicine will be absolutely safe inside.”

“Damn your Sanctum, isn’t that the room where that guy, Gu Yue, sleeps and cultivates? A few hundred years ago, laozi* couldn’t count the number of times I’ve been in and out of this place! When laozi was pissing in there, neither of you have even been born yet!”

arrogant way to address oneself

“Impudent! To have the impertinence to insult the Ghost Lord!” the Black and White Protectors abruptly stand up, their bodies completely revealing their killing intent.

It’s at this moment that Liu Se laughs gently, “Han Ye-daren, why so anxious? The Ghost Lord’s chambers is a stone room, there’s no windows on all sides, and there’s only one door. We would guard outside the door, and no other people can get in. This way, do you still worry that the Enchantress would meet with any danger?”

Han Ye still wants to say something, but Muyan lightly pats him to stop.

Then, she sends Liu Se a profound look, speaking in a low voice: “All right, I agree to go in by myself.”


The heavy stone door closes behind her.

Muyan slowly makes her way inside, and she senses threads of Spiritual Power bubbling up from under the ground. Then, it suddenly becomes clear to her.

It’s no wonder that this place is called the Ghost Sanctum.

As it turns out, there’s actually a Spiritual Vein hidden underneath this stone room.

Although this Spiritual Vein is very thin, as only wisps and slivers of Spiritual Power are seeping out of it.

However, if a Practitioner cultivates next to this Spiritual Vein, the rate of his improvement would be several times faster compared to the normal speed outside.

Back in that nameless mountain from before, Muyan also found a cave that has this kind of Spiritual Vein.

But it’s far from being as dense and as pure as this Vein in the Ghost Sanctum.

When Muyan discovered that Vein, she only thought that cultivating next to it would increase the growth rate of her Internal Force by a lot.

It’s only now, after she had constructed a Spiritual Root in her body, that she’s become aware.

The most important thing about a Spiritual Vein is simply not the increased Internal Force that the Practitioner could absorb.

Rather, it is the strands of Spiritual Energy seeping out here, the only Spiritual Energy that could be found in the Yanwu Continent.

If one cultivates beside a Spiritual Vein for a long period of time, even one’s bone root could slowly improve as well.

In her past life, this last Spiritual Vein too, had probably fallen into Gong Qianxue’s hands.


Muyan furrows her brows a bit and crouches down. She gently touches the surface of the bluestone pavement.

As her palm makes contact with the floor, she feels the Spiritual Power flowing out becoming even denser and purer.

It’s simply making her feel indescribably relaxed and at peace all over.

It’s as if her whole body’s meridians, as well as her Dantian, are being washed.

This is different from the Spiritual power found inside the Tian Mo Qin’s Space.

She can only use the Spiritual Power within the Tian Mo Qin for alchemy.

If she wants to use it for cultivation, she doesn’t know why, but she couldn’t absorb any of it.

“Such a pity, it would be great if I can only bring around a Spiritual Vein with me all the time for Cultivation.” Muyan mutters somewhat regretfully.

That way, her Spiritual Cultivation rank might also grow like her Martial Cultivation.

But just as her voice fades, something unexpected occurs.

All of a sudden, the dim interior of the stone room, which was initially lit only by a dim candle flame, abruptly shines with brilliant rays of light.

The melodious sound of the zither echoes within the confined space.

Muyan raises her head in astonishment, only to see that her Tian Mo Qin has unexpectedly gone flying out by itself, without her notice.

As it plays by itself, it emits a lustrous white light.

In the wake of the sound of the zither, she watches as that white radiance seems to be taking the shape of a vortex, it keeps whirling and expanding.

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