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Chapter 510: Hope

“At such an age, you could actually have such fantastic and consummate skills in medicine, you could even refine such miraculous draughts. This goes to show that you have boundless potential.”

“No matter how these weary old bodies of ours are unfit for anything, they’re not useless to the extent that it would make a young girl like you step up in sacrifice before us.”

“Yanwu Continent’s Practitioners, as well as the common folk, what they need the most is for a doctor like you to exist, and to continue to exist!”

After saying that, he doesn’t wait for Muyan to stop him, and he straight up takes the Chi Gu in the small goblet and swallows it into his belly.

Muyan’s pupils suddenly contract.

An indefinable emotion jumps up from her insides to her brain.

Dr. Song strides forward, coldly staring at Liu Se and Shi Lanling, “Elegant, pure, and holy Shi-xianzi: I spit on that! Turns out to be no more than a black-hearted venomous woman, with the face of a human but the heart of a beast! For an animal like you to also be named as a doctor, that’s simply an insult to the doctors who help the dying and heal the injured!!”

“Old bastard! Well, good! Since you yourself don’t want to live, then don’t blame me for being impolite!!”

In anger, Shi Lanling’s entire face warps malevolently.

She waves a hand, quickly making a Ghost Envoy move up her special Dan furnace.

Dr. Song doesn’t spare her another glance, walking straight to his own Dan furnace.

Along with the herbs being dissolved by the fire,

Dr. Song operates his formidable Internal Force, directing the medicinal essence to start its fusion.

And just like the other doctors who preceded him,

Muyan could clearly observe the Chi Gu feeding at his heart, right as it is nibbling away at his flesh and blood a little at a time.

As time passes, Dr. Song’s originally ruddy complexion becomes a little pale.

His eye sockets also begin to gradually get sunken.

Since he wants to refine a second level Elixir, it needs to consume more Internal Force.

The more Internal Force he mobilizes, the more it stimulates the Chi Gu to take even more of his flesh.

But if he doesn’t use a large amount of Internal Force, it would simply be impossible to condense an Elixir which is second level or higher.

This is an infinite loop that pushes people into the road of death.

After two hours, a medicinal fragrance wafts out of the Dan furnace in front of Dr. Song.

This fragrance makes each and every one of the doctors within the Great Hall to stir restlessly.

“This is the level two [Restoration Dan]. Moreover, this rich and concentrated fragrance, this should at least be a second level, first-ranked Elixir!”

“Great, truly worthy of being Dr. Song. He really refined a level two Pill in spite of everything!”

Almost at the same time, at her side, Shi Lanling has also finished concocting a Pill.

In contrast to Dr. Song’s wan, sallow, and consumptive appearance after performing alchemy-

Shi Lanling only has a thin layer of sweat on her forehead, her skin appears lighter and all the more translucent instead, radiant.

She sends a scornful glance towards Dr. Song, her face is filled with disdain.

At this time, a Ghost Envoy has already walked over to Dr. Song, opening the Pill furnace.

There are three Pills inside, the color is pure and limpid, with a mellow and full scent.

The Ghost Envoy picks one up and appraises it. In a clear voice: “Level two, first-ranked [Restoration Dan]!”

“Great, it’s really a second level Pill!”

“If this wins, we have hope!”

However, the Ghost Envoy quickly goes to Shi Lanling, picks up the Pill in front of her, sniffing and tasting it.

Soon after, he declares: “Level three, mid-ranked [Restoration Dan].”

In an instant, the commotion in the Great Hall turns into a deathly quiet.

The doctors who were wild with joy just a moment ago, every one of them becomes deathly pale, despair painted across their faces.

Dr. Song himself is swaying from side to side, he could barely support himself to keep standing.

“Hahahaha…” Shi Lanling couldn’t help her unbridled laughter, “Old bastard, compete in alchemy against me in the next life! This is what you brought upon yourself, you’ll die without an intact corpse now, but you can’t blame me!”


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